The Wandering Fool and Ramesh

With drawings from my sketchbooks in 1988, some “Poems of Eclipse” 1999, (inspired by Ramesh Balsekar’s philosophy) and a new sketch of Ramesh.

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Arcanum 0 The Fool

Arcanum 0 The Fool


A Picture …

Standing over
a rock under standing – river bed
unaltered wherever I go,
the art of life discovers
a masterpiece – the obvious!

Along the rain washed road, a wanderer
wears battered hat, carrying
bundly bag and flower.  Why
did God’s will place him there?

He turned.  He thought he knew
but could not see the thunder cloud
above him, deftly brushed.

Trapped in the wrong dimension,
unwittingly he got wet!

Backed on canvas, his quest
is strung on fibre, warp and weft.
His human history, he cannot see.
On flat earth theory, he’s crucified;
the Master’s Eye looks back!

Who created him:  Botticelli, Van Eyck,
Michelangelo?  He was
and is composed no where apart
from Life around him, which is Art.

2 The Wandering Fool with Flower & Egg

Let the vagrant lift his Cross
of time through space,
the canvas warp and weft,
to follow Eye.

Let him through a hemisphere
turn his gaze
from flat earth
to Creation’s inward sky.

Let him see as the Master sees

0 Fool Arcana version 2


The spirit in the Garden of Eden
took root in animal skins.
World’s habitat being strong,
my vigilance is overcast.

The disappointing fragment magnified
is an ever present threat
to thunder and enclose my soul –
yet the coast is clear.

The breath that stops the world
can nothing else contain,
for it is everything.

The holy Grail
draws to itself the Grail against
all other gravities.

3 Two young Fools conversing


In Ramesh’s aphorism, my life
is a painted land,
a mile or five miles wide.
A house or two I see from where I stand.
What next unfolds?  I walk in time and space.

That thread links a hill which hasn’t happened yet
with a vivid face which has.
The future hill with remembered face
in the Master’s Eye, are space.

Stepping away,
wider vistas with the fragment coalesce
and realisation comes:  the masterpiece
was painted long ago.

6 Astronomer Fool with spinning top and cockerel



My vivid face and brooding hill
have thirty roving years between.

My wanderer, awarded a cosmos of his own,
searches source
around the fade-out of his visual field.
He rests at night in a picture frame of mist.

How may he know God’s will unless
he’s in love with nothing else?
content to be rained upon, re-brushed
with madder rose, ochre, a touch of sapphire,
and even cleaned away?

Meet Mrs Madder Rose - 1987

Meet Mrs Madder Rose – 1987

In love with nowt but what Creator does –
he’s granted a strong belief he may find out!
Else who among his Angelic lovers of Art
could his capering convince?

Ramesh in his wisdom has remarked: “When understanding happens, a created object sees that nothing he or she believed they did, or felt, is separate from the Creator Subjectivity. It has no being apart;  nor ever had.  The entire texture of autonomy, guilt and pride, is illusory, fabricating divine ignorance.”

Ramesh Balsekar ja 14 feb 2013

Ramesh Balsekar ja 14 feb 2013



God’s Name
belongs to the canvas figure, alone.
Prayer is open-ness.


GOD is a sound:  here a spiral shell
on the beach, and elsewhere tightly closed.
The Mystery of Master’s work within a gem
erases and enhances Grace.

The co-creation has no concept
but to be.  The Master knows not
how his own beard grows.

Wandering Fool with paper boats


Binah – the Understanding

The drum’s
cellular surface quivers
like an ear.

Osmosis passes from root in earth to flowering leaf, as sun from star.
Osmosis regulates cell densities through magnetic vacuum
beyond the brain.

The gnosis has no fight with life,
and always unseats itself.
Behind every alteration it
seems to bring about, gnosis
remains unaltering.

The philosophical aphorism accepts and discards
concepts freely, as tools
that grow on us, are sharp,
grow blunt, and are put away.

arcana 6 and 0_0001




My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

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2 thoughts on “The Wandering Fool and Ramesh

  1. Jane`s mastery lies in her attention to detail as well as in her amazing drawings . Her work is unique.
    The lines which stand out for me and I will not forget, are –“The entire texture of autonomy, guilt and pride is illusory, fabricating divine ignorance ” and “The master knows not how his own beard grows “. Those lines are truly freeing to the poor soul bound up in guilt and fear! Thank you so much.

  2. Dear Bridget, thank you! The first is a sort of crib of Ramesh, who spoke of the edifice of “guilt and pride” with that funny lilt in his voice, we remember so well. The second was in Douglas Harding’s wonderful basso profondo pondering – “Does God know how His own beard grows?” while stroking his own, which of course he couldn’t see, because it is where he has space, no head. I tweaked them both into the poem, to scan. Thank you for your comment – lovely to hear from you, as always.

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