Grand Cross part 5 – Moon in Aquarius

23.4.14, Moon in 13 Aquarius - Tarot Keys 2 and 17:  the Priestess and the Star

23.4.14, Moon in 13 Aquarius – Tarot Keys 2 and 17: the Priestess and the Star

These Tarot Keys, the Priestess and the Star show in picture language, the Moon in Aquarius, to which they are assigned.

Aquarius is the Water Bearer;  and those same waters flow from the lap of the Priestess.  Half hidden, she holds a scroll of the Akashic record;  the Grand Cross itself is on her breast!  On the pargod or veil behind her, is woven the Tree of Life:  her head is Da’at, union;  the cross is Tifareth.   The Sefiroth are pomegranates.  She is in bud.  She sits between Solomon’s pillars of Jakin (Yod) and Bohaz (Beit) – the day and the night.  She is the whole of the subconscious:  she is everything in us before it flowers and sprouts leaves and lives.  The Priestess serves the tides of the Moon.

Key 17 the Star is also called “Meditation”.  You can see why.  The Great Star shines through the seven stars or chakras of her spinal column:  the well has concentric ripples like the rings of a tree.  The scarlet ibis in the background is Thoth – intelligence of the Priestess’s ripe pomegranates.   The Priestess is heavily robed;  the woman of the Star is mother-naked.

Picture-language such as this, serves to open the mind;  to contemplate;  to begin to think creatively, as the surface of the pool is quietened.  We begin to see.

Explanations and interpretations are irrelevant.

We begin to see differently.  In psychological terms, it is the capacity of the Moon and of Yesod, to perceive;  to open the way.   This Wednesday, the Moon in 13 Aquarius resonates through Jupiter 13 Cancer, Pluto 13 Capricorn, Mars 13 Libra and Uranus 13 Aries, an unexpected reflection;  as if above and below all the news and views, the hidden spring is flowering.   But we must look within to find!

It is a providential yoga.  It is an alternative view;  the innner benediction.

On the Tree of Life, the Moon is Sefira Yesod – sphere of the personal self, our childhood conditioning, the filtering vessel through which we perceive the world.   The word yesod means “foundation”.   The transpersonal Self is expressed uniquely through each personal ego or small self: each way the “i” is tempered. This is where we grow, and open out into the branches of the Tree, and the heart of it which is Tifareth:  the beauty.

Menorah - showing Hebrew Sefiroth;  and Tree of Life, showing the Sefiroth in English.  Sefiroth means sphere or emanation.

Menorah – showing Hebrew Sefiroth; and Tree of Life, showing the Sefiroth in English. Sefiroth means sphere or emanation.

Many interpretations of today’s Grand Cross are locked into strutting sandwich-boards of doom.    So what’s new?  The symbols may be read as a closed-circuit or as a living spiral.  It is as old as the hills for the human monkey to look out there and project fear, drama and death onto what we view, and to give away to it, all our power.   During an eclipse period we are vulnerable to our negatives;  and it is Easter too.

What is the lesson now?  Seeing – and suffering –  a negative trend, keep the mysterious option open, wherein it swims.  Hold in consciousness both realities;  choose the limitless, and let the limitation within it, melt.  To access the power which knows the way, we need to look at life unfolding inside ourselves.  We tend not to.  It is more amusing, more horrifying and more dramatic to look at what the politicians and the corporations are doing.

Here is where it starts, and it takes strength to keep open, and to be in touch with ourselves where we really, really are.   The rest is hearsay, habit and a shrinking screen.

The Grand Cross mirrors human values and chivalry, as well as tension, challenge and change.

Ask:  am I a rigid frame, or do I dance?

“Move with the movement, keeping still, move with the beauty of the Tao in its flow of balancing, re-equilibrating. What seems dark to you is the water moving, and nature’s exquisite tendency to flow in and out of stress points. Sitting on the nub of what seems to be depression and insecurity, is a place from which to view the ebb and flow of life; without judgement, including the mood, without the mood. Tao is uncertainty. Don’t make it an enemy.

”Touch the muddy face with tenderness, and allow it to complete itself.”

These are thoughts inspired by Master Han, who wove his poems from the grasses and rocks of Cold Mountain in the 9th century AD:  here is a drawing of my own interface with him.  I had forgotten him!  Quietly he emerges from the dark corner of my soul.

old tao sage

old tao sage

So what matters?  Why does it matter so much
to me?  Who is “I”?
Let it go, dear heart, and be in touch.






My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

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