Blog Awards: Dragon’s Loyalty & “Shauny”


Piccadilly Circus 1969 - with heroin-addict artist at night

Piccadilly Circus 1969 – with heroin-addict artist with one leg, at night


Through blog awards – each with its own flavour – we in the blogging community express our mutual appreciation, AND open fresh doors for visitors, through those we nominate.

The hallmark of a healthy society and economy is reciprocal:  the sharing of human Currency or gift so that it increases.   In the future, Solar Fusion (which creates more energy than it uses, and leaves no toxic waste) may alter our entire relationship with energy.   At present our society is fed on fuel fission (which subtracts the energy it extracts) – generating a divisive and competitive world view.

This is a preamble to the point!  All change begins somewhere, and as Schumacher used to say – Small is Beautiful – and in the more places, the better …


Steven Wells of Gardening in Greenwood nominated me for these two Awards, more than  a month ago.  I’m afraid it took me all this time to clear the slate, and thank him properly, here. The  intention counts!

I have been appreciating Steve’s garden in Seattle for some months now, and more recently, his other blog, Naked Nerves.   The garden in Seattle is a small Arboretum of rare shrubs and dwarf trees.  Each has its thriving personality and its own story, and Steve takes us to visit them as they change colour and season.   They are nurtured with care, tenderness, and respect for their native roots in the wild.  They complement the humanity in Steve’s other blog, Naked Nerves, in which he writes with honesty – and the same dedication – of raw bipolar stresses in the soul.   The naked nerves are a ferment which the garden hears and heals;  and life and love just about keep going.

Certain conditions can make us very isolated – until we have the courage as Steven has, to put his fingers to the keys, touching others, who write back.   There is a poetic juxtaposition of wild interior weathers with the careful garden:  the buds come through the spring and Nature is invincible.  She changes colour around every corner.  Steve, you are a soul gardener.

I treasure in the blogging community,  my FRIENDSHIP with Steven and other like minds, and the way we share our filaments criss crossing ocean and continent, rotating day and night, sleep and rise.  Hitting the “Publish” key after a long day … then a small Star or Comma appears from a kindred spirit across the pond, who just got up – oh, the uplift, warmth and synchrony.  The soul contact is real.  As Debra in The Ptero Card said in one of her posts – facebook is a market place, each face falls quickly out of sight, but the blogosphere is our room of the soul, where we meet our friends.

So that is how we are:  the reciprocity.   Thank you, Steven.   And thank us all!

Be friends with my self.  This is a drawing i did in 1988.  I felt I was two halves, or friends in the heart, sheltering each other from the rain.

Be friends with my self. This is a drawing i did in 1988. I felt I was the left and right sides, or friends in the seed/grain, sheltering each other from the rain.

There are rules for the formal acceptance and posting of Awards.  I cannot follow them to the letter, because not all bloggers wish to accept them;  so I shall post here again  my links to those I nominate – plus some new ones – so you might visit them on a trail of your own:  the connectivity.

The rules are:  Thank the person who nominated you, and introduce their blog.  Upload the award to your post and in your sidebar – you can drag it to your desktop.  List 10-15 bloggers whose work you enjoy or find inspiring. (You can contact them individually.)  List 7 things about yourself today.  I think that’s it!   There is no obligation to receive the Award unless you want to  – only my appreciation of what you create and share.


20 dragon 1

Here below, are two links – where the award process is  explained in more detail.  By the way , I changed the colour a bit, in my awards; I wanted my dragon to look more silvery.  You might want to take yours from the following two sites where they are brighter.

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is a broad thank-you to followers and friends.  What makes dragons loyal?  Are we friendly to our dragons?  It is a hot, prickly, lonely business being a dragon, guarding pearls and maidens from galloping gung-ho heroes, and pondering our blogs.

Dragons are necessary when we are young.  Somebody said to me, a long time ago:  “So you must do the obvious:  help the child to grow.  Nurture her.  Let the child grow into woman, then she will step over the dragon.”

Ourobouros flower - Roob alchemy-mysticism

Ourobouros flower – Roob alchemy-mysticism

Here be dragons” – the unknown regions in a map.  For me the dragon is – in the elder wisdom – the Ourobouros serpent:  telluric pulse, or current of secret fire.   Where Leylines through earth, and Meridians through our body, flow together, the dragon erupts; the dragon emerges.   On places where the pulse was strong, holyTowers were built, to channel and contain it.  On the Somerset Levels, there are several … Glastonbury Tor, Burrowbridge …

The Shauny Award is a new one, created at the end of last year.  What a fine picture of Edinburgh Castle on its Rock.

Here is Shaun’s blog.

The Shauny “rules” are pared-down simple:

“Show humanity, show love,
be yourself, don’t be others,
don’t gossip,
and then share with 10 others.”

Doesn’t it make us pause to think?   At any time of the day?


And this ... is on the next page.  How does it feel to be a dragon?  How does it feel with the earth's electricity through your spine, and nearly blowing your top?

And this … is on the next page. How does it feel to be a Dragon? How does it feel with the earth’s electricity through your spine, and blowing your top?

For the Dragon’s Loyalty Award, seven things about myself today are:

1) It is cold and sunny out, and my kitchen where I work is awash with food not put away, my bike, some art materials, the washing up and a comb-binder for making books.

2) I feel depressed because at the weekend I couldn’t find the right thing to say, to two persons whom I love, and I may have annoyed them.  Yet I know that is my invention.  

3) My eyes are tired with screen work, and I should take a bike ride into the countryside. 

4) I am sleeping better at nights just now.  Great.

5) I keep forgetting – and re-membering again – to breathe deep, quiet, slow and be affectionate with life just as it comes into the room.  (Smile.)

6) Small trains rattle past the window, with their passengers, rise and fall.  I’m enjoying my award today.

7) Who am I ?

Self in 1988, drawn with left hand

Self in 1988, drawn with left hand


Here are bloggers I nominate for their loyalty and for their inspiration and integrity:  Enjoy.

Making this list – and it is difficult to keep up with the reading – I love you all, and what we tell each other.


Near Notre-Dame, Paris 1969

Near Notre-Dame, Paris 1969





My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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All art and creative writing in this blog is copyright © Janeadamsart 2012-2014. May not be used for commercial purposes. May be used and shared for non-commercial means with credit to Jane Adams and a link to the web address

6 thoughts on “Blog Awards: Dragon’s Loyalty & “Shauny”

  1. What a wonderful post Jane. Thank you for your kind and generous words. My “wild interior weather” has been a bit unruly lately and your words are like a healing balm to me. But these awards are really about You and I think this post shows, as always, why you deserve them. You always bring something new and undiscovered or insightful to the discussion and make it deeper and richer thru your writing. I’m very grateful to have found you here and I value our friendship very much. Thank you for Being there and sharing your energy and wisdom with us all…
    peace and love,

    • And thank you Steve. It is through the awards that we contacted and got to know each other a bit. Then providence amplifies the encounter. I hope you are well, and your weather is behaving itself. I love your latest walk in the snowy park. The winter photos looked black and white until I look and see the colours! – you know, like one of those magic painting books.

  2. Thank you so much for the shout out Jane! It is very much appreciated and so delightful to find each other here in our blog houses:)

    I know, the awards are nice ways to pass along great visits and reads to others, but I too have trouble keeping the promises that some of them ask of us. It is wonderful to know that the time and energy we all put into our writing and art is being shared and enjoyed. That in itself is a very big reward!

    • And to you, Debra. I enjoy the active community and enquiring minds, in your blog and all its comments. Very rewarding indeed! And good these days, to bypass publishers and all that sweat, and keep the forum open, flexible and alive.

      My Red Book journey will take me many months. I love the beauty, profundity and clarity of his writing and thought – applicable to every nuance of history since then, fore and aft … and how the revelation was travelled and written down, before he started on the Complete Works. Love from Jane

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