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Joy Ganesh - 7 January 1992

Joy Ganesh – 7 January 1992


Woe betide those who live by way of examples!   Life is not with them.  If you live according to an example, you thus live the life of that example, but who should live your own life if not yourself?   So live yourselves. The signposts have fallen, unblazed truth is before us.  Do not be greedy to gobble up the fruits of foreign fields.  Do you not know that you yourselves are the fertile acre which bears everything that avails you?”

This is from an early page in Jung’s Red Book:  Philemon speaks.  The archetype resonates with that which moved J.Krishnamurti when he said, “Be the disciple of your own understanding”  and “Truth is a pathless land.”   It is the same!


I dreamt somewhere in the night – I think it was a dream, because the flavour is around – of intensely loving my child to whom I gave birth … straight into my arms as mother, that miracle feeling.  It was in Finchley Road near Swiss cottage, and there was a car with the door open.    In-carnation?   Chariots of life.

multi tasking in 2013.  That is Olivier Messiaen on my mac, playing the organ

My kitchen, a month ago. That is Olivier Messiaen on my mac, playing the organ

All day yesterday, I threw out a big pile of card, paper, old jam-jars and mountboards I will never use –  reducing the congestion in my kitchen by half.  There is room now I think, to store a vacuum cleaner!  Dealing with the remaining old glass sheets from picture framing days, is difficult.  Might take it down to the bins when they are empty, and smash the big pieces into them.  The glass is old – it has drooped and no longer cuts well.   The place looks only slightly different – but feels different, with stuff cleared off shelves – rehoused or junked – and room in all its cavities, to breathe.  

During this I listened with great enjoyment to Rohit’s Yoga lectures on You Tube.   He is an absolute cork, on the state of India nowadays.  Fascinating Vedic wisdoms come bounding out of his laughter, depth and fluid gestures.  He is like Ganapati Muni, in trying to restore and regenerate balanced values in society.  He feels that Aurobindo is the alchemist of the new spirituality and the wide-world access to it today.  I love being among Indian sages – their truth, wit and kundalini.

I don’t remember in which video he talked of the breath and so on, but here is a link to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_yiN9Nh9eY – on Siva Lingam.   More can be seen in the link in last week’s post, Sacred India Tarot Archive – 5 & 6 of Arrows

I much like what Rohit says, that our spine is the axis of the Earth.  And the feminine matrix of the embryo, and Mercury!



Astrology:  The inner beauty of the 23 April Grand Cross is as Real as the tensions around it.   My guidance is to act with it, and be patient.   It is a whopper Seventh wave for me, on my Jupiter Cancer-to-13 Capricorn opposition this year;  and transiting my natal chart significantly …  Swim, do what is needed, enjoy and hold the surfboard firmly.  Keep things simple.  I feel the wave begin to swell … from the December trough.

Grand Cardinal Cross 04.14am gmt, 23 April 2014

Grand Cardinal Cross 04.14am gmt, 23 April 2014 in London.  This chart has the Houses around the outer wheel, and I coloured them and the Zodiac signs in the Tarot Key spectrum (12 tones). (For more information about this method, search “Colour Wheel” in this blog.)


Hermes Trismegistus detail - caduceus ida pingala - 2003

Hermes Trismegistus detail – caduceus ida pingala – 2003

Rohit’s main message (to me), is to remember to breathe.  He said meditation and breath must combine.  Meditation by itself gives a power complex to the ego, and nothing changes.  The Yogi breath by itself changes nothing – so Earth and Sky must meet.  Rohit does Kriyas.   Kundalini requires the serpents of breath and meditation to entwine – caduceus – wand – for Her transformative expression.

Apart from my breath going slow and deep when I am writing, the rest of the time I forget about it, and it gets jerky, unconscious.   Rohit said, if you breathe right, you are never breathless, however many stairs you run up.  Yes I know this:  when the Spirit is in me.

I have a resistance to formal hatha yoga.  But I accord absolutely, that the breath rhythm regulates the thoughts and bio-pulses.  That is what Ramana told the Muni.  Therefore, THIS:  YOGA RECALLS THE ROOT OF BREATH AND MINDFULNESS THROUGHOUT THE DAY, IN ALL THAT i DO.   Another of Rohit’s themes is that Yoga isn’t restricted to asana, Yoga is the way you live and flow your life.   Yoga is union.   The highest teaching is to mind the breath lightly, like a horse on gentle rein.

To breathe right, is to value life.   To breathe consciously is to value life.
Remember this.

I remember also, there are parallel ongoing worlds.  A hundred years ago, when Europe was absorbed in its carnage, and Jung began the Red Book Medicine, Ramana Maharshi and Ganapati Muni were doing their Gita on an Indian hill.   This is as powerful a generative cycle to this day, as Sarajevo.   So look to that!   I have an inner picture now, of them in the cave;  and of the Muni composing hundreds of Sanskrit verses to the Mother, in white heat, from the power of his brother Ramana’s silence.   Sky and earth around them crackle.  Upon which atom do I put my money?  What Reality to identify, nourish and co-create?


By the way, the concept of the Generative Cycle is old Chinese:  the way it works with and through the Destructive Cycle – arrangements of the five elements – in all of life:  the movement, the in and out breath of the Tao.

figure of eight - the 5 elements in their mutual conquest cycles

figure of eight – the 5 elements in their mutual conquest cycles

On the breath:  when it is synchronised, the diaphragm is open and invites …  like the bare wet sand invites the salty wave.  There is this inbuilt opening, attuned.    On the other hand, when I suddenly remember I haven’t breathed for several hours, and try to, it is “shut”!   It is out of synch.

I cannot impose or order the breath – it is disrespectful to life, to expect it to conform.   Love has to be here …  which tingles very slightly in my shoulders and upper seaweed sacs of the lungs.   The whole area is like those plants and creatures underwater, always floating and in soft movement.   Relax:  locating tiny tension, let it fall, like water off a duck’s feathers.  Behold and be the inner floating world.

When thought is sattvic and deep and subtle, the breath – when remembered! – combines with it as the ocean …  as the twined staff of Hermes.  Then creativity comes.

Hermes in the sea, from the Book of Roob

Hermes in the sea, from the Book of Roob

Look at Hermes walking in the sea.   When thought is sattvic, deep, subtle and inviting, it dwells within its savour, its own cosmic sexuality.   What is sexuality?  The flow of the waves into and through each other, generating exquisite pleasure:   the human root of Consciousness.

Start with what you like:  position your surfboard, and move with that creaming wave.   If thine Eye be single, fill your body with Light.

The wave is like sound.   It ripples out concentrically as Light, through all matters and dark mosaics of the world.   The breath at such moments, requires no energy beyond its need.    It is gentle, like a child asleep:  the inner sea is calm.   At such moments, I have no stress that I am the doer.   I am the vessel:  “not my will, but Thine”.   And it is Ramana’s Self enquiry.   Who?

Near Exeter in south devon - photo from the daily mail

Near Exeter in south devon – photo from the daily mail

He said to Ganapati Muni, watch the root whence breath and thought arise:  this is tapas (practice).  He said – and I cannot find the exact quote – he said relax and mind the breath gently, like a rider does his horse.   No hassle.





My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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13 thoughts on “Dive into Yoga

    • As you said on facebook – the siva-siva spine, the axis mundi – the unmoving rotation of our world – is truly the centering-everything, the depth of the I. In Kabbalah it is the centre pillar of the Tree of Life. In Tarot it is the Fool’s staff (and the Hermit’s!) which is the spine. May we remember! I’ll visit you soon, and we will do some more Rahu. Much love to you also, for 2014.

    • Hello Asaruludu – thanks for your comments. Very sorry, but I do not take additional astrology work nowadays. Why not draw and colour your own chart? This is much the best way, because it empowers it for you.

      There is a template (No.17, blank chart) in my “Tools – an Astrology Handbook” page here, which you can print out and use. Experiment and research till you find what works best for you, and for the brooch you are making. Give it time and patience, and make it your very own. Best wishes!

  1. Thanks you Jane for you kind words. I do not know if I deserve comparison with Kavya-Kanta Ganapati muni but I did the pradakshina of Arunachalam on December 23 and I will be doing ti again on January 21 so obviously, Arunachalam has plans for me! I was also at the samadhi of Aurobindo and the Mother and will be so once more. Glad to see the impact my videos are making. I am sharing this on my group page for all to see.

    • serves you right, Rohit, for “embarassing” me in one or two of your SITA videos!! Can I please join your group page – send me the link. Your pradakshinas around Siva Arunachala remind me of the powerful symbol emerging within this New Year for me – a Wheel (Tarot 10), the Mandala, the Zodiac, the way into centre – as in Jung’s inner process.
      And Kavya Kanta goes on being a joy to us.

    • I was excited to find it too … straight home. Jung travelled very deep for all of us – wading through his academic doubts, in dialogue and questions with the spirit of the depth. And I remember the moment I found it for myself, and let go … about 25 years ago. And keep on losing and finding it again : ” who should live my life if not myself? – my fertile acre”. Each and all of us. Wishing you a wonderful year, with your glass.

  2. Hi Jane Loved this blog. I am piqued by the “December Trough”. I too am Capricorn and I am most definitely in some sort of a trough at this time. I am inside chaos and oscillating rapidly. I feel I have lost my grip and I have been trying to grab hold of that “golden cord” between me and God, just so that I can give it a tug and reassure myself maybe. I like your nuggets of wisdom about the yoga breath and plan to seek out Rohit’s teaching at the first available opportunity. Patanjali Sutra 28 describes the physical world as being like a big hole that we have descended into, but we are still connected via the golden chord. I wonder do you know where I might source a simple astrology reading in a chart like the one you have below? I’m drawn to it. I am intrigued by “the grand cross” and what it might mean for me. I so need to clear some old dross out of my mental house (and out of my physical space) but as usual I am reluctant to let go of anything that “might come in handy”. Unfortunately, this habit has lead me to feel that I am atop a trash heap. I want to come down. See you Sunday. ps I too noticed the oscillating perception – is it a trough or am I on top? Up and down. Angel

    Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2014 20:39:01 +0000 To: angelphoenix10@hotmail.co.uk

    • Hello Angela, lovely to hear from you – can we talk about this on Sunday? I’m not sure which astrology you want to “source”. Being Capricorns, we are bound to re-source anything useful – which is why it is hard to chuck things away! It is in our nature. The oscillating perception, the wave motion … aaah yes. Like a pendulum quietening into place.

  3. Breath is without doubt the most powerful tool I have in my toolkit for self awareness and calm, peace and relaxation, for surfing the waves of my mood swings. Whenever I feel off kilter all I have to do is remember to breath well and it shifts. There is much wisdom in this post, as always. I think it’s time I get back into astrology more again. You inspire me to do that. Thank you for sharing your insights.

    • Thank you Steve. Yes, I’m finding it helpful and calming and brightening, to remember the breath.

      There is an Astrology Page in my title bar – it has some tools. (By the way I just created a rather big new Page there, as today is my birthday – “The Red Book and the Dead” – if and when you have time to look!)

      I will post more on the Grand April Cross when insights arise.

      • Happy Birthday to you! I hope it’s a great day for you. I’ll try to check out your new post and the tools soon. Thanks for letting me know!
        Best wishes,

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