Through Earth’s Core – the Lightning


Detail: Malkuth, showing the four elements, the seed and the cross of nature

Detail: Malkuth, showing the four elements, the seed and the fertile Cross of nature – male and female intersection (vertical through horizontal).


Kabbalah 1989 tree of life painting, showing the KAV or central uniting thread - as above, so below.

Kabbalah 1989 tree of life painting, showing the KAV or central uniting thread – as above, so below.

In this post I reflect on our Earth-core, magnetic field and aura – some spin-off ideas. She is our real Self; the immensity of the bigger picture. Yet, approaching Her with respect begins effectively in HERE – with you and I.

Malkuth on the Tree of Life is its root:  the Earth, our body and sensory spectrum, the physical universe as far as the Doppler shift.  Malkuth means “Kingdom” but it also means “the Bride”.  Similarly, in the I Ching or Tao,  Earth-Receptive  is feminine to Heaven-Creative.  Through Malkuth/Earth passes our spiritual connection to all the worlds.  That is why Yeshua called it “the Kingdom of Heaven”.

The thread from root to crown, and superimposing the Four Worlds of Jacobs Ladder is called in Hebrew, the KAV.   It centres and earths the polarities, masculine and feminine, of the Lightning Flash.



1 Ez haim frontispiece

Hokhmah, Binah, Daat are CHBD – the Hebrew chabad movement –  the upper  “triad of feeling” on the Tree. They form a transpersonal Vessel in the subtle body.  It is uplifted through the work of our personal Yesod triad to evolve.


bota key 3 Empress - Version 2

The Bud is where Wisdom and Understanding  are bridged. Their buddhic bridge is Tarot Key 3 the Empress, Venus. Pregnant in her rose garden with cypress trees and flowing water, she holds her copper dove shield.  The bud is in her belly. The Bread of Life grows vigorously at her feet.

The transpersonal underpinning of Wisdom and Understanding is  the non-sefira Daat. The Daat consciousness opens where the personal I closes. The Daat consciousness opens where the selfish inclination fades out.   “I open where I close” – (J.K.Rowling, The Deathly Hallows.) 


This implies the difficult transition, or identity shift from small-i to the Greater I … from the limitation of local desires, to the human Collective and its wellbeing. As we individuate, our “I” begins to lose its small patch, and to stand on a far wider field. The seed dies into the sprout of root and shoot.

We are pregnant cells of Adam Qadmon, the Self.

Arcanum 3 empress - Version 2

One of the Empress’s feet rests lightly on the Moon. The Moon is Yesod, the personal self, whose higher octave is Daat-Pluto, the transpersonal Reality.   In the physical solar system, these two spheres are about the same size.  Pluto’s 240 year orbital period is the real dark side of our Moon



An Image

Yesterday a bolt of lightning struck the Shard in London – the EU’s  tallest Tower of Babel .

This small event gives food for thought.  In the Tarot Key, the Lightning Flash is the Tree of Life, dismantling falsehood, cracking the chrysalis, opening the seed – the energy of Mars. That is the principle.  But on the ground?   That phallic spike creates around its base,  chaotic wind-tunnels – aggressive gusts harry the hurriers and their headaches.   Politics?  – a passing show … a spiky graph nowadays.



Magnetic Field

scarab on granite

What does the word “Gaia” mean? To me, Gaia is planet Earth’s entire connective capillary through the Solar system.   Earth has a vast and tangible magnetic field, rather like a Scarab in shape. It extends roughly to Moon’s orbit, and protects us from solar bombardment:  it is our nest.

Earth's magnetic field

Earth’s magnetic field

I saw last night a TV programme, imagining the inner core of Earth, which generates the field.   They say it is as hot as the Sun’s surface. They believe it has colossal storms, just like the swirling turbulence of the giant gaseous planets. These inner-core storms are the crackling pulse of Earth’s magnetic field. I think we see them flicker in the Northern Lights – the Aurora.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Their pulse travels through thousands of radial miles – concentric sheaths of crystal-forest, magma, compressed rock, biosphere and magnetic space.   It travels through me, through you, through everyone unceasingly; but with our adaptation to the pressure, we don’t notice it as shock.  When we begin to work with it consciously, we call it Kundalini Shakti, the Serpent Power.

Crystal forest around the core of Earth

Crystal forest around the core of Earth

I saw also a documentary about human beings who intercept and manifest the Voltage.   They and modern science are ignorant of why or how. It is put it on display for Ooh and AAh.   Unfortunately, no one asked the walking power station (no hair, no sweat glands, and his fingertips are burnt) what being a voltage-transformer actually feels like.   Why not?

Earth's magnetic fields

Earth’s magnetic fields

These are coloured threads or filaments.  Our universe is a waving mass of these living filaments – our psychic energy fields, our physical patterns, our dreams.  This picture reminds me of Don Juan’s teachings to Castaneda.   He said the filaments are everywhere and eternal, and they assemble around human beings as egg-like forms.   The “sorceror’s way” is to see and dance with these filaments, at the borders of our perception.  A “sorceror” may command the position of his assemblage-point, and make it move – but only after he has renounced self-importance and embraced his death.


What is the aura?  We are electro magnetic beings, in a temporary lattice of skin and bone and passing garments. The electro magnetism is the template etheric body which doesn’t alter during the lifetime:  the physical body alters and replaces itself, constantly, within it.   The template keeps the physical conformation stable.   It is a blueprint. It has the DNA information, uniquely and intimately coded to Solomon’s lattice.

When I go into myself, and “the current” comes on, it is my electro magnetic river. This (with practice) picks up colour wavelengths to define itself as Aura.   Sometimes, like the Northern Lights, the Aura is coloured, and sometimes it shows silvery white.   To see the Tree in Queen Scale colours, is a way of training:  to channel it. The body of Light has the spectrum embedded.

The Aura/Aurora is a feeling, a sensation. When I was learning astrology, about 25 years ago, I saw and dreamed each night of abstract lines and cylinders in colour, which moved among each other, forming patterns. This faculty afflicts my worldish thoughts and makes them rather tough, like yarrow.

The Aurora/earth core is the sensual consciousness… when standing still.   Inside Earth, the magma sphere is about the size of Mars. Within that, the molten core is about the size of our Moon.

The nesting shapes of Earth, Mars and Moon suggest what? …   a profound resonance with human friction on the surface? Within our planet IS the galactic core, for it has the thermal power of Suns. Some veins in the magnetosphere allow the fire to bleed up into volcanic vents and patterns, and to form the rocky crust, cooled by oceans.  (See Jung’s painting of the serpent fountain tree, at the bottom of this post.)

blackthorn at sunset

The Hermetic Table teaches: Veni Interiore Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem. Journey into Earth’s Centre to put your life in balance and find the secret Stone. Meditation and yoga is a simple into-the-planet journey – whichever way it forms itself.

Emerald Table of Hermes

Emerald Table of Hermes

Kundalini is the planetary magnetic current: receptivity to it.   Let the snake uncoil.   On land, they can dig and investigate to about a kilometre below the surface, before it gets too hot. But the ocean depth is nearly ten times that: ten kilometres deep – and down there, supposedly, there is vast dark pressure, but not as heat?

So I picture the thermal mountain ranges through every direction under Earth’s crust, and how these peak under the continents and under every dot and atoll of land: a spiky graph.

Over South America and Southern Ocean, there is a slowly growing area (over the last 400 years) of weakening magnetic field.   It is like an ozone hole.   The Hubble telescope satellite’s instruments turned erratic whenever it orbited over this region.   From Earth’s core the stormy pulses display an altered intensity at this point:   in space the magnetic shield overlying South America is thinner than over any other part of the globe.

The Hubble satellite becomes deranged in the borderline “pocket” because it is exposed to cosmic and solar “hammers”.   It crosses a space where it is not protected.   So its minders devised a solution: they switch off the instruments when it approaches the “hole”, then switch them back on again when it is safe. All around the weakening field, drift bubbles or islets in which earth’s north-south polarity flickers or inverts itself.   As these merge together, the tendency may coalesce.   It is believed that within one to ten thousand years, the poles of Earth will flip – with an immense and inconceivable juddering of the Great Scarab until it settles the other way round.

400 years – the time period of the anomaly so far – roughly approaches the 17th century date when the Aquarian Age is said to have commenced.   Observe, as the magnetic hold weakens over Argentina, humanity’s materialistic acceleration:  the “Age of enlightenment” and consequent consumption and compromise of the biosphere to its use.   Observe climate change and ecological damage as phenomena which include the blind human error, but also vastly precede it, in the way of cycles, and make the error inevitable.  If the error is inevitable, so is the eventual coming into balance.   Nature is equilibrium, a fluid pendulum.   The cosmic Tree sways from side to side.

Sage and Osmosis

Sage and Osmosis 1987

Our responsibility to what is given us to garden, should recognise the scale in which the problem occurs.   It is not ourselves exclusively. That attitude magnifies the personal ego and its limitation – “mea culpa” does not evolve.

The human challenge offers a greater scale, because we must learn to adapt ourselves to the interplay of cosmic force-fields which appear to speed up and liberate a geological process in this planet.

There is a mass of disturbance and disease. We should lay aside the notion of enmity – in ourselves and to others, and in Nature.   When we talk of “our planet”, we mean the thin rocky crust – our habitation and all we know.  The rest, we infer by analogy (explosive experiments, lenses and graphs.)   We do not know the rest of it, truly, until we look within ourselves, for we are unlimitedly, THAT.  But our knowledge is incomplete.

Sacred India Tarot - Buddha's Mahasamadhi

Sacred India Tarot – Buddha’s Mahasamadhi

We  know not more than a cross-section sliver of the truth, until an awareness grows, that the Solar System is not a flat plate, it has the whole shape of an egg: the solar nucleus is wrapped in spherical planes which are particle-waves. The greater part of the planetary orbits – that which is above and below what we map – is invisible to our sensory spectrum; yet its complete perception informs our being.



On Parables

The PARABOLA is a section across a cone.  Spacetime diagrams describe the speed of light as a cone flaring from a point.  The speed of light is a constant, whatever position or motion impacts it.  Time and space draw an ascending and descending parabola through the “cone” and they are relative.  Our experience and physicality is a cross sectional curve.

To plot an orbit’s curve, is to state its parable.  Appearances are a conditioned imprint on the retina and the mind.  They are an analogy only – for when Reality enters, predictions based on past experience and conjecture fly out of the window!

The soul Law resolves deep patterns within the self, while appearing to the world as a contribution to knowledge and society (such as Johannes Kepler’s work with the elliptical orbit of Mars, and with his Planetary Laws on which Newton would base his science of gravity. The orbit of a Keplerian planet is not a linear particle travelling around a globe, but a wave of spacetime, standing out from its source.)

An ensouled view that each visible orbit around the Sun could be a section through an oval sphere or egg – a living organism – enhances our life. We have to work at it, against the habitual.   It opens the doors of perception.

wood yantra & birds

Conventional physical science views the solar system on a two-dimensional plane of rings, like a section across a tree’s stem.  A tree cut across presents a concentric plane of rings. However, our imagination embraces the vertical reality intersecting this plane – its shape and centuries of growth.  We reflect on the seasons of its leaves and nestings.  We hear the song of birds, the hosts that populate its limbs.  We sense the roots underground holding the earth’s integrity like a gardener’s hand.  We imagine the oak within the acorn, and even the geological curve from which it springs.  Then we realise we have, in any of our brief time-frames, only a fragmentary view of the evolution of our soul;  and likewise the Solar System and the affairs of our world.

tree yantra '94 - Version 2

To work with the Tree of Life helps to “raise the level” and to overcome the persuasion of being world-helpless.  Raised up we see a little further, and attend a little better to what is real.

Each Sefira of the Tree represents a planetary vibration, resonating human-ness.  The planetary positions echo the concealed “real wave” of the orbital aura enwrapping the Sun.  So I can measure the slice across the egg and get excited, but I can know the egg only by holding, warming and eating it.

Savitri the Mother of the Sun

Savitri the Mother of the Sun


Cultivating this awareness, flat-earth-theory human evolves to “standing human”, and begins to care for all its kind.   The Rebbe Yakov of Prague used to say, that in an almond tree a few buds only will open at first:  but in the whole tree, all are destined to open.  The psychology changes. The human challenge is to keep awake. This is  difficult, but a tiny few can, and maintain a steady proportion throughout our history.

Yeshua “healed the blind”. The human challenge is to open our eyes,  keeping bedrock values open and enduring.

monkey gaia

This is hard, when put to sleep by today’s communication technologies and the entertainment industry.   The monkey mind is on overdrive addiction and stress – a symptom of subterranean acceleration. I am, we are, part and parcel of the acceleration, and our difficulty is to be conscious agents in the swelling wave. Am I in harmony with it, or do I damage my environment?   How does a conscious agent, a particle in the wave, choose, from moment to moment, the hour?   Nothing is in isolation.   Each event essentially, each individual challenge, transmits metanoia – the turning towards the cosmic Divine Pulse.   This is the teacher of history.



To conclude for the moment: this painting (below) is in Jung/Philemon’s series of paintings and Incantations celebrating the primordial Mystery of the Christ child’s birth:

“Set the egg before you,
the God in his beginning,
and behold it,
and incubate it with the magical warmth of your gaze.”

Serpent lava fountain Tree - in Jung's Red Book

Serpent lava fountain Tree – Painting by C.G.Jung in The Red Book

The Incantation here is:

Amen, you are the lord of the beginning.
Amen, you are the star of the East. 
Amen, you are the flower that blooms over everything.

Amen, you are the deer that breaks out of the forest. 
Amen, you are the song that sounds far over the water. 
Amen, you are the beginning and the end.

The Red Book





Yantra Tree

Yantra Tree

My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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  1. Hi, ithought it was the inverse:
    malkuth is the fruit produced by the tree, while the root is kether, in the top.
    So, the tree of life would be a way to travel trought in an inverse direction,
    like resolving a laberynth, begining at the end, our world, to finalize it on the divine crow where everything has its origins.

    I’ll be grateful if you give me your opinion.

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