Human Landscape – Refugee Children

What can a war artist do?

Yazidi 1

A photo is quickly taken, sold to a news agency, reacted to in passing by millions, and passed over.  A drawing takes far longer in time and space, to contemplate the condition. I did this one and two others, yesterday.  Some more were done last week, and the rest are from a few years ago. .

Our children are the same for us the world over.  This woman works hard on the land and in her household.  She holds it all together, and carries the weight of water from the well.  She gave birth to her babies in pain and crying out and relief; they are her life, each one.  Her husband may or may not be a strong, caring father. .

Now their homestead and village is shattered:  they wait homeless on the waterless mountain.  She is vulnerable.  In a war zone, you do not know who is friend or rapist – like an earthquake.  Her children are hungry and there is no roof.  There is the tearing pain inside her belly, of anxiety and shock:  the soft smell of her baby:  the bewildered bravery of her daughter as a journalist’s lens draws near.  They are rounded up like goats, by unknown herders. .

She is my sister.  I live in a safe house with interesting things to do, and plenty to eat.  I can only reach out by drawing her, to touch, that she may feel somehow, somewhere that someone knows.  Send her strength …  Even now … wherever she is. .


Yazidi 2

He’s a father, and they lost their mother.  The children want to help him, and don’t know how.  On their terrifying journey to survival, it is the artist’s way to support them.  Loaded on a donkey they ride off into uncertain night, the first desolate steps through quicksand, of an astounding courage. .

It is humiliating to have your home torn away and to ride with all you can carry on the donkey to God knows where?


Yazidi child 2

The newspaper said:  She has a badly needed drink.   While I was drawing her – and it took me nearly all day –  I wondered a lot about what blinds a man or boy, to kill or hurt a beautiful child like this in the name of fundamentalism.


Gaza children 1

I singled these children out from a crowd in Gaza –  two brothers and a sister. They watch perhaps the bombing of their street – evacuated.  A rope to hold back the crowd, threads together each child’s parentless abyss…   the grownups’ broken world

Gaza 2



refugee children 2

This was a design for a Christmas card some years ago – a refugee camp anywhere and the Star.


Valerie Brooks

The late Valerie Brooks gave 17 years of her life to support children in distress.  Through her cleaner, (a doctor from West Ukraine who could earn more for her family by cleaning houses in London, than by practicing medicine in her home town) assistance was given also to a poverty-stricken Ukrainian community, through the Maria Relief Fund .   A network of friends and sponsors helps to support each family there, and to establish an English class and educational opportunities for their children. .  It is an extended family.

Many large charities lose their definition in administrative overheads.  Smaller charities operate in a grass-roots way through human contact and serendipity.  The Maria Relief Fund is a small registered charity, assisting displaced children around the world.  I am associated with it and also with the Phoenix Aid Centre .  PAC provides accessible therapy and counselling for refugees, victims of abuse and for all who might rise from their ashes and fly. .

A man or woman who brought their family from danger into safety – through the final hurdle of UK border control and language barrier – drew on reserves of superhuman values, to make their quantum leap, and integrate with a new culture.  Such persons have that gift to contribute – when these qualities within them are recognised.  So we should find it within ourselves, to recognise. .


village child, ukraine

This is a village child in Ukraine.


refugee children 1

More refugees on displaced borderlands – the children take care of each other.  They are our future – the unbreakable jewel within us.   The Age of Aquarius breaks down old walls.


Kristina is a talented girl in the Ukraine, whom I help to sponsor.  She lives with her granny and grandad, who worry what will happen to her when they die.


dancing children, ukraine

Dancers at a village festival in West Ukraine.





My adventure invites fellow travellers. I am a poet, an artist and a seer. I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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10 thoughts on “Human Landscape – Refugee Children

  1. Everybody needs to speak out in their own way. I’ve been writing about Gaza. you speak with your art, and I think it a brilliant idea to look deeper into photos and select your subject. I hope you are able to get your pictures seen. I have been reading Mira Bar Hillel’s articles in the Independent, in which she has stated how she wishes to burn her Israeli passport, and has spoken about the discrimination within the British Jewish community against those who oppose Israeli actions. How does this effect your Kabbala group? I have been running a writing group here in France, which does well and keeps expanding.

    • Hello Kevan, thank you. Politics tries to act from outside the situation. I feel from inside it, both sides as I am close also to Israelis and their traumatic history. For instance – an Israeli of Jewish and Arab parentage, embodying their conflict in his pain and way of truth.

      In Israel also there are large numbers who do not support their government’s policies. In my view, any governmental policy is reactionary, and is not a country’s point of evolution. It is the surface of the mind, transacting opinions and tries to solve problems on that level by building walls. I feel contact with the shattering pain of both sides of the wall, and that is where I move as an artist, and grieve the murder of 500 unshielded children by a shielded power.

      Kabbalah is not sectarian or national, it discerns the working principles in history, humanity, and in myself. It is a room behind the Jewish window and creatively this room may speak from the point which is in between: conscious.

      The British Jewish community has many facets, like your goodself.

      For me, Daniel Barenboim’s work with Jewish and Palestinian musicians in the Divan touches the core – captured in Elena Cheah’s book “An Orchestra Beyond Borders”, which expresses both sides and these young peoples’ bold and painful initiatives in peace making among each other. Governments attack each other tribally: to keep the peace starts here – with an individual in the cross fire recognising another’s humanity.

      Glad about your writing group! good luck, you old hairy dancer.

  2. the heart and flower are one and the same, the heart and the flower nature reigns. so beautiful the flower, the flower can be….so beautiful the heart yet the heart does bleed. so many flowers and so many HEARTS so close together yet a world apart…………bring them together and what do you see ?????????? A FLOWERING HEART,NATURES MOST BEAUTIFUL THING…….


  3. Jane what a sad world we are running around us… Great for you to highlight it with great images and shout to the world to wake up. I’ll reblogg it if that is OK with you Doron x

  4. Reblogged this on Doron Art and commented:
    We living in a sad world and my great friend Jane illustrate, draw and write so nice to express it as she always do. I am sure we all care and feel for those unfortunate people, children, so maybe it is time for more of us to talk about it and express our views which might pave a better path for those unfortunate people and children for a better future with less suffering. We might together be able to eradicate those who try to take power to their hands and hijack the freedoms of others who are less fortunate to defend themselves. I have no doubt we can all live together in peace and harmony no matter where we come from and what we each believe in, on better human values and great respect to each other rights for well being on this planet. No one and specially no children should have to live with any fears in our life but security and future prospect to look forward as it is our duty and responsibility to help them to achieve, so together we can try to help them get what they deserve.

  5. A wonderfully informative post. Your words and pictures illustrate fully the horrors and sadness these children face. They are our future – we should treasure them. Thanks to Doron for sharing.

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