On Angels and Providence


Archangel Gavriel of the Western waters

Archangel Gavriel of the Western waters

This is a formative essay from about 1992, which for some time, I planned to edit and blog.  It belongs with the series of other older and updated writings:  How to draw the Sri Chakra Yantra — Alchemy & Self Enquiry — Speed of Light: Tsim tsum & Self Enquiry — the Field of the Dead.

I was discussing with a friend the other day, the practices which enlist the help of Angels’ magick – and some of the unpredictable results – doubtful of commissioning the Angels to our own small desires and interests.  Ten years ago, I learnt about some of the methods, but lost interest …  or perhaps it just didn’t work for me.

I do like to remind myself of the Archangels Mahael, Rafael, Gavriel, Uriel – the guardians of the compass points and of the elements Fire, Air, Water, Earth – and their Sefiroth on the Tree of Life: Beauty, Intelligence, Nature and the North.

Self knowledge is crucial:  else there is mere projection.  A mystic is a natural scientist.  The root of science is knowledge through enquiry and verification.

angels diagram

Where “Above” meets “Below”, is a point of unifying awareness, the Now.  As this area expands, as the eye widens and deepens … in a creative act or moment of contemplation … the compass of my mind opens.  The dimension is embraced in the heightened awareness of a moment, or of a lifetime.   As provincial intellect dissolves, I awaken from sleep.  In my sleep I dreamed I am an island separate, clever and enclosed, surrounded by an ocean.  When I wake, I AM the ocean.

To live and work where the worlds meet, is to wake and sleep where they come to each other.  Is my “Above” unawake to what is “Below”?   If “Above” and “Below” cohabit in a random violence, they cannot align into the texture of living.

The work is to integrate the six sides of the Star:  to keep the interpenetrating Triangles’ place of meeting, open.  The one descends into the other ascending.  Balanced work aligns the mystic faculty to the senses, to manifest the ‘Angel’ on Earth … exercised in each day’s encounters and relationships, as in the solitude.  The only way to navigate the allure of hidden rocks – excessive reaction in any direction – is to develop a steady inward vision.   The sailor trims the vessel.  Excess of wind or current can capsize it:  the penalty of a moment’s blindness.   When I am blind with the weight of personal opinion, judgement or outrage, how can I see what is provided?  the provisions for the voyage?

If “Above” and “Below” are separate – blind to each other in the psyche – they violate each other.  In the mirror is a personal ego which cannot contain their confrontation, and fears both.   If the personal vessel is driven by sub and supra-conscious forces seeking possession but unintegrated, that hue and cry will manifest in her earthly environment.  Everything happening around the vessel, arises from the mind’s state of “trim” or ballast.  This condition assembles a perception of the world.

Watch and see my dwelling’s colour, and its walls.   Learn the cause of certain repetitions;  what is provided.  It is Providence.   These are KA BALLISTIC observations.


Emblem 8 - angel sieves wheat from chaff

Emblem 8 – angel sieves wheat from chaff


To define an Angel?  The word symbolises – in the earth bound perception – a region in the spiritual psyche which is asleep until called upon.   So it appears, as a reflection in these waters below.   Yet regarded as a whole, the Angel is a higher archetype, a prototype or series – conduits of quintessence – in the collective pool of consciousness;  the power to influence our navigation.  If we are blind to archetypal weather patterns, they are our dictators of good or adverse fortune.  Perhaps to wake, to call upon the Angel, allows us to see the pattern as a whole, rather than the mould.

There are in humanity, innumerable archetypal resonances.   They reside not “out there”, but in the depths of you and me.  In the deep ocean uniting us, where no holds are barred, they are winged movements of the Self.   Given awareness in the human fabric – the “I” – they are my article of evolution, from the skins of animals, through tribes and individuals, to Consciousness and beyond our imagination.   Consciousness is a garden:  to the Self be true.   This in-tention develops precision in the dialogue.

Angels gossip - 1956

Angels gossip – 1956


My concept is:  that an Angel – those which translate to winged messengers – is a conduit of force.  An Angel is an emanation, an elemental “strand” or filament of interactions.  The Angel in the sub atomic universe arises in a myriad pathways, from the colloquial “big bang” exhalation of Genesis, and is eternally present, in the formation of space-time.

The unseen fibre of Creation dwells in the pulse of all Formation, through mineral to the Divine source.   One angelic force drives a geometric interplay of planetary orbits – a tide of human destiny.  Another is the intimate silent song which shapes a woodland glade or flower.  Another rules a neighbourhood, an element, a star, or a deluge of cosmic particles.

All Angels emanate from the heart of cosmic expansion – from Genesis, from the moment before time and space began.  Thus they are not of our time and space.  In Kabbalah it is written that the Primordial One “brought about a contraction and made room (a void) in himself where the worlds could be created.”   For God to behold God, for the I to look into the I, that which emanates is Creation, Formation, Materiality.   But that from which it emanates, is a measureless unity.

Manas Mandala


These things are in the mind.  She looks into herself and believes what she is shown, the day and the night.

The truth transcends the everyday and academic mind.  The truth is beyond the spectrum. The breadth, height and depth of our physical and sensory universe is yet a “flat-earth theory”.  The truth is outside time and space and yet here in the heart of the matter as it ever is, closer than breathing.

Emblem 3 - Angel at the door

Emblem 3 – Angel at the door


Angels are the multiplicity of the Holy Oneness in his-her aspect of Creation, along subatomic “routes” – a galactic universe which, to our senses, still expands, and yet is ever Present.   Angelic is the homeopathic potency to reverse a dis-ease.  The molecular web’s dilution back into the “atom before Creation”, overcomes the symptom.

Angels singly, or blending their infinite dance of Numbers, are natural Law.  They are functions.  They cannot alter themselves, because only time and space can alter.   There are Angels of positive current and Angels of negative current in the cosmic circuitry:  the hierarchic colour tones and frequencies.  Intelligent life is not a mere passenger, but cooperates with the Angels.   Intelligent sensitivity is a discerning hand in the fabric.  Angels were the great early gods and powers who emanated from the One.  Every cosmology ancient and modern has a host of expansive deities – their tapestry of Self reproduction. But the Holy Oneness in the core of each and every one of these, evades description.  Genesis, a parable of a Kalpa’s origin or exhaled Divine breath, is a coded script for the indescribable.

Detail, Botticelli

Detail, Botticelli


The story of the One-I-Verse is one statement – the centre of a flower about to open.   Angels are paths of the Immanence.  They are in and of the awareness of itSelf.


Copy from Botticelli, 1956

Copy from Botticelli, 1956


I cannot “see” an Angel.  But an Angel is the feeling when a chamber of my mind opens.  An altered energy state flows through, unimpeded by gross actions – though these obscure it.  I try throughout life, not to capture it into an ego-centric craft, but to let it resonate delicately as a water lily on dark water.

The personal ego is a navigational instrument.  When allied to cosmic Self, she is a vessel of choice – to welcome energies selectively.  Excess in any direction gives birth to excess in the other.

The relationship of “Above” and “Below” is not a marionette theatre.  The higher interior consciousness corresponds with its inverse reflection in the material, sensory world.  Our brain inverts light and darkness which, entering the lens, form an image on the retina.  Right-side brain rules the body’s left side.  If I look down into a pool, my reflected face with the sky behind it, is dark.  Matter inter-relates with, and makes visible, the unseen.  It is the outline.

To be conscious is a going concern – a verb – among the Changes of active and passive states.  An infinity of conscious strands is woven through the universe of this life:  not as a fixed predictive engine, but as multiple probable worlds.  The subatomic interactions without time, yet fall into the order of molecular adherence, or time.  The marmons or nodes – where three lines intersect – in the Sri Chakra Yantra, are interactions:

Sri Chakra - Version 2


Sri Chakra Figures 1 & 2


Consciousness is not rigid, but infinitely flexible.  A watcher of Providence observes the shape of daily life in the greater or lesser context, and what comes to it – a visible manifest of the underlying cause.   The more I watch, the more I see the meaningful.  The pitfall is when I confine the meaningful to a local – thus incomplete – interpretation.   In a symphonic musical score, are layer upon layer of tones of Providence.  Focusing  on one line only, I lose the hearing of the whole score.  An over excited thought stream enacts and re-enacts an excited environ – a primitive exaltation of short-waves.  Every beginner in early civilization does this for a time.    Eventually tiring of the agitation, mind becoming more disciplined, seeks a tranquil centre.  A longer wave comes.   It hasn’t the one incessant melody:  the polyphonic progressions of a sacred chorale are heard.   The hearing is non-verbal – a devotion.   Underlying the chimera of cause and effect, the life-stories, is a greater Sound in the silence … the garden of Eden.

Sri Chakra colour-sound vibration

Sri Chakra colour-sound vibration (from “Yantra” by Madhu Khanna)


Sensing also a greater palette under the chimera of cause and effect, I become a painter, and mixing the colours, I call the awakening land a Choral Garden.  It is a song of all the lifetimes.  The repeated resonance of their hues within the score, is like the harmonic of a bell.   This is the pargod, the tapestry or veil of God.   Occasionally in my dreams, I hear music, all along the horizon, which I never wrote.

What is allowed to happen?  What can be developed and remain true?  What is being continued?  Is it time to change – having exhausted – the theme?  Who desires this theme? and which other colour in the symphony does it support?

In Buddhist teaching, Karma – the cyclic shapes of life – is likened to firewood.  As long as there is fuel, the flame will burn it – ashes to earth.  The inner journey towards perfecting, is the oeuvre of existing.  The alchemical tools are acceptance of pain and joy, energy and fatigue, as self-teachers.   There is reflected in the ever changing life-element, a particle or being of the Holy Oneness.

The stars are reflected in the raven’s wing.

Underlying the filaments of all the lifetimes, is ever present the Source:  ever elusive to be.


An article of faith is a religious commitment – adhered to, but not understood.  An article of Self knowledge is experience tried and tested … which is not infallible.  The evolving gnosis of life re-writes it each day.   Constantly, the “knowledge” in the abyss is un-known, and rediscovered.

Emblem praenesis: ship anchor

Emblem praenesis: ship anchor:  “This shows the way”.


So what is Providence?

Provisions for life’s journey, provisional to Godliness, are provided for …  to exercise the destiny.  Providence coming from other lifetimes of that destination, is to a great extent self-provided:  do as you would be done by;  be done by as you did.   We try that terrain again and again until we realise:  the do-do is obsolete, it loses energy.

Why disqualify human beings from reincarnation?  Are we other than the tree which grows the same but different leaves, for hundreds of seasons?   or the Sun, giver of life, whose seed is captured in Earth’s molten core?

“Above” is a definition of my soul’s viewpoint and ethics.  “Below” is what is realised through expanding and contracting it into the living body by breath.  “Consciousness” speaks and acts consciously, in whatever the situation.  An “infalllible” personage is one that cannot be reached.  Nor, I suppose, can an “infallible” Angel.  “Infallible” is an impenetrable fortress, built on shifting sand.

Providence is a highly subjective encounter.  In the superficial terrain of cause and effect, one’s meat is poison to another.   “She” might perceive a providential chaos – or nothing provided at all.  “He” might hear everywhere, a harmony.  Both, beholding the same landscape, experience Reality.

Each “I” sees out of one window or facet of the whole crystal which is “I”.   Whole societies or tribes look out upon the world from one, or very similar windows.

Deeper polyphonies of Providence transcend the province and await a re-tuned ear.  Each tree grows in a chord of everymans’ earth, to capacity.

51. Profiles welcome across copy


Today …

Angels express the depth of our emotions – or our feelings and states of mind call forth the angel, light and dark.   My thinking about angels today, reaches towards … a renewal of … commitment :  let “Above” and  “Below” come forth, from the in-between.

The angels have not the three lower chakras.  The animal kingdom has not the three higher.  Who has the octave and its potential for the meeting of all the worlds? … humanity.

Baruch & Balthamos:  copy from Botticelli

Baruch & Balthamos,in “His Dark Materials” : copy from Botticelli


Respect for the Great Beings doesn’t try to fit them into our toys.  The respect recognises their beauty and their immensity.  It is the quantum path of awe.  At the same time, I translate Angels into my visual field, as graceful beings with big feathery wings, and love them thus.  In fact the Angels look through Daat on the Tree into our Yesod interface, and cast those big winged shadows.

The Angels are like Tolkien’s Elves.  They are undying essences, timeless, caught sometimes in the conduits of time and space.  Then they appear to be warriors and creators.  Angels carry out the Holy One’s thoughts.  Angels are the Holy One’s intergalactic wings.  Angels are of the supra-galactic being.  Angels are the ELOHIM.  The House of God is BETH HA-ELOHIM.

Each Hebrew letter is an angelic being.  According to Paul Foster Case, BETH HA-ELOHIM’s numerical value (gematria) is 503, the same as Hebrew words meaning “to expel, to put forth fruit.”

GERESH tarot keys 2,19,21

“To put forth fruit” is GeReSh:  gimel, resh, shin.  It also means “a fruit, product of the earth, produce.”  In Tarot’s spelling of this word, Gimel is the High Priestess, Resh is the Sun and Shin is the Judgement (from right to left.  The Tarot Keys are numbered one behind their Hebrew letters, because Tarot begins with Key Zero The Fool, whose letter is Aleph, number 1).

The three pictures say it all:  the splitting of the seed, the awakening shoot.  The Priestess’s pomegranates become Archangel Gavriel’s great red wings, in fourth dimension.  Insight strikes, and mind is still.  The pomegranates pass through sunflowers around the naked children, to the Archangel’s wings.  (I typo’d poem-granates !)  The pillars of the Temple, Jakin and Boaz, are the seed case.  In SHIN the Judgement, the call to earth, they are parents of the child.  The Priestess is virgin, which means ripe.  The purity is ripe.

These three Tarot Keys with their letters, are the Moon, the Sun and Fire.  “A product of the earth is that most precious fruit, the Stone of the Wise, compounded from the elements.” (Paul Foster Case).

Every fruit has its Stone, or pip.





My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.


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