The April Grand Cross in Tarot Keys


Grand Cardinal Cross 23 April 2014, 04.15gmt

Grand Cardinal Cross 23 April 2014, 04.15gmt in London UK

This event is building in our lives all spring, ever since its New Moon messenger back in January.  Here – as the first in a series of posts – are some of my thoughts about it.  My drawing of the Grand Cross is coloured in the spectrum of the Tarot Keys (applied to  Zodiac signs and Houses) as taught by the Builders of the Adytum.


Here is a reminder of the New Moon chart at the beginning of this year: and a link.


Glancing across to the Red book this morning, I caught sight of the “little black beetle on a rock pushing its mythical ball of sand”, and Jung (on his journey in the desert) wondering if it creates its conscious Scarab myth: and a thought comes up, that when we are living the myth – the Great Myths & Archetypes, as well as our small local ones – we are perhaps unconscious! (We dream.)

scarab and granite

scarab and granite

Those titans who seeded their endeavours into the human collective imagination, endured (in their sight) perhaps ordinary and laborious lives, unawake to the resonance.   Perhaps the weight of the unfolding myth puts us to sleep, so future millennia will sing.

What is your myth?

I have been turned rather towards one room, lately and am loaded with Jupiter.   Time to step back a bit, and take a look through other doors. Yesterday, a lady from Cypress showed me a print-out from the internet, concerning the Christ-conscious viewpoint of the Grand Cross – the Child being born; the symbol, like a star, implying 4 and 8, and so on.   It was enough to remind me that the Grand Cross on which much human tension is projected, is an actual alignment of the Great Maestri or Hierarchy; it is full of “yogas” or points of resonance.   The Moon at 13 Aquarius in 12th, “sings” the Cross’s tone, each arm on the 13th degree of its sign.

Here briefly, is a list of Kabbalistic meanings for the number 13 gematria.  In this system, the Hebrew letters which spell a word, have numerical values.   The Hebrew consonants in each of these words add up to 13, and so each word (through spectrum of opposites), carries the same meaning as the others:

Gematria ahbh achd 13

The meanings are: “BNH, Binah (Understanding)”.  “AHBH, Love”. “AChD, Unity”. “AYB, Violation”. “BAHU, Void (desolation)”. “DAGH, Anxiety/cave/grief”.  “GHH, Healing/health”.  And GY, “Valley” …

… a depth of feeling and resonance.  Other echoes are the Sun and 12 Zodiac signs;  the Anointed One and 12 disciples, and so on.  A circle has 12 divisions and its centre, the One. “13” is union.


In 2011, I laid out the T-Square of Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra with the Tarot Keys (see at the end of my next post.)   This was pictorially effective, giving a different angle for interpretation.  So this morning I laid the Grand Cross out on the floor here, the same way.

The long arm includes its Yesod foundation – Moon in Aquarius, Keys 2-17. The Ascendent (Malkuth) is Neptune in Pisces; the Hanging Man in the path of the Moon.   That goes in the centre, where the horizontal and vertical arms intersect.   Look at that! – what powerful incentives for evolution and reversal of old patterns.

We will look at each pictorial pair, in my next posts.

Whatever makes or breaks in the surface dream, here are the long term dynamics, here is the river as it flows, the Wake up call … to contemplate.

The April Grand Cross laid out in the Tarot Keys.  The Wheel is Jupiter, in the Chariot, Cancer.  The Judgement is Pluto, in The Devil, Capricorn.  The Tower is Mars, in Justice, Libra.  The Fool is Uranus, in The Emperor, Aries.

The April Grand Cross laid out in the Tarot Keys. The Wheel is Jupiter, in the Chariot, Cancer. The Judgement is Pluto, in The Devil, Capricorn. The Tower is Mars, in Justice, Libra. The Fool is Uranus, in The Emperor, Aries.

In this series of posts, I shall discuss the planet/tarot relationships in more detail. For the moment, here is the situation in picture language – (for our subconscious storehouse responds to images, rather than to words) – and here are a few general observations, below.

The Sabian-symbol degrees of the April Grand Cross are not very auspicious.  (You can look them up online). This suggests to me the cosmic capacity within us, and in the Guardians who form the Cross, and in many key personages in world events, to catalyze or bring the light right into dark situations, and to be unexpected agents for transformation. Our view of anything at present, is incomplete.

It is make or break:  a time of decision in a myriad facets of the same gem.  Are we to continue selfishly – (unacceptable) – or with conscious community?   regarding our eco-system and human family?   Isolation or connectivity?   It starts at home.


It so happens that the Grand Cross forms a major transit with my birthchart.  Here – for my own archive – is a brief run-through of my connecting points with it:

Pluto in 13 Capricorn, on my Jupiter.

Jupiter in 13 Cancer, opposite my Jupiter, and T-square my Neptune.

Mars retro in Libra, conjunct my Neptune (15), which it will cross on 17 April, and then again, (after the alignment), on 16 – 25 June.   Today Mars is at 17 Libra.   It will turn on 19 May at 9 Libra, to travel direct.  So look towards June for the full “effect”.

Uranus in 13 Aries, opposite my Neptune in Libra – a transpersonal contact/collective.

The Sun in 2 Taurus, conjunct my North node (touching Seal of Solomon aspect pattern).  It is in the April eclipse-alignment channel.

Saturn in 21 Scorpio, conjunct to my Midheaven/midnight axis.

Last but not least, is Neptune on the Ascendent, 7 Pisces, opposite my natal Saturn on my Ascendent.



A further thought: events such as this in the sky around us, are older than the hills.   They are always happening, and passing through one another.   There is a Star when Jesus is born, which only a few wise elders recognise. There is a Harmonic Concordance – a Star of David – at eclipse in November 2003.   There is the lunar Grand Cross in summer 2012, and the bigger Jupiter Grand Cross this month.

There are countless similar events and births.   Each time, we look, we react and point to it as our ancestors did, and load it with racial and individual conscience, and try to figure out the meanings. Each time such a star forms, there is a tension of what is to be born.  We are the system of our Sun, our Solomon.  We embody microcosmically, the serene stresses of the planets’ orbital dance and nodal points of meeting.   Always it is changing:  arise, settle, change and vanish ;  arise, settle, change, vanish …


Mercury April allegory, after Botticelli (2007).  Note the right angle Mercury makes to the nymph, in his self-enquiring stance, like a tree.  He is the messenger of the planets;  their swift voice - and in the Grand Cross, Mercury is in Aries between the Sun and the south Node.

Mercury April allegory, after Botticelli (2007). Note the right- angle Mercury makes to the nymph. His self-enquiring stance is like a tree. He is the messenger of the planets; their speech and bearer of tidings. In the Grand Cross, Mercury is in Aries between the Sun and the lunar-eclipse south Node, and almost overwhelmed. Keep quiet!

The Great Star patterns – such as this Grand Cross of Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus, Mars in Cardinal signs – were in place when the solar system’s present aeon through time and space began, and to the majority they pass un-noticed.   Through global networking, there is some stirring among the sleepers.   Here and there, Psyche beholds her Cupid.

But to apprehend
the point of intersection of the timeless with time,
is an occupation for the saint –
no occupation either, but something given and taken,
in a lifetime’s death in love,
ardour and selflessness and self surrender.
For most of us, there is only the unattended moment, the moment in and out of time …”


A Grand Cross – symbol also of our Earth – centres a fluid intersection – vertical over the horizontal – of the planes: the awakened and the sleeper.

The myth of Cupid and Psyche (1972)

The myth of Cupid and Psyche (1972)


Where is Mercury on the Grand Cross in chart?  He is conjunct the Dragon’s Tail of eclipse, and almost hidden by the Sun.   In London the Sun is still asleep, it is (in 1st or 2nd House, depending on the house-system used) the hour of Dawn, the hour of the Sun’s greatest power and potency below the horizon.

A week earlier, on the 15th, the Sun eclipses the Moon.   A week later, on the 29th, Moon’s shadow will pass over the Sun. We wake when we sleep. The Archangel draws upon our door, a phoenix feather.

An angel at the door - Rosicrucean emblem 3

An angel at the door – Rosicrucean emblem 3


Millions of children in our world, young and old, are trapped in the agony of civil war, starvation, displacement and abuse.  Rain forests are destroyed, fuels are sucked from Earth, we destroy what we devour, we uphold petty arguments of empire, and those in government steal from the petty cash.  How can this go on?

Yet I feel the day will be a peaceful one.   We will be dreaming, and later events will reveal what dreams we let forth into the light.   We will in fact be delivering birth.   This is a time to be silent and hear.   It goes deeper than our emergency with ecology, climate change and international tension, for we have to get to the root – to touch the root of it within ourselves, as we are not separate.   How this feels, and how it informs you is for you to discover; for though we are not separate, our “I” is infinitely distinct and diverse in nature.

A Grand Cross of this kind, gives you a whole season, and the unfolding years, to feel it in your bones, and to grow. If you are able, be mostly at home during its peak period (15th – 29th April), and especially on the 23rd; and do practical house things to earth the currency, or to help someone who needs you.    If you are travelling, keep journeying into your private oasis, whenever you remember it is “here”.

The word “private” is highlighted here; for the Moon persona on 23 April at 4.15am in London will be in the 12th house, where she isn’t strong in the ways of the world.   The Pisces Ascendent has an introverted “psychic” character – in the higher humanitarian octave.




Respecting this trend, do not go forth too much during the peak period; do not force any issue.   Whatever agitates your fishes in the sea, is in the hand of a Power which knows the Way.   Decisions will appear, in your field, after the new-moon eclipse on the 29th – when the new cycle begins.   This will be a wonderful time to start planting in your garden.


BOTA Tarot Key 13.  The sign is Scorpio, and its hebrew letter is NUN, which means "fish" or sprout.  The symbol top left hand corner, is of the five senses of Life and renewal

BOTA Tarot Key 13. The sign is Scorpio, and its hebrew letter is NUN, which means “fish” or sprout. The symbol top left hand corner, is of the five senses of Life and renewal

Eclipse is a darkness, such as fell over Bethlehem the House of Bread, when the secret Child was born. The seed is like yeast or sperm. The seed falls into the ground and sprouts.   This is the meaning of Key 13.

The seed falls into the ground during autumnal Scorpio, and germinates during the winter;   this spring, we are given the whole process again in a nutshell.   If the germinating energies are very tiring, rest yourself, and don’t try to do too much.   You may feel an urgency to bring matters in your life to a head;   but this is being taken care of.   Your creative activity will gain surprising strength as the flowers come out in May, and as those forces which stir within the ground, come out onto the physical plane.   Watch this space!


Eclipse is a simple withdrawal of energy.   The tide goes out.   The tide comes back in again.

For more on eclipse, see my post “The Field of the Dead”.  

J. Krishnamurti (who experienced and monitored his conflict in a moment-to-moment way) stated that the essence of conflict is peace.   The polarities – the high tide and the low tide – are not in conflict with each other.   He said essentially, there is no conflict in the movement, the unbroken circling of the tide itself. There is no conflict in our breathing in and out:   the Tao.   The NOW.


cornwall 2011





My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom. This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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5 thoughts on “The April Grand Cross in Tarot Keys

  1. Jane, this is beautiful…. magnificent… the bigger picture emerges with every post! I love the vastness and precision of your research and expression. My thoughts have been with you often these last days …. And I see and feel what you share reflected in my own story and vision of the unfolding…. naturally! Thank you from my heart, as always, for the depth and wonder of what you share! Namaste, lovely one!

  2. Dear Jeanette, thank you so much for reading, and for what you say. I have been thinking of you too. Send me some Rahu images that are in your mind, and we will see what happens!

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  4. I’ve been feeling something moving deep in myself these days lately, and you’ve given me some great clues as to what could be happening. I’ll pay attention to your words and be at peace with it and see what the universe brings my way when I am receptive like that. I’ll look on the 23rd and see what shows itself to me. Thank you for another insightful post Jane. Wishing you well, 🙂

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