Reflections on The Lovers, and on Gold


Key Six – The Lovers; Key 0 – The Fool

Builders of the Adytum deck

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Behind Eve in The Lovers, is a growing tree and behind Adam there is a burning bush – a tree of little flames.  Solomon’s left pillar descends (fruit).  The right pillar ascends (fire).   So the water and fire trines interpenetrate.  The sacred geometry of Solomon’s Seal is plain:  the upper and lower points are the angel’s head and Adam-Eve’s hands.  Their hands do not quite touch – they touch the space – it is always evolving, drawing closer, into relationship.

The fire trine’s base line is their heads.  The water trine’s base line is the angel’s arms.  The upper triad of the hour glass descends into the ascending lower one.

Why is the sun behind Archangel Rafael in the Lovers, golden?   The sun in Key 0, The Fool, is white, a white sun.



Cube of Solomon’s Seal

The White Sun in Key 0, The Fool, is pure Spirit, Kether, the Self, before entering the prismatic spectrum.   Gold is sunlight congealed in the rocky veins of Earth – the star itself.   Gold is a standard currency of value.  In alchemy, gold is a creative medium.   To make gold, we must have gold, in principle, to expand.  Sunlight – the photon – warms every direction in space, unlike moonlight which is polarized.   Gold is the supremely creative metal. It will melt down, flow and re-form into any shape or design, remaining itself.

“If you are Tifareth, the Heart of the Tree of Life, you may live and be as you like, as you are gold.”  The white Sun of the Spirit is En Sof, without end or form.   The gold Sun of the Lovers became a manifest creation, a currency, a sovereign, an art of Life.

The eternal essence of gold is in the sun.  Thus it fires and flows, even when it is bound into a ring.  Golden is the inner nature’s active purity, refined by fire.


Roscrucean Emblem 7:  Solomon’s Lily in a Field


Archangel Rafael’s face, arms and hands are yellow.  In Tarot, this is the colour of Consciousness.   The Lovers depict self-consciousness (male) and sub-consciousness (female).  To live accurately, we should pause – to learn the Divine Law as reflected in the feminine pool of our nature;  otherwise we continue to act blindly from false, habitual premises.

The yellow colour, as an Intelligence, is associated with the higher Hermetic octave – Rafael – of the planet Mercury.  All colours have frequencies, or tonal vibrations linked to sound – the spectrum with the octave.  They impact our receptors as specific “Intelligences” or modes of being.  It is a work in itself, to re-sensitize the daily “soup” and discriminate those tones, all stirred around like dirty paint.

Pure yellow is a workaday projection of the gold.   In general, its vibration warms and uplifts, like a daffodil or buttercup:  the dawn.   In the Indian tattva system – the inner essence of the five physical senses – yellow is the cube of Earth:  paradoxically, this Earth tattva resides in the Crown chakra.   In Kabbalah, the Crown is Kether and Earth is Malkuth:  they interchange through the Four Worlds of Jacobs Ladder.


Tattvas – Interior Stars


The general meaning is that Spirit lodges everywhere in Earth, and manifests wherever the centre is refined.   In nature – amid tooth and claw – it does this readily;  among humans it is difficult, because we are a work yet incomplete.   Every detail has the long term outcome which the Angel sees, but we are unable to see, when our agendas cloud it.   Yet the Angel needs our evolving body.   Angels have no lower chakras.   Humans have the whole chakra spectrum, in potential.   We supply the Angel’s hands and feet, the living root.



Tetrahedral Cube

An “Angel” is a shorthand term, meaning “a conduit of cosmic Law.”    Angels are principles and tempi of the galaxies and atoms:  every rotation in our life.   The Angel represents the matrix of our inner Guardians and Teachers, or Maggidim.   The view from a higher – or deeper –  plane, beholds our landscape very differently.  It is difficult for us to see the fields and hills beyond and around the hedges and lanes we walk along;  so we need altitude for perspective.   It is difficult for the Angel to toil within the unique whorl of God’s fingerprint on our life and destiny.   Raised above the maze, we see the finger of God, the YOD, breathing vast life into Adam Qadmon as a whole;  and the minute detail of our self importance in the Mosaic.  The atom is in and of the whole.   This is salutary.

The Archangel in the Lovers is Rafael, whose overall colour tones are pansy-yellow and violet.   Rafael is Hermetic, an informed presence of healing and clarity;  discriminating the mixed pigments of life.   Yellow and violet tones are means whereby the Solar Gold shines through to us efficiently.  Their musical keys are E-natural and A-sharp – together, an augmented 5th; a profoundly questioning interval, resolves towards a 6th.

On the tree the dewy Fruit ripens and falls.   On the burning bush, the Flame rises and speaks.

The tree behind Eve – her kundalini – is brown, green and yellow, the colours which earth the electricity.  Adam’s intellect is incomplete – a blackened or lightning-struck tree – without the fertile root in Eve, as sub-consciousness.   Nourished essentially by Eve, it is up to Adam – our everyday, rational mind – to work the subconscious light and dark issues productively, and to evolve.   The subconscious is amenable to every suggestion or input.   Self consciousness has the key – with clear seeing – to order the amenities, improve health generally, and discard what is not useful.   The insight is always conscious – a turning towards the Angel, often against immense Karmic inertia-momentum.   We carry humanity’s full pressure of history in our DNA.   The DNA chain forms a double helix, like the Hermetic caduceus or Staff.   The snake coiled around the tree behind Eve, represents this:  the DNA cosmic pattern of all her potential children.   Our thought forms are our children, as much as those we bring forth and love.




“The Lovers” portrays the need to look from higher than our local life-experience.   This applies as much to personal matters, as to politics, ecology and the world-view.  It is helpful to keep acknowledging a perception above and below the limited media spectrum – or screen – of our mass persuasion.




The Lovers stand in a wide green landscape, giving each other space;  in the distance rises a tall mountain to the Angel.  The mountain is “Binah”, their understanding or blueprint – salt of the Earth – which links them to the golden heart of Nature.   It collects the grains of destiny, like an hourglass.   The green landscape resonates with Venus – her soft, non-resistant metal, copper, turns green – and with the garden of fertility, the multiplicity of seeds.   Through osmosis and photosynthesis, through the colour green, Sunlight is transformed and made available to us, as nourishment.

This simple fact has vast implications.   Yet it begins at home – in the greenwood of my life as given.   Only by turning within, can “I” – yours and mine –  begin our humanity’s response to emergency.  An emergency emerges:  a birth.   Gravity holds all the Universe together;  yet gravitons are – like single fish or starlings in a great flock – imperceptible; and each of us individually, with our staff of infinite DNA, is a graviton.   It starts at home.   It starts here and now.


Arcana 6 & 0:  The Lovers and The Fool


To sum up:  the man is full of potential, but suffers from ignorance.   He looks at the woman, who is fertile but passive.   She looks up to Rafael receptively.  She mirrors Rafael’s countenance, and the knowledge how to act, to the man.   Rafael beholds, embraces and gives them both the space to work out their destiny, their hands to touch, their space to for-give.

In another version of The Lovers, the message is again discernment:  the crossroads or point of decision;  the tipping point, whose heritage is centuries hence.


Lovers:  Crossroads

Ideas arising from a meeting of the BOTA group in London recently.



My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books) – along with many other creations in house.  

I write, illustrate, design and print my books.   Watch this space.

2 thoughts on “Reflections on The Lovers, and on Gold

  1. Thanks Alan. there is a fascinating and very creative ambiguity with Adam standing by the burning bush awaiting Eve’s input/inspiration, yet being “I AM THAT I AM” before everything. Tat Twam Asi

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