Human Landscape – Masters on the Seven Rays

Reblogged from my gene keys journal – A midsummer portrait gallery – representing some sources of higher inspiration in humanity. The sketch of the Baal Shem Tav (see below) came about one day in 2002 when there was an argument going on upstairs in my house: when I left it and went downstairs I felt a “thickening” in the air, like cream, as if it came in through the window. I got out my sketch pad, and the Rabbi of Joy sprang forth with his strong blue eyes. Other portraits were the fruit of my tentative trial-and-error contact with the upper and inner worlds.

All the Great Masters are the One. Their different facial expressions are the way we perceive them and their teaching, through the clouds. There is a spectrum of relationship and commitment. As Dion Fortune has written, we first ‘imagine’ and then we ‘will to be there.’

Journal with Gene Keys

Gene Keys Journal, 20 June 2015

For all of us who tune in to the opening of the Seven Seals retreat this summer solstice:  a gallery of my portraits of the Great Holy Council and some Companions of the Light.

Many of these were commissioned as a series in 2008, for Anne Dorcas in Montreal, and you may recognise those who are close to you.  May Their blessings and peace illumine and go on transforming the shadows in our world.  They are the Lighthouse keepers!

Click on any of them to see the gallery, then click on “view full size” individually.


The Rabbi of Joy -  Baal Shem Tav The Rabbi of Joy – Baal Shem Tav



With love, Jane





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