4 thoughts on “And God …

  1. The soul is a point of light and the supreme soul is also a point of light and yet so very tiny stars both, so subltle and yet so immeasurably powerful. We can SEE them only in the radiance that emanates forth from them in all it’s ways of glowing and it’s patterns but we can know both our own soul and the supreme soul deeply through pure love and authenticity of experience. This picture is a mirror in the sense that we are singular soul children of the supreme soul and a portal for pure energy to move through our divine mother and father to continue it’s creative work through our unique creative hands, gods children.

    Amazingly lovely pictures!!! Your tarot images are stunning as well. I am deeply touched by them all. Is there a place where I can see the whole tarot set together?

    with love from a star-friend, L.

    • Hello Landra, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment, I love what you say, and it is wonderful to be able to share these drawings with you..

      Are you referring to the Sacred India Tarot, or to my hermetic Tarot drawings? The Sacred India Tarot can be bought on Amazon. The hermetic tarot (22 major arcana) – I have almost finished a little book with them, and I will email you when it is ready.

      With love and peace to you in 2014

  2. Borges said in the zahir story, a beautiful passage about that idea of the rose, or that santity moment that all your toughts are only meditating on god, and in this particular case that is a coin, the character was able to see both faces of the coin at the same time. is difficult to us understand the mind of god, because we are that mind thinking on thyself, both faces at the same time. in the meantime on the particular mind where this magnific process occurs is what we called universe.

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