Kita Brahmari Nyaya the Law of Caterpillar and Butterfly in Yoga

I am reblogging this post by Rohit, which arrived so serendipitously this morning, together with a phone call from a friend about the timely chrysalis in Yoga, and … my friend had just had a dream about a Tibetan cup with mud in it, which morphed into the Avilokiteshwara, the Buddha of compassion, and so he is going to visit Dharamasala. What resonance is at work within us collectively, and gestating ?


Kita brahmari nyaya epitome

 Yoga has unique observations on the psychological process of change and about the mind and its power. “We become what we focus attention/emotion on” This is the Law of Caterpillar and Butterfly, or the Kita {the slug} Brahmari{the insect} Nyaya{ the law}. Buckminister Fuller  once mused that “ ‘There is nothing in a caterpillar which tells us that it will become a butterfly.” According to the Yogic tradition the caterpillar whilst in the cocoon meditates so intensely upon the form -the rupa- of the butterfly that it transforms from an ugly slimy crawling thing to an actualization  of beauty that takes flight! As a metaphor for the spiritual process and its goals this is just about perfect.

Yet Yoga insists this is not a symbolic statement but a literal truth. By intense focus upon a desired locus, human or divine, we are transmuted into the thing itself or at least…

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