Arcanum Seven – Shabat Shalom Baruch





paul mandala 17.11.13. detail

This post waited in my Drafts for some considerable time!  I was kept busy with my book of the Tarot Arcana (from which this writing arose), and with finding out, and with living. Now I recall the place of rest: shabat shalom … and baruch, the blessing.

Our dear old friend Issy Benjamin “left the market place on Sunday evening 25 October, and has gone home. Heaven is home and earth is the marketplace. We are in constant passage between the two (African proverb).”  He was nearly ninety.

The Star, the Cross and the Crescent!  (See the vimeo above).  Develop in the inner and outer life the golden seed – each of the middle eastern prototypes holds my deep affiliation, life-effort and love.  As agonizing as the conflict at present is, so shall it one day flower and unite humankind.

star cross crescent


Script of altar, bird, torch in the Trinosofia, meaning 'the body of the wise man shall be concealed'

Script of altar, bird, torch in the Trinosofia, meaning ‘the body of the wise man shall be concealed’

Great love embraces the tall white hall of Issy’s shul, where I went for sabat shalom. Hidden behind an angle there was a skylight, and this reminded me of a dream I once had, in which were windows cut through the ceiling to Adonai – in the shapes of the Hebrew letters – through them you may talk to god without intervention or interference or screen of speech.  Why?  Because those apertures from above and below are cut through stone, the shape of the language and its covenant.  Nothing else but the Law, the cosmic Torah, can be spoken or heard through them.  And so it is with all languages through which God spoke – Arabic, Persian, Phoenician, Egyptian, Sanskrit – our origin.

Always go from where you are right now, because access to the sacred architecture is a given;  it is not seen all at once, it grows on you as soon as you surrender your nature to the joy of the gift.

When a soul literally sheds the physical embodiment, he or she is present in any time and space right now, to tune in with.

islamic patterns 1 :Keith Critchlow

Hexagram, from Keith Critchlow’s ‘Islamic Patterns’

When the centre is open, the six directions through my core are simultaneous.  Turning to face them, is something I should remember and not forget during the day. The KABOD, the glory of God has this private stealth, and may be rediscovered at any moment. The expression ‘The chosen people’ may derive from what we choose to meet each other with – the scroll we unroll and open to each other in the eager reading of the Book.  It derives from ‘choosing’ to connect with Issy and with other souls now beyond the box of naming, yet vital in their essence.  There is an intimacy of the emerald table – as above, so it grows below:  the currency ascends through the descent.

I feel and endure the descent, but later on like yeast it rises and leavens the loaf, spreading it far and wide.

Diagram, cube, weathercock

My solar atom is a weathercock – a cube of space;  the six directions N E W S and up and down;  the holy hexagon, the cube of Solomon, a metaphysical spatial reality.  As soon as I am aware of it, I know my purpose, and gently it flows into concentric raindrop circlings of humankind:  I know it and I become still.   I become still not with my intention which is a confused and muddy pool, but as soon as I am aware of the grace flowing in and out.  Then I am in my natural shul.

paul mandala 2015 - detail

I was picturing Issy there, in his usual seat, with his white shawl wrapped around him, and his sparkling joyous gravity.  I feel he was an architect in the medieval flowering of sacred geometry and alchemical science, when Jewish and Islamic sages worked together. When – like him – we are called back into the Scroll, we are all the names that were ever given us on earth – and so we have no particular one, we are nameless!

Issy B




When I ask where and what is God, and love of God, God happens when a tabernacle opens.  When Yeshua stood with his friends on the mountain, their tabernacles opened to each other, and they KNEW.  The place of rest is the crystal receiving-set through which the Greater Mystery pulses.  In the silence the sages come to life:  the holy mountain.


Arcanum 7 The Chariot

1 magus - Version 3

In the Tarot, Key Seven awakens this knowledge and response.  It fields and fences the Magician’s ‘house’ or BEIT with CHETH the enclosure.  It takes a while to tap the portal;  but this morning again it stood open – it flows through here.

The Seventh Arcanum rests within the sense of expansion.  It is a seven pointed star.  The Seventh Arcanum reminds me now that each Tarot Key is a holy transmission, a contemplative and living silence.  The enigmatic image releases a quantum of shabat shalom baruch:  a commitment.  The prayer does not repeat;  it is new born.

For Issy:  Go Well!


Seven Branch Star

How to make a seven point star – with the 51-degree angle in the Druid’s Cord





jacobs ladder

Jacobs Ladder – the Four Worlds, Aziluth (Divine), Beriah (Creation), Yetzirah (Formative and Psyche) and Assiyah (Material world)

4 thoughts on “Arcanum Seven – Shabat Shalom Baruch

  1. What does this symbol, the cross, the triangles and the crescents mean to you? My emblem for my page represents Alpha and omega in union and the crescents in the middle are actually vesiica pisces representing rebirth from 4 different angular symbolizing the balance, cooperation and coexistence of human beings to a high degree. Alpha and Omega are represented by binarys 1 and 0 and the triangles represent a heavenly union between Earth and heaven.. Heaven on Earth essentially is my wish in creating this emblem. I am curios as to what your opinion of your geometry on your post means to you? I also have a cross in my emblem but it is the vertical rendering of my emblem into 3D that makes it into a double cone making that makes the cross. Does the Jacob ladder represent this emblem? or have i got it wrong?

    • Balance, cooperation and coexistence of human beings to a high degree – as you say. The star, the cross, and the crescent combine to a root revelation where there is no conflict. The sacred architecture built on the vesica pisces is a constant in all cultures; it reflects the higher human soul, and the Seal of Solomon (star of David) is three-dimensionally a cube of space, salt crystal or sunlight. The cross is structural – the intersection of vertical with horizontal planes – pure spirit with world-manifestation, or the thread through the tapestry. A Latin or Christian cross (with long base) folds up into a cube, and thus the hexagonal Star … your emblem.

      For a more ‘masonic’ meditation, read

      The crescent is a lunar, feminine shape, suggesting “receive”, “submission”, “adaptation”, “forming a vessel”. The vesica pisces and the Flower of Life form crescents and petals ad infinitum in the law of life.

      A and O: 1 and 0: yes.

      Jacobs Ladder is constructed on these laws of proportion and rebirth. It is a fourfold, interlocking Tree of Life, showing the dimensional physiology of existence from heaven to earth: the way of ascent, also, and spiritual practice in life. It demonstrates that everything we see in this world is a temporal and changing manifestation of the immense field of invisible causal relationships. We have, we perceive this narrow margin for evolution or error in our lifetimes.

      Thank you for your comment!

      • “or the thread through the tapestry” I like this refrence.. where is it from? I call this thread from the tapestry a protruding (quantum) binary. One that is both and ascends in a non-linear direction into a vertical plane rather then the linear horizontal plane.

        I’ve always been interested in the masonic traditions.. the compass, the eye of all seeing, the pyramid and even the star of david/seal of solomon is heavily mentioned. The pentagram, sun, moon and i guess brick laying is involved. There’s one symbol i get confused about- its a symbol of a cross bone skull. What is that?

        I finished reading that really cryptic masonic meditation. I have a feeling it’s going to take more root subconsciously then anything. I couldn’t get my east, west from north, south straight, probably just tired. That idea of God’s bride is not actually a union between two people but more of a union in occupation correct?

        Thank you. Sorry for the questions, lol.

        Curiosity and Prosperity,

  2. Thread through tapestry comes up in a lot of writings in various places. Or (in Sufi tradition) the undyed lambswool thread through the Persian carpet; perhaps Rumi writes about it?

    Cross bone skull I guess is what it is – memento mori – crossed bones arranges them tidily! Yes the compass directions are a bit confusing in that writing of mine – best perhaps to just image them in principle, just where you are. Yes, God’s bride could be a union in occupation – I like the way you put that. J.

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