Sound the Horn


Tarot Key 20

Tarot Key 20 – the resurrection


For me the solidarity awoke when I opened another greenpeace email.   It used the word ‘we shall defeat …’  This stirred me deep inside.   I’ve been feeling defeated.  What I stand for had taken a knocking.   Wake up and fight!   Fight, using my weapons as an artist.   I thought of a young mother who lived for years in fear, her family hounded from one mountain village to another.  When she decided to join her husband’s resistance party, and train to be a warrior, she was no longer negatived, she was positively charged, in tune with her destiny and the collective.   The worm turns.

With HOPE we resurrect the Star … shoulder to shoulder;  action.

I’m not very keen on yet more large crowds, politics and organisations.  But this is a time to look carefully at where my values truly are, and NOT feel ‘defeated’, and to act with whatever way small or large, is given.

SOUND THE TRUMPET! – with Purcell’s bright anthem “make the list’ning fields rebound!”  Do sing and dance with this magical clip!  At school, I did Purcell’s Come Ye Sons of Art for music A Level, long ago.  My sister and I sang to each other Sound the Trumpet over the washing up … like they do here.


Gabriel’s bright horn in tarot Key 20, opens the graves and changes the level of consciousness.  This arcanum holds a mantric vibration running all the way down the fire-stick into earth.  In days of old they twirled a rod in dry wood for fire, and danced, stomped and chanted rhythmically. The archangel’s trumpet note is uniquely for you and uniquely for me:   each of us as we are born … and reborn.  Find and hear it every day;  learn well what it means and is for you.   Then blow it back to the trump and be of good cheer!  It is energising to have a clear common objective.  It raises our voice from the shadows into the light.

But take a good long look at what’s going on in my blind spot – the log in my own eye –  before I start projecting it outward.  Then, and only then – the principle may get to work;  with love.

Here is a good read!

By paradox, what Mr Red Rag represents, may supply a catalyst for freedom to emerge from the wood.  Better to have it out in the open, than trip over it in the dark. Knowing what we see and what we feel, we build on that. We sing to the moon, we run with the Silver Wolves, we care for our young. There is joy and clarity in the coming together. Each day raise the level again;  keep walking, keep loving the work we do, and each other, keep it going, keep doing.


silver wolf and moon

silver wolf and moon






Dancing with Pan, 1987

Dancing with Pan, 1987

My adventure invites fellow travellers. I am a poet, an artist and a seer. I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

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1 thought on “Sound the Horn

  1. Hello Jane,
    I first read this not long after you posted it. I t had a great impact on me, it was a horn in my ear, I felt guilty after reading it. I have thought about it a lot over the last year. I too was feeling defeated, I did not want to stand up and fight. I have been given a way to help effect change, and have kept bottled up and hidden away. The gift of art, wasn’t just given to me , I asked for it, I prayed for it with all of my heart, please Great Spirit, give me way to deal with the pain in my life and help make the world a better place, and it was given to me, right then. So, I have responsibility to get back in the ring and give it my all. I felt guilty, because it feels like if I am not participating and making contributions , it that much more weight on those who are and I then too, am part of the problem. It is better that things are out in the open . Thank-You, for sharing your medicine ! Peace Jeff

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