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This is part 1 of a sort of big Xmas card.  Part 2 is in my other blog, Aquariel.

I visited the late Robert Adams (21 January 1928 – 5 March 1997) in Arizona in 1996.  You can find the story of that journey (also in two parts) in this blog, last June.

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Robert found it very hard to speak, because he had Parkinsons.  But he was irrepressible.  Here are some of his words:

“What I teach is utter nonsense – gobbledy gook.  It has no meaning, except to my Self.  I have no teaching.  It is simply my confession.  It is useless for most people, because I’m not giving a direction.  I’m not telling you to meditate twelve hours a day, or to stand on your head, or to watch your mantras.  There’s no instruction.  There’s just my personal confession … the way I feel.

“Now, it does some people good, these invisible instructions.  By just being here:  by opening your heart, something happens.  So don’t listen with your head, do not try to analyse or judge, or come to any conclusions.  As I always say – ‘do not believe a word I say.’  Why should you?  Who am I?  I’m nobody!  nobody important.  Listen to your own heart.  I’m a sort of mirror.  What you see in me is yourself … I can truthfully say that i am ultimate oneness, absolute reality, emptiness – unborn – nirvana.  I am that I am.

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“When many people read spiritual books on Advaita vedanta, or on jnana marga, they immediately try to act out the part, and they memorise many of these quotations and sayings.  They become useless!  You have to go through spiritual disciplines to get to the place where you wake up.  In my own experience, I probably did these disciplines in a previous existence; for when I was very young, I felt these things.  I had no idea what it was, until I read the books.  So the reading of books confirmed my experience, and then I went to see Ramana Maharshi – but I had already felt this

“There is a difference.  I have to be very careful what I say, because this path sometimes gives people license to become arrogant, obnoxious  It’s just the opposite.  If you have jnana, knowledge, you show loving kindness, compassion, joy – and you express yourself as that.

“… You look for a reason … a solution – a cause?  But there is no reason, cause or effect.  There IS emptiness.  Emptiness is the Self, and I AM that.  Now, when I speak of I AM, I’m not referring to Robert.  I am referring to omnipresence.   I AM is that;  therefore when I utter ‘I AM’, I am speaking for all of us, for there is only One – and we are all ultimate Oneness.  There is no distinction. 

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“They say that there is a Central sun.  All of the galaxies in the Universe revolve around the Central sun;  one revolution takes 24,000 years.  The closer the galaxy gets to the Central sun, the more evolved a planet becomes;  and the further away from the sun, the greater the dark ages on that planet. 

“But where did the Central sun come from?  Who gave it birth?  Since the beginning of time, there have been individuals who pondered this question.  Where did creation come from?  Out of what did it evolve?  Great rishis in India, great seers in Japan, in Egypt, thousands of years ago, sat beneath trees pondering these questions.  If God created everything, where did God come from?  Who created the God? … 

“So these olden day rishis and seers pondered. And something very interesting happened.  As they pondered externally the cause of creation, all of a sudden they found themselves becoming introverted.  They began to look within themselves.  They began to realise – I AM.  And inadvertently they pose the question, “who am I? Who am I?”  without knowing what they were doing.  They didn’t even voice it verbally.  They just felt it – who am I?  And as they did this sincerely, religiously, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, something happened.  And it came to them – I am That.

“They were amazed.  Remember, these great thinkers from the past did not know each other; they did this independently, and in Egypt, Africa, India, Japan they all came up with the same answer, I AM THAT.   In other words, there is no external world.  There is no thing but mind.  And because there is mind, there is a Universe.  Therefore I am the creator of the Universe:  because the mind exists, everything exists.  They came a long way, for they realised that everything was an emanation of the mind.  They didn’t stop there.  They pondered, ‘what is mind?  If my mind is the cause of creation, where did it come from?’

“… They enquired, ‘then who am I?  Who am I?’ and they abided in themselves … They were not in a state of samadhi, because they were awake.  During their awakened state, they became no thing.  There was no mind;  no Universe, no God, no body.  There are no others.  And they realised this is the Self – not my self, but the Self;  and they were absorbed in the silence.  From that moment on, the world still appeared to them, but they were able to see right through it.

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“Now, these ancient rishis were unable to share this with devotees or disciples, because it’s a personal experience.  Since it’s beyond words, beyond mind and beyond thoughts, how can one actually share this?  Therefore, these ancient rishis became silence.  They never spoke.  Yet such power emanated through them, that if the right devotees came to them and just sat with them, doing nothing, saying nothing, wanting nothing, desiring nothing, they too achieved that state.  It was amazing.  This was passed down through the ages.  It was commonly called Advaita Vedanta, or Jnana (the path of wisdom) – and it is still the supreme truth. 

“Now, let’s talk about you.  As long as you want to become enlightened, you’re making a grave mistake;  for there is no one to become enlightened.   As long as you want to end your problems and change your problems from bad to good, you’re making a grave mistake, because there are no problems.  As long as you think there’s something wrong or there’s something right, or right overcomes wrong, and we have to try to correct the condition or situation, you’re making a grave mistake.  You see, whatever has to happen, HAS ALREADY HAPPENED.

“There’s nothing you have to do;  yet your body will do it …  Do not be concerned over your affairs, for right actions will always take place.  By right actions, I mean the Dharma – that which is supposed to happen.  Some of you will still feed the homeless, will still have your jobs, will still do what you’re doing.  But it will not be ‘you’.  Unlike yogic achievement, when you know this for yourself, you cannot prove or show anybody anything. 

“Time for questions – stump the Guru.  Why do you want to become free … ?”

 19.  Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas!




My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

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