The Woman by the Sea


And who is Lilith’s sister, Eve?

This post belongs with the one two days ago – The Solstice of Each Day – and with my current journey with Jung – see also Mandala, Abraxas and Angel.

A Master’s eye is “through the looking glass” the wonderland of a small child.

young nymph

young nymph 1957

One day (this was last year) when archiving my early art, I closed my eyes and up came (this is rare !) picture after picture – as if an inner chamber were unlocked.  It was extraordinary, because my visual free-rein faculty is not nowadays very good.

I saw a full-page drawing – many –  of  a magnificent woman looking at the blue sea and sky, from a scribbled green cliff-top field.  She wore a big Grecian dress;  her profile in strong crayon was clear, firm and free:  a priestess, a queen.   Her long black hair blew in the wind.  The colours were blue, green and red:  the style was my very own, at the age of seven;  I feel the way I hold the pencil, it is achingly familiar.    It comes from my inner nest, which in the child, is not yet grown – or the other way round, perhaps?

I have NOT done this drawing, yet here it is, complete, finished and unforgettable, unique and instantaneous, and as swiftly fades beyond my capture.    And then come others, under it, one after the other.


Gallery 1956/7


Where does this faculty come from, and how?     Who drew this?   The gods operate gaily in a dimension outside time.  In time, through time’s sentence, I labour and produce.

Other pageants welled up through the opening in my mind – romances and a black ghost horse leading my white one up a winding hill path – and things too fast for me to draw, which teem and fade as soon as they become thoughts – the movement of the river.

The force is a primordial treasury.   It is transpersonal, and like a downpour, it finds its way through my life in intimately personal ways.   It compels my recognition and to co-create.

child give birth, 2003

child give birth, 2003


So I had to get out the old suitcase again, and search among my Cornish sea-cliff drawings of small girls picking flowers, which had this feeling.  It was an ecstasy to be by the sea in the warm sun, and to wear a summer dress, to be six, and to learn to skip rope.

Kitty by the sea near Penzance - you can see St Michaels Mount in the distance - 1955, after starting school

Kitty by the sea near Penzance – you can see St Michaels Mount in the distance – 1955, after starting school


“To make gold, you must have it” …  in Alchemy, an informed spiritual nourishment translates the essence of the food we eat, into human mutation – the liberated Imaginative base.   I got a whiff of this when I saw my queen by the sea.  Her power is fluid in my consciousness.   Not one of my Cornish pictures is herself in full:  yet many tease me with a profile or an aspect of her.

madonna botticelli 1956.

botticelli madonna 1956


Suddenly, the Greater Mystery of the Madonna and Child opens to me again;  Queen Virgo is frescoed around my soul.  Virgo rising at my birth, containing Saturn (Binah or Understanding) forms and earths a Seal of Solomon aspect-pattern – custodian of the miracle.   Applying Kabbalah to basic astrology transfigures it to truth.   My everyday concerns are boots and mantle of lead, but the inner Order is illumined, and moves between the stars.   The more my personality bends to this fact, the more she reconditions to the lens.   It shines like a lighthouse at sea.   The real memory breaks through the ground.


I shall draw her if I can:  but the reconstructive memory is not enough.   It needs the connection of the electricity – like a lightning bolt –  to do itself.  This is for sure:  I don’t do it – it does.  I am a midwife,  I help it along.

In this project, I hear small girls everywhere, playing with their dolls;  the elaborate stories and passions, the self absorbed, dramatic drone.   Children draw freely until they try to be like other people.   Solomon’s gazelle looks through the lattice.

2 May, 2012, London

The woman by the sea …   A few days later, I found her.   There she is, among Angels and Queens, second from the right.


And this afternoon I thought I might just try to find her again –  so here is: my Xmas Eve …

woman by the sea xmas Eve





wishing you peace and joy for Xmas
and blessings for 2014


My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

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