T S Eliot quote

But to apprehend

the point of intersection of the timeless

with time, is an occupation for the saint –


no occupation either, but something given

and taken, in a lifetime’s death in love,

ardour and selflessness and self surrender.

For most of us, there is only the unattended

moment, the moment in and out of time …”


3 thoughts on “T S Eliot quote

  1. Well designed page- I like the chinese chess men and the eliot quote is great. I look forward to more in due course. All love, Alan xx

  2. The intersection of time with timeless happens when the mind is empty.
    When mind is filled with contents there is the concept of time.
    Empty mind belongs to timeless dimension.Here mind is in unoccupied state,just perceiving “what is” with passive awareness in a relaxed state.
    Moments of eternity happens to everybody but they are not aware of it because they are ignorant of nature of eternity.

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