Wheel of Colour and Sound


Colour Wheel – the notes on the scale, of sound, colour and associated Tarot Keys and Hebrew letters.  The 22 Hebrew letters correspond to 12 zodiac signs, 7 planets and 3 primal elements.

Colour Wheel – the notes on the scale, of sound, colour and associated Tarot Keys and Hebrew letters. The 22 Hebrew letters correspond to 12 zodiac signs, 7 planets and 3 primal elements.


I drew this colour wheel yesterday morning, with the guidebook.  It is in my current studies with the Builders of the Adytum – an essential tool in one of their courses.   What a Mandala …  a window !   I had no idea it would look like that.

NB – E-natural/Mercury (and also Aleph, Air) should be a lighter yellow than D the Sun, which is orange.) I used Prang colour pencils, they are made in the USA, can be ordered from the internet, and the colours are nicely related and in balance.   If you keep going over and over a colour, mixing it a little with lighter or deeper tones, it becomes surprisingly brilliant and satisfying.

On contemplating the colour scale or spectrum, we start with the strongest colour – Red. Here are my reflections on Red, before I started to draw the colour wheel:


“Meditate on red – liquid scarlet – and pitch the middle-C, its frequency, and hold in tone and visual thought:  the red ray, the pitch.   The subtle warmth waveband of the pelvic Chakra universe.   The reservoir.   All the octaves of C.   Red is a slow wavelength, relatively rough and ready:  beyond it is off the spectrum, infra-red.   Red is the primitive will and sharpening of spears.   Though the wave is slow, red is Mars who acts off the cuff.   Yet this quality sits on Saturn (root Chakra, A-natural), deep indigo, wider cycle, higher frequency, towards the violet subtle end of the spectrum.   Once I have the note C on the pitchpipe, it sustains itself through my thoughts.

“Feed the subconscious with the Red/mid-C co-relation.  Saturate the inner sound with its colour tone and description, so that red becomes more easily visualised in itself.   Develop the red colour – what pervades at present is darkness.   Potentially the darkness could release at will the spectrum, the seven fold brilliance of hue.   Pretend I’m painting the interior darkness red with a big brush, paint it all in, splashy scarlet red.   Hot scarlet.  Dip in the paint.   Let my nose and the surrounding air be red.  So the organ of perception and distinction is the sense of smell !   A small area fills itself in, and prompts a spontaneous scarlet life.   The Will.   Thy Will, to energise mine.   My will is a slack rope.  Colour that slack rope red too.   My attention doesn’t wander.  Even my jumper is coloured in, red.   Steady red glow.   The C note.

“Paul Foster Case says that if we practice it for a few days, a week, the C tone will self-install naturally with the colour Red.  And so will the other tones as we go along.   The house in order – a training.

“Today then, I have red thoughts.   Red crimson are the deep organ notes of the soul:  the bass.  SOL feels red, and the mind quietens.   The texture quietens and is steady.   Every single thought and passing impression is red.  The fish in the water are red.   Blood is red.   The soul is Even-ness.   I seem to meet the Magid or inner teacher whom this colour enthrones:  he is seated in the red element, and holds the tuning fork.   Peace.   It reminds me a little of a certain Gevurah chamber which has scarlet, crimson and ruby throne and pillars;  one of the five pillars has a touch of the Venusian complementary, Green.

“So if I see a bit of green, it helps the red to glow around it.   Still, after this time of reflecting and hanging out and thinking, the C-pitch is steady.   Now the breath with it, passing in and out, lights up the panes and chambers, vermilion, crimson.   I draw in the Red ray, I bathe, I give it back.


“A thought …  not ‘what do I WANT from a situation?’ –  but ‘What does this situation require – objectively –  to move with the Heart of Life ? …  and do I know anything about it at all ?’   I get it wrong often, but keep practicing – the INTENTION.

“Indeed …  ‘What is the situation’s colour tone?’


“And a memory – when my daughter was tiny, she took some dark blue paint, and filled in first the entire piece of paper with it:  then her own hands and every part of her skin that she could see, right up to the fingernails;  not a single bit left out.   She saturated her world with the deep blue colour.   This is the way we learn, by concentration.  We are children.”


Riss drawing





My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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6 thoughts on “Wheel of Colour and Sound

  1. Hello Jane, Have you looked into Goethe’s work on the color wheel? Fascinating. It would be interesting to collate the Seven Rays into this color wheel. Writing a talk on the Dragon for my local NCGR Group, and I will be introducing the Seven Rays. Gratitude…

    • Hallo Solar Storm – I have the Goethe theory of colour book somewhere in the house, but not sure where. Thanks for reminding me! and good luck with your talk on the Dragon and the Seven Rays, hope you get some great feedback.

  2. I found this fascinating to read Jane. Even though I don’t know much about the source that you quote from which it came, I can relate this colour to my own knowledge of music and to a series of paintings that I did that were about the inter-relationship of colour and sound. It seems from what I read here that red is a very grounding colour in life and from this colour other colours can evolve. Maybe we can choose which particular colours we can immerse ourselves in at different times of our lives. I find it a very visual piece of writing…thank you, Rosalind

    • Yes, red as I understand it, is the base of the scale. The source I quote from is the Builders of the Adytum (www.bota.org) – they provide a wonderful correspondence course in the Ageless Wisdom, step by step.

      The other source I use a lot is http://www.kabbalahsociety.org, and the books by Zev ben Shimon Halevi on the Tree of Life and its history, structure and practice – he doesn’t go into colour, but one learns the Tree very like a musical instrument..

      Hope you are well, Rosalind, and it was lovely to hear from you.

  3. Hello, Jane, How are Ya? I get so supercharged, from reading your blogs, I’m not sure what to do with it all. I was reading on Gaia as Ourselves, and ended up here, I couldn’t help but to think of Arjuna as the Red Dude, and Krishna, The Blue Dude comes to Arjuna, and then begins his Purple path of following his passion.
    I have always been drawn to all ” The Good Books ” of the world but have always found The Vedas difficult, because of the names and unfamiliar language used. I don’t have that problem, when reading your blog, it’s more like listening to music, than reading to, me.
    You make me think from a different, or wider perspective, it is very nourishing, and has helped me from stumbling off course a couple of times. Thank-You !
    Peace and Love J.A.M.

    • I can’t wait to see your sculptures of Red Dude and Blue Dude and the Purple Path. Hey that is amazing what you say about music, thank you so much. When I am building a blog, it feels like writing or hearing music, and then just polishing some of the shapes. The Good Books and the Vedas and so on are quite specialised, but they have TONAL resonances which are universal. So it is a question now not of learning or analysing the stuff – though that was an important stage, like learning the instruments – but hearing or sensing the sound of what it is – and that is beyond words.

      Take care Jeff, and I hope you have a wonderful day. We have a heat wave here at last. Peace.

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