Elven Belvies and the Star

Here is a charming 1940s wartime tale by Uncle B for his little niece … and 60 years later, her granddaughter – for which he commissioned from me the illustrations.  He printed the book privately, in 2007, handsomely bound in hardback.


“The Story of the Belvies and the Invisible Hermit” may alas, be only hinted at here … for obvious reasons of space.  You need the special spectacles which come free with each rare copy of Uncle B’s book.


The Invisible Hermit

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small flower




And …  some more on Tarot Key 17, The Star.  For me, those Belvies are a faery thicket or wooded childhood, which the twinkling Star penetrates.

Intelligence of Nature, hebrew letters

This path of the Star, Yesod-Netzach, is called “The Natural Intelligence”.  The Hebrew word,  ShKL MVTBO derives from a root meaning “to press in, to impress, to sink”:  nature is like the impression made on wax by a signet ring.  The magendovid – Shield of David, Seal of Solomon – is printed throughout Nature, as the Cube of Space:  the star.

Ring on table Emblem 9


Atlas and Star Emblem 10


Arcanum 17 The Star


tzaddi aquarius

She doesn’t mind.  She carries on pouring from her jugs, because the more she pours the more she sees the Star.  The stars light up  her interior chakras on their stem.  It is the spring growth – nearly the equinox, the new Aries.  TZADDI, the Aquarian “fish-hook” letter, means “those of the Good.” It drops like a fly and sinks down into the pool, the deeper the darker, like the night sky filled with stars:  the fleeting, swimming fish.


The fish it hooks is ON THE DINNER PLATE – my Hermetic Zodiac Temple:

hermetic dinnerplate


and a version including Ophiocus constellation – the serpent carrier, 30 November-17 December.  He holds the Scorpio serpent power until the Bowman’s arrow is full released.  He sits behind Sagittarius.  He is also Aesclepius, Hermetic healer with the venom.

zodiac with ophiocus

(The Zodiac, shown clockwise, to accord with points of the Compass, when entering a sacred space or stone circle, and the journey to the east.   So this is not a star map:  it is symbolic.  Aries where the sun is Exalted, is in the east.  Capricorn and winter fall to the north – the left pillar:  Cancer and summer to the south – the right pillar.  Libra is the root which balances them:  firstperson, forming Malkuth of the interior Temple.  Receive !)

Those are Solomon’s pillars.  Who sits between them?  The Priestess, with her pomegranates growing, is the Tree of Life.  The fountain is the Tree of Life.  (This links to my  meditation (in Aquariel) on Gothic cathedral building, root and shoot.)

Trust in God.  Deep intentions sown into the upturned earth, reach target and bear fruit.  I am one of their bearers or porters. Just a word, a paragraph, when reading, sets off a train of meditation and fruit.  I can rarely finish a book, these days.

“God’s inky finger print” on my Karmic landscape, is placed upon a small area of fields, cities, orchards, hills and valleys.  Fore and aft and around the “print”, are further fields, cities, orchards, hills and valleys.  I found this marvellous image in an Irish faery folk-tale, The Hounds of the Morrigan.   My life time travels along and around the upraised hedges’ whorl uniquely, faithfully:  the character, or seal.




The seal – like Solomon’s Seal – is also red wax; it is in the blood.  Each of us bears an individual character on the envelope, as Messengers.


Today’s I Ching  is 25 – “Innocence, the Unexpected”.

Richard Wilhelm says, of Heaven the Creative over Thunder’s arousing Voice: “In springtime when thunder, life energy, begins to move again under the heavens, everything sprouts and grows, and all beings receive from nature’s creative activity, the childlike innocence of their original state … The instinctive certainty has to be that which is right and in accord with the Will of Heaven.” 

Thus, an unreflecting or obstinately blind ‘instinctive’ way brings misfortune – it misinforms. Listen for the Divine Instinct, rather than my default-instinct.  It takes trial and error while wandering in the maze to work this out.  Our life on earth is a laboratory.  The Labyrinth is no longer a maze.   It has no cul de sacs, it is a single path, Home.  The soul journeys through the atria/ventricle chambers to the left and to the right before it reaches centre – a heartbeat, a civilization, a breath.


Labyrinth & Cross




My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.


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