Beyond the Box

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Sarada Devi, the wife of Ramakrishna

“Put to good use, the powers of the astral plane, to reign with heaven.”

Reflect on “conscious participation”.  This is what an artist does, who generates “new” images and astral temples and landscapes.  (Nothing is new – just freshly reconstituted!) All the astral plane’s brilliant beauty and terror and muck is made up of what the human psyche has installed there and impressed to believe.   It is the realm of the embedded Imagination.

On a visit in a dream, when the landscape has that tell tale illumination, colour and clarity, it was travelled in by a soul, perhaps recently, perhaps repeatedly, perhaps in very ancient history.  It is something their life, their delight and their problem made, and it is there for ever.

Similarly I visit nightmare, panic, depression and loss when I am vulnerable or in transition.  And I learn by trial and error solve and coagula – what I truly wish to sponsor, and to withdraw from what I would not add to.   This last is difficult, because anxiety and violence – co-dependency at any level – are truly attractive and compelling.

The Age of indelible inputs which we have now (by cyberspace network) only copies and makes a little more manifest what is there already and has been for unknown millenia – an infinitely expanding backlog.   Governments get all excited and think they can exploit and control it to keep tabs on everyone, and people are furious;  but it makes a small difference only to those who magnify the idea.  A government is no different from myself or any individual.   Any detail dwelled upon, becomes all-encompassing and engulfing – a universe, a MAYA.   That is why sages and Masters touch on life lightly.    “The situation is desperate, but it isn’t serious.”

Theatre Arunachala Vichara

The shape and consistency of “me” is extraordinarily powerful, to counteract and disregard the universal borrowing that goes on.   Each individual is a Clapham junction.   Trains – individualities, traumas and long life histories, themselves shiploading souls containing eggs and sperm – zoom in and out in shades, occupying an hour or a day or a passing breeze.   Learning to identify the moods as persons or flourishes of the Goddess, may help to release from “identification”;  and to begin travelling consciously within the dream…  like Castaneda.

Paradoxically, identification happens when we do not have good, clear boundaries.

The dreamer in the dream!   Which is which?   Visually, we are cocoons, dreamily interacting with other self absorbed cocoons – a mutual fog.  At a party in a garden, coastlines chat to coastlines of the dark continent and cheerfully restrict each other.    “Here be dragons.”

Coastlines meeting socially

The raised eyebrow of Ramana and the sound of water pouring through Skanda-ashram, reminds me to dislodge the cocoon and ask who … ?    Unanswerable!   My “touch-base” with Ramana has no ashram enclosure.  Ramana “who sports in the Self” … helps me to navigate the quicksand and return to space and base.

In bird watching mode

Ramana Maharshi’s life and atmosphere is embedded in my hard drive, with the Tree of Life.   I hardly notice it!   Why did these useful friends get embedded so?   Not by sitting meditation, but by years of hands-on apprenticeship to a craft.   In my case … drawing, writing, and then learning to use a mac to archive things.  

The computer copies the neural mind.  It demonstrates psychological menus and the way the memory base works.    So the screen is fascinating.  It is a self portrait.   It reflects faithfully, our obsessions.   It displays our private subconscious in full view…  to the extremities of twitter fallout.

wood bird yantra

Then it is up to us to select … what to bind, and what to loose.

The universal snapshot is oblong, like a house, a car, a phone.  As three-dimensioned beings, the oblong and – (with a stretch of imagination) – the Cube … is how we view life and ourselves, habitually.   Conscious participation lifts the lid a little.   Conscious participation accepts Life above and below the screen, and to each limitless side; and fore and aft.   Conscious participation invites a larger spectrum.

The Cube of Space.  See Builders of the Adytum for the course work


Habitually the planetary orbits around the Sun are viewed as an ellipse –  a thin slice across a hard boiled egg.

Conscious participation intuits –  “above” and “below” that plane – the Solar system as the egg-in-shell of nesting spheres … feel it, taste it, be it.  An electron wave-pulse enspheres the atom so, and gives it number, weight and significance.   The planets in the physical plane, are points: positions in the Heisenberg position-or-motion principle.   The observer’s consciousness “collapses” the observed into one or the other, and records the observation locally.

 The energy-field of each planet – whose physical globe we perceive – does not encircle but enspheres the Sun.   This concept releases an entirely different information:  such as the elder science of astrology:  the interconnectivity of the solar system with galactic wheels, eggs and atoms.

The concept uplifts the interior life to walk tall.   A Yantra is a cross-sectional projection of the tree of life’s organic and actual growth.   The tree – our body – grows up through the Yantra, root, stem, sap, crown and birdsong, through the seasons.

tree yantra

Truth is largely hidden from the daily grind.  It is unavailable to the general news media and entertainment, because it is perpendicular to our limited sensory horizon.  I do not go along with the idea of “conspiracy theories” keeping the human race asleep.  I know too well the pattern of my own inertia momenta to keep me asleep (by habit), to pass the buck!   It is natural, given the habitual pathways, tensions and comfort zone, for this to happen.   The half-conscious state is indeed susceptible to crossroads of bacteria, cancers, ancient kundabuffer (see Gurdjieff), space invaders and what-have-you.   But to imagine a conspiracy is part of the fantasy.  It has no real substance.   It finds no grip.

Are we not, each of us, responsible to …?   Doesn’t each plant wrestle with resistant earth to reach the sun? – (often over many cycles, many lifetimes.) And are we not buds on the same tree, all destined to open, but not at the same time?   What am I to do, right now?  To pass the buck to anyone else, any country, society or government, is day-dreaming and depletive.   Right here, and no where else, is where the quantum leap begins.

Quantum physics knows the morphic resonance of atomic particles.   Where one bows, or hops to a higher orbit, others distant beyond the reach of light and space, behave simultaneously.   We are never alone.  I am never alone.

Sri chakra yantra

I do accept I am hypnotized by what I am conditioned to believe.  Where do I put my concentration … that is the training –  which in due time, manifests?  Esoteric and occult schools drum in the alternative way, by REPETITION.   By repetition is how we view ourselves from infancy, by repetition a musician rehearses, and by repetition we learn.   By repetition the seasons turn.  That makes the scriptures and schoolbooks of Ageless Wisdom seem very boring!

The dimensions:  point (dimensionless) to line, plane, solid, spatial (after Ouspensky).   The Point, its infinite potential in any direction, inward as outward, is the geometry of the sphere, and is perhaps the fourth dimension.

In all the teachings, the Fourth dimension – the grasp of the Whole – is perpendicular to our time and space, inward as outward.   The box falls open!

A tapestry or Sufi blanket is woven into patterns horizontally – lifetimes:  but the thread entering it vertically, at any point, is Consciousness.    At the heart of the thread is pure lambs’ wool, undyed.

The Tailor of the Dark Field

Needles' eye!   
My heart's thread sews   
heaven into fields   
of day and night.   

The point!   
In fragrant flowering night   
are drawn in paths of light   
those patterns of the bright   
sapphire sky.    

Creating the One!   
Passing through point's eye   
into unbound and brilliant hour,   
I AM the sacred thread    
of dim, dark lifetimes gathered   
O Lord of Caves   
and of the meeting rivers!   

Listen to the sound   
where waters meet;   

my point opens   
the way a diamond   

from Siva Poems, circa 1994



Tetrahedral Tree of Life (1993)

Mouni Sadhu – (in Meditation, chapter 33 The Possibility of Miracles) gave a useful exercise to train the mind to step out of the box:

“(1) Take a small box, a match-box will do.  Look intently INSIDE it and study it, so that every detail will be firmly impressed on your mind, and you can then recreate it in your imagination in full when you are not actually looking in the box.  It is not easy, I know, but no important undertaking which is rich in results has ever been easy! 

“(2) When you have finished with the ‘inside’ of your box and can build an exact picture of it in your mind, pass to a study of its OUTER surface, exactly as you did with the INSIDE.  Check the results carefully, so the new picture is just like the first (1), clear cut and definite. 

“(3) Now comes the actual test:  try to get a SIMULTANEOUS picture in your mind of the inside and outside of your match-box.  If you succeed, you have enriched yourself with a certain enlargement of consciousness, which leads to a realisation of the possibility of higher dimensions. 

“This exercise may take a lot of time (weeks or months) if it is to be performed as intended.  And it is quite possible that you will feel yourself completely unable to perform it.  Then leave it alone, nobody can exceed his actual powers, and it is not essential. 

“Most probably, you would like to hear how a unit of say, the FOURTH dimension may look in relation to its predecessor, the cube.  Well, it must be built by the creation of a body, which will be simultaneously perpendicular to all the surfaces of our cube, as our former deliberations about the three known dimensions and their formation have shown us.  Only a mathematically skilled mind may see such a possibility clearly. 

“The problem is up to you to decide and try it for yourself. 

“Incidentally, this ‘fantastic’ four-dimensional unit, derived from a cube, is often called ‘THE TESSARACT’.”

Mouni Sadhu


Orbits meet




My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books) – along with many other creations in house.  

I write, illustrate, design and print my books.   Watch this space.

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