4 thoughts on “Radha Ma Svaha

  1. I am buying this beautiful deck.
    I have a doubt about this card. Which saint is she ? Never heard that name.
    Only results that Google throws up are related to the notorious Radhe Ma.

    • This is Radha Ma who lived near Tiru and died by fire a few years ago. I depicted her as “Svaha”, Awakening. I did not meet her but knew friends who had. She was a bit unstable in the physical world, but to many she opened their eyes and they recognised in her the Jnani. Gossip is the gossip level. Leave that, go to the essence and feel inside.

      • Thanks!
        Yes, I found information on her later, there was some mention of suicide by fire. The one I was talking about is not same as her, neither did your drawing resemble her. When I did find the one you are talking about, I could instantly recognize her from your drawing, which is a testament to your art!
        Once again, thanks for putting in this entire effort, and bringing our itihaasas to us in this form.

  2. Radha Ma was in a rather unstable state of samadhi and set fire to herself, in praise of Siva, or something like that. I don’t know whether her intention was suicidal. Thank you for that interesting word itihasa which I have not heard for a long time!

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