What is Thought?


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Early this morning I was sleepless, thinking about a very distressing situation. A couple years back, a friend’s student son had a minor accident while cycling.  The person he ran into, said she is fine, no worries.  He contacted her next day, to check all is OK, then got on with his life and forgot about it.  This year an injury-compensation shark persuaded her to sue him for £20,000.   It is tied up in legal knots.  There is nothing he can do.

I often get spam messages on my phone, inviting me to claim compensation for my Accident.  What accident?  Oh! … “suppose there was one, a small cafuffle outside Sainsbury – less than 3 years ago, so it counts.”  If I fall for that scheme, I give to those thieves a power to GRAB – against the law, but legally.

Be warned!  Carry pen and paper.  If you are a cyclist and you do bump into someone, check their ID and driving license (the same as for motoring incidents), offer cash for any immediate damage (to clothing or whatever), then have them write “The matter is settled and I have no more complaints” and sign and date it.

Be insured.  This must not be allowed to happen.  We must ride alertly and stay awake – we live among predators.


i speak fish 2007


With this going round and round, I heard an inner voice say, “God grants humankind the use of thought.  All thought is God.  Humankind usurps the power and use of thought;  you think it is your own.  It is stepped down to locality.  It is blurred out of recognition and becomes your false tale.”

(“God” is extreme shorthand for “the Love which is All”;  the Power that knows the Way.)

This is profound about philosophy and psychology.  It is the knottiest question in philosophy and in life.  I have the free will to see where I have gone wrong, and to want –  decide to do better.

But … I am bound hand and foot by the mood-results of my erroneous thought, and the type of action or non-action it generates.  That is not free will.  As humanity you and I have ancestors and genetic history, and those ways of thinking also bind us to create reinforcing Karmas or tendencies to act.  I do.  As I have resolved to do better ever since childhood, and failed, but keep trying yet again and failing, that shows how hard it is!

mood 2007

I have the use of thought – the thought whose form is God’s in every atom, every movement of the river.  Habitually I lock it in dark depressed crevices, the tendency is to slither crab-like into these.   But those rooms and boxes are imaginary scenes; they are not REAL.   They manifest loved-ones who have difficulty and distress with life.  They drag my spirit down.   Well!  Respect those loved ones and their real landscape.   A light gleams somewhere through the clouds:  accept how it is for them, and don’t label it with my guilt and pride.

granite egg 2007

God grants me the use of thought:  the Great Mind or Universal akashic memory which contains and flows through my small capillary.   In meditation I seek silence, which is near to hearing real thought.  Real thought is not verbal.   Words – even the most wonderful ones – are just offshoots from the Real.

Words however, have titanic power to persuade and to veil.   They are contagious and they take up residence in our heads and hearts.  Depressed persons struggle with listening to verbal abuse inside themselves, day and night.

God grants me the use of thought, but I am a THIEF.  I take it as my own and turn it into something which it is not;  and then that something becomes a Magna Carta to live by, and engineers its own phantoms – a supportive environment of dismay.

Think of that!  I am a thief, every time I worry.  No wonder it is so exhausting.  Humans demonstrate the extremes of theft, when we abuse, pollute, steal and make war.  Making a God out of Good is no good.  What is needed is to relax, let go and receive the natural state which is humanely homogenous … whenever and wherever we can.

heart 2007

I feel that even the extremes of evil derive from the fundamental theft of thought from God the All-One, and the delusion that it is one’s own.  Any disaster can escalate from that.   And all such towers fall in the end, because they are not truth.

A light worker’s job is to keep recognising this.  That is what I do, all my working life, I catch and try to field it upstream.  Once I was partially successful;  my environment turned benevolent from that point.  But mostly the hay-load of thought-stuff rushes downstream, creating rapids, blockages and samskaras for generations.

I have a deep perception of the springs of thought and sexuality;  it is where the dew rises, high on the mountain.  In that element is dynamic peace.   In that element, thought is breath or eros in and out like the tide;  there is no conflict or pain.

Yet life being what it is, the element un-thought is enabled by admitting and allowing my interior deep grief and pain.   Nothing reached is static.  It is dialogic, moving back and forth – conversational – sharp inner grief and its delusion converses with the Light upstream.   It is in relationship, like day and night, and is not avoided.   God’s thoughts are light and dark, and I clothe myself with the darker ones, to hide.   Unconditional love includes this.

spiral growth 2007

Colour perception helps to clarify and detoxify my local thought.  A panel of orange, or yellow!   Good intention is not sufficient.   There has to be training – an encouragement of my mind-stuff to prefer a quieter and more spacious field.   It has to be enticed, like music, to concentrate.

Concentration is a faculty of JHVH.

A focused evil intention is deluded.  It is not allied to the concentrated Cosmic nature.   It creates suffering. Suffering blindfolds Reality, it scabs it over.   We are mostly scabbed over from remote evil inclinations, so that we suffer and scrabble to make ends meet, and obey the big media falsehood, and are distracted.

The Law is simple.  Do not cause suffering to anyone.   Be patient – have compassion with my own suffering;  and do not keep causing it.   It is my negative obsession or neurosis!   But cut the cackle and the pressure. Do what I feel and know is right for now, from moment to moment.  I am insuring my bike right now.

landscape 2007


“If we ask – enquire – whether mind exists, it will be found that mind does not exist. That is control of mind. Otherwise, if the mind is taken to exist and one seeks to control it, mind … is a thief being a policeman to catch the thief, i.e. himself. Mind persists in that way alone, but eludes itself.”

Talks with Ramana Maharshi
28 March 1935

mind thief police… he runs hard to catch
his own leg he tries to snatch.





My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

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6 thoughts on “What is Thought?

  1. There is a mechanism within each of us that can free us from all of this….and when it comes, it is the simplest thing. We make it hard because we think we are limited, and so we do not realize how effortless it can become. But I am compassionate; I am not complete, I too have more to remove and shed…..but my experience is that it can be done and that no dna or past or parents of culture can or will stand in the way. For as powerful as the past may seem to be, this feature in us, that of liberation, is as powerful as anything else. It is by grace, by love, by forgiveness of others (but more importantly!!) of ourselves. We are ready for this when we are ready, I think. Meanwhile, dissolve what divides you. Have no “them” but only us. Here, the authentic state is glimpsed, for we are all one.

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  3. Great post Jane! Thought is primary for us humans and both a blessing and a curse. I love and agree with what staffordartglass says in the above comment. Once it is seen that thought can and does fragment the Whole, and you can carry that thought with you through time, thought becomes something other than the driver of emotion and reaction to experience.
    Perhaps it’s a second sight, but at least a skill developed that allows us to remember the whole and live for the sake of that whole and it does bring peace.

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