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  1. Hello. Which Hebrew letters are attributed to the paths from Binah to the top sphere and from Chokmah to the top sphere? Also, why is there no Hebrew letter for the path from Kether to the top sphere? I am 36 but I had travelled the whole Qabalistic Tree of Life by the time I was 32. I’m struggling with symptoms that are something like apeirophobia, which might be related to taking the path of Gimel a few years ago. I noticed the sphere that says life work has an arrow coming from it towards a sphere labelled evolution and also the arrow states “challenge”. I’d really appreciate a reply. Thanks.

  2. Hello Jonathan. Thank you for your comment and an opportunity for me to look up what I wrote when I painted this Tree a few years ago. My approach is sacred geometry – the Tetrahedron structure of the Tree.

    Otherwise, I follow the Toledo tradition of Zev ben Shimon Halevi.

    This 12-sphere Tree was inspired by an idea I was shown, that the Twelve as a mystic number of Zodiac – 12 tribes and so on – perhaps predates the more patriarchal 10-sphere Tree. I have no opinion about that, but my drawing shows the Spirit Triad, Hokhmah Binah Tifareth when opened out to a 12th Sefira above Kether. This top sphere represents the point before All: “All the power that ever was and will be, is here now.” (Pattern on the Trestleboard, BOTA)

    I discovered that the 12 sphere Tree is identical in geometry to the 10-with-Daat. On the “hinge” of Venus (Daleth path, which bridges Binah to Hokhmah) the downward Spirit Triad opens upward. With the traditional Tree this Upper Face is folded over for its apex Sphere to rest on Tifareth. Thus, Daat is considered a non-Sefira by many. Daat is the evergreen “plutonic” potential. In my understanding, Daat is behind and within ALL the Sefiroth, and is their union.

    A Tree diagram with both ends folded toward centre from the hinges of Venus (path of Daleth, Hokhmah Binah) and of Mars (path of Peh Netzach Hod) – origami – is a Vesica Pisces (two overlapping circles) with four centre-column sefiroth and six side-pillar sefiroth, three on each pillar. The inner Great Triads crossing over might show all the inner Paths of the Tree – considered a very secret teaching.

    In my understanding the Tree is given with the inner Great Spirit triad pointing to Tifareth for the pilgrim to open out and upward for herself: a kind of safe keeping. For instance you might work with the opened out 12-sphere Tree, then close it again to the 10. The general teaching tended to become corrupted and constrained by its priesthood as with many organised religions and esoteric traditions.

    Some suggest that the open truth (12-sphere) was disguised – folded inwards – because the last couple of millennia were a perilous time. The paradox today is that although the outer world is perilous, the inner sanctum is no longer in peril. It is an open secret and it cannot be compromised. In the Aquarian age the individual grows it in the Garden: not the “experts”.

    The 10-Sefiroth Tree contains a mysterious 11th: Daat the unknown cognition behind all things: Daughter of the Voice. Daat opens a root in space for the Supernal Tetrahedron. The Supernal Tetrahedron completes the count to 12 and opens the full spine. There never was any corruption in the basic hieroglyph. There was a “guard” on it. During the 20th century some of the blinds got stripped and eroded away – especially through the work of Paul Foster Case (Builders of the Adytum) and others.

    Now consider the beauty of discovery: The 10-Sefiroth Tree grows upwards from Malkuth and downwards from the nameless sphere of Light. They overlap each other’s ascent and descent – the interpenetration of Solomon. Their Keters rest in each other’s Yesod/Foundation/nuptial chamber. Their Tifareths and Daats interchange. The King and Queen are in bed together. The root of Light is in the Heaven, the root of Life is in the Garden. Light, Love and Life.

    The Tree always stretched me upward into freedom root and shoot; never into the box. Root and shoot is an unbreakable Law. It is our responsibility to sit by the eternal spring and to let that inform our life in practical ways.

    The Tree as body of Light is coloured in the Queen Scale: the paths are coloured in planet vibratory resonances. In the Light-body, we left the GIMEL Priestess path un-named so she cannot be hijacked. It is here I speak when I inhabit and animate the body of Light. It now soars beyond its earthly fold into the heaven where Keter the First Emanation emerges. All the teachings going up and down the Tree are in one breath.

    My new Tree’s colours evolved without too much following the rules. The Lower Face has the four earth colours of Malkuth – olive, slate, russet and citrine. The paths and Sefiroth are left white. On the paths are written the 22 Hebrew letters. These musical notes animate my body of Light: they sing.

    Now Jonathan, you asked 1) what are the Hebrew letters for Keter Hokhmah Binah connecting to the top sphere? They are the same as for Hokhmah Binah Tifareth – the Great Spirit Triad – but opened out/inverted to the top sphere.

    2) the path Keter/top sphere is Gimel. I hope this is clear.

    I looked up apeirophobia and I understand it is a fear of the infinite or un-nameable. Is that correct? If so I understand your feeling of vertigo and would suggest you focus the lower face of the Tree in order to earth and stabilise these dimensional concepts. Any form of physical movement or rhythm that you enjoy can be made your contemplative temple. For instance I go indoor climbing, which is a form of slow dance and quietens my mind. Keep your studies simple and centred in Tifareth. Kabbalah translates to “balance. Do not forget the breath.

    3) you mention the life’s work and evolution spheres. These belong to the Gene Keys transmission, whose “profile’s” geometry fits with the Tree and the Flower of Life. The Gene Keys provide a well founded path with supportive guidance step by step. I work with it and recommend it. The Gene Keys transmission is based on the I Ching wisdom in 64 codons/hexagrams and resonates also with western occult traditions. It is practical, accessible, transformative and profound.

    Finally here is a bit more which I wrote while painting the 12-sphere Tree:

    “The Tree is profoundly precious to me, and now there opens into its integrity from above – not sharply defined as yet, and I feel it should remain so – the beauty of the great Triad pearling Keter at its heart. I cannot say God starts anywhere to begin a Tree in Genesis. God petals forth from within a divine Tetrahedron’s interaction: Aziluth is Light. S/he – En Sof – is “without end”. Rather than call it a triad, be nourished with the Tetrahedral depth volume. This has primal fractal feeling: the measureless ocean giving birth. The Buddha is the mother who gave birth to her walking child and died. Flowers awoke unfurling in the child’s footprints: his umbilical cord dangled. In the Sacred India Tarot this Arcanum is the Ace of Pentacles: Coins: it earths. We compose pictures in the heart of the atom just as God, and these pictures seed themselves fractally.”

  3. Thank you for replying so thoroughly, Jane. I agree with you about focusing in Tiphareth, however, I still have lots of questions about the Tree of Life. I would like to talk to you in private. I have had a lot of confusion and “Interference”. I feel a need some guidance from somebody new. I didn’t know who to turn to. I won’t go into any more detail here but you are free to email me. If you do any spiritual counselling or healing sessions I’m up for that. Thanks.

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