Numerology and Platonic Forms


Kabbalah 1990 207

To grasp abstract concepts in their beauty, it helps to make them visible.  In the ancient world, numbers were – and are still – dynamic shapes, letters and states of transformation. The numbers are symbols of life.  The five Platonic forms or solids – tetrahedron, cube, octohedron, dodecahedron and icosohedron – give volume and depth to the play of number.

Many Renaissance masterpieces – not to mention the medieval Cathedrals – were constructed consciously or subconsciously on the perfect proportion of the living Numbers:  for instance the 5 : 8 of the golden mean.   It nourishes the subtle body and expands the spirit in recognition.  And so they stand …

My numerology 1-10  remained stable for the 20 years since I wrote these two pages below.  It was influenced by the works of Mouni Sadhu and Elisabeth Haich.  Refinements came later, with the Builders of the Adytum Tarot:  for instance I would now call the conduct of Four “organization” or “reason”.  Initially I called it “benevolence” for the Fourth Sefira on the Tree, Hesed or Grace.  Hesed expands into the dominion of space, the blueprint of time collected in Binah.

Numerologic Arcana are based on the simple premise 1 – 10.  Where this moves up the sides of the pyramid to the apex, our cultural systems are in general agreement.   The cosmic principles are unaltered by local interpretation.

So here is my own view !

Numerology 1-6

Numerology 7-10


Here (below) is a cartoon of the fourth dimension.  Zero dimension is the point, whose geometry is spherical.  It may shrink or expand infinitely, inward or outward:  it thus contains the All or One.  A line is a movement of the point, becoming 2:  its equidistant projection forms 3, a triangle.  A further projection from the flat triad is 4 – an equal sided tetrahedron or solid.

Each subsequent dimension is a perpendicular movement from the last.  So a line is extended laterally to become a plane.  The plane projected into three dimensions, is a cube – our landscape of life.  The inner life – the conscious connectivity – exists perpendicular in every direction to the three-dimensional sensory world.

Where do we put our attention?  It is a matter of conditioning, since infancy.

point line plane copy

Here is Ouspensky’s fable of the flat-earth beings’ surprise when a Great Being (who is their God or Brahman) dipped Her fingers through their two-dimensional world, as through water’s surface. Five apparently unrelated disks or islands appear unexpectedly, move around, change shape and disappear.  But they all belong to one hand, and to some inconceivable Face or purpose. Such is life, when we are disappointed or astonished by so called Miracles – and they have concentric ripples!   Such is the thread of our hidden lifetimes and our fantasy of death.  Such is the connectivity of an atomic particle, which nods or rotates in unison with its twin sister, even when the two are separated far beyond any signal of light.   Such is the cosmic web.

Tao doodle '94 j&d11


Now here are a collection of pictorial 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 6’s, in no particular order.  I studied for a long time in Mouni Sadhu’s The Tarot (1962) the Tetragrammaton First Family of JHVH, and even how to breathe with it at times.  It is my philosophical root.


Finally:  Speaking of the Tetragrammaton reminds me of Gurdhieff’s Enneagram.  In the circuitry of a musical octave, are two intervals – where a quantum leap is made.  I do not remember now – are they the semitone 3rd/4th?  and 6th/7th? (diminished 7th).   Help me someone, please!   In general life, our intentions are propelled by 1st force, resisted by 2nd force, and carried through (if possible) with the perseverance of 3rd force, from a higher dimension – the height, depth and breadth. The thesis/antithesis structure is applied in a practical way, to life.

For me, the beauty and depth psychology is in the Enneagram’s interplay of numbers – rather than the later method of attaching personality types to it: which seems to me to be guess-work and rather unscientific.   One can only go by experience.  The topic is open to discuss!


enneagram math


My next post on this subject will include Johannes Kepler’s system of 5 platonic solids each interleaving a planetary orbit;  his chalice, and the 5 platonic solids among the Sefiroth on my Tree of Life.

rebbe & rebbetzin yuletide '94 j&d11





My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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9 thoughts on “Numerology and Platonic Forms

  1. Hi Jane Thanks for posting this. It’s great. Certainly worth several sittings or a multitude of swoops to collect something (one thing) and take it away. That is how I have been reading PFC recently – very very slowly.

    I find it absolutely extraordinary that every time I read (and I mean I have been reading his alchemical lessons from his original writings – these are apparently different from the Lessons that BOTA currently send out – when he was somewhat rawer and less subtle – and I think easier to “get”) just one lesson over and over again on the train – the Three Principles (where he maps in to Hinduism) every time I see a different dimension. So as time goes on, I go backwards, slow it down further and further.

    Trying to get to grips today with the concept that one can predict one’s cycles to a certain extent, but one must also be on the alert for the concept of novelty. Prediction can only go so far. We are in uncharted territory all the time.

    I am starting to get those flights into etheric that I used to get back in 2001. Dormant for years, and then last night ….. “I seem to be able to detach from the physical body and experience what seems like a different dimension with a different body. I fight this when it starts to happen (usually when I try and sleep when I am not tired). It feels like wrestling with carpets and things (maybe the duvet feeling heavier during that experience). When I finally detach completely I realise that I am not in my room but outside and I have to get up and run because there are people chasing me.

    During last nights escapade I remember thinking that I must look like an escaped mental patient because I felt the experience had left me dishevelled and muddy, then I thought “Hey! I am an escaped mental patient” and kept running. I got to a big place that I have seen before in dreams. I seemed to know how to get in and went upstairs. Someone met me at the top and knew my name and asked me to wait outside a door. There were three people in the room, men in suits. They didn’t really say anything but seemed unperturbed that I had joined them. The image faded and I was back in my room, worried that my flatmate had heard the commotion which of course there wasn’t because I hadn’t moved an inch.

    I don’t understand what this means. I am on solid ground and I can feel everything. The colours are very deep. Its a very physical experience. Unfortunately I do not appear to be able to control it and it is this that worries me. Can you help? Or know anyone who can? Hope you are well. Angela Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 12:37:14 +0000 To:

    • Hi Angela, thank you so much for your comment, I put it into paragraphs so as to reply. I would love to see some of those early alchemical writings of PFC’s some time; though I find it increasingly difficult to read anything new, and like you I take it very slowly, now. They always say, to go over it again and again, so it sinks in and stabilizes.

      Prediction of cycles? I think we all have this gift but cannot usually recognise or notice it, because of the linear way we are educated. As we grow older, we see more. If one records one’s dreams, they are often found with later hindsight, to be accurate views or insights of future events. It is like seeing all around, rather than just behind or just in front.

      Your dream sounds to me like going into the border or interface between the physical world and the world of formation. The dream state is thus; but sometimes we get something which is vivid and feels hallucinatory as we pass through the veil. The mind-stuff is always an escaped mental patient! Deep colours are the astral kingdom, they have some permanence – this is why BOTA teaches in colour. I can’t help thinking that the three unperturbed gentlemen in suits are Sefiroth on the Tree. They might be Hod Netzach Yesod – though that is usually the dreamer. Or Hod Netzach Tifareth – the triad of Awakening. Or Tifareth Gevurah Hesed, the Triad of the Soul. Definitely a Tifareth contact, because it returned you safely to the embodied world, Malkuth. That is my take on it, but yours might be different. Because they wear suits, they are in your workplace, perhaps.

      I used to, in my twenties, have vivid astral excursions, such as going in the street and throwing water at people … or being scared when I woke up, lest there be mud on my sheets! The regions of the mind-stuff are cities, happenings and landscapes. I only rarely can recall my dreams now. Occasionally I am in a setting whose intense colours suggest the higher-astral. Lower-astral is where the demons reside – I seem to deal with these in everyday life! See you soon, Angela. Love, J.

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