Maestri of the Ageless Wisdom

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Reflect on and visualise Paul Foster Case, his kindly welcome to the Supernal Reality – the Magic of Light – his physical delicacy and American accent, his quiet suit and tie … very different to the dark rollercoaster of Lucas’s invitation to Veronica, in The Demon Lover**.   I  love Dion Fortune’s writing, not only does it show where the open doors are;  it is powerful and beautiful.    It proceeds at a slow tempo, packed with landscape and awakening, dark and light, and nourishes the soul.   Thank you!

Dion Fortune in 1927


The compassionate balance of the dark and light, is the tao to follow. So in my studies, try to hear Paul Foster Case talking.   (and the sounds of tao, bota, iao)   Remember the contact is intimated, person to person, and develop that.   At times during the day, and late evening … happiness, a strength of wing opening, a thankyou.   Who knows why?  What aligns?   Floating clear?

Paul Foster Case floated clear from the golden dawn’s necessary rigidity in the 1920s;  like Dion Fortune (and Israel Regardie?), he spelled out things that were muffled up, and brought the teachings on alchemy much closer to the physical plane.   Those pioneers were of this movement of the Maggidim touching and embodying the biosphere, more and ever more so, since that decade between the Great Wars.   Great tides contain many small ones going in and out within them.

The wellbeing is the touching of the planes, the filling of the polarity field, with an enhanced wave pattern.  It broadens the way and makes it simpler to walk.   Irrelevant tensions and fogs lose initiative.   Words float around like “thanksgiving” and “blessing”.  The highway is afoot.   The freedom of the Holy Spheres expands within the earth plane.   It feels like dying, but there is no death.  There is no discontinuity.  Flow with the subtle mercury, the electrical ions, through axis and the ripples.

Thou art the living embodied:  ADONAI.

When I hear Paul Foster Case the musician and writer and teacher, I hear Master R behind him.  My perception of this relationship slowly matures.

I can “go it alone”, but that reaches a sell-by date.   The vitality reduces, or retreats.   It is vital to retain and renew my contact with the Maestri of the Ageless Wisdom:  their current.

“We cannot pretend to have the Consciousness.”  We know that like Everest, it is there.

The kingdom is sought for its own sake.  Even the idea that everything else adds on to it, loses strength when I as the Chariot stand within the sea and am filled with the silence of the Great Waters.

Self enquiry, whether spelled in the Rosicrucean or the Vedanta way, is the Key.

“The sword flashes forth
from the heart of the Mother
into the heart of the Son
and its course is the path of the Disposing Intelligence.”

The Book of Tokens


Here is a page from the music Master R wrote, when he was in London circa 1750.  His music is kept in the British Museum Library.  I obtained copies from a member, and can publish more here, or email to anyone interested.  He was renowned as a violinist and chamber musician.  He wrote songs also, and a short opera.   It is music of its period, not unlike C P E Bach.  It is written down by a Maestro who neither dies nor is born, but prevails, and adopts the gentler dress of the time.  His thought, particularly in this piece, is serene.

To follow the Master’s line of musical thought, is a meditation which strikes deeper than words and ideas …  to where the sounds and images are.






**The Demon Lover (and other novels) by Dion Fortune,
are published by the Society of the Inner Light.
Her aim was for the novels to give the practice,
where The Mystical Qabalah gives the theory.



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