Tales from the Watershed: The Knight

This is another in the Watershed series.  (For others, try “tales from the watershed” in the search box, or look under Categories.) This dream and the conversation within it, held a “visitation”  from beyond my general awareness at age 27, but may have been inspired by Olaf Stapleden’s “Sirius”.  The setting is medieval, and I do not know who the Knight is.  He bore the hallmark of many incarnations’ encounter.  On the Tree he is Tifareth with Gevurah – perhaps Adeptus major.  On reflection, I recall a very early Tarot reading which someone did for me.  It contained the Knight of Rods/wands and the King of Swords!  An interaction of  …  the gift of Intuition (rods) with Karma (swords)?   The King of Swords is a difficult character.

I couldn’t find anything to illustrate the “lozenge” spaces in the church roof, so in the Gallery at the end, is a play of hebrew letters and symbols.

The photos of the sea were taken by my daughter on her coastal path.

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The Flowering Staff

The Flowering Staff (cf alchemy The Raven Phase/D.Goddard)

Dreams No.266 – 11 September 1976

A TRACT of mediaeval history led me to a plain church in which I sat with many people I knew well, for a service of atonement.   The church is in one of the villages near the sea-coast where we have been fighting.   We got supplies of food, fuel and rags for bandaging from this village and others.    I am newly convert from pagan to the holy Roman faith, it is the only church of God in the district, so I must attend it.   While the priest was getting ready, I looked around the big square room, and up.   In the ceiling there were windows –     curious geometrical apertures to the sky.   These forms held each a lozenge of  mysterious dimension.   They held the eye.   They led the eye upward to light without sound or speech.

Kabbalah 1989 15

On the floor an animal was walking.   The openings had no words.   The beast walked a measured pattern or design, reflecting on the floor the apertures in the ceiling.   Wherever it went it left a trail of smudgy white light – the  mystic co-relation – to bear witness.

The imprint is a sacred script.   The aura is the Communion.   I understand through this medium:   “If you gaze or meditate upon the sacred geometric apertures leading through roof to light, you may talk to God without words.   Each aperture is, as you know, a holy hieroglyph of Creation, cut through the stone of Sinai.   The language of light goes directly to God.   It is outside your speech.   Yet it may come to meet you.


At once I was reconciled to the church.   Any place that can provide in the roof, openings to God beyond my speech, to talk to God in silent wonder, without intermediary, is …  very, very alright indeed.   Is not each temple, every religious form, but a shell, a roof to see through?   Does the wall of anybody, a prison make?

 mist 2


A steep cliff path leads from here to the shores of the bleak sea coast where the fighting has been.   The grass is short, upon chalk.   We have all been here on summer days and left things, left our treasure here.   By the cliffs the sea is smooth and grey, the air sultry, the rocks are tall dark pillars.   This strange yet familiar sea coast features in the epic battle in ancient and medieaval times, in which I took part,  and which we lost.

The Commander of these forces is my friend.   His efforts are systematically frustrated by the King’s inability to cooperate or work with him.   As clear as the great books of legend, the sagas of the Nordics, the Celts, the Aryans, the Huns, we were hordes, and timelessly we galloped over marshy plains to the hills, pitched battle with spears against the enemy, pitching our own tents in the field.   We were fed and supplied by the villages, in one of which stood the church of silent and ancient light.   And at the end one day, we saw from the cliff-tops by the coast,  the sea now stormy and rough with rain and wind.


cliff top

 I stood there with my friend.

My friend the soldier was a tall strongly built man.   He had long black hair and he was gentle of speech.   We stood together on the cliff and saw one of his wooden ships sink broken into the rough wild sea.   It left a smudge of timber only in the waters, like a stain of blood.   I wept and staggered backwards, leaning on my friend the soldier.   He was deeply moved by my emotion on behalf of his cause.   “Will you be my wife?”  he said.

Raven Knight

Raven Knight

Because I was more a witness in time than a participant, I felt I was dramatising.   I was not sure how sincere my grief was.   “You would be a very great General,” I told him passionately  “if only you didn’t have that King.   He pulls you down, doesn’t he.  He rules without knowledge or foresight.   He destroys this country, he can’t even rule himself!”

But he spoke again gently, and said I must not speak harshly of the King.   “He is not a soldier you know, he has his own job to do.   He is as good a King as he can be.   Don’t you see, he comes to it by birth, not by training.   Though he does uphold the Sword of our Order, his versatility is his undoing –  he, ruling over others, cannot rule his heart!   Try  to understand my task of unity.   And listen:  my King, any King, is as good as the metal forged through fire and water, of my loyalty to him.   This is my sword,  my vow.   He isn’t easy to work with.   But I do not envision such difficulties being swept away, for they are of our life and understanding.   They are what God gives us, and with equanimity we must encounter them, as we meet each wave of the sea.   Even the unendurable we must contain, and learn to value.

2 - Cup and sword

“In this difficult garden we meet alike the tragedy, failure and triumph of joy!   and to all, we must be equal.   Do you see, the only treasure we can carry through from birth to birth is the way we meet our truth?

“For this glory only am I a soldier.   What use can it be, to blame or destroy my King?   What would that change?   Resentment is a dangerous gesture.  To resist destiny is foolhardy.   Would you reverse this Sword?   Use well and honestly, what is given to hand.   This alone, dear heart, is the undying Spirit.   I am as true as this loyalty to my King, to which I am born!”

“You,”  I told him  “are both weak and strong.”



I saw my self as his wife once or twice, in a looking-glass.   I saw my self with my hair drawn back.   I wore a long dress of silky stuff, which left my shoulders nearly bare.   I saw myself as his bride, preparing for him.   And yet I knew the wedding was not to be, other than in Spirit.   For he was out on the cliffs by the wild sea.   And he must die in battle, and would be for ever a Knight.

princess with dove, 1957

princess with dove, 1957


Down on the stony beach,  by the sound of the waves breaking,  we were salvaging.   A big hole had been dug by one of the tall black rocks.   It was choked with debris from the storm, and with rocks, pebbles and timbers from the wreck.   The Knight searched deep in it for the silver coins, which were the cargo of his broken ship.   He found a few of them.   And I found a little pair of miniature folding scissors that I have lost, and I looked for my treasure, and salvaged some of my life.


rainbow rock





GALLERY of GLYPHS & SYMBOLS – to view, click on any image



Rotation through magic circle of elements/archangels

Rotation through magic circle of elements/archangels: facing south (YOD) turn right to west (HEH), then through centre to east (VAV), then turn left to north (2nd HEH) and repeat inversely – a figure eight movement.  Additionally – Pilgrim at the west door journeys to the east.  Cross and Triangle inset, show the Tetragrammaton JHVH cycle




corwall 2011 072

My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

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9 thoughts on “Tales from the Watershed: The Knight

  1. This is a fascinating sory of bygone times as we follow the author from the little church to the salvaged wreckage . It is a touching story beautifully illustrated . I love the Yin Yang symbol with the entwined fish – What a clever touch ? – and the pics of the sea in its various moods . It is also quite profound . I wish the commander had listened to the maiden !

    • Dear Bridget, thank you! I feel you understand perfectly what this vision meant to me – together with its “relationship koan” at the end. Are maidens ever listened to? How they stand for ever just by the dragons tail, while the knights joust bravely up and down, to use up all their karma … maybe. Hope your wrist is feeling better. Here we have snow, it potters down from the sky all day, and says “keep quiet and still.”

  2. Life is strange! On this side of the world sunshine is taken for granted. A huge red star falling behind the horizon daily yet not visible in your skies? Thank you for sharing your magic with us Genie xx

  3. The discussion which recently arose here and on pinterest around the Solar Cross & Seal image in the gallery-of-glyphs-and-symbols , reminds me of what it was actually like to look through those glyphic apertures in the ceiling (in my dream); to reconcile their paradox and talk to God. It required an effort of perception to dismantle conditioning: to see straight through the ages to the sky.

    The Solar Cross & Seal is difficult for me to look at also, with what history turned it to; and the collective scar tissue: and yet its ancient interwovenness (copied from ‘Via Attraverso Il Deserto’ by Ladislav Moucka) suggests an infinite freedom before and beyond all pain and tyrannies. It is challenging.

    It is the embrace of – originally – two very old Indian yantras. The star of David is universal, with the male and female triangles in equilibrium. The Solar cross or swastika is originally the Sun. The moon crescent is “receive”, and also Islam. The whole is encircled by the figure eight of infinity. I added these last two details to Moucka’s design.

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