A Robert Adams Transcript

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Thank you, Hamish McLean for sending me this transcript today.



“Not everyone needs a guru. A guru can be a tree, a mountain, a lake, a flower.

“You’ve heard this before, but let me explain it. When a tree becomes your guru, the tree is no longer an ordinary tree. It’s you. You are identifying with the essence of the tree, which is consciousness. You’re not seeing the tree as a tree. It’s the beauty of the tree or the mountain, or the lake, or whatever, that first attracts you. But if you just see the tree as a tree, you’ll be disappointed, for the leaves drop off, bugs attack it, people chop it down. Yet if you identify with that tree, spontaneously, intelligently, that tree becomes you, and the essence of the beauty is the essence of your beauty. In that respect the tree is your guru.

“Therefore a guru in the human form is a being whose words in the silence you feel in your heart. And just like the tree, the essence of the guru is your essence. There is only one. Therefore when a student is sincere in their spiritual practice, when they put that first before anything else, when they continue to work on themselves, automatically the guru within yourself, the essence within yourself, like a magnet, will attract and pull you to a guru outside of yourself, which is really yourself, that can cause you to rise higher and become liberated. You’ve got to stop seeing yourself as a human being. You’ve got to catch yourself. Whenever you think something is wrong, someone has hurt you, someone hasrubbed you the wrong way, when things do not go right at your job or at home, do not be like the ordinary person and react to it. And do not believe that if you do not react, things will get worse.

“I cannot tell you enough that every situation that happens to you is necessary for your growth. There are no mistakes. Everything that you’ve been through, everything that you’re going through, is absolutely necessary for your spiritual growth. If it does not look kosher to you, realize it’s your mind reacting. It’s your ego reacting. And the way to handle it, is to just observe.

“Do not get involved by arguing, fighting, trying to change things.  Just observe. If you can observe without getting excited, then you’ve passed that test and you will not have to repeat it. But if you get angry, you get upset, you want to get even, you’re always thinking about it, and you have hate and animosity, even though you move away from that situation, you will meet that situation again, and again, and again, until you learn not to react to it.

“The universe is a university to educate the soul. Before we can go any higher and awaken, we have to have these little realizations where we begin to feel that there is nothing wrong. There is absolutely no thing wrong. All the good of the universe is yours. There is absolutely nothing wrong, nothing. If you can only live in the moment and feel what I’m saying, everything in this world, in this universe will become you. That’s why people like Jesus and others have been able to say, “All that I have is yours,” meaning that consciousness is bliss, and bliss is expressing itself as the world, as the universe, as yourself. Live in that bliss. Refuse to acknowledge anything else.

“It appears that if you do not acknowledge something, something will go wrong in your life. But you are not made for something to go wrong in your life. There is absolutely nothing wrong anywhere, so how can anything go wrong in your life. Even those of you who believe God is running the show, God couldn’t be good and bad, or there would be a capricious universe in which we live. The moon would crash into the sun, wheat would grow one time and roses would grow another time from the same seed, when we live in a capricious universe.

“There are not two powers here. There is one power and you can call that God. It is all-pervading. If it is all-pervading, and there is no place where it is not, how can there be a problem? For in order to be a problem there has to be God and something else. But all you’ve got to do is a little meditation, and you will see that there is only God as everything and there is no room for God AND anything else.”

Robert Adams ♥



I wonder what your grand cross is.   Mine yesterday, was a long, footloose summer walk in the Chess Valley flower-meadows outside London …  and a x on my phone, as a squabble with a friend cleared up.

From a path along the woods, I saw the river below, full of recent rain and almost spilling its banks over the fields;  then it thunders down a little weir.  Inside the weir I guess, there is an extra little door to let the pressure through.


From Homer Rows, 2004



10 thoughts on “A Robert Adams Transcript

  1. No one ever captures the essence of Robert in drawings or photos as you do, Dear Jane. Thank you so much for the transcript and the drawings. I shall print the likenesses out and frame them. They speak eloquently of Robert in the vast Silence that he is. Much love!

    • Hi Nismar, see “To Robert, a sage in Arizona” Parts One and Two, on this blog, about my meeting with him. You can also use the search button (top right hand corner) for more posts about him. There is one Robert post on my other blog Aquariel, called “Stump the Guru”.

  2. Dear Jane

    I came across your blog on your meeting with Robert on another site, robertadams.info. You are truly blessed to have had the opportunity to see him, talk to him and experience him. And in some way, through your blogs and drawings, readers are experiencing him. To me and my wife, Robert and Bhagavan are our Gurus who are helping us become aware of our inner Guru. Thank you.

  3. Hello Jane,
    Thank you for sharing our Beloved Sage, Robert Adams and his beautiful wife, Nicole with us through your amazing artistic and poetic talents! You have brought to life your experience with Robert and Nicole Adams which captured my heart. I am very grateful for website and look forward to reading and pondering more of your posts!

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