Way in


“Okay, so this is where I get to do my Kleenex trick.  No rabbits though.  Sai Baba materializes all kinds of things.  I play with tissues.  Watch me pull a universe out of my hat.”



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Touching the Liquorman’s elbow,

how soft, loose and tender

the bar-room beanstalk really is.

Old Ramesh comes up with gentle

   un-toothed smile

like a petal, speaks my name,

opens his arm in a half embrace.


These small encounters touch me,

   knowing those beings

whom Being destroyed,

for all their mannerist wit

   and wordiness

are un-resistant like the sky.


They wear white garments

for crowded web site seminars,

watch tennis on TV, and fondly meet;

but sky, the waterspout, earth

and persons through them pass

meeting no resistance,

catching nothing up.

from Poems of Eclipse, 1999



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