A Wild Mushroom Hunt

I am deeply moved by this post in Dan Riegler’s blog: a meeting in the woods, with his son coming of age. Enjoy!

Wild Mushroom hunt, a father son moment (via http://apothecarysgarden.com)

 Wild Mushroom Hunt- a Father Son Moment I have been a single father, for, well feels like, Forever. In reality only for this last incarnation the past 2 decades. There was one incarnation where I was a sculptor, then I did an incarnation as a craftsman…

2 thoughts on “A Wild Mushroom Hunt

  1. What an enchanting tale! it took me back to my early childhood in France during the second World War when my father took my brother and i into the forest full of “ceps” thus avoiding the German army passing through the village. Huge delicious brown mushrooms home to the little people.
    They are the keepers of deep magic.

  2. Dear Jane, Your website fell into my lap, jus this afternoon. I was looking via Google at some pictures of Papaji and on this page I also found some drawings by you. I didn’t know them, had never seen them before. I clicked on the picture: The youthful Harilal (face and dove). So I came on your site. I am very happy with it. So many wonderful items – and drawings and paintings – to explore. I see you have a connection too with Ramana, Poonja, Mira, Robert Adams. And many other things of the “interior”. Fascinating. It is pure joy for me to read your texts and watch your art. Thank you thank you for putting this on the internet! What a wonderful glow on your face and radiance in your eyes (your foto, in “About”). I love it.
    Best wishes,
    Rob (77), from Holland

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