Violet Woman and the Hermit


siva crystal 2

I have been touching on the Tarot path of the Star, in my Parvati-Siva posts so far.   On the Tree of Life, this is Netzach to Yesod, Sphere of Venus to the Moon:  the Desire nature’s bond with the automatic consciousness.

Stop and reflect these resonances.   Venus is deep green, Moon a violet crystal.   These colours together are sweet, like my painting Flower the Despair of Painters, of which I could enlarge just the centre !

violet crystal detail


Occult practice employs them.  It turns them into oxes to pull and push the desires and beliefs, and to hurry things up a bit.   I don’t have a desire to do that.   I only want to “see that it is very good”.  To push and pull is the fate of illusion.

Arcanum 17 The Star

So she pours just for the sake of pouring.  The star shines just for the sake of shining.  Of the star’s interior are unbelievable forces and eternity.   Tangle the tiny walnut brain with more study?   No.  The structural school is all in position, the home (BETh) is built.   Illumine the bodymind with the star, the precision of being the woman pouring the water nakedly:  the pool, the twilight in the field.

In Tarot, Key 17 is called “the Intelligence of Nature“.  There is a butterfly on the rose.

I read Paul Foster Case’s Lessons, because his every single word as turned, is potent and unwasteful.   He is at the plough, and ropes of red earth upturn, like a river.  Use the senses as tattvas;  frank-incense smell generates a gothic temple.


Tarot Key 17 is quintessentially myself, who sit here doing nothing but pour, pour, near the scarlet ibis in – hey, that’s a frankincense-tree!   The violet cannot help but smell secret and  lovely, the sound of the water to flow, the shine of the Stars to glow down seven chakras:  the staff of life, the subtle connection, the well, cosmos to the ground.

BOTA Tarot Keys 17 & 9

BOTA Tarot Keys 17 & 9

The picture language says it all.

In the background of Key 17 is the distant Violet Mountain. The Hermit standing upon its snows, shines the Lamp in pitch dark.   The Hermit is Yod, the semitic, semantic sperm of the Hebrew alephbeis, script of flame.  The woman of the Star is the medium, fresh as a daisy, contemplative as a brooding witch.   Key 17 joins up ALL THE WRITING in the well.   The little scarlet ibis in the incense-tree is Thoth, scribe of Hermes.

The Hermit is not alone.  He is all-One.  He is often misunderstood.  They think he is sad, but he is full of joy.

The Hermit’s YOD cap is deep blue, the colour of the Priestess’s subconscious ocean:  the ‘feminine’ sense of touch.  He is androgynous.  Key 9 is called “the Intelligence of Coition”.  It also governs alchemically, the assimilation of Solar energy in our food, which passes through chyle in the “black dragon”  (colon) into the blood as red and white “soldiers” – the cells which maintain life in every city of the body.  The cities are the organs.  You can see them in the old, romantic alchemical engravings, and it is called “The Work of the Sun”.  Through the Hermit, spiritual voltage is earthed, and enters the heartbeat:  and under the Hermit and his Priestess cap, sprout festivals of fertility.

There is an immersion in the beauties here.   What discipline permits the archetype to pass through and onward, workably?   The method of knowing the Tree brought me to this point of love.  But the love, though constant, is fluid and fleeting.   To build and refresh daily the astral eternal Temple –  Keep it practical.  Picture the chakras white, violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, red – the white first of all, an unbudding stellar brilliance, sinking through the rainbow strata to earth.

The chakras on the Tree of Life.  The root chakra at the base of the spine, is actually our connection with the ground.

The chakras on the Tree of Life. The root chakra at the base of the spine, is our whole connection with the ground.

So much is written of the chakras, their arguable symbolism, their  colour systems and mantras … to confuse poor pilgrims in differing cultures.   None of it matters.   I find for myself, the simplest possible – the rainbow spectrum root to shoot.  Make the seven centres work, and keep it awake: plumbline into earth.   Does each flower, blade of grass, tree and bird, feel and re-member this? – even as Isis with her Osiris?  Nature is red in tooth and claw, but the core of Nature is bliss, the bliss of YHVH’s breath.


Alchemy Tree of Life, World of Assiyah, the materialAlchemy Tree of Life, the World of Assiyah, material, the physical Universe.  Note the violet path connecting Yesod (pale violet, the personal foundation) and Netzach (green) and the shadowy path (Netzach Malkuth) of sleep and cellular regeneration.  The Hermit path goes out-of-frame.  It joins Tifareth to Hesed (Grace & Opportunity) and its colour is a gold-shot green:  the musical key of F.

Malkuth Sefira – Earth –  contains the colours of the four elements, slate, citrine, rust and indigo. The oval is akasha-tejas tattva – the Saturn Mars centres.  Their balanced function is a secret Key to Gold:  it earths it.   In this spectrum, gold is Tifareth, the heart, or Sun, and Hod is bright orange, the “messenger” frequency, or bearer of the solar Rays.   Tifareth interweaves the male and feminine triangles in Malkuth and Yesod:  a Seal of Solomon, temple of the Living God.

These became my recipes over time;  but for more information of the Tree in Toledo tradition, visit  

For Tarot in the Tree, visit, who do an excellent correspondence course. They teach the colour scale and its sound-frequencies, like a musical instrument.  They supply the 22 bota Tarot Keys in outline:  the student colours them in.


It takes practice, to inform the conditioned bodymind – to let sky-Siva penetrate the sleepy tangle.   For instance, for the third eye – violet – I picture a violet gossamer spinning sphere:  to see spring violets in their deep green leaves, I focus between the eyes.  The violet complementary tone is topaz – an orange crystal point of fire.   Seeing between the eyes quietens the mind, and brings detachment and the proper focus to a life-problem.   The tools and colours in the paintbox are all here:   use them!   Use them for freedom.


Lens – another violet crystal!

The plumb-line is a meditative state.   In my Aquariel “be-a-log” to companion this, I posted the Root and Shoot of the Priestess.   She belongs to the book of emerging method, and there she is, in the Hermit’s blue cap …   She’s been in the wings for a long while.   She was one of my early breakthroughs:  a method inspired by masonic symbols.

Memo to myself:  follow each initiative with love.


Window:  Siva crystal

Window: Siva crystal





My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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