Myths of Lord Siva – Tripurantaka


ramana & devotees - Version 2



This poem was a collaboration with Alan Jacobs.  It arose from his series “Myths of Lord Siva”, circa 1992, and it sits well with the Sacred India Tarot Siva/Parvati material.   I have pottered around with it from time to time, ever since Alan first introduced me to the wealth of the Sivaic language and archetypes in Southern India, and to the esoteric landscape behind Ramana Maharshi’s Self-enquiry.

Taraka Asura was of course the arch demon whose demise was destined only at the hand of Siva’s son, Skanda .


Siva Tripurantaka

Demon Taraka’s three Asuric sons
became Ascetics to earn a Boon.
Moved by their tapas, Brahma
granted what they craved – Eternal Life!

“But,” he warned
“you cannot escape your Death.
If you would be happy, choose again.”

“Give us,” they said “three cities for a mere thousand years.
Then we’ll unite for a single Arrow
to finish us off !”
Replied rash Brahma:  “Yes.”

On a welsh hill


Satan Maya conjured from virtual space
three titanic Cities
– brazen Gold, Silver nacre and Black iron –
for Taraka’s little Devils to ‘whelm the World.

They broke apart the Sacred, they violated all known Bounds.
The gods begged Brahma to destroy those awful Towns
whose magic centres fly about at will, and
once in a millenium, for one split second, align !

Said Brahma Creator:
“Who, Me?  Who else
but Siva Destroyer
strings that Bow ?”

As aeons into Chaos plunged,
Siva with his bride Uma, Daughter of the Himalaya
dallied, and held his fiery Seed.

At love’s creaming peak, He
the mighty One, aligned his Cosmic
third eye.

Fashioning from the grieving Gods his chariot and bow,
stringing three demon Citadels on eternal NOW,
he loosed his arrow … PFATTT !
What chance Tripura against the One?

Sacred India Tarot - Siva Tripurantaraka


As with Lightning in reverse,
heaven’s Thread was pulled
across the sky
to snap and crack the Show !

Unwilling yet to burn
Time and Space to ash, the Lord
held back his fire, and let the White Bull,
his sperm among the Stars, roam free.

The fecund planet peoples
overjoyed, resumed
their long lost Natural State –
the Worlds returned to grace.


ramana sketch

The sage who lives on Siva’s hill
says: “mind turns Inward with dispassion. 
Realisation is slow. Who am I?
The One Self penetrates and permeates Triplicity.”

Brahmins pickled in priestly Lore,
say the Cities gold, silver and black, are Bodies
causal, subtle, gross.
In Desire’s shrouds,
they tightly bind and knot mens’ Souls.

Brahmins know for sure that Siva
Lord of the Dance,
consumes their learned Thread
right “Now”
within the “Here … ?”.

AJ JA 1992: 2009

Sacred India Tarot Siva - detail

Sacred India Tarot Siva – detail





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