18 solar cross seal

The swastika is an ancient Indian symbol for the sun: solar energy. It is found in many yantras and mandalas for meditation. The seal of Solomon in the west, symbolizes the same Light which is peace – Shalom. The ancient swastika (drawn the wrong way round for their badge) was grotesquely perverted by the nazis. This is the fate of sacred hieroglyphs of light when exploited politically. Here the Solar Cross and the Seal of Solomon interweave and interpenetrate over a moon which means “receive” and the embracing figure of infinity – the 8. Such is what the Knight saw in the ceiling, in this post. Let us draw together and keep the peace, for the healing of nations. Shalom

4 thoughts on “18 solar cross seal

  1. Jane I love your blog, your knowledge and generosity for all your work to share the wisdom of the Ages.
    Toda lach, Shalom

  2. Thank you so much, Marie! I am new to pinterest – just joined this morning. Very glad for the opportunity to clear up that little (important) point, and thanks for your understanding. I hope you have a wonderful day. I’m a goy but learning. Shalom!

  3. By the way – the drawing above was copied from a picture I found in an Italian book on Kabbalah – “Via Attraverso il Deserto” by Ladislav Moucka 2003. I added to it the crescent moon and the figure of eight. I bought the book for this design alone, which struck me with its tremendous potential. But the book is a magnificent notebook and journey (in Italian) of sacred geometry, Kabbalah and the Four Worlds, some of it based on Halevi’s work. I just found and got it out again!

  4. I’m your first follower in pinterest 🙂
    The 8 is a perfect fit with this symbol of infinity, and you are right to add the moon in hope of peace at a second glance (hope my pidgin is enough clear 😉
    Kabbalah -and esoteric knowledge- is absolutely fascinating. I feel a very strong call when I saw Yentl, my gosh, 30 years ago !
    With the time, I discovered the unity behind all the traditions and became more and more interested.
    Have a wonderful day, dear Jane.
    A bientôt !

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