Oh Aquarius, Here be Dragons


Blank on the Map, 1987

Blank on the Map, 1987

Here be dragons …


Around Bridgewater are lakes and floods and evacuated villages and utterly distressed families, week after week.  Along south Devon’s coast between Exeter and Dawlish, the railway line fell into the sea.  All over the west country is wet emergency, a rising water table, and storm: while the east coast and its villas crumble into the tide.  Climate change.

somerset floods, Moorland near Bridgewater, daily mail

Think of these people.  Government officially visits and ponces around, yet hocked our economy reserves to an overseas power, to build an idiot HS2 railway for future businessmen.   We may be vulnerable to that power’s high hand in later decades, when it calls in the debt.  When Cuts are made all over voluntary organizations, hospitals and the needy folk, government borrows yet deeper from outside our shores, to maintain the blind engine, and to compete.

somerset floods, western gazette

There is little point in blaming central government or environment agencies.  We put them there ourselves, whomever we believe in !  Central government cannot act in any other way but foolishly, or with the surface tension of multiple conflicting interests.  The party system gives some safeguard. It blocks any one gaining the upper hand;  but conserves the lowest common denominator.

This is how my and your average mind works :  the rationale is our individual gear-automatic closed car gridlock.  Abandon ship.  Follow the monster and complain.

somerset floods, daily mail

Each personage disagrees/is in conflict with all the others!


Or:  begin the change within ourselves. Connect:  build Solar networks in a delta of individual ways, which freely interact and move among the atoms into capillaries, roots and veins.   Life – the roots of life activate small flames of the soul, of friendship, and of neighbourly assistance:  the ancient work of the Sun.   Who needs to Channel the Masters?   Their sacrament is here in me, in you, and among ourselves, unlimited, touching Earth through our feet and hands.   We must know our field, our neighbour and our community.


Menorah Tree of Sapphires


zodiac with ophiocus - Version 2

The Aquarian Age is a human dawn through seeming chaos and catastrophe.  Aquarius is the Water Pourer – literally. We will no longer pass the buck, or require governments to do the caring.  We know the Divine particle is here within:  we see the old ways are chaos, dead and grey.  They are an inertia momentum against the brake, and it – the consumer economy – rides against it yet awhile, building a bow-wave of bigger vehicles and more and more cancer.  Sooner or later the frictional imbalance gets too much, and the machine breaks apart.  The fuel cannot reach it.

We are not inert.  We are conscious here and now, and we act.



From another perspective:  Avalon is a place where dragons gather, peace.  The dragons are telluric.  You can see the earth-serpent visually from the air – along the winding Parrett river.


And …  the Blanks on the Map?  Why, here be dragons.

My friend Genie left a comment on a certain dragon in my previous post:  “Lying on a bed in Goa, covered with warm Ayurvedic oils I saw from the corner of the hooded eye, claws edging a padded paw.  The Dragon of herbal power showing its fire.”

Touche!  For that is precisely what I saw, when I dreamed and drew this sequence in 1987:

Dragon's paw

Dragon’s paw


These are a few of a hundred dragons I drew.  It was the day I changed from drawing with my right hand, to drawing with my left, and brought the two sides together.  It was because I was going too fast;  I slowed right down, so as to draw and write consciously with the left-handed difficulty.  The line changed and became powerful, it spoke. The inner dragon felt like my sore ego, and bits of creative self – marginalised and shadowy.  So I helped him to come out of the cave and be seen, and thrive.  And coming out, these days, is a Big Issue, individually.

This post today, is about interior growing, and exterior frets. 

Movements in humanity begin with one individual reaching turning-point.  A grain of sand is the first to shift a landslide.  It took just one – Buddha, Yeshua, Sankara – to change the edifice of their times and start afresh.   Inertia swings back, for that is the nature of our unevolved bodymind, but … there remains our hidden “I”, the human capacity to move mountains and start a butterfly.

These daffodil buds awaken in many dark places, and begin something new.   Not me alone.   Us.   Morphic resonance at critical mass.  In the last couple days, my daughter and two others, spoke this same thought – with some surprise – that a single person starts the change, not a “group” or “society”.

young daffodils and narcissus

In the Aquarian age, the water table rises, walls are broken, and we put our faith no more in “heroes”, but in the heart. 


This post is a mixed bag!   And I am still travelling with Jung’s Red Book.  I shall be, for many months to come.

He met Elijah and Salome, and reflected on forethought and pleasure.  The “forethought” is Promethean, the seer of the race.  He says:  “If a form does not contain and compress pleasure with itself, it cannot reach the higher, since it always flows like water from above to below.  All pleasure when left alone, flows into the deep sea and ends in the deathly stillness of dispersal into unending space.”

somerset levels, near Langport

somerset levels, near Langport

I find Jung’s thought and journey profoundly Kabbalistic, on force and formation:  and even Indian: the nature of Siva and Shakti:  the standing still, the moving pulse.   If we go deep enough, we are shown everything.

Pleasure can become jnana, meditation, advaita.   But ferment and friction are Nature’s requirement to keep the world turning and birthing, and sometimes our ferment is acute and jagged, and seeks pleasure hopelessly, in all the sticking out peaks of the graph.   It is ephemeral and indeed elemental, as the earth’s aeons of fire and ice before life.

“Both pleasure and forethinking are equally old and in nature intimately one.  Only in man does the separate existence of both principles become apparent.”

I feel the human race survives through enduring the CONSEQUENCES of our excess, perhaps time and time again:  excess, contraction, tidal, breath.   This is plainly obvious in individuals, in the seeds of the whole.  Each individual begins the human race (but has no beginning, really).   We now face a difficult Environment, who no longer sleeps while we ravage her.  She answers back with earth and water, wind and fire.   She is alive, she speaks to us.   Dialogue is evolution.

In the tiny well of humanity in my fractal depth, are eternal verities.

Just caught this rainbow in my kitchen window!

Just caught this rainbow in my kitchen window!

The Dancing Yeti wrote and said he likes my picture of the heroin addict in Piccadilly (in my previous post).  I just found – further along in the same sketchbook/1969 – a painting the young man did, and gave me at the time;  so here are both.   Thanks, Kevan, for the prompt!




The following day (11 February), I had to add this mini-post:  
A further thought, on the Serpent or earth-dragon.  The snake is electro-magnetic current’s circuitry around the plus and minus poles:  the man, the woman and their arena which extends the Child.  The binary must open into a triad, and it cannot do this without the snake in the Tree.  The snake brings in the whole element of conscious knowledge, temptation and the Fruit.  When man and woman are a triad – Adam, Eve and Snake – a vast dream pageant of history opens, to embody and toil with the sweat of their brow:  their childrens’ childrens’ children, and the dark lagunas which thicken wherever the ways twist over and become confused – the tangled web.

Arcana 6 Lovers - Version 2..

Ah!  how Genesis gets misunderstood!  All coming from JHVH, returns to JHVH, the One Reality.  The snake is – wherever evolution is real – the natural selection of conscious choice.  Darwin’s view was primitive, and yet contained its kernel of truth.  Was he, like Newton, misrepresented? Selection of the fittest in the animal kingdom, has a unique and EVOLUTIONARY expression in human consciousness.  It happens any moment, where an individual wall of time and graffiti collapses.  When we recognise and love this in each other, the Kundalini Snake is Transformation … as in Indian yoga philosophy and in the Dakini oracle.

My tent or cave is set a little apart from the rest of the family.  Live and work with human limitation and infinity.  His room is “unknown” to me, it is where he to himself, never had a beginning, and never ends.  But when I perceive that “unknown” I am mysteriously connected.  See and be from under the other’s eyebrows, without comment and with respect.  I see nothing but I am.  You are.  There is no fiddle faddle.  When you are talking or exploring something, you go very quiet and slow, like this.

You see, we are in kundalini, her coil.  Novices tumble into tornado, but the natural adepts turn with her spiral, as the light.  When a seer encounters one who goes quiet and slow and explores, her spiral rests and flows with his.  There is a transmission, and she reflects it back.  It took many centuries to set up, like an oak.  Honour it.  Meditate on it.  Be there and here for its work.  It provides a medium for the inner and the outer to work together in the Field:  the toil out there, the nuts and bolts, bricks and mortar, of life and humans.  Transmute.  Keep going!

Key 6 – The Lovers 
Jung said the serpent is not only a separating, but a unifying Principle. Here is the meaning of Tarot Key 6 (above):  Its emblem or letter is hebrew ZAIN the sword which deftly separates the parts and unifies the whole.  The sword’s memory is the alternation of fire and water to the fluid metal.  Fire and water are man and woman.  The ore is the mercury of the wise, and so this Key is ruled by Gemini.  Beauty is astonished at the rhymes and runes!  In Key 6, the active consciousness (Adam) contemplates the receptive subconscious (Eve).  She is an open lake.  In the lake is reflected the Law of Rafael above.

Adam put into the Lake his desire to see the Law.  Subconscious Eve is amenable to suggestion, and provides that vision.  If he requested of her the twisting dark lagunas, she would show him those, and these forms in turn would keep on conditioning his desire, and therefore his childrens’ childrens’ childrens’ modifications.  Thus the active consciousness makes a Choice – to alter our state of interior momentum:  to turn towards and into, rather than with, the current.

To take responsibility for our own palette, for the painting of our life, we co-create with God, through Eve.  I am a lake, and You write on me.  I am your mirror, and in me you see with yourself, the Archangel, God’s messenger:  the cosmic Law.  This gets practiced prosaically on my kitchen table:  practice in partnered writing, at first it is academic.

I feel then the rainbows in the splash of heavy rain and cars outside, as the cold wind blows the bare trees.  They slowly, softly, fill the water like a tide. Strength is never a mere show of force. The hidden soft power is in every sound;  it ripples the Snake of the Earth.  The strength is not me.  It is the Sky, and it touches down here, and flows along the earth and wood meridians.  Be well !





My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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3 thoughts on “Oh Aquarius, Here be Dragons

  1. THE DANCING YETI EMAILED ME: “I send comments to you on your email, because wordpress is horribly unapproachable and puts you through third degree, wasting thousands of moments when I just wanna give you simple messages.”

    Perhaps it’s because he is at Arunachala.
    So here are Kevan’s Thoughts:
    “Love your heroin addict and left hand self pictures. Wish my computer would automatically open pictures as well as text.”

    “Been trying to catch a rainbow for years,
    but each time it slips through my hands,
    which is why I never made
    the first eleven.”

    “Somerset levels to his friends:
    it wasn’t me who dunnit, gov.
    the sea and rains just come
    while steps of man
    don’t have much span
    ‘n time’s a blink of eye 
    to sea and sky.”

    Yo there, Kevan! Fanx.

  2. Hullo Jane, I’ve been thinking of you and I hope you’re doing OK with the waters and all. Thanks for visiting me and for your kind words. Another excellent post here as usual. Much to ponder for me. Much to learn and understand. I always grow thru your writings and drawings. Thank you.

  3. Thanks Steve. Here in London it is just a mild rainy winter with a lot of gusts; but outside London the Thames is flooded, and many low lying parts in the west country and other places, can’t take any more water – the water table is very high now. Heaven knows what it must be like for these people. I grew up near the Somerset levels: they were regularly underwater during the winter, but since the 1960s the pumping system got more efficient and there was a lot more building: but the floods now override the modernised system. There is a rising of the waters.

    And I hope you’re doing Ok too, Steve. I’ll write soon.

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