The Chakras, Part 1- the Journey


[NB the time line became a little mixed up here!  The Chakras, Part 2 – the Mountains (posted 17 April 2013) is marked Previous to this one.]

Tree of Life, showing 3 granthis - solar plexus, throat and third-eye chakras

Tree of Life, showing 3 granthis – solar plexus, throat and third-eye chakras.  NB – the Sefira on the left pillar, centre, is GEVURAH.


This has become a somewhat Himalayan project.

You won’t find a conventional description of the Chakras here.  I don’t practice Yoga, nor think about them very much – but I have attended to what and where they are.  I did classes in the Tree and in the Body of Light.  The principles are laid down in my strata as an artist.   I get inspired by the Chakra principle:  it generates poetic images, landscape and inner journeys.

2 key 17 bota star

The Chakras are the Interior Stars.  For myself, Tarot Key 17 the Star awakes their spectrum, their depth all at once, from the subconscious.   With this figure, this picture, I send a fish-hook, a request into the deep;  and up comes all the data.   It glows – the chakra-spin.

3 Tree of Life chakras

My sketch of the Chakras on the Tree of Life is a body-of-light, or vehicle within which to perceive the universe.  It was done many years before I knew of this, formally.   When I am in this body of light, it takes me at once to the Himalayas;  to the sages and the sources.   That is the way I happen to be.

The mountains do not bestow their gifts in moderation.  Rivers flood, avalanches fall from the soaring rock, brushed by the aeons’ feather.   The mountains are slow:  their forces are vast.

So Part 2 of this series will contain two mountain galleries:  words and beyond words.

Paul Foster Case wrote:  – “The wise are silent.  They waste neither time nor energy in trying to say what cannot be said.  Some symbols, like those of Tarot, they have found to be more truly descriptive of their experience than words.  Yet even these symbols cannot communicate the experience itself, though they do call forth a response from one who uses them in the right way, and this response makes it easier for such a person to follow the Path of Liberation which leads within.”

In Elder Ancient Egypt, students and initiates drew formalised gardens – diagrams.  The plants, patterns and tools were hieroglyphs, symbols.  Look to their root!   A person working such a garden, needs to read the glyph and take the time to plant it inwardly:  to cultivate it during the seasons, so it flowers.   The inner garden, with a rich loam of life and nitrates, has no limit.   It delivers a visualisation, and leads the poets’ way.

I draw a lot of symbols, they are the flowers and seeds in my garden.   If I take the time to contemplate any one of them, the doors to the cosmos open.

So just a tiny bit now:  Because I write so much, it is a “baby adept”, like the Children of the Sun.  I have one foot in the inner and one foot in the outer circle.  I have yet work to do.

Tarot Arcanum 19 - the Sun

Tarot Arcanum 19 – the Sun


My previous post, The Chakras on the Tree of Life,  searched through the atlas:  foothills, Kabbalah, Jacobs Ladder, the KAV thread, and Leo Schaya on the tsim tsum.  “Chakra” means “a wheel”.  We can apply Chakra science to the Tree’s centres of consciousness, the rainbow spectrum – a fountain of white light within the colour seed – the pith within the Tree.

Now I will draw some threads together. There is so much material, I divide it into three new posts, to publish together.   I shall include some work (with my friend Actaeon) on the vagus nerve, the parental arch, the granthi knots,  ancestors and the Spirit, the Himalaya Ganga sources through Badrinath (Vishnu), and another glimpse of Kailas (Siva the soul’s pilgrimage).   Part 2 (next post) contains the Himalayan journey in my imagination.

Part 3 is called “A Star in the Field”.  It will include a couple of pages from J.Krishnamurti’s Notebook about his process, an observation by Paul Foster Case, and my “local tsimtrum” one day when walking up to Waitrose (“Oh-I-suppose-it’s-just-a-chakra”).  The tsim-tsum is a cosmic in-out and a chakra is an in-out – a spontaneous breath or prana.  We have little ones, and it is good to know what they really, really are!

Jacob's Ladder, 4 worlds

Jacob’s Ladder, 4 worlds

We don’t have chakras, we have CHAKRA the Great Wheel, the Gilgalem, the whirlings, the milky way.  The beads on our thread are a range of tones.  The 7 chakras are levels of the rainbow.  Each in principle has that tsim tsum feeling, as it clears.

Why was my soul drawn to this father’s seed and this mother’s womb?  What in their negative and positive energy field is crucial for development?  the lessons to be learned in this lifetime?  Soul hovered over them as they made love, and is drawn into the interplay of their DNA.  The Soul Triad locks into their ancestral DNA triad.

The tenfold Tree of Life within each of the ten Sefiroth, is a nut within a shell ad infinitum, a brain within a skull ad infinitum = the embryonic habit of infinite little containers, like the tetrahedron series without end, interiorly or externally …  Inward … out.

Tetrahedral cube '93

Tetrahedral cube ’93

Tetrahedral Tifareth Tree '93

Tetrahedral Tifareth Tree ’93


In part 2, we shall touch on the three Granthi knots, or levels on the Tree.  My friend Actaeon teaches this method.  It bridges Kabbalah with his study of Yogic Kriyas during the 1970s in an Indian guru-vasati setting.   This means:  living in the guru’s house, with his family.


Trees of incarnation & parenting

Trees of incarnation & parenting


The first or Brahma Granthi (naval chakra) is on the threshold of Awakening – Hod Netzach.  This is where we let go of negative aspects of ancestral DNA and release the energy which honours father and mother, the living and the dead.  The Fire in the belly lifts into the heart centre, into prana, which is Air.  We purify through consciousness, our Intention.

The Brahma, Vishnu and Siva granthis on the Tree

The Brahma, Vishnu and Siva granthis on the Tree:  persona, soul and spirit


The second and third Granthis are:  the heart centre soul triad (Tifareth-Gevurah-Hesed) and the Spirit triad (Tifareth-Binah-Hokhmah – third eye). We undo our attachments to Karmic patterns in previous lives, and to systems of belief which impede our realisation.

A Chakra is a Release Node – a higher vibration of our human potential.  The purification through consciousness, truth, love, of each centre, is therefore AN EMPTYING:  creation of a space inside – a TSIM TSUM …   for God to behold God.

This can be done through breath or chant:  through sound and breath:  life.   In life as a whole, accept the Macrocosm’s scrubbing brush! – the pain and tension of my event horizon when it still encloses me, and is being spring-cleaned.  Even so … I am an archaeological site, buried under winds, cities and dust of time.  And now I am being dug and brushed and revealed, detail by detail – and recorded in a notebook

serpent OM: Kundalini shakti

serpent OM: Kundalini shakti


The mind’s Atlas is the Himalaya of the soul.   The  path of the High Priestess, linking Tifareth and Kether through Daat, lifts heart and head.  “Love and you shall know” – this is the Thread, the KAV, the nut within the kernel.  There is no need to travel the world or go public.  The pulse is transmitted from the cave of the heart in the forest.  It reaches five souls at a time, maybe, which is more than enough to sprout onward through the centuries.

buddha chenrezig '13


Buddha Chenrezig is a Tibetan embodiment of compassion which specifically does not seek reward, recognition or wealth.   It moves with the heart of the Universe, the river.


How to make a Chakra – on this general principle


stairwalker – play the sprung spiral like an accordian

As we saw in The Chakras and the Tree of Life … the KAV thread through the Tree, through fontanelle, heart, pelvis, soles of feet, may be wound up (spiral) and SPUN, like a spinzip toy:  the vibrational field.  This is Chakra.

Here is one which I made just now, in rather a hurry, to check that it works:

11 Spinzip

It does, very nicely, but the string loop should probably be a thinner one – all I could find immediately, was this garden twine.  Instructions are in my previous post – if you don’t already know how.  At school we coloured them both sides in many ways to see the patterns when it spins.  We also cut zig zag teeth round the edge – a chain-saw!  This device demonstrates planet principles of torque, centrifugue and centripetal rotation.

spinzip diagram


The KAV of Jacob’s Ladder has 11 circles. See Previous Post, for picture.  That is 7 chakras + 4:  the 4 is JHVH, the universal tetrahedron law, or “One Reality”.  J H V H is a triad of 3, with 4 (the second H) beginning a new triad from its centre.   This is called Tetragrammaton – the grammar of the Name – a circuit of 3 becomes 4 when produced into three dimensions – a Tetrahedron.  3 and 4 add up to – again – 7!

The Tree of Life combines laws of 7, of 3, and of 10.

In the hub of a wheel, in the black hole that births a star, nothing happens.  There is no time, space or boundary.  It is a full stop point, the pupil of an eye, containing infinite momentum.


tree in seed

tree in seed

avocado stone

avocado stone



Here is an introduction to the Journey to Badrinath in Part 2:

“On the Line of the Spine”  (From my colleague Actaeon’s Introduction to “Homer Rows” 2004)

“How do we go about resolving conflicts both internally and in the world?  How are we brought to a greater understanding of the life journey?  It appears that some religious groupings are in denial of anything to do with the science of sexuality.  A disconnection has in the past been made between the primal physical forces within us and our spiritual potential.  The result of this inability to unite the conventional and the unconventional, is fear and guilt.  If we are made in the divine image, then the nature of love expressed in sexual/spiritual orgasm is part of that Creation.

15 spiral Tree..

“Our sexual expression stimulates the male prostate gland, and the clitoral nerve antennae deep in the vagina.  Orgasm awakes the entire nervous system through the vagus nerve:  an intense physical, spiritual union.  In tantric Yoga this release of energy potential, called the Kundalini, (symbolized by a coiled snake) travels upwards through the body, awakening the senses and the mind;  it opens up our deeper levels of consciousness.  Perhaps one of the causes of prostate cancer in men is that they ignore the anal area, and so separate off a part of their sexuality?

“Historically, organized religion seems to have wanted to keep such knowledge from people, as part of a system of control and suppression.  This is no longer possible; as we have discovered through other cultures and techniques, a different relationship to our bodies and our sexuality.  Perhaps one day the separating of heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual will fall away, and the true nature of our human interrelatedness become realized.

Under the garden

Under the garden


“Yoga in the Eastern traditions, and Kabbalah in our Western traditions, help us realise our human potential to unite our physical and spiritual being –  no separation!  Yoga means in Sanskrit “to join” – or Union.  Kabbalah in Aramaic means “to receive”.  Through Kabbalah –  “the Tree of Life” –  we learn about the creation of our soul and its descent through the four worlds towards our parents making love.  This gives us an understanding of why we incarnate to those parents;  and the unfolding nature of the father’s seed in the womb of the mother, on the line of the spine.  So we discover the nature of the mind and our creative destiny;  the pattern of our ancestral genetic conditioning.  We come to discover the primal force behind our sexuality, our human relationship to the elementals and life on earth.

“Having made this descent – conception, birth – through the pathways of the Tree, we may discover how to ascend through the body, personality and Soul, and make the return journey to our Source.”

Actaeon, 2003


Ananga ranga 2008 - tortoise position

Ananga ranga 2008 – tortoise position


The Chakras, Part 2 – the Mountains – follows shortly.

spinzip 2




My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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