2 thoughts on “jacobs ladder 1

  1. You started well but descended too fast.After archangels should be Angels,then planetary and archons,humans,animals,plants,minerals.In Buddhism it’s the same cosmology i.e. Buddha,Bodhisattvas,Arhats,Devas,Asuras,humans,etc.Likewise the Hindus and guess who..you guys.
    Nevertheless,I enjoy reading your work.Keep it up!

    • Thank you for your reminder not to “hasten the descent” (or land with a bump) but contemplate and respect the universe in all its marvels. I understand that in Buddhism are likewise levels of Bodhisattva beings. This Ladder is based on the Toledo tradition in Kabbalah, the Four Worlds (as in Ezekiel’s vision) being in fact multi-dimensional; but represented here in shorthand. The Angels for instance are within the “green circle” in my drawing – Yetzirah the world of Formation. The systems for reading the cosmos are all of great beauty.

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