(1) Touching the Hem, (2) Seal, Stone, Garden

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Liszt Legende, St Francis de Paules

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I follow Elene’s blog.  After doing my writing this morning, I came downstairs and found her latest post in my email.  For me, it develops my earlier post Maestro – Some Views of Liszt (11 August).   It includes downloaded sheet music, transcripts of Rosemary Brown being interviewed and writing down the music, and another poignant recording of the Liszt/Rosemary Brown Grubelei – composed in two time signatures simultaneously – and other music.

The philosophy, the open quest and the music itself “touches the hem of the robe” or reaches hand to hand … a discovery from in between dimensions, which scholars find hard, but friends can find.


Today I am writing about ways of drawing near; beginning with my Kabbalah studies.

Here are Paul Foster Case and Anne Davies, the founders of the Builders of the Adytum.  Anne took over the work after Paul died in 1950.  I follow their correspondence courses.


A few technical points first – like notes on a music stave.  Learning to hear them inwardly, takes practice.  Gematria, numerology and notations are ways of expressing the ineffable in shorthand.   We have to let them penetrate the clever mental fence, and be assimilated.  (Assimilation is alchemy.) Then they become meditations – alive, joyous  entities, in conversation and in the worship.

Each Hebrew letter has a numerical value, and as a hieroglyphic language, its use forms a music, a supra-conscious resonant lattice.  So I read:  the Hebrew YESODOTH (plural of Yesod, the personal-ego sphere on the Tree of Life) is a noun meaning Foundations.  RZI YSVDVTh is “the secret foundations”.   These letters add up numerically to 703, the extension of 37 (sum of numbers 0-37).  37 is the number of YChIDH the One Self.   The personality is a seed of the Self.   The Tree of Life has 10 Sefiroth, the sum of 7 and 3.

The (alchemical) Stone, EBN when the final N is given its full value (700), is also 703. E is Aleph whose value is 1, and B is Beit, 2.

Again, the garden, hebrew GN, is 703:  so we have in Tarot the Stone on which the pregnant Tarot Empress sits, in her garden (see earlier post, “Dove“.)  She broods it like an egg.  703 has the TEN Sefiroth of the Tree of Life infolded; the Law of seven and three:  menorah and trinity.

Here is the code:  the secret foundation is the seat of the unborn yet eternal and undying Self.  The numbers roll free into sensation and blends of flavour.  The oak tree dreams inside the tiny acorn.  Each one bears a billion acorns.  No human technology can break into this principle.  It lays surface waste to it for a time, but it cannot alter the principle.  It can copy, it can build a hologram, but not create.  The photonic lattice which projects the hologram is – must be! – beyond our long monkey arms’ reach.

tree in stone, and avocado seed

Creativity is co-creation – nothing other.  I am not creative.  I am able to form a vessel.   When just a whiff of Godcosm creates through here, there is bhakti.   I use the “Secret Dakini Oracle” a lot for readings – just three cards usually.  The first one placed in the middle is the present, then the past (left) and future (right) of this moment.  The quality of this moment reveals a picture story, like Lyra’s alethiometer in His Dark Materials.   The subconscious stores images, and responds with them:

Dakini Oracle 30.9.12

Briefly:  God pours his veiled ladies onto the lingam in the shrine.  They blossom as flowers, nature’s sex organs.  The Stone and the Garden are symbols of Yesod’s reproductive power.

Tree of Life as a formal garden (1989)

Try to recall:  this is what I truly am – these mysteries in full.  And you.  The Greater Mysteries are not written or explained, because they are plain as daylight on my nose.   Carry the Child.  I am the reproductive power of the universe:  pause to reflect.   I, you, we all are;  I am here this moment, with all this oak potential in the soul as seed, and in the organs which have finished harvesting, but do their time.

Chakras on the Tree:  Hod and Netzach – the arms and hands – are also the solar plexus, seat of memory management and the emotive nature.

The core of the cosmos is total peace.

In Kairos – cosmic or “present” time – the wheels very slowly turn.   Kairos as the galaxy, moves through Chronos.   Its seeming slowness travels in fact far, far swifter than the whirl of Chronos… as Hermes Trismegistos himself suggested, when he said to Tat, you can’t keep up with me.   Chronos is local, linear, planetary time.  The business of time and standing still, is  subjectively relative, like being in a train with the distant landscape slowly circling at different speeds.   Some parts move backward, some move forward.   It is like looking out to sea, where different currents move through each other – a great woven wicker fluidity.   The idea suffuses BENEVOL through veins and blood vessels – a gladness.  My body – when not trapped in the mind’s say-so – likes it.   My mind cannot quite grasp it, but is willing not to try.   The Doppler shift moves centrifugally, faster than we can conceive.   And yet I am its centre, its out-welling or emanation.   That is why we cannot conceive it, because you are too, and so is Venus and so is Jupiter, and so is each atomic particle in the Andromeda constellation … and so on

When a balloon is blown up, every single point on its surface stretches and expands away from other points.  Yet life in our tiny time provides a surface tension, to interpret consistently … as it does for the creatures we cannot see through.

Paul Foster Case wrote: Mental imagery, resulting from the creative male life-force streaming from the stars to Binah on the Tree of Life, is both cosmic and personal.   Holiness dawns.   It IS holy.  These ideas and feelings bring about a let-down reflex of “Lord, thou art God.”

dandelion Flower of Life

I dreamt I had a pet or daemon, a creature the size of a large water-rat, with long fur, yellowish and black, and the sweetest toothy snarl.   I called him Stoat, and he loved me too, and I cuddled him to my breast.  But whenever I got out of a car or something, I forgot him, and then searched for him, “Stoat, Stoat!” in anguish.   He should stay in my pocket.  I should stay awake and watch him all the time.  Street and traffic life is full of danger, and he squeals and cries.

What do I have with me, like that?   Many years ago, at the ruined fort at the end of Brean Down, a little stoat looked out of his hole among the rocks and grasses:  I saw him, and I wondered what he saw.  A conundrum:  what is the difference between a stoat and a weasel?  Answer – you can weaselly tell the difference, ‘cos a stoat is totally different!  

The stoat is a little insight or paradox I treasure, and keep forgetting or losing.  His universe – the way he sees Brean Down for instance – istoatally different from mine;  the inclusive totality of God.

menorah rose

Paul Foster Case wrote:  “Gestation is the outworking of mental patterns in the mother’s subconscious, modified by the qualities transmitted at conception from the father’s ancestral line.”

This is marvellous to ponder, from experience!

The months of gestation impress the entire history of animal evolution on the foetus.   The foetus holds a little branch, the ongoing delta of the DNA, umbilically.

It is “the baton” again.   The relay is not through one lineage, but billions in a moment, cross-purposing, porpoising, each one as significant as all the others, as all the other vesica-crescents in a stretch of sea:  the fish, the ripples.

Through the red sea, detail

“The highest spiritual healing is direct application of the cosmic life-force, controlled by mental imagery.”  The organising and expression of mental imagery seems to me essential.  It regenerates awareness of the stock.  It touches the collective, a circle of hands.  It assists the specialities and professions.   I DO feel the life force flowing through and out of me into the day.   Paul Foster Case describes it;  the sensation is familiar.   Stone of the wise?   The Stone and the Garden – the Tree:  seven and three.

Seven and Three

“Thy faith has made thee whole,” said Jesus to the man who touched his garment.  An instantaneous healing is recorded in the New Testament, but what we do NOT know, is how the healing held.  It is likely the recipient got the Light of Damascus on that day, and walked, and his sores fell off, and the scribes wrote it all down;  but he fell back into his temporal condition as the revelation faded.   However, what Jesus said is true.  Faith is an illumined glimpse of what we are holistically in the whole, through space and time.   One such glimpse is enough to work transfiguratively through the heavy waters and spades of a lifetime.  One who received it, one who has touched the hem, may go on suffering from disabilities, but he or she has shifted; the ground is never the same again.

Solomon’s lily in earth




Part Two – Seal, Stone, Garden

I have to add some more, today.  I dreamt about another child animal, this time a young seal.  I met a workman carrying it along the street, and offered to take over.  The seal was heavy, but cooperative and affectionate, and produced a pair of little dragon legs for me to grip.

Seal script in the rocks on Eigg

Dion Fortune in Moon Magic says they work with a flower in the east, and in the west we work with a tree, and we should sit with a straight spine for a while each day, for the mercury to rise.  I’m afraid I don’t.  But the straight stem is implicit.   Walk tall:  what do I seek?  – an unfurred pipe:  integrity.

This is the basis of all esoteric and occult work – the integrity with myself … draws together its own.

Mercury is serpentine, with the Staff of Hermes – the caducean snakes.  The mercury heals when it is an ankh.  Quicksilver trembles up the rod, and a seal is not unlike a snake.  A seal is those wonderful veinous wave patterns in the rock the sea has made.

Such thought is a mountain spring, refreshing and subtle:  a cool kundalini.  The confection of the Philosophers’ Stone is this (caduceus) – and it is the Stone and the Garden.  The living Stone is a river:  water flows – the snake, river, stone, the eye.

Ojas is “the illuminating or bright” – the sublimated seminal-sexual energy.   The manner in which a man and woman touch each other, is contained and continent.   The creative and the sexual root and thought, are one and the same.   Venus goes into Virgo today.  A secretary is a SECRETary!

And another thought, helpful to me and maybe to you:  when I work at this level, I slow right down.  My metabolism changes, like a river in a deep wide bed, to a different order of time and breath.  Small wonder later in the day, there is metabolic fatigue as this tempo collides with frets and scurries of my surface mind: depressions and undone housework.   Look at water:  it moves over itself at different levels.  Our mind is no different.  Observing and respecting this principle, adjusting my pace to the cycles and tides, is not easy, but it keeps me in good enough nick.

I am told when I am deep down, that most disease is due to pushing ourselves beyond the appropriate tempo for the situation.  Unconscious stress and well-meaning obligation clings to and clogs an engine like blind bits of dirty oil, overlooked.  In time it turns to grit and blocks the wheels.

To respect and pace myself to the given tempi is just as essential in the long run, as the right food and vitamins.  Those are no use, when the Spirit is slack or disengaged.

To diet sensibly doesn’t come easily.  Though I like salads and greens and curries, I am not a veggie, and I eat rich dairies, eggs and chocolate.  These deposit what the acupuncturists call “phlegm”;  and similarly with my Sun in Capricorn and full moon in Cancer nature, I digest life rather intensely.  As physique and psyche interweave, I HOPE the inner work clears my body as we go along.  The field is electro-magnetic.





My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books) – along with many other creations in house.  

I write, illustrate, design and print my books.   Watch this space.

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