With the Sea Monster


Painting by Jung:  the Sun-boat, or Fabulous Odyssey

Painting by Jung: the Sun-boat, or Fabulous Odyssey

Here is my favourite painting so far, in The Red Book.

The Incantation is:

“One word that was never spoken.
One light that was never lit up.
An unparalleled confusion.
And a road without end.”


The sea monster with its tremendous eye and fearsome teeth, is quintessential to the enlightenment.

This morning I am depressed.  Politics is rubbish and always makes people unhappy or scooped. Idiot photo-shots. Who makes molehills out of them? Life – and the bigger picture – must go on.

The substance is YEKHIDAH the subsistent and limitless light.   Oh! Where is it today?   And where is the body of light?   Good question!   Get to work.

As I cannot find it by building it, practice remembering that it is in everything. It is in the relaxing of the inner self.   And it is awake on some days, and not on others. I cannot grab the Great Work like my bottle. I am outside the book, and in the element. And the element right now is …?   soft and weak. You know what? Acknowledge and respect these downsides: their present, being present.

One word that was never spoken.
One light that was never lit up.
An unparalleled confusion.
And a road without end.

What does this mean?   It feels like riding along on an unopened bud. It suggests that everything is yet to find, and as yet unspoken or lit: and this is the Grail Quest through “unparalleled confusion”, opening a road without end.   Inside it, I feel mundane, tired, alone and difficult, but when beheld from outside, it is a glory!   It is the shared odyssey, the mythos: we all are travellers to the dawn.

You see, all things transpire.

All things are sweated into being through the pores of Siva and Parvati’s embrace.   Thoughts are formed. Demons are born.   The Magid – the higher Self – is somewhere near, translating through my veil into the poem – the blessing of life. I live.   We live.


Siva and Parvati - Elephanta

Siva and Parvati – Elephanta


So I am on the boat, wearing a Horus-falcon headpiece, and steering from the spinal stern.

I am on that treat of a barge: it bears buoyantly the great golden disk of the Sun – a sphere, a golden grail, the inner tuition that Light connects unbrokenly all directions – the photon – and here in my boat which I guide, is its source.   Around me is the boundless sea, breaking foam as in a Japanese painting. And in the ocean’s dark indigo-aqua shadows moves swiftly with me the sea monster who impels and pulses my journey for ever and for ever.   The sound of the sea is all around, and below me is the living Shadow.   ADONAI Thou art God.

The Shadow’s power gives me exuberance and song. Of course it broke my heart, and continues to break it sometimes. The Shadow is yet excellent, leading and bearing my vessel the way the tritons lead the goddess through the billowing seas.   I am proud of my Shadow monster and what we achieved so far.   So weep no more!   We are of the Fabled Ones.   Look all around, at the magnificent sea !

When I talk to people of what’s past, my actual deep urge is to explain how it all became Good.   I don’t know yet how to do this with economy and grace, but I will.   I can cut again a mooring-rope, and travel free with the wind, and see where I was, and be where I am.

I am in the illumined picture from one unknown to another unknown.   I ride the bounding sea. I dance.   I ride the superb monster.


Goddess with Triton, 1957

Goddess with Triton, 1957





My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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6 thoughts on “With the Sea Monster

    • The Shadow is in fact our glory – as Jung discovered so well, riding along with his Sea Monster! – wave and trough, dark nights of the soul and the sudden dawns. May yours go well!

  1. I look to the day when we no longer look to government and political forces to tell us what to do or to keep the peace.

    In the mean time I try to keep my end of the bargain. It’s not always easy, and today especially it seems difficult.

    Peace to you Jane!

    • The day is NOW. With Uranus and Mars T-square Pluto/Capricorn in a tight right-angle, everything latent comes out onto the surface, all the political uglies. But what power do these have, in the bigger picture? Someone said a footballer has fame and fortune until the World Cup ends. They all bang into each other, but there are strata of human-ness no newsprint ever sees.

      Our power of NOW is within, and in this day: the world is a place of work, whatever part of it presents.

  2. Hi Jane Really enjoy reading your posts. I too am haunted by that black dog (That is what Churchill called it) of depression and I too write it to fight it. Would love to catch up sometime if you are free. Just starting yet another new job! It is in Ilford this time, so I am in the vicinity of London of an evening if you are free. There is a common denominator in my career equation, that is that it seems to be me who loses the jobs and not the jobs that lose me. I don’t seem to fit in all that well and every rejection that occurs gets added to the rejection tree in my garden, and Oh what a big tree that must be! My quest for the right place continues…… Seeking, seeking, seeking, never ceasing. I breathe and Im still fit so I got to get up and get on, although the Khaos that I am keeping seems to be pulling me into clinging to safety, under a duvet. The next job is downright scary! I take a lot of comfort from your words. Angel

    Date: Sat, 24 May 2014 09:48:15 +0000 To: angelphoenix10@hotmail.co.uk

    • Dear Angel, you have my number, it will be lovely to meet up any time and discuss black and white dogs. All the very best in the new job, and keeping going – place of work. But Yoga also, and the breath. Love from Jane

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