Plato’s Cave

The ascent to the sunlight is under the road-bridge. Along the roadbridge come the procession of shadows and lives which the firelight projects onto the cave wall in front of the bound souls.

2 thoughts on “Plato’s Cave

  1. Hello:) this is Eunbin from Handong Univ. Pohang, Korea. I want to use this image in the lecture video, and hope how I can legitimately use this image. I would glad to know if there is any payment option to purchase the image. This course is online course, and will surely mark your copyright on the screen. Thankyou:)

    • Hi Eunbin, this image of Plats cave was in an old book, I now forget where! It is not necessary for you to purchase it, because it is a well known image generally. If you use it in your lecture, it is NOT my copyright. You may if you like, mention my website where you found it, but I leave that to you! My best wishes for your course, and thank you for asking. Kind regards, Jane

      PS You can google it also, and other excellent images of Plato’s cave on various websites.

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