Roads to Enlightenment – Butter Cooking … (2)

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When their sunny sister arrived in London England – all the way from the southern States, via the Ganges and Arunachala – Mrs Bhattapanjali and Mrs Bhattacharya (see below) jingled their bangles and begged her to join them for a Kettle for ever.   “How do you call yourself?” they asked.  “Why my dears – I’m just Mrs Buttercookie!” said she, a little shy.

Here is a reminder of the Mrs Bs’ Great Work with the men in their lives.   (see earlier post, Buttercookies).  You can see the men in the background.  Snake and Bull – referred to as The Livestock – are troubled by other ladies of fixed address in their lives,  known as the Bottle and the Jigsaw.    Mrs Bhattacharya and Mrs Bhattapanjali’s daily spiritual practice with this problem, is to polish it patiently.

As the jigsaw pieces come together, Arunachala merges with the Tyrolean Alps.

The kettle (as carried around by a certain old gentleman in India with a walking stick) steams merrily with this, and with the difficulty of Self enquiry when trying to be suave …

A magickal opportunity to bridge the mystic east and west was bungled, when poor Mrs Bhattapanjali’s stop-the-clock with her own Dad – that buried emotional Krishnamurti Stuff –  morphed into the two distinguished esoteric Traditions … desiring them both to think well of her and of each other.


To comfort themselves, and to keep their Livestock safe among marauding  jigsaw puzzles and slave-driving bottles, the Mrs Bs would tell this bedtime story:




Both gentlemens’ horoscopes had difficulties with Cheiron the Wounded Healer in the Dragons’ Head.  They needed tlc as well as tea.


Our real teachers are our children.  Mrs Bhattacharya has a son – a fine young man.  In those far off days of 1994, only the very young were clued to the Greater Mystery of networking and mobile phones.

Nickmack taught Mrs Bhattapanjali abc on the old mac Classic in his laidback way.  She made slow but steady progress with her Self Enquiry Journal UK, and never looked back.

Mrs B has a daughter, known as ‘Er Upstairs’ – there she is, up on the roof with headphones – a splendid young person, whose Road to Enlightenment, aloof from Mum’s “I … I …”  carnival …

… has an elevated way with cats.



Several years later, there arrived into the London scene, fresh from the Sedona method  …

… on the Enlightenment road in India …



… all the way to London stopover on a rainy day …


for the album …


and on the Path …


shedding Light and grace and charm wherever she goes …


…  Self Realising …

… from Strength to Strength!


Lord Siva on his tao

Alas, Mrs Buttercookie returned to Sedona. So life in England was never the same again, but went on as before:

Holy men in Tamil Nadu – Ramana with fellow students of Self, including Kunjuswami, Chinnaswami, Cow Lakshmi, Annamalaiswami and Muruganar.

To be Continued://




2 thoughts on “Roads to Enlightenment – Butter Cooking … (2)

  1. AND MRS BUTTERCOOKIE WROTE BACK: (facebook, 25 September) –

    Dearest Mrs. B,
    The drawings brought back such beautiful memories of the gardens, trees with faces, endless laughter and great love for you and your immense talent. I have thought so many times over the years of my wonderful days with you in London and your many kindnesses, as well as lovely days in Sedona at Robert’s feet. Someday I hope to repay you in some small way.

    Perhaps you can come to visit!! I so hope so.

    I have a space on my bookshelf with all your lovely sharings, from the letters your grandmother and mother wrote when you were a child, to the Ramana Foundation magazines with your marvelous drawings and Alan’s poems.

    I will never forget dancing with you in the English countryside to harmonium music and going for those lovely walks in the bluebell woods. Your great generosity and love was tremendously helpful and deeply meaningful to me then and remains even more so today.

    Huge love and big hugs!!

    P.S. Please give the other Mrs. B a huge hug from me. She is such a sweetheart too.

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