Alpha Omega Stone, after Fulcanelli & bas-relief in Notre-Dame

Alpha Omega Stone, after Fulcanelli & bas-relief in Notre-Dame


Following the general Grand Cross theme, here are my Archangels of the compass points.  To the south is Mahael of the Sun;
to the north, Uriel of the lightning from star to Earth.
To the east is Rafael where the sun rises – his element is Air.
To the west is Gavriel – sunset over the sea, the movement of the waters.

South:  Fire

South: Fire

North:  Earth

North: Earth

For more on my view of angels, see Angels & Providence, and Angels & Kabbalah.


On Tuesday morning at just after 6am London time, the Sun was eclipsed by the new Moon.  And so the pressure of this rare event – the Easter Grand Cross between Moon and Sun eclipse – begins to ease and release its energy field.   Un-numbered moments of death and birth passed through, and changed their tune.

As waves move through water, all is change, and all is still.

Be still and look.  Did something in your life shift to a different field or level?   What now is history?



Here is a poem I wrote during a much publicised Solar eclipse, 15 years ago – it felt like acupuncture :

Poem of Eclipse:  Archangelus

Ketu Southnode

Persons who look directly
might be blinded.

Michael’s wisdom sword’s too sharp
for the surface world to bear:
to receive unseen a big black blasting beam of light.

Like a needle
it enters where the meridian discharges.
It may secretly rest.
It is known from beyond the system.

In here,
a littleness oft asleep
into a great snake willingly grows.

The call of the hidden night is the Knight, Self knowing archangel Michael,
slayer of lies.

I recognise and within it, stay.
As it becomes, it disappears;

and do not say the miracle
should happen overnight.
Let the oracle rest inside, to clear
at point of spear… given time.

The sword of Michael archangel is the
serpent seeing itself dispassionately.

10 August 1999


From a 7-page Booklet (2006):
Tetragrammaton, Star of Yeshua and Archangel Breaths:

(To view, click on each pair of images

Tetrad 7

Sandalphon is the Archangel of Earth


Jacobs Ladder (4 worlds interlocking Trees of Life) showing planets, angels, archangels and names of God

Jacobs Ladder (4 worlds interlocking Trees of Life) showing planets, angels, archangels and names of God.  Sandalphon is at Kether of Assiyah.  Haniel is the Archangel of Venus, whose higher octave is Uriel.  Uriel is a more enigmatic entity whose realm is with the inner paths, and with the  Light behind all shadows.



Archangelic compass cross, showing the Tarot’s archangelic guardians:
to the south, Mahael in Key 14 Temperance.
To the north, the enigmatic Uriel as Shadow, Key 15.
To the east, Rafael, the Lovers (key 6)
and to the west, Gavriel, the Judgement (key 20

archangel Mahael - Tarot 14, temperance

archangel Uriel - Tarot 15, the Shadow


In Jung’s Red Book …

“He went into the desert … he wanted to find what he needed in the outer. But you find manifold meaning only in yourself, not in things, since the manifoldness of meaning is not something that is given at the same time, but is a succession of meanings.  The meanings that follow one another do not lie in things, but lie in you, who are subject to many changes, insofar as you take part in life.  Things also change, but you do not notice this if you do not change.  But if you change, the countenance of the world alters!”

Tao Cycle

Tao Cycle

“But I saw solitude and its beauty, and I seized the life of the inanimate and the meaning of the meaningless.  I also understood this side of my manifoldness.  And thus my tree grew in the solitude and quiet, eating the earth with roots reaching far down and drinking the sun with branches reaching high up.  The solitary guest entered my soul.  But my greening life flooded me. jung as hermit

“Thus I wandered, following the nature of the water.  The solitude grew and extended around me.  I did not know how unlimited the solitude was, and I wandered and looked.  I wanted to fathom the depths of solitude, and I went so far until every last sound of life had died.”


Our sound of life is the mind, whether open space or crowded. The emptying is filled.


“Balance is at once life and death.  For the completion of life, a balance with death is fitting.  If I accept death, then my tree greens, since dying increases life.  If I plunge into the death encompassing the world, then my buds break open.  How much our life needs death!  Joy at the smallest things comes to you only when you have accepted death.  But if you look out greedily for all that you could still live, then nothing is great enough for your pleasure … 

“If you accept death, it is altogether like a frosty night and an anxious misgiving, but a frosty night in a vineyard full of sweet grapes.  You will soon take pleasure in your wealth.  Death ripens.  One needs death to be able to harvest the fruit …  Limitation enables you to fulfil your being.”

C.G.Jung, The Red Book


Angel, after Raphael's painting

Angel, after Raphael’s painting


Poem of Eclipse – Light from Light being Taken

Rahu Northnode

Rahu Northnode

Distances in the solar system
‘twixt points of light,
are physical and illusory.
All occurs concurrently.

The fading here of the light
when the light goes out of things – the beauty
with light from light being taken,

my weary grieving
being drawn
during eclipse:

becoming less,
settling for less,
the fading light –

the fading and dismembering of Rahu is endarkenment !

What “enlightens”
but the withdrawal of excess meaning ?
a subtle sainted change
and thinning in the air …

the mist behind
the dying and the seeing,
is living here.

Poems of Eclipse, 1999



Magic Circle rotation through a figure of eight

Magic Circle rotation through a figure of eight

.. – Liszt’s “Angelus” from the third Annees de Pelerinage – played by Joe Renouf


Angel's Sound

The Angels’ Sound – a cosmic mandala





My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom. This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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