3 thoughts on “bota key 1 Magician

  1. Hello Jane, I seem to remember reading somewhere on your site that you were happy for others to use your Tarot Keys so long as we credit you. It was a while ago now and I can’t find where I read it. So I want to check with you if it is okay to use your Keys?
    Thank you.

    • Hello Tracy, it is nice to hear from you. I enjoyed your site. Yes that is fine, but you should specify that these coloured ones are the BOTA deck (Builders of the Adytum). They are produced as line drawings and the student colours them following the instruction manual. In their teaching each colour has a specific tonal resonance related to the work. This gives us a creative way to engage with the Tarot keys and make them part of us. So the actual card is BOTA, and I coloured it. Each person’s style with the same colours is naturally unique.

      The other Tarots on my site are called Arcana. I studied and drew those in 1991 (just the 22 trumps major), and they are all line drawings without colour. I had the idea then, that people might like to colour them for themselves, and a few have! It hasn’t been published yet because I’m still working on the book which goes with them.
      Love and best wishes, Jane

      • Thank you so much Jane. I deeply appreciate you allowing me to use your cards and I will credit BOTA as well. All the best with your book! In Light. Tracy

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