The Family and the Wand



This winter and new year, terrible storms have battered people and homes around the west coast – waves breaking spray many times higher than the houses, and ripping up roads.  My heart goes out to these families and their homes, and to all who live on flood plains, and cannot sell or move.  How can we help each other?

Calm weather here in London with un-predictable clouds, downpours, and a touch of frost – my spirit is lighter than last month.   I feel the little seeds sprouting in the ground, the tender young Yang, the naked growing moon tide from the point of rock bottom.   There is a tiny oscillation, which grows and forms a pulse, a conic sound or psyche wave.

Here is an astrology Synastry:  a combined chart of two friends who got to know each other last year: a diagrammatic portrait of their relationship.   I haven’t put the Houses in. Her planets are black:  His are red.  Look just at that bundle of wands in the Nodal stem !  The lunar Nodes are the Karmic path, drawing souls together.

I feel the Swords of my previous post turn into Wands – a suit of Wands.

Synastry, A and D

What are these Wands?

In general:  his and her Mercuries and Southnodes hold hands, across the Aries Taurus cusp.   That by itself is interesting.  I feel that in each area of her life which was stuck, he gives it a shake-up and a joke:  they have a Uranus-Moon exchange.   If he was a father, and she a baby with wind, he picks her up and burps her.   At the same time they enjoy their independent characters – Moon square Moon, to each side of their companionable Suns (Tifareth, a shared enterprise in the soul.)

My mind being what it is, the chart with its past-life resonances feels shoes-on-my-feet authentic.   The past-life theme may or may not be historically true;  does that matter?  Who writes the history?  The hidden depth of the iceberg authorizes deep responses and imagery in my map, over decades.

The terrain to come this year in a general sense, is Daat:  the unknown cognition of the Tree of Life:  a space of union.

See the magnetic fields of person or planet - their curve

See the magnetic fields of person or planet – their curve


Last Wednesday, new year’s day, New Moon Yesod was on the Capricorn Daat-Tifareth.   I feel the Unknown Quantum in any speculation.   It is a solar corona, a dark apple limned with gold:  the jewel of the north.   I feel and see alchemical gold:  anything in front of it is shadow.


Anything could happen.

Friendship sustains itself, it has a good feeling which is very hard to break.   True Friendship is a wand which cannot be broken.  Family ties have a different energy, often they are too binding and close, and they snap.  But when a conscious guardian-friend function to the “child” is embarked upon, it builds a unique loyalty.   It is not compulsory.   It takes TIME … roughly of the kind for a parent and child to bond and get to know each other;   but it needs less time, because of the mature choice to bend towards each other:  to be inclined.   Astrology indicates the inclination.


Harry breaks the elder-wand

I was just thinking of the bit near the end of the Deathly Hallows, when the battle is over, Voldemort is destroyed, and Harry has the Elder Wand.   He has the potential for total global Dominion “for the better good”.   But he takes that wand and he breaks it in half.

What a liberation – release!   The thrall is transformed to a snapped twig.

The wands and branches of friendship for each other, on the other hand, are Living Wood. It is so profound.  Harry’s intuition from his dead Headmaster, was to allow Voldemort to steal the Elder Wand, come out, and self-disable with it, in full.  When evil has no backup – because the horcrux portions were shattered – and faces the Light, it cannot prevail.   The elder stick shrivelled and drooped in Voldemort’s hand – a limp dick.

Harry didn’t know why, but he knew what to do, and his doubt was guided through Daat/Abyss, a step at a time.  When he took the castaway Elder wand from the fallen wizard’s ash, and snapped it himself … that is such a beautiful movement.

And I think of Wands, and what they are – the Living Wood through which the stellar filaments flow, which bind and release the Universe.  It may accelerate or slow down matters between people, and the processes in our Nature.   I once had a very strong Karmic wand with a man, a dark wood, which gave him glory and grief.   This was not a wand used for evil, so it doesn’t need to be snapped.   Its allegiance to Life is transferred.

GALLERY – roots and shoots


Humanity’s deep desire is for the Family, and for its children’s children to go on boarding the red steam train to school in Scotland, term after term.

The fantasy that stood before the Family would blot it out;  this is the same in any political or commercial dictatorship, and in any belief with which we label one another.    Two best-seller archetypes, Harry Potter and the Da Vinci Code, conclude with a healed and healing Family of humankind:  an open question, not a lid.   To “solve” that Greater Mystery would disable it:  to kebab it with our Wand.

Our Wand of Man:  our human wand.   Yours and mine.  Ours.

The wand is the power of the Tao in all the veins;  in hands, feet, spine, breath.  It is pictured as a living dark wood, blackthorn or willow;  it draws the sky and galaxies:  dragons heartstrings and phoenix feathers flow in it like blood and song:   like – as the Upanishads say – the cream in the milk, the fire in the wood, the tree in the apple, the oak in the acorn, the atom, the still small voice, the child in the man, the seed in the woman.

The Wand is grown right here and now – in my heart;   in yours.

Menorah Tree of Sapphires

Menorah Tree of Sapphires





My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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8 thoughts on “The Family and the Wand

  1. Beautiful images and insightful words. I always learn something new when I visit your site! You take very complicated concepts and make them accessible. I love the view of the Wands of Friendship related as the Living Wood that sustains us. Friends are indeed invaluable and aid us in knowing which wands to hold onto and which to snap, and the Cycles and Synergies help us know when and how to do it.
    Thank you,

  2. Jane Enjoy understanding the wands and true friendship. We often say that people who suffered our thoughts are with them, often it is great but I have no doubt we need to find people with leads to some organisation that help those people. we have a super community here that paint write and take photos, if we each donate something it can raise some serious cash to help. We just need to make sure that those organisation don’t eat the majority that raised. I will always more then ready to help.

    • I looked online and cannot find anything so far – the mopping up must come first. Neighbours have a habit of helping each other magnificently – it brings out the best in people (blitz spirit, really.) But there is the long term financial aftermath, and for this, a bit of community chipping in from all over the country could … well. One has to be careful, as you say, to avoid large high-maintenance organizations. Let’s keep our fingers on the pulse of this one. Let me know if you find out anything, and I will do similar.

      • I would. We run a little show here starting this week in our adult education center hoping to raise some money for the Philippines from our paintings. I am sure that more can be done for everything and be assured that by mentioning we also make awareness. I hope that it will unite people to think and help. It is dreadful time for some. Thank you Jane have a good week.

  3. I would love to know more about what your idea of the Jewel of the North is. I just opened this post today, the day after my coven just did a ritual regarding The supernal triangle, Da’at and the rainbow bridge, using the Heptagram and the Seven Pillars of wisdom (seven thrones, seven lamps, etc etc). A friend took a picture of our altar of the Heptagram during the rite, which reminds me of your picture of what Im assuming is the sun, which you speaks of as the Jewel of the North.

    • Hello RavenHarte. My idea is based on a ritual I learned, of the four Archangelic pentagram colours: Mahael red/green, south, fire. Gavriel, blue/orange, west, water. Rafael, violet/yellow, east, air. Uriel, black/gold, north, earth. (I used to dance it in a figure of eight this way).

      It is Qabbalistic, and our methods might be a little different in practice. I always recalled and loved the symbolic Sun of the North, dark and gold. It is alchemical for me, like the heart of winter, or storm, and the words “the Jewel of the North” just came to me as I wrote. Archangel Uriel is the power of the lightning flash, and of electrical energy in general.

      You might check out “the rising phoenix” website for more info.

      Thank you for your comment. Is the photo of your altar of the Heptagram in your blog? I will look. Peace and blessings in 2014.

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