Mysteries of Isis – part 6: The Veil


Continuing with Isis, primordial matrix of humanity :  touching now on the veil.

Annapurna, viewed from the Pass of 27 April

Annapurna, viewed from the Pass of 27 April


“In 1950, 3 June, they reached the summit of Annapurna and sacrificed to the goddess. He watched his gloves roll away into the abyss.”


In our stories, Eve passed the primordial knowledge to Adam.  The embryo in the womb is feminine, before she sprouts the differentiation which is male or female.


the monk within the world 1987

the monk within the world 1987


A metaphysic is developing –  men fear the way the Great Mother Ge gets her tentacles into them, and so they substituted a “squid economy“, strangling the planet.

In my previous post is a drawing of Adam and Eve:  her eyes and indeed her whole face, are concealed by a rosebud:  Adam (erect) looks at her.

Jacob Boehme wrote some centuries ago (“The Way to Christ”): “It is because mankind are ashamed of their members and nakedness, that they borrow their clothing from the earthly creatures. For this they would not have done, had they not lost the angelical form and assumed that of a beast.  This borrowed clothing, together with the awakened earthliness and subjection to the powers of heat and cold, is a plain and full proof to man that he is not truly at home in this world. For all earthly appetites, cares and fears, together with this false clothing, must perish and be severed from the soul again.”

Boehme goes on to describe how serpentine Satan told Eve “Her eyes shall be opened, that she might taste, prove and know evil and good as he had done”, but did not tell her that “heat and cold would awake in her, and that the property of the outward constellations would have great power over the flesh and over the mind; his only aim was that the angelical image might disappear in her and Adam. For then they would be constrained to live in subjection to the gross earthliness, and the constellations or stars…”



Kabbalists perceive that God is behind the entire testing process, behind the division of night and day, and behind the creation of woman into that shadow. As woman is Isis, hers is the primal power to dispel the darkness which cloaks her, and in which the gentlemen of the east veil her. The fashion for women to willingly be covered, respecting their spiritual heritage, is also a passing show: her power uncloaked is in the home, to her man and their children, to her sisters and to Allah. The veil protects her in the street.

But as a contemporary symbol, it also casts woman into the shadow – she is not seen, nor does she meet a man’s eyes.   The contemporary symbol conveys a religious tension and its extreme symptom against the feminine – when the veil anagrams subconsciously, to evil – and she, like the magdalene in all cultures, is stoned.

Who is behind the black veil floating and fluttering along the road? She feels secure, safer and at peace with God. Her way of grace is unthreatened. Inside the flowing black veil is her vitality and her lamp.  In the middle ages, when the Christian religious tension was extreme, intelligent women took to the veil to work creatively;  they entered convents and took up positions of artistry and management.

Our Isis is veiled by the night and by the sea. She opens her face to the man who trusts her.


the veil - shekinah

the veil – shekinah


Shekinah is the holy place in the temple veil.

The true meaning of jehad is not war.  It is to strive to do good for God.

Dion Fortune’s Moon Magic begins (more or less) with a swiftly walking woman in a black cape, whom the man feels compelled to follow.  She reminded him:


In folklore, the Sandman was an enigmatic figure, said to bring good sleep and dreams and also nightmares, by placing sand in the eyes.  The image symbolises the passage of time to death – a bardo or state of consciousness between the worlds.  Mothers would rock the child to sleep:  “the sandman will come for you.”  The Sandman as gate keeper, walks a path by the waters, encompassing a range of archetypes from Cain and Abel to Eve.

Our Mother Isis rules the realm of sleep, the tides of the moon, the dreaming and renewal.

Angels and Queens 1957





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