A Robert Adams Transcript

Thank you, Hamish McLean for sending me this transcript today. ** “Not everyone needs a guru. A guru can be a tree, a mountain, a lake, a flower. “You’ve heard this before, but let me explain it. When a tree … Continue reading

Today’s Sketches of Robert, Ramana and Ramesh

.. I discovered last night this beautiful photo on the web, to draw from:  Robert & Seek.  The photo is on a blog called http://itisnotreal.com Robert’s parkinsons’ whisper, slightly nasal, and wide uncluttered eyes… “Who am I? … I’m teaching … Continue reading

Robert – Popeye the Sailor Man

From “Robert Adams” group on facebook – “Many people call me, they want me to talk about this, or to change some of the things I do, or to do this, or to do that. If I were a minister … Continue reading

Head Remove (Gently) … with Atlas, Douglas and Robert

* Head Removals (gently) 1972 24 July 2012 – “Head Removals Gently” was a thriving business in west London, during our hippie 1970s.   Here is a head, stoned out of his mind, getting carried away from his Notting Hill pad … Continue reading