Antiviral Tools and Hymn to Joy


Enjoy Beethoven’s 9th – the Hymn to Joy as played across the Netherlands!

For embodying Odes to Joy, you may like to visit and dance Five Rhythms with Ajay   He now holds online dance sessions through the Wave on Tuesdays at 7.  Anyone may join with Zoom and dance all together in our homes.  I will post the link here as soon as I have it.   “Flowing movement through the chaos” (he said) – “that is what the chaos is here for;  for you to dance through it.

In this long post I compile some insights and impressions I received from others over the last month and pass them on in the hope that they may help.  You may have read some of them already.  I also have rather a lot to say, as usual – this time, a mini-book.  I’m afraid this is my usual fault whenever I start writing, so please bear with me, and skip my musings if they are not relevant.

In my block of flats someone has an electronic piano and each day at intervals she practices Bach prelude no 1 in C major, and others.  I went to my piano to play the same prelude!  A strange rooted strength from the collective flowed through my arms and fingers.  Shall we talk to each other through Bach?

The Chinese goddess Kuan Yin in her Parnashavri aspect became a Hindu deity.  She is also adopted in Buddhism as protector against outbreaks of disease.

Kwan Yin. This portrait now belongs to Annie Dorcas in the “Masters series” she commissioned from me in 2007.

In   Hope Bradford writes (extract):

“Human mistakes and inaccuracies are no less important than divinity. The incredible process of being human allows for the higher self to acknowledge and extract divinity from ones trials and tribulations.

“Further, Kuan Yin advises that what is needed on earth is compassion for the untruth. Touching untruth’s shoulder with the utmost tenderness, she shows her infinite capacity for love and forgiveness. Stemming the tide of war and destruction can only occur, the Goddess maintains, through the sprinkling elements of truth and healing.

“This process requires one be centered upon and understand the issues of his or her life from a place of detachment. To examine ones life from this perspective allows the Higher Self to participate in daily choices and problem solving. While ego is responsible for maintaining the self during waking reality, much of the pressure of decision-making can be mitigated when allowing ones relationship with the higher-self to unfold.”


A Pharmacist I spoke to, said:  “The virus is omnipresent through interaction of our human generic body with environment.  It isn’t something passing from one person to another.  ALL OF US HAVE GOT IT BUT SOME INDIVIDUALS REACT WITH SYMPTOMS – OTHERS NOT.   Like other flu viruses, it is in the human system generally.  The different ways we react depend on our inbuilt physical and psychological matrix.   Those of us who do not react symptomatically might not know it’s there.  The heroic effort to prevent it can be sometimes an interference.   Interference which is ignorant of the viral nature may also stimulate it.”  


As I understand this, the viral entity interacts with the human entity. Covid19 is one among many flu viruses which flow through the human system and sometimes manifest as symptoms and sometimes not.   Year by year the health services battle with vaccines against each new one.

What is my “vaccine” for now?  Positive, intelligent thought, courage and considerate action.  Be on the ball and bathe in the Sea.  Of course I have the virus.  It is in my fearful thoughts and dark holes and grumpiness.  I feel sore and vulnerable to those, which flag up my personal ego-misery-belief. My dark projection isolates the phenomenon into thingness and determines the way I interpret life.

Viral activity – and I include excessive social media – is yet an element within what I see as a vast agency of change through humankind at the present time.  The virus is malleable; it changes lives; it is our teacher.  I have it, you have it, it is in us all.  The pattern of “trying to control it” may reinforce in the same way our shadow fears and thoughts, so we need to be aware of those. The researchers and medics do their work. The virus should not however take front burner in our mind; let go the compulsive quizzes, let life go on.  Above all, don’t join the game of someone or something to blame.

Psyche and body are one: my thoughts create and reinforce my physical life through expectation.  Tune into the  individual responsibility, the love and care for each other – the little lights here and there around the globe increase like stars and begin to join up.

Someone also said, “Ignorance has made a massive collective effort to constrict the life force wanting to burst from our bodies.”


The “I” particle (higgs-bosen) in the quantum science of Global Energy Parliament.  Red, Black, White are equivalent to the Three Gunas in Hinduism.

Swami Isa of the Global Energy spoke on 21 February – Sivaratri day.  A friend in GEP sent to me the gist of it: 

Swamiji wants everyone to take the global situation very seriously, but to be ever vigilant about the quality of our thoughts and emotions. He says this is an “intellectual war” and a dark dominated thought has been created. We need to create balance in ourselves and externally too.  Hope you are taking good care.  

He said … it’s a war of intellect or Buddhi – here he means the organ of thought. It was manmade and is pervasive and deeply penetrating. Together with this, he spoke about the coming problem of faithlessness in people, and how people are just “considering God but not realising God.”  

To resist this virus and to not be affected by the fear and destruction in this mental war, we need to build mental strength or Manas.  Manas/mind means the organ of emotions. Of course this comes through real faith, not contrived faith.  The physical part He says is very serious and we should take care to build the physical immunity along with the intellectual and mental.  

And yes, the kindness and softness of people that comes out of this crisis is a treasure…  So far India is not yet in a panic stage, but I think that once shutdowns start, it may happen. Most people are still going about normal duties, except that the schools are closed.


This story was written by a member of Global Energy Parliament:

And the great blue whale, the small spider, the cherry blossom, the coconut palm, the moss-covered stone, they all came. One by one, the animals and trees and rivers and rocks of Earth climbed the great steps in the sky to see the Mother of the Universe and tell their sorrows.

And after hearing all of them, including the beetle and the bluebell, Mother closed Her great eyelids and the feathery black lashes fell down over Her eyes that held galaxies.

A thought came out of the darkness, “My children are tired, sad, and besieged by the humans who have forgotten Me. In their endless piles of desires and fears, they have become merciless tyrants on the Earth.”

The voice of the shark had been loud and thoughtful. “O Mother, we do not ask a large thing. We don’t want to annihilate our human brothers and sisters. We just want to breathe freely, to roam freely, to swim in free blueness, to dance with the stars again in clear skies, without fear of harm or harming. Just for a day.”

“Just a day?” She had asked.

“Yes, just one day,” he had said. “We know the conditions of Kali Yuga, the age of darkness, are so vast and deep, that we do not ask You to overturn what the mighty wheel of Time has ordained. We just ask for one day of peace and freedom again to roam as we should, to live without this incessant noise and burden of humankind.”

The tiger cub had approached Her soft ankle, and as She lifted him to Her face and stroked his fur, he said, “Mother, they have forgotten you. They live by desire and fear alone. You are the Mother of the Universe. Won’t it be very easy to do something, just for one day?”

She had considered their proposal. A day to make the humans stay indoors, a day to make them consider their mountains of desires which brought them no happiness, a day to make them see that their endless planning and developments brought them no freedom, a day to make them see the fear that ate them from the inside out.

“A day to make all the humans stay inside their homes,” She said. “So be it.”

And as She closed Her eyes, from Her brow came a great Thought, and planted itself somewhere on the Eastern part of the Earth, and it spread like wildfire through human thought. It replicated with force, like a virus, and fear made it grow. Desires made it grow.

But in the deepest parts of the human hearts who had not forgotten Her, the light of faith led them forward.

And then one day, all of the humans, those with fear and those with faith, stopped their factories, went inside their houses, closed their doors, and sat down.

The plants heaved a great sigh of relief, and slowly unfurled their delicate fingers, to touch the Sun, the Air. The Wind laughed playfully as he swept the dust to the horizon, and the Ocean once again danced with its millions of colourful children. A slow day of peace and contentment embraced the Earth, a day of nothing in particular except reverence, sincerity, and truth.

At last when the Sun dipped down towards the lowest hills, the animals and trees and rivers and rocks turned their heads upwards. They prayed to the Mother and cast their endless love to Her. Finally they turned and said, “So be it.”


I think the virus is also in the mind, generating fear.  I am counteracting that with very strong thoughts and feelings of gratitude and care. They come spontaneously with an upsurge of gravitational centre – a smile! – especially after I have felt anxious for a bit.  A counter current of creativity, liberation and joy flows in many places wherever realised.  I take care of the life in my hands but I refuse to be dominated by collective panic.  As you say, it is crucial to co-create the balance.  So the balance is where I look each time.

There is a greater process unfolding.  It is behind the fear-cloud which is at present being expelled from the human root.  I see the fear-cloud as a phenomenon that is departing from us.  The mental virus which gripped people about it makes us feel the more vulnerable – especially in the social media.

The physical disease is a symptom of the mental agitation, to me they are one and the same whatever the white coats might say.   At the same time there is a new clarity and beauty in the Higher Self; as Above so it is Below.

What a challenge to live in freedom and external considering!   We can choose.  To keep discerning this – to recognise the tracks in my mind and change them is my work.  My mother and I had some good conversations about it.  One aspect of the counter-current I notice is: taking more care of and appreciating each other.  Walking the extra mile.  Noticing more.

It is a question of attitude.  I am so glad we are in touch.   Strong hands!


Builders of the Adytum – The Tarot Tableau

The Builders of the Adytum in Los Angeles circulated this Equinox Message

Planetary Influences in 2020
March 2020

While the turmoil in the world seems to be intensifying as the old world order disintegrates, it is informative to consider the planetary influences converging on us this year.  2020 started with five planets in Capricorn, and strong planetary groupings will continue their influence throughout most of the year.

At the March equinox, Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn will all be in very close proximity to each other in the earthy sign Capricorn, associated with worldly affairs, big business, and finance.  These are the areas that seem globally to be out of alignment with the Aquarian Age themes of harmony, goodwill, and concern for one’s fellow man.  In addition to these, the Moon (Tarot Key 2, the Uniting Intelligence) also joins this group just before the equinox.

All the planets mentioned are within a very narrow band of eight degrees or “conjunction,” and this focused association with each other displays certain characteristics according to the nature of each planet.  Conjunctions intensify the combined energies, and the interaction can stimulate significant changes in the consciousness of mankind.  And we know that to have an evolutionary change, the race mind must change!

Most significant is the tight conjunction of Pluto (Tarot Key 20) with Saturn (Tarot Key 21).  Pluto, considered the “higher octave” of Mars, is related to the destruction of the coffins of error that hold us in bondage.  The outer planet Pluto is a generational planet; and it primarily portends great transformational changes in world matters and race consciousness, changes that affect us all macro cosmically.

The interaction of Pluto and Mars (Tarot Key 16) with the other planets in the configuration indicates that there are likely to be explosive reactions that will bring about the destruction of outworn conditions but will also give the impetus for new beginnings.  The influence of Jupiter (Tarot Key 10) indicates that these outcomes are the ultimate of a beneficent nature.

It will be interesting to observe just what effect these planetary influences have on the world stage during this time period.

Microcosmically, we are also personally impacted by these strong energies.  As aspirants on the Path of Return, we should choose our responses to these influences very consciously, not reacting with the normal fear and anxiety of the masses, but by using our tools of Tarot and Qabalah to react creatively and constructively to these intractable forces.  This is what we are being trained to do.

Being born on the cusp of a New Age brings incredible gifts along with the turmoil, gifts that we bear the responsibility of safeguarding and developing for all mankind.  No one ever told us the Aquarian Age would be easy!  But oh, what an opportunity for growth! …for ourselves, and for planet Earth.  Let us be grateful for these gifts, and that we are here now to enjoy their rewards.

Working together in Love and L.V.X.,
The Builders of the Adytum



13 March 2020 – From the Italian Lockdown

Yes there is fear. Yes there is isolation. Yes there is panic buying.
Yes there is sickness. Yes there is even death.

But, they say that in Wuhan after so many years of noise
You can hear the birds again.

They say that after just a few weeks of quiet
the sky is no longer thick with fumes
but blue and grey and clear.

They say that in the streets of Assisi people are singing to each other
across the empty squares, keeping their windows open
so that those who are alone
may hear the sounds of family around them.

They say that a hotel in the West of Ireland
Is offering free meals and delivery to the housebound.

Today a young woman I know is busy spreading fliers with her number
through the neighbourhood so that the elders may have someone to call on.

Today Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and Temples
are preparing to welcome and shelter the homeless, the sick, the weary.

All over the world people are slowing down and reflecting.
All over the world people are looking at their neighbours in a new way.
All over the world people are waking up to a new reality
to how big we really are;
to how little control we really have;
to what really matters;
to Love. 

So we pray and we remember that
yes there is fear but there does not have to be hate.
Yes there is isolation but there does not have to be loneliness.
Yes there is panic buying but there does not have to be meanness.
Yes there is sickness, but there does not have to be disease of the soul.

Yes there is even death,
but there can always be a rebirth of love.
Wake to the choices you make as to how to live now.

Today, breathe.
Listen, behind the factory noises of your panic.
The birds are singing again.

The sky is clearing, Spring is coming
and we are always encompassed by Love.

Open the windows of your soul
and though you may not be able to touch across the empty square,
… Sing.

– Fr. Richard Hendrick, OFM
March 13th 2020


Alison McCabe writes from Hebden Bridge: “Yesterday tuning into the virus as part of the One Body I felt it is no coincidence it affects the respiratory system. I experienced the Earth able to breathe again, a huge moment of release from the constriction of pollution. It’s possible the forests burning meant we were on the edge of a catastrophic atmosphere event which has been averted by the virus. The virus being a mirror of the constriction of the Earth and human love breaking free. I see that when I see the flamingo toking into the water and seeing her blush soft pink reflection. Such a perfect colour for Universal Love.

“Pallas Athena the Warrior Goddess is also exactly conjunct Mars in the Equinox stellium in GK61. She is in the context the self-organising principle, the new authority of the feminine. Perhaps she is the salmon, leaping against all odds upstream from the place of zero gravity.”


Tantra Nova Practice – a message from Elspeth and Freddy in Chicago

We want to support you during these challenging times by sharing ways of keeping our body, heart and mind in a balanced and peaceful state which allows for fending off viral and bacterial intruders as well as assists us in healing and experiencing wellness.

To support your emotional and mental SELF stay and return to balance, we’d like to gift you with a couple of meditation practices:

Conscious Breathing Meditation 

Integration Meditation

This meditation supports you in rebalancing and integrating your whole being countering stress, worries and hopelessness. Set aside 25 minutes every day to cultivate your body’s resources and strengthen your immune system. Download both practices on your phone so you can access them anytime and anywhere.


My friend Genevieve wrote today on surrender.  This is her website:



“These are the times when we grow.”  I found myself writing this to a friend this evening.

This week my husband and I decided to start self-isolating.  Amongst the perceived confusion and chaos currently being experienced in the UK (and across the globe) due to the fast spreading COVID-19, there is a benign virus emerging and its called surrender. Things have moved pretty fast in a short few weeks I think you would agree?

No longer can we deny our global interconnection.  No more can we bury our heads in the sand and pretend that borders are secure, futures are predictable and comfort zones are forever.  No more.  The world is changing all around us and all we have left in many instances are our stories about what this change means.  As I have written about many times, our stories can either enable us to transform and grow, or they can bring us perpetually back around to negative loops of victimhood. The only thing we can influence is our choice as to which mythology we live within.

Every story has both a light, and a dark side.  The question is, can you distinguish between the two?

The familiar story of social collapse and apocalypse can be devastating to those who are attached to things remaining the same. Especially those of us (most people in the first world) have been privileged enough to live life’s of abundance and plenty through the perpetuation of capitalism.

The same story can be liberating if you are at the wrong end of the social power system and are desperate for change, no matter what this may bring. In this instance you will feel empowered and excited by the prospect of the unknown, even if what’s coming is scary and chaotic.

Every story has a truth and a challenge. The apocalypse story has been repeated throughout the ages, relating to civilisations, world views and lands. It is one that has become ingrained in the human psyche through our DNA memory and our myth. To a degree, there is an inherent truth to its unfolding and many of us could argue that we have been seeing the signs of its coming all around us for decades.

However, with the ‘truth’ the story also brings its challenge.  Can we evolve enough in our thinking, speaking and acting to change the outcome this time?

Perhaps…  Then again, perhaps not.  Perhaps we will change the outcome but its effect will be imperceivable for generations to come. Or perhaps we already are changing it, with every single word we read,  Or say. Or write.

Every time we straddle the paradox of the light and the dark, seeing both as presenting a truth and a challenge in our thinking, speaking and doing, we are able to evolve beyond the historical patterns that have led to past apocalyptic events.

Every time we surrender and embrace change, no matter if we can see its eventual outcome, we are transforming our DNA and the stories of our ancestors who largely felt victimised and helpless in the face of the changes they experienced.

And we are by no means helpless.

Today we move into the Spring Equinox. The day in the Northern hemisphere where there is an equal amount of day-light to night-dark.

This is a time of magic and alchemy where we get to choose ‘active surrender’ and ‘joyful hope’. A time where we can offer our gifts to our family and community because they need it and we need to give it.

A moment when we can embrace both the truth and the challenge of our times and become the still point between night and day.

Genevieve Boast,


My daughter wrote to me – “Did you know soap is more effective than anti-bac gels with added antivirus? Viruses are fatty and soap disrupts fat, so simply causes the virus to disintegrate. So that’s all that’s needed at home. When you’re out, you could use alcohol gel or improvise.  So lots of hand washing before and after being out, touching new things and no face touching before hand washing. Can’t do much about talking to people except try not to stand close to them – 6 feet unless there’s a breeze I guess. Face masks only protect others from people who have it already so no point using them for protection. The next few weeks will be interesting!”

I replied –

“Or steaming the face in a bason of very hot water with towel over head might have the same effect.  I bought you some cordiceps which strengthens the immune system, raises red and white blood-cells and is easy and pleasant to take.  I’ll try to drop it round, later today.  Much love  XXX

“Just tried the method – pour boiling water into basin or bowl, lower face over it, drape head with towel to keep heat in and breathe thro nose for five mins.  It is a facial sauna.  The theory is that heat destroys virus in the sinuses, which are otherwise the coolest part of body.  Feels nice and refreshing too!  Viruses like cold and hate the heat. The video recommends using a hairdryer and squirts of water to cool.  XXX

Thank you Chris Elam, for the photo!


Grandma Corona …coronama (by Bibi 19.3.20)

This too am I: a small mindless bug
searching for soft tissue to live in.
I stare it in the face
though it is too small to see
I thought corona meant crown
but it seems to mean cold.
And now I am a self-isolated grandma.
For if I get sick
I might die.

Somebody talked today about old people
clogging up the hospital system.

Like fur clogging up arteries,
we oldies interrupt the flow.
And perhaps this is simply true.
The old need to make way for the young.

But no, darlings, Now is not about
a cull of the ancients.

In this rattling of the planet
we are all enmeshed,
shaking and afraid
in our web of connection

and the green things and the furry and scaly things and the cycles of the moon
carry on in their glorious rotation
and as we retreat and shut down
and gather the fracture around us

the non-thinking beings have a rest from our
lack of balance, from our
entitlement, from our heedless
slashing through the pathways of life.

From our thinking.
From our
thinking that we can have what
we want.

And we sit in our houses that have now become cocoons.
And we sit
in the lap of our solitude
and feel the strangest stirring of joy.



The following transmission of Alcazar through Prageet in the “Stargate” teachings introduces the work of Isabelle Benarous.  Please visit the website under the transcript for more information.

Beloved Ones, we greet thee, ‘tis Alcazar.

The whole world is reacting to this coronavirus as if it is something totally new, totally unknown – it is not. Yes, it is a new form, and this new form will soon be seen as just another variety of your flu in years to come. Right now the chaos and panic that has been created has also created a great opportunity on many levels.

We have told you this year would be a year of change, a year of acceleration, and a year of opportunity for those who are willing to be in the moment, who are willing to listen to their intuition. There are many opportunities that will arise from this global shutdown/slowing down and we will address these in times to come.  We would like to comment right now on an opportunity that Isabelle Benarous, is offering to those who wish to accept it.

First, let us say a little about our perspective on dis-ease which most of you have heard before. It is your vibration, your moment by moment vibration that you radiate, that attracts to you experiences that you need in order to know Self better. We have said over and over again that your subconscious programming, your limiting patterns that come from this unconscious layer within, guide your life far more than you are generally aware of.

This programming comes from situations, mainly, that have occurred in the very early years of your life. They are programs which are created by conflict, by situations that you as a very small child could not understand, could not grasp, and in that inability to resolve those issues at the time, they were repressed in order for you to continue living day by day. These limitations can allow imbalance in the body, and this imbalance allows various dis-eases to come into your field, into your body.  So, right now this coronavirus, it is impossible for some people to have this virus within them as an illness. For, they do not have the associated conflicts, the associated subconscious programs that allow this, but obviously many do.

Our friend, Isabelle Benarous, is offering a program that can explain from a more scientific basis how you can:

-first of all understand this virus and the various flu viruses in general

-what kind of conflicts that you would have in your life that would allow this virus to come to you

-how to change these conflicts so that you are no longer open to receive these various flu viruses

And so, we wish to support this one, Isabelle, and we wish to support the Stargate Global Community in understanding and receiving the wisdom from Isabelle which we fully endorse.  We will be joining her, as we have done in the past, to bring in energetic support for the understanding and wisdom that she will be sharing.  We invite you to join us!

The meeting with Isabelle Benarous to discuss her work was on 25th March, but the video is available on the website as well as follow-up.

Mary Gaia. This painting belongs to Annie Dorcas who commissioned it from me for her series of Master portraits in 2007


And from a friend on Union Island …

“Breathe and take your time for it, 
Be a master of the Present time: Reign by Light and Love.  
Being Grateful for each of your breaths”
And now, to share with you this morning’s breakthrough (27 March):   
My mother had a fall the day before yesterday just as she was approaching the castle gate after her walk but got back on her feet alright and no ill effects.  Yesterday she saw in the very early morning Orion setting to the west. We talked today about what appears to rise and set but it is our rotation past it, and the unimaginably vast distance of those stars from each other which we call “Orion” and tell a story about, how he guards our winter sky;  and the depth of such a star from his belt.  She said we might never see each other again.  That is a possibility.  It saddens and frightens me.  It is still more likely though, that we shall see our way through.  It is in the net somehow of the stars, sentinels of the measureless night.  She said we must obey the rules regarding visits and separation and help the government and hospitals. She walked up Watery Lane yesterday and saw the primroses.  They are abundant this year, full and fat – last year they were sparse. Gradually I learn to connect with her in a “real” way through phone to support her soul strength.  Imagination develops and there are ways.  We might read verses of poetry to each other, for instance.
At present, sharing house details is fun, funny and stimulating.  My daughter and I last night cooked our supper together with our telephones on loudspeaker to hear the chopping board and advise each other.  The openings of practical connection in real time blossom everywhere as loved ones improvise.  Solidarity!

I begin to understand my problem with phone calls.  It’s because I often felt an emotional obligation in them.  Jettison the emotive cloud.  I was away from the world yesterday and have no idea how the virus is progressing but I understand it is mushroom-clouding.  My inner eye sees it grab the Aries energy and rise toward falling again.  It was born (like the Redeemer) during December the midwinter solstice, though it was probably activating in November.

I see a Tao fish.  It has its own processional interface with humans.  It curves now steeply into the human genome, and will later decline, whatever is done or not done to contain or slow it down.  The efforts to contain it are made in the particle interaction (the experimenter’s consciousness determines position or motion).



Of what use are my insights?  We each need to garner our own.  But “understanding” is valuable because it is of the world’s Atom. If I have and cultivate it, if it comes to me, be sure others have it too; it prospers here as elsewhere by quantum resonance.   I feel physically strange and weak, and yet I am fit and yesterday after I danced I went for a walk and began to run – 200 metres or so each time – with my hips, longish strides, flow; practice this daily, I shall become able to run further.  The exercise should not force my body, but consciously open its bliss, smooth movement and natural function, breathing deeply.

These images show the principle applied in proportional balance – the flower of Life.  However, we live in a living Universe of Asymmetry.


Develop this interesting idea which has been around for a month or so, here.  Imagine circles or spheres. The curve of the viral circumference enters the curve of the human circumference.  It is similar to a partial eclipse.  The vesica pisces is at first tiny.  Exponentially the oval expands “as above so below” during the period the viral body moves through the collective human body.  It grows swiftly at first, and on this basis I guess, most statistical predictions are made and graphs are drawn.

Predictions whether material or occult tend to be made from the observed culture in a single snap-shot or slide.  They have to be made continuously over the whole period of growth and decrease to encompass the phenomenon in the fourth dimension.  With that understanding the vaccine can be developed.  By then, the viral graph is waning!

I don’t know if the researchers regard the virus in this way – a sphere passes through the human sphere and occludes a portion of it as the shadow increases and then decreases.  It is unlikely that it is a full eclipse.  However it is probably destined through the Law of Hesed and Gevurah (see Kabbalah Tree below) to bite; to stay with us for a period sufficient to start to dismantle and equilibrate the human industrial excess.

Look into Nature and the mystery of Gaia’s Law and order; how it breathes, how it expands with Hesed and contracts with Gevurah.  The human hive will reconstruct itself rapidly.  There may follow a new wave of the same virus or a fresh virus or some other factor in the general reduction of our species’ speed.   The brakes are put on and the force against them is huge at first.  It is all ultimately to do with Balances and realignment to universal biorhythm.  It is rapid but in our scale it takes time.   The Change is here: the tip-point.


Archangel Mikael – in renaissance art, the expanding oval in the vesica pisces housed angelic figures and the Madonna.


I register this insight profoundly.

Astrologically I have Pluto in Leo 12th House (stay indoors, go within) and Saturn in Virgo 1st House (obey the rules when I go out.)   Pluto dismantles and transmutes infrastructure (centrifugal); Saturn builds boundaries around the continuous result (centripetal).

The full ripening of their interplay in my life arrives in my 8th decade together with the collective coronavirus crisis.  This year the South node, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto transit my full-moon natal Sun in 24 Capricorn – my 71st birthday.  With the Moon joining the stellium on 17 March just before Equinox, the coronavirus situation intensified.


Conference of creatures, 1987


There are at least two levels of vaccine.  The one is developed by experiment in chemical laboratories.  The other – I now perceive – develops a full curve of  “the understanding” with Covid19.  This may be inbuilt, and manifest as an apparent immunity, or lack of symptoms.

A vaccine gives a dose of the disease sufficient to arouse reactive antibodies against it before it grips the body.  “The understanding” doses itself homoeopathically with the disease’s rise and fall as a fluid shaping.  The conscious understanding contains the “before” and the “after” in the present.  The antibodies in the energy field are small geysers of joy, gratitude and love for others.  The disease finds outlet for its expression in this way.  Around the world this is happening spontaneously.  Our fear of suffocation, isolation and death unites us in the Life.

Watch any part of the sea’s surface: the movement of the waves against, through and with each other.

The full compass of “the understanding” is compassion and social empathy, wherever we are placed – in a refugee camp or in our family home.  Being scientific is at root, “self-knowledge” for the etymological seed of “science” is “to know”.   The virus attacks etheric and physical imbalance within the system.  Its action generates a massive flow of “soldiers” (in alchemy).  That rush when it cannot be “understood” or governed is probably what overwhelms the lungs.  From what I have heard, it blocks the breath with dry mucus.

Of interest in this light, in the Aurobindo canon is the Mother’s account of her experience in 1919:   Surely, she healed many others, in turning this one around in herself; for at the cellular level we are all one.



When I write in this way I feel and am working with the disease as it passes through me. I am reciprocally “flooding it” with my tempo of the understanding.

“The understanding” which Ramesh Balsekar talked about is Wisdom – the innate wisdom of the Universe – a universal solvent or re-balancing.   With “the understanding” we move with the world.

Wisdom and Understanding.


Ramesh and devotee, 1999


The Kabbalahsociety circulated earlier this week, a new coronavirus Tree of Life to show the general principles.

Tree of Life – Coronavirus – by   From within the Tree we observe our  choice – to look down or to look up?    The viewpoint is from each of the three transformative levels – physical, self and visionary – in Tifareth, the heart of the Tree of Life.   We start where the condition is earthed – in our body’s response. Then we move deeper and higher through ourselves into the vision of global rebalancing at Kether.   Tifareth the sphere of Beauty encompasses the whole movement of root and shoot.

View the situation as a Kabbalist.

I wrote earlier in this post of the waxing and waning “partial eclipse” of human body as virus “body” passes over it:  the vesica pisces where two circles of spheres overlap.

With the Tree of Life I am reminded of the crescendo (Hesed) containing the inevitable decrescendo or contraction (Gevurah): the universal interplay of expansion and restraint throughout nature.   All things follow the Law:  arise, settle, change and fade.


A Tree by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi, demonstrating the structure and work of an esoteric School

Tree of Life Sefiroth and Paths showing the Tarot Arcana


Seek and find again and again the springs – the glad sources within our being, at Tifareth. I feel something at the back of my upper chest – it is like when I throw off a cold.  It is time to dance again.


It is amazing how the dance reflex is working now.  My favourite is Dead Can Dance – the  track “Towards the within” is pagan, wild, sensuous and worshipfully mysterious.  Call up the beautiful “earth snakes”.  Slow tai chi motion too.

If you are still with me, here is a link to this week’s Covid19 contemplation in my Aquariel blog, and to my recent posts with the Gene Keys:

Last night we clapped at 8 for the NHS and lit up the streets!  As with Greta last year, it took one little girl to tweet the idea; it bush-fired around the country – we all got The Clap – with music from house to house and dancing:  Virally yours!


Little girl with Lighthouse, 1956





My adventure invites fellow travellers. I am a poet, an artist and a seer. I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom. See also Aquariel and Gene Keys Diary.

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‘Shakti Rising’ – the original Drawings

The Sanskrit words Maha and Vidya translate to “Great Wisdom”.

Dr Kavitha Chinnaiyam’s book “Shakti Rising” was published in 2017 and you can find it on Amazon.  Earlier that year she asked me to do the illustrations for it.  They are included here under copyright.

It was a wonderful opportunity to reacquaint myself with the Mahavidyas – the Ten Wisdom Goddesses.  I had been inspired by them previously in David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri’s) “Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses”.

In this new post I will collect together the illustrations in Kavitha’s book, as well as some background images for a fresh angle on the creative process!

Kavitha combines her distinguished career in cardiology with teaching Yoga and meditation.  She introduces her Shakti Rising facebook community:  “This group is about radical self-discovery through the divine feminine. In this safe place, we can share anything knowing that it will be held in mutual love and respect.

The group practices meditation and develops the momentum of Kavitha’s work through questions, insights and sharing.

This sketch invoking Saraswathi Vedic goddess of the arts, creativity and learning, was done many years ago. Does she remind us of anyone?   3,000 years ago, the Saraswathi River in north west India flowed through the centre of Vedic culture and wisdom.  The river dried up into the desert of Rajasthan and became a deity, but its bed was recently rediscovered by archaeologists, and flows again. Saraswathi’s consort is Brahma.


My medium for the drawings in Shakti Rising is the simplest one: pencil and Bic biro.  Here is a chance to see the original scans, smudges and all – with pauses in the visual narrative, for fresh imagery.  My art combines European and Indian roots with Renaissance and the ancient world.  At the time I did the Mahavidya drawings there was intense “disappointment” and pain in the world’s political crust: yet their power rivered up through me with an alternative and forward-looking Vision.

In re-invoking them now, I feel this same uplift brings together the deep roots of the Goddess east and west; her mountains, caves and rivers.  As we breathe and liberate the Mahavidya in all Her weathers and mysteries … she cradles us in Her freedom.  Take courage!

This is a drawing of my grandmother in circa 1946, on a Moroccan beach. She and my grandfather were giving servicemen a day off from their Gibralter barracks. One of them recalled, “Helen looked like a marble statue come to life, her hair curling, her arms shining, she walked by the frilly waters, and when Jim saw her he told her she looked like a goddess and she said, ‘I know.’

By way of background, here are two copies of Botticelli’s Pallas Athene with Centaur – a painting I associated from early childhood with my grandmother, who inspired me with these Renaissance models.  The one on the right is done with my left hand.  Click on either one to view:


Dr Kavitha Chinnaiyam bridges modern medicine to the elder archetypes and healing powers of Kundalini Shakti.  She encourages us to rediscover our unfettered female beauty through the disciplines of Yoga, Mantra and Puja.  These practices attune and refine our being to the Shakti frequency, helping us to face and transform the shadows of our subconscious conditioning. Her work is a mountain-spring through the ground for men and women to realise collective human health and parenting.  Let us gather together …

You will find some of these ten Mahavidyas are wild, extravagant, untamed and elemental – especially Kali, Tara and the fiery Bhairavi.  Awaken the creative process!

Tarot Key 8: the singing Lion within each of us is gentled forth to speak. This is the card of Soul Strength or “Fohat” – a word for the limitless Light.


The joy of the rising feminine power in nature still meets the engine of patriarchal distortions in the world.  This is inevitable.  We human beings as men and women sustain deep, separative wounds of conditioning in our individual and collective psyche. Mother Nature in her seasonal manifestations within the evolutionary biosphere may appear at first to resist growth in order to strengthen and deepen the root.

Sacred India Tarot – publ. Yogi Impressions 2011: the Queen of Staves or Wands represents SVAHA, the goddess of awakening: (see Chinnamasta mantra in D.Frawley’s work, mentioned below).  SVAHA is pronounced at the cadence of some of the longer mantras, to release the shakti.  Svaha!  Awaken!


And now: the Mahavidyas.

Ganesh is the Lord of Obstacles.  His blessing is invoked at the beginning of each commercial enterprise or creative activity.  Ganesh the elephant god, involuntary offspring of Siva and Parvati, and brother to the transcendent Skanda, “unlocks the throat of poets.” So he is often depicted playing the flute.  To him are offered loving sweets and incense.  His vehicle is the wily and intelligent Rat.  On his brow is drawn the Siva Shakti Yantra:  two yoni triangles descend through one male lingam (upward).

In fact I did not draw this Ganesh until I had almost completed Mother Kali:  then I was nudged to do so – how could I have forgotten?

Ganesh is immensely difficult to draw, combining animal, child-human and divine anatomy – a challenging initiatory obstacle for any artist! – as I found with my repeated erasures, disproportions and re-tries.

Below is my first “practice” drawing of Kali – in charcoal and touches of chalk on tinted sugar-paper:

I was experimenting with media:  but generally I prefer line, and it is easier to reproduce.  Siva is aware in blissful deep sleep:  she absorbs his electricity and crackles.  Her seer was Ramakrishna: her city is Calcutta whose river Hugli – a branch of the Ganges delta – flows into the Bay of Bengal.

Next I sketched her this way – in ferocious glee!  Kavitha emailed to me various traditional versions.   I was not happy with this sketch, and at first I put it away.  Lord Siva looks as if he wishes to lie-in for a bit longer.


At about that time, a joke entered:  to illustrate my friend Tony’s Cat-a-Log for his exhibition.  Our goddess looks perplexed, floating on the subconscious sea.  Behind her and to the left the charcoal flurry suggests Ganesh waving his trunk – perhaps reminding me to do him first?


GALLERY ONE (below) – click on any smaller image to view or enlarge. These are Mahavidya Kali, Tara (sketch), Mahavidya Tara, two versions of Mahavidya Tripura Sundari and Mahavidya Bhuvaneshwari.  The deities supporting Tripura Sundari’s throne in version 2 were squeezed up together by xerox, scissors and glue, to fit the book’s format!

I recommend to you Kavitha’s book for their sadhana, integration and practice.  I will just mention here, that Kali is an elemental force;  Tara is a wild lass; Tipura Sundari invites with pure alluring Beauty, and Bhuvaneshwari bestows the Wisdom.  They express the light and shadows of our inner nature.


The graceful weight of Tipura Sundari’s great beauty awakens Siva’s sense of humour.  The gods supporting their plinth are (from left to right) the trimurti Siva, Brahma and Vishnu – destruction, creation, preservation – with Siva in his prehistoric character as Rudra the Wild Hunter.  They flank the Sri Chakra Yantra, Nature’s mandala upon nine strings.

The painting of figs in this sequence is an illustration for D H Lawrence’s long poem “Figs”.


I include in GALLERY 2 (below) Anthony Wigg’s portrait of a Cyclopean woman, and another fig.  In many versions of the fiery Mahavidya Bhairavi, she has severed Siva’s head: while he in his Rudra the Wild Hunter consciousness looks on, presaging the self-beheaded Chinnamasta .   Kavitha asked me to remove Rudra and restore Siva’s head.  These three versions show the careful rotation of his body, as if during birth.

Mahavidya Chinnamasta – meaning “severed head”  also has two versions.  I used a drawing I did about 12 years ago, and added Chinnamasta’s three devotees.  Ecstatic, headless, thought-free, she drinks pure Consciousness, absorbing Kundalini from the lovers who earth the lightning-flash.  Her seer in the 1930s was the poet Ganapati Muni, spiritual brother to Ramana Maharshi.  Another of her names is Vajra Vairocani,”the effulgent lightning bolt of pure perception.” David Frawley (of Ganapati Muni’s lineage) gives this version of her Mantra: Om srim hrim hrim aim vajra-vairocaniyai hum hum phat Svaha!  

Those bell-notes awaken non-dual consciousness. He writes, “Srim is a mantra of beauty and light. Hrim is the mantra of inner transformation. Her Name is the  lightning of realisation. Hum gives the power to cut through illusions. Phat concentrates the force of the mantra.  Svaha (Awakening) offers it to the inner fire of awareness.  Bhairava the fierce form of Siva, is the seer of her mantra, as well as Bhairavi’s.”

Thus, the mutual exchange of Mahavidyas Bhairavi and Chinnamasta.

I find it best to view and close the images one by one, rather than sequentially inside the gallery, where the line sometimes tends to blur.

Of all the Mahavidyas, the one I most enjoyed drawing was Dhumavati, the elder grandmother or crone.  She was done in less than a day.  She carries a sieve and she rides a chariot flanked by two Saturnine crows.  Meeting her again, her wisdom nourishes me in the strange, immortally changing flesh.  I find it wonderful how the wild ecstatic Chinnamasta is followed in the sequence by Dhumavati: out of ageless Mystery speaks the fountain of youth.


Here is my sketch and finished drawing of Mahavidya Bagalamukhi and her suitor – the logical mind.  What is your story?


Mahavidya Matangi has an extraordinary presence – she resonates with Saraswathi at the beginning of this post.  Her seed vibration is “HRIM” – the inner transformation through creative expression.


In this smaller sequence are:  a painting my daughter did at five years old for her great-grandfather – Jumping over the fire for Persian new year equinox – photos of Rose and Silver-birch – and a Black panther. In the Vidya we integrate primordial resources of childhood, the fiery heart, the animal kingdom and earth.   These pictures remind me that when my daughter was a child she had a dream one night that she met a Great Cat – a tiger, panther or lion. She kept still and they gazed quietly into each other’s eyes.

And finally, Mahavidya Kamalakshmika – With Lakshmi, goddess of the hearth, and of prosperity, she remains as ever Kali !

The wild fires of Kali, Bhairavi and Chinnamasta, the music of Tripura Sundari, Bhuvaneshwari and Matangi, the challenging passion of Bagalamukhi and the ancient wisdom of Dhumavati flow everlastingly sweet within her being.  Desire ripens to serenity. The Elephants return; she rides the lotus.


And from a neighbouring Wisdom School:

Tibetan Dakini – re-drawn from an unknown original





My adventure invites fellow travellers. I am a poet, an artist and a seer. I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom. See also Aquariel

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Kali in the Spring – a Contemplation

In this free improvisation on a pair of Kali Yantras, Western and Eastern Mandala traditions alike share the sacred geometric form and its Tantric alchemy. My next post will feature my original illustrations of the Yoga Wisdom Goddesses or Mahavidyas – including Kali – for Kavitha Chinnaiyan’s thoughtful book and teaching: “Shakti Rising”. The book was published in 2017,

Here is a sketch of Mother Kali’s ecstatic great lover, the Bengali saint Ramakrishna:


Early writings from Journal – 3 October 2010

Outside there is a gale. The house is a ship.  Today I contemplate the two Kali Yantras my friend in Australia sent.

Mother Kali’s four gated field is red. Eight rose/lotus petals with indigo stems encircle a big black sphere. Inside the black sphere is a Tetrahedron: five white womb triangles with a white bindu or apex, point towards you all her dark, cosmic power: AMA the dark womb is herself so powerful she is almost Yang.

(February 2019 – I drew for today this freehand copy:)

Marriage of Tetrahedrons

In the East and in Platonic wisdom the Tetrahedron is nature’s most stable form. Whether the apex points downwards (female/Shakti triad) or upwards from baseline (male/Siva triad), the Triad is produced to rest on any of its four sides.  No wonder that in the Western Mystery tradition J H V H is named Tetragrammaton, with the hidden fourth-dimension factor which seeds it.

In the Tetragrammaton cycles of YOD HEH VAV HEH, the second-HEH grows from centre of the triangle YOD HEH VAV, giving birth to new YOD, new cycle. So the second HEH in the cycle is pregnancy! The letter HEH in Tetragrammaton has the female function, but in Tarot Alphabet, HEH’s character is male, assigned to Aries and the Emperor. The Yin is so filled with fertility, she comes forth as the Son, the Yang.



The strange potency conjoins man and woman, of whom the most uncompromisingly transformative is woman.

I begin to get a feel of Kali, her luminously dark velvet field, her awesome sexual shout, her red tongue, her necklace of skulls …  In today’s first Yantra (Yangtra!), the womb triangle/tetrahedron accommodates Siva’s fiery light through her body, without disturbing the total blackness of her sphere.

Mother Kali in India needs strong devotees, for she upsets their lives and floods their villages. Ramakrishna of Bengal embodied her devoted Tantric playfellow . And he was a crazy wisdom, often off his head.

Ramakrishna in samadhi, 1879


Perhaps Kali arouses a man’s chaotic feminine oracle, but in a woman she becomes peace, a peace with gleaming eyes, white, black, red, softening to indigo rose violet in her valleys.

Kali is the wild weather that flows from the Himalayas.

One of the tributaries of Ganges is Kali Gandaki, which flows from the Tibetan watershed between those regal 8,000 metre consorts Dhaulagiri and Annapurna – the man and the woman, each is a mountain range. Dhaulagiri is priapic and dramatically visible. Annapurna is mostly concealed behind a vast shadowing cirque of Nilgiri or cloud mountains.


Ganges is a royal water serpent through the plains.
Supposedly, my natal Neptune in Libra (square Jupiter in Capricorn) epitomises my life-long offerings to Dhaulagiri and Annapurna.

Kali is a Seer.


Siva Kali detail – Sacred India Tarot 2011

Kali 13, sacred india tarot publ.Yogi Impressions 2011


A word on Yantra …
Yantras are geometrical constructs of Tantra – an art of touch and fluid union. One of Tantra’s translated meanings is “the web” or connectivity.  In these sketches I romp through a few Western forms and symbols of Yantra:




PART TWO – October 2010


Six is the lily, with a six starred sun inside. The man blossoms into feminine. The Lovers are soul triads which marry. Consider the lilies of the field, they toil not, nor do they spin. Solomon in all his glory is not as these.

Within the Flower of Solomon’s Seal or Shield, Solomon in all his glory is the Temple and the intuition. The Star of David – Solomon’s son? or father? – is ABEN, the Stone: the fluidity of the Philosopher’s stone or elixir: the Seal becoming the son.

Lilies grow with the roses in the Magician’s garden. The rose is grown from the heart of the Cross formed of six squares: the rose is wrapped  within the Cube of Space.

The rose has multiples of five petals – her cultivation and extravagance.

Five is the female rose, pentagonal star of humankind representing the five limbs or senses.  Red is the colour-tone of Mars and of desire. “Five” suggests 1+4, 14 the gematria (number) of DVD (in Hebrew, dovid) the Beloved; and also of Gold – the work of the Sun.


The latin Cross (it folds up into a cube) is the field. The Star is higher consciousness. The inner Pentagram is humankind, and the root, flower and seed of human desire.

Kali the goddess is black and fierce. In Kabbalah she might be seen as Binah’s AMA, the dark womb.

The Chamundra Kali Yantra has five pink-red petalled concentric waves: the centre one is a Seal of Solomon (double Tetrahedron) coloured red – inside a white octagon of two squares. Like the great Sri Chakra Yantra, she draws inward and flows outward simultaneously: very quiet and at peace. She opens from inside a black field of Four Gates.

So she also expresses the Akasha Tejas tattva, or (in the western School) the whole Tree of Life inside an egg (field) of AIN SOF, the Endless. With six in the middle, she emanates as five rings, and is enclosed in a field of four.


(February 2019 – Like the other Kali Yantra in this post, I draw it for myself.  To embody Her birth-giving energy, I copied the computer-generated  version  I was sent.  The physical contact allows Nature’s irregularities to occur – as blown by wind and wave.)

Yantras are fertile seeds and signs. They need to be seen four-dimensionally – that is, as a tree or fountain.  They rise through the orbital system or cross-sectional rings of time.  They suggest the growth of the tree from root and shoot, encompassing all its seasons, seeds and bird-life.  This Yantra has Priapus in the centre, 8-pointed, white and red, surrounded by four pulses (orgasmic time-rings) of the Rose, and then again by the Cube of Space which is black. Priapus contains the feminine of the male flower, and at the heart is a white bindu. So, the Chamundra Yantra is Mother Kali’s kundalini shakti or kus. How sweetly these things translate.

And … in this light, this Yantra, a drawing to come some day, and how to see it? – how Siva couples with this full-blown dark-rose kus of Kali. Siva is nearly always painted white, though sometimes he has a peacock-blue throat. His is a Yogic phallus. He sits in Yoga (union) and it points up within him, and inside him there is Mother Kali absorbing it all, and creating a wild, rumbustious universe.

Any such focus is good, for holding the mind quiet. The Yantra is held loosely, lightly in my being. Note how between the dark-rose outward petalling, the Akashic space lightens from black through indigo to sky. BINAH – the cosmic sphere of Understanding: stand-under the waterfall.


The above is some writing I discovered from nearly ten years ago.

Below is the sketch and my original portrait of Kali in 2016 for Kavitha’s book “Shakti Rising“.  See my next post for originals of the other nine yogic Mahavidyas.

Sketch for Kali in “Shakti Rising” by Kavitha Chinnaiyam

Mahavidya Kali: in “Shakti Rising by Kavitha Chinnaiyam





My adventure invites fellow travellers. I am a poet, an artist and a seer. I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom. See also Aquariel

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Ganapati Muni’s Science of Mantra – Part Four

In this concluding post of the series, Ganapati Muni’s commentary elucidates the forms of Skanda and Indra which bear the mantra’s sound-wave, Sabda Brahman, seeing them realised in his spiritual brother and mentor, Ramana Maharshi of Arunachala.  See also the three preceding posts, and search “Puranas” on this blog for a racy account of the Skanda mythology.

Note: the god Skanda is also known as Kumara, Murugan (or Subrahmanya) and Krtikkai.


the Muni on tiger skin photo xerox copy

Third Chapter:  The Vedic Mantra of Guha
by Ganapati Muni

We have commented upon the two Tantric Mantras of the master Ramana. Yet his Mantras are found even in the Veda. Amongst them, here is a clear cut Mantra of Bhagavan:

“Vrsa jajana vrsanam ranaya
tamu cinnari naryam sasuva.
Prayah senanir adha nrbhyo astinah
satva gavesanah sa dhrsruh.”

  • The seer is Vasishtha. The Deity is Indra and the metre is Trishtubh.
  • vrsa is “Rudra who is of the form of Sabda Brahman”. He is vrsa because “he pours down (varsati) the special knowledge”;
    vrsanam “the God who showers down flames ranavya for battle”.
    To wage war brings forth the meaning vrsa jajana – (Rudra)
  • Tamu –  the way God, u, is indeclinable (without inflexions) – suggests the loftiness of the Name with which it is closely associated
  • nari cit is the divine Force: cit is indeclinable, used to denote the indescribable.
    If nari is derived from nara, men, then the word nari (feminine) means the Kundalini sakti hidden in man. (*)
  • sasuva“is produced”. In what way ? Naryam“born amongst men” – are the leaders, or perfected beings.
* Nari is feminine (nari-kundalini)

SITA 2 of lotuses



“Kundalini sakti in the body of perfected man produces for ‘battle’
Indra’s form within the fire of astra from Sabda Brahman.”

God, taking birth, “becomes the commander – senanih – of the armies of the Gods”.
The third and fourth lines of the verse conclude:

  • adha nrbhvo asti“and a helper to their leaders”
  • inah (means) svami“the Master”,  
  • satva “is the possessor of sat, of Truth”
  • gavesanah “seeking out”
  • sa “the acclaimed God”
  • dhrsruh, “assailer of all foes.”
Arunachala, inner path

Arunachala, inner path

To read here that Indra is being referred to and not Subrahmanya (Skanda), presents no problem. The ‘ordinary’ name for the fire of astra is Indra, and Kumara (Skanda) is the special name.

In what way ordinary? or special?   For instance, the common name for the sun is Light, but his special or personal name is Surya.

Indra denotes broadly, all ideas of multi-faceted strength.(18)

According to a thing’s true nature, each facet of it has separate specific or ‘special’ names.   In the Veda and the Brahmana it is well-known that Indra is the god of strength. The fire of astra is a powerful and mighty concept, for which, combined with supreme Lordship,  Indra’s name (as the ‘ordinary’) is appropriate. The commanding fire of astra is described specifically as Kumara.   There exists another reason beyond all this, which we shall submit later.

18 Indra denotes the strong lord, as in Mahendra, Kavindra, 
Munindra, etc.
Sacred India Tarot - Indra and Garuda

Sacred India Tarot – Indra and Garuda



When the world was afflicted by powerful Asuras, the Gods begged and prayed to Brahma the Creative power for relief.   Brahma replied the young Kumara (Skanda) born of Rudra from Gauri would destroy the Asuras. Later Kama the god of lust was sent by the Gods to incline ascetic Rudra towards the idea of progeny. Kama was burnt up (by one look from Rudra’s third eye). Thereupon, the young Gauri did tapas. Attracted to the severity of her tapas (spiritual effort) Rudra married her. Uniting with her, he ejected his seed upwards. The seed took shelter successively in the fire, in the water and in the stalk of sara grass, and finally became the young one, Kumara.

Parvati(Gauri) and Siva with Ganapati and Skanda

Parvati(Gauri) and Siva with Bull Nandi and their children Ganapati and Skanda. Ganapati’s vehicle is the rat, and Skanda’s is the peacock.

In other words:   All human means were futile to conquer the Asura race (of demons) who devastated the world by the strength of their maya.   Here we should take the Asura race as a specific, or special human type; in the world of men the Kingdom of Asuras became perpetual.  (A problem cannot be solved with itself; the higher octave has to be called in.) The Gods gave astra, wisdom (*) to the seers, in order to destroy the Asuras. With the destruction of the Asuras, the Kingdom of the devotees of God became once more established on earth.

Sacred India Tarot Siva Ace of Lotuses


Sacred India Tarot - Siva tests Parvati with a Mask - Version 3

This story is related by Itihasa in a covert manner. When the jiva does tapas, firstly kama, desire, is burnt by the glory of tapas.   We should not forget the fact, that the state of  tapas is  poised in the effulgence of Sabda Brahman.   Though desire is burnt up in its gross form, it prevails in the seed form, and impels the Kundalini sakti, called Gauri (or Parvati), to perform tapas.   About Kundalini being called Gauri, it is said in the Upanishad: “pita bhasatyanupama.” (19)     Gauri’s form of Kundalini is fairly wellknown in the Tantra. By her tapas, the Sabda Brahman manifests.

The whole purport is that the form of the Supreme Vak (pronunciation, divine speech) becomes capable of experiencing.   When Kundalini herself, reunited with Sabda Brahman, performs tapas, the sound vibration (energy) manifests.   It impels the energised sound in the sky, and becomes the astra.

The seed of Sabda Brahman is cultured in the fire of muladhara (root) and the nectar of the head (sahasrara) – these are said to be its consecutive sojourns in Agni and in Ganga. (20)

The manifestation in the stalk of sara grass has been described in the Second Chapter.

We have to take the Asuras as belonging to all times, not as born in a particular period.   Itihasa’s aim is to propound an all time truth.

* - or Awareness

19 - Gauri, lit. "of golden yellow colour." The Narayana 
Upanishad says "Yellow, like an atom, she shines."

20 - In the subtle body, the centre at the base of the spine 
is muladhara and the centre at the top of the head is 
sahasrara. Muladhara is the seat of Fire, while sahasrara 
is the seat of the moon wherefrom the nectar flows.
As Ganga is the celestial river, she symbolises the nectar 
in sahasrara while Agni is the element in muladhara. The seed 
of the Sabda Brahman passes from muladhara to sahasrara, and 
has its sojourn in both centres before it manifests. 

This is the meaning of the Puranic story that Skanda is 
born from Agni as well as from the Ganga.
Gauri - Parvati - being pestered by sages

Gauri – Parvati – being pestered by sages



Well, is it not to destroyTaraka that Skanda is born? Is Taraka a historical personage?

No. Yet, Tarakasura represents a truth. Taraka is death, one who (as the ferryman) takes across –   tarati – all men. (20A)   In both ways, Guha (in heart’s cave) conquers Death. By granting Self knowledge, he conquers death, the lack of awareness which causes samsara.   By the strength of the astra, he conquers death, the desire of his foes.   It is said in the Puranas that the Tripura Asuras are sons of this same Taraka.   The Tripura Asuras are none other than the three bonds. (21) Their father is lack of awareness.   That is, we fall from the Self into the body – into the idea (of being separate), of considering it as the self.

20A See also tara, goddess of time

21 The Three Bonds are the three pasas from which release is 
sought from Varuna by the Vedic Rishi. In the later Tantra, 
these take the form of the three granthi knots in the subtle 
body: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.
Asura Lord (Demonic)

Asura Lord (Demonic)



How do the words commander of armies in the Mantra signify ‘commander of armies of the gods?’   Indra, the King of Gods, becomes in this context their commander. This is made clear in another Mantra:

“Indra asem neta brha spatir      Let Indra be the leader. Let Brhaspati
dakshina yajnah pura etu somah           go in front, Dakshina, the sacrifice, and Soma
Devasenanam abhibhanjatinam     Let the Maruts march in the forefront
jayantinam maruto yatvagram.”    of the army of the Gods that demolish and conquer

Rig Veda X.103.8

This Mantra is mentioned in the chapter on astra. Also, the word ina in the Mantra became later on in the common parlance the word svami, (22) Master.

“Vavrajasim anadatir adabdha     He moved all round the seven mighty ones
divo yahvir avasana anagnah     of Heaven; undevouring, inviolate.
Sana yatra yuvatayah, sa yonir        neither were they clothed, nor were they naked;
Ekam garbham dadhire sapta vanih.”   here, young and eternal in one native land
the seven Voices held in their womb the one Child

Rig Veda III.1.6. (Sri Aurobindo’s translation)

Sapta vanih are the Seven metres* in Sanskrit poetry.   The birth of Agni as this Mantra is nothing other than the fire of astra.   This is revealed in the hymn of Agni in the sense of burning: but not with the idea of physical fire.

22 - Svami is one of the principle names of Skanda.

* - The seven metres represent also seven stars in the 
Pleiades constellation, the 'natural mothers' of the child 

Gauri Siva's bride was the daughter of the Himalaya. She is
also known as Parvati in the Puranic cycle. The river
Ganga, lit by the seven stars and the moon,"poured down"/
descended through Siva's matted dreadlocks in their love-play.
As stated earlier, neither the fire (Agni) nor the water 
(Ganga) could receive his seed. It finally came to rest
in the stalk of the mantric sara grass. From the mythology
we gain some idea of the elemental power of mantra. 
See previous post - Part Three.

Skanda as Muruganar and Krttikai (pleiades)

Skanda as Muruganar and Krttikai (pleiades

Another version of this tale is Siva's seduction of the 
wives of seven Rishis (seers) in the forest. Entering 
the heart of the fire (Agni) to which the women came to 
warm themselves,Siva impregnated them through their hair 
follicles, causing chaos in the ashram. The seed could
not be held by them, or by fire or by water, until it 
came to rest in the grass; then Gauri's breasts filled,
and the world rejoiced, unknowing as yet where the 
divine child with six heads lay.


Ganapati Muni saw in his spiritual brother Ramana 
Maharshi, the effulgence of Skanda the warrior of light who
delivered us from Taraka. Ramana taught Self-enquiry which 
dismantles the mind and quests consciousness:  the "I ... I".


Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi

Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi




Now we must say a word about the individualised Personality of the maya (23) form of Brahman with attributes, which is known as Subrahmanya.

We say that Indra alone is Guha’s form pertaining to the Gods. This is because Agni, the energy of sound-vibration is in the middle region; and Indra is the Lord of the middle region. This is proven in the Aranyaka when, referring to Indra, it closes with the words, Subrahmanyam, Subramanyam.

Indra’s Vedic fame as the War God, lends additional support.

What is Siva’s form among the Gods? It is Indra only. If it is said, that as father and son they are one and the same, this is correct. The only difference to note, is regarding the hidden Sabda Brahman and the manifest sound vibration. The relationship of father and son is mentioned to specify Siva and Subrahmanya (Skanda).

What is Ganapati’s form among the Gods? It is Indra only. If it is said, that as brothers Ganapati and Subrahmanya are one and the same, this is correct. The only difference to note, is that regarding the perfected mantra within, and the astra Agni impelled by it. The fraternal relationship demonstrates that first the mantra is born from Sabda Brahman; then the astra Agni.     Through the concept of Ganapati, we explain Brihaspati and Brahmanaspati. (24)

What is lightning’s form pertaining to the Gods?   It is Indra only.   Here he has a unique quality. Indra is named as the deity of Lightning.

storm in devon:daily mail

There are other great conceptual facets in the middle region, with Indra as their deity. They are not mentioned here, as we would have to go into a lot of detail.

23 Maya - form - the form that we measure out of the 

24 Ganapati, Brihaspati and Brahmanaspati - all three names 
denote the same Godhead in the Veda of the famous Rik 
"Gananam tva ganapatim lawamake ..." 

Brishaspati - Lord of the letters; Brahmanaspati - Lord of 
the Mantras. Brahma means both letter and mantra in the veda. 
Ganapati Lord of tantra, and these two names, denote the 
same Godhead.


doorstep pattern tiru j&d7

Doorstep chalk pattern at dawn in Tiruvannamalai




By means of whichever portion of energy the Lord Indra descends into awareness, the descent bears that specific or personal Name.  

Indra’s descent as a portion of the lightning bears his own name. His descent as a portion of Sabda Brahman is named Rudra. His descent as the force of Tantra is known by the name Ganapati, and his descent as a portion of sound vibration is called Skanda. Ganapati and Subrahmanya (Skanda) are brothers, and they are interdependent.

We have briefly interpreted the three great Mantras of the Master. We shall develop the conceptual truth of Skanda in our Devata mimamsa. (25)

25 - Another of Vasishtha Ganapati Muni's works, where he 
unravels the significances of the Deities

Thus Ends the Third Chapter.


Thus ends the Commentary on the Mantras of the Master,
a work of Ganapati Vasishtha, son of Narasimha
and disciple of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi

shankara gives the vedas copy

The Closing Verse

“Munina srimukhe simhe dive suryendusangame
Suryoparagasamaye bhasyam etadudiritam.”

“In the month Sravana of the year Srimukha
on a new Moon day, at the time of Solar eclipse,
this Commentary was given out by the Muni.”




Muni & family copy 2


1).   Subrahmanya is the one who is born of the auspicious Brahman, that is, Sabda Brahman.

2).   By this we have explained the name Brahma garbha (from the womb of Brahma)

Vide Amara: “Subrahmanya brahma-garbha svami saravanodbhavah”.

3).   Kumara, eternal child. He is born, finishes the work and again vanishes. Again manifests at the time of work. Therefore, he is called the eternal child. In the Veda, in the Hymn to Indra, is mentioned arbhako na kumarakah26 . Also,sadyo jajnano nirinati saturn’.27

4).   By this we have explained the name sanat kumara – sanat always; kumara, young one.

5).   Sanatsujatah also in the same way. sanat, always; sujatah, well born.

6).   Sanandana samanah equal nandanah, son (giver of happiness) to Rudra along with Ganapati.

7).   Sanakeh, eternal.

Thus these four names denote one and the same person. Perhaps because of their different manifestations, it appears they were mentioned as four (28) .

26 The youth like a little child

27 Born at once, he demolishes the foes.

28 The four disciples of Shiva as Dakshinamurti: Sanaka, 
Sanandana, Sanatkumara and Sanatsujata. Etymologically they 
have the same meaning and denote one and the same principle.
(See also Sanatanadharma)

Muni on wall copy

Here the Commentary and Appendix by the Muni ends.

We express our grateful thanks to Sri K.Natesan of Ramanasramam for making this rare manuscript available to us, and for his help with the text.   Ganapati Muni’s Commentary on the Mantra of the Master, was recently published by Ramanasramam, along with the first translation into English of Kapali Sastri’s sanskrit Commentary on the Ramana Gita.   Material from this has been utilised for the present work.

For the benefit of English readers, the language and presentation of the Guru Mantra Bhashya text have been slightly adjusted, and translations of Vedic Mantras, that were provided as footnotes, are now incorporated in the text, for easier reference..

J.A. Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK 2002

Arunachala village children

Arunachala village children





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Ganapati Muni’s Science of Mantra: Part Three

by the fire '94 j&d11

CONTINUED FROM PART TWO – the “Guru Mantra Commentary” by Ganapati Muni (see previous post.)

Mantric language is cyclic, rhythmic, primordial. Whether we know any Sanskrit or not, the vibration grows through a commitment of the syllables to archetypal visual images. This passage develops the ASTRAGNI or weapon within the mantra.  In my understanding, only a pure intention may access the metaphysical power of the Word:  otherwise it rebounds.

In Part Two, we bowed to Guru in the heart’s cave. Here in Part Three, the repeated sounding of vacadhbu,  agni, sara, sastra encircle and warm up my path of awe.  I do not know.  Unconfined to the mind, the resonance is received afresh;  I begin again to ascend the mountain at dawn.


Second Chapter: The Enunciation of the Second Mantra

The Muni continues:
In this second chapter, we shall comment on another Tantric mantra of Bhagavan. Here is its verse of enunciation: (No English translation available)

“Sukham krsanuh kilalam
Nidra vari ca vikhyato
Namo mantro vadadbhuvah.”

The letter sa, Sukham happiness;   the letter ra krsanuh, fire; the letter na kilalam, water; the letter va murdhanyah anunasikah;   the letter na nidra, cerebral nasal;   the letter bha vari, sleep;   the letter va, water.(**)

1. Happiness sa
2. Fire ra
3. Water va
4. Cerebral nasal  na
5. Sleep bha
6. Water va

6 point star cube

When these six letters are read together they become sa ra va na bha wa. – “One who is born from the forest of sara”. As there are six letters in this Mantra also, like before, we understand by this the six faces of Skanda. (*)

**- Sri Sankaranarayanan’s translation of this paragraph 
was ambiguous, and K.Natesan apparently overlooked my query 
about it. I have arranged it as best I can, and would welcome the 
advice of an educated Sanskrit reader. J.A.
*- The child Skanda (Kumara)- seed of Agni in the wives of Seven 
Rishis who warmed themselves by the fire - could not be carried 
by wives (goddesses of Krttika the Pleiades constellation) or 
Himalaya mountain or Ganga river, so it fell in a bed of reeds 
(grass). Six parts of the seed joined in this birthplace as one
six headed child; Siva's wife Parvati filled with milk and the 
universe rejoiced - for this child of Siva (through the inter-
mediary of Agni) was destined to defeat the demon of the 
reactive mind, Taraka. 
Skanda's older brother was Ganapati.

Note from Wendy O’Flaherty: ‘Siva the Erotic Ascetic’

ramana embryo

ramana embryo



“One who is born from the forest of sara, a kind of grass”. ASTRAGNI : (astra, missile or weapon invoked with a mantra, agni, sacred fire) – this means “fire of guided missile”. Here, a physical fire born from igniting grass, is not what is meant. If it were, it would not be vacadbhu – born out of the sound vibration (energy). 

The story that the effulgent seed of Rudra placed in the stalk of grass became Kumara, has some deep truth behind it:   Rudra is full of sound. His effulgent seed is the fire born by focussing the perfected astra mantra of a great yogi accomplished in the lore of the astras. It acquires the form of sara, grows, and slays its enemies.

“Vidma sarasya pitaram parjanyam – “We know the father of the SARA,
bhuridhayasam   – Parjanya, liberal nourisher,
Vidmo svasya mataram – we know his mother Prithvi,
prthivim bhurivarpasam. – earth with her manifold designs.

Jyake pari nona masmanam tonvan krdhi – O, Bowstring, bend thyself around us,
Virur variyo ratirapa dvesarasya krdhi.” – make my body stone.
Firm in thy strength, drive far away malignities and hateful things.”    

Aghawa Samkita II. 1. 2.

poppy and wild oat


visual reference, bow-arrow

Sara described in the above two Mantras is a special kind of grass, not an arrow made of bamboo or metal.   This is indicated by saying that its mother and father are the earth and the rain God.   If we say that bamboo also, being a tree, can deserve to be the son of the earth and the rain God, the fourth Mantra in that same chapter, removes any doubt :

Yatha dyam ca prthivim cantas tiethati tejanam
evarogam casravam cantas tisthatu munja it. 

Just as the sharp point stands
between earth and heaven, 

let the munja grass stand between wellbeing and illness.

For the Rose and the Fire are One

Breaking through – For the Rose and the Fire are One

Here by the word munja he deduces the aforesaid sara.   Munja is a type of grass and not bamboo. How could fragile grass be capable of killing enemies without relating to astra, the fire warming the word which an accomplished Mantra fills ? (15)

“Isikam jaratim stva
tilpinjam dandanam nadam
Tamindra idhmam
krtva yamasyagvim niradadhan

He sought the grass, Isika
tilpinja, nada and dandana.
He enriched Indra’s fuel
and the fire of Yama.

Athawa Samhita XII.2.54.

sphere of arrows ja


Isika, Tilpivja, nada are types of grass. Dandanum might be of bamboo. Amongst them isika is a synonym for the sara grass.   Here by the word Indra, the Jiva is meant. As the Veda says: “Rupam Rupam pratirupo babhuva.”16.  He, the perfected Person knows the astra. He bound the isika grass into faggots, and nourished the sages around the fire of Yama, Kala, Time.   This means he expanded and increased that which stood in the sky as the fire of Time.

Time is not different from sound. The sound resonates subtly in the sky and cultures everything.

15- ASTRA from the root AS - to throw; a missile, usually of grass
or any fragile material backed up by a powerful Mantra, 
though astra is loosely translated as an arrow.
Sastra(scriptures) is an arrow, while astra is a weapon backed up 
by the Mantra. 
Here the Mantra is significant, and not the material used as a 

16- "He put his image in every form."
Frank Humphries, Ramana and the Muni

Frank Humphries, Ramana and the Muni


That is why we have said in our Indra Gita:

“Sadvyapakasaktim pranam kathayanti
Vyaktetarasabdam kalam ganayanti.” (17) 

“The pervading force of Existence they call Prana ;
and they reckon as Time the unmanifest Sound.”

17- Indra Gita is one of the compositions of Ganapati Muni
and is included in Gitamala.

 photo of the muni copy


There itself it has been said that Kala, Time, is known by the name of Yama and Rudra.

“Rudram vidureka netarbahulilam
Prahur yamam anye kayam tava kalam.”

“O, Leader, some know you as Rudra of many sports ;
Others call thy body Time, Yama.”

Rudra who is the Sabda Brahman and Time factor pervades the sky. His effulgence impelled by the fire of Mantra becomes the Agni, named astra in the form of sara. This Agni is the Lord, the Commander-in-Chief of the armies, the destroyer of Asuras, the accomplisher of the Divine Purpose. The word isu is formed only from the word isika. The ancients employ the word isvastra to denote astra.

“Isvastram esam devatvam paritranam satamiva
Bhayam vai manuso bhavah parivado satamiva.”       

“Their astra denoted divinity.
It bore divine protection to good people.
Fear is their human aspect to the wicked.”

SITA ace arrows Bhishma blocks the Ganga - Version 4

By esam (*) the Kshatriyas (warriors) are covered. Also the primary name for astra is only isikastra. (See Ramayana and Mahabharata). Though the word sara meant astra, later on by derivative significance, it came to denote the arrow. The word sara is a pointer to the other “faggot bundles” (weapons) of astra.   Principally, the usage is the form “from out of the forest of sara”, saravanabhava.

* esam, a Sanskrit word for prowess (footnote supplied by 

Bhagavan coaxes a devotee



If “Skanda” had these attributes alone, he would be a War God, not the Guru Causal. Yet being the God of war does not deter him from being the Guru Causal. In fact, it helps. The one who manifests the fire of astra, destroying foes, is our inner illumination. He burns away the ties that bind, and reveals the shore beyond darkness.

An effulgence  of sound is inner knowing. By this alone, the Brahmin attains a vision of the Divine.

By the effulgence alone, the Kshatriya (warrior) masters the divine astra. The effulgence is the Brahmanhood of Brahman;  the kingship of the Warrior caste.

And thus ends the Second Chapter.






My adventure invites fellow travellers. I am a poet, an artist and a seer. I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

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Ganapati Muni’s Science of Mantra – Part Two


elephant story copy

My blog includes my “landmarks”, which I archive within the creative process.  As a  western sadhak searching to become more focused, and to plug in to the “dimension”, I am inspired again by Ganapati Muni’s Guru Mantra Bhashyam – it helps to ‘hold my feet on the Path.’

My elder Indian roots go very deep:  the light is in the well.

Adapting the Muni’s mantric analysis (translated from sanskrit by K Natesan) to my understanding, was a landmark about 14 years ago.  It is rather technical; here is (see previous post) the second of four parts – a few readers (including dancing yetis) may find this curious treasure a-musing to mull over.  But if you incline more to neti-neti … then enjoy the pictures!

I am no scholar; but I spent many a lifetime scribing the thoughts of scholars, which I love doing.  My heart caught fire and now dances around it. I found this second part difficult to understand, especially at the beginning, but worth persevering with, as it elucidates the living entities in Mantra, and the salutation to God.  The footnotes include a precise definition of Maya, and Sanskrit “keys” for meditation to nourish the soul.

For some of the Skanda background mythology, search “Puranas” on this blog.


Ramana and the Muni.  A devotee enquired if it were a fact that they used to swim in Pandava tank.  Bhagavan replied, "Yes.  That also was only in those days" (i.e.the Virupaksha Cave period).  We used to try to excel each other in swimming.  That was great fun." (From Suri Nagamma's Letters from Ramanasramam no.59)

Ramana and the Muni. A devotee enquired if it were a fact that they used to swim in Pandava tank. Bhagavan replied, “Yes. That also was only in those days” (i.e.the Virupaksha Cave period). We used to try to excel each other in swimming. That was great fun.” (From Suri Nagamma’s Letters from Ramanasramam no.59)


            HOW THE GODHEAD IS OF THE FORM OF BRAHMAN by Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni

The Mantra’s general meaning has been stated. (see Part One).  Now we enquire into its specific meanings.   If Skanda is a distinct Godhead, how can he be of the form of Brahman? for Brahman is That Supreme which transcends all Gods.

Ramana as Skanda Siva's son - Sacred India Tarot Knight of Staves

Ramana as Skanda Siva’s son – Sacred India Tarot Knight of Staves


(Scroll down a little way for footnotes )

Well then, if we say Brahman is the all, his form as ascribed to Skanda is no contradiction, and the sense of it clarifies.   But this, in worship, is wrong. In worship we should reflect on the object as representing the superior – not confer inferior status onto a superior Subject. That is why Badarayana (7) saysBrahma drstir utkarsat”.  

If you worship Guha(*) in the form of Brahman, you will limit, in the all pervading Brahman, your vision of the pervaded Guha. The misrepresentation will be removed if the following meaning is given: vacadbhuve Om namah “Salutation to Brahman in the form of Guha.” However, it will then be the mantra of Brahman, not of Guha; and this goes against what we set out to establish.

7- Badarayana is the author of the Brahma Sutras. This Sutra 
1V.1.5 says that symbols are to be regarded as Brahman, and not 
vice versa. An inferior object has to be looked upon as 
symbolic of the superior.
*- "Guha means literally the cave of the divine, the secret place, 
Heart cavern. However the Guha mentioned here is in the sense of 
personal God, another name of Skanda"- K.Natesan

5 butterlamp - Version 2


When doubt assails us on both sides, we should clarify the overall meaning as: “Salutation to Guha who in the form of Brahman is Brahmasvarupa”. (i.e. as an image of the immanent and formless Brahman).

Notions of inferior and superior belong to the realm of attributes. In Brahman without attributes or qualities, whence superior or inferior? The notion depends for its existence upon attributes, as also upon differences. If Brahman is the integral Wholeness, then relative to what is His superiority? If He is the all Self, to whom is he superior?   His superior state is experienced through His worldly manifestations, and His inferiority through the ignorant jiva’s limitation (8) .  

Just as Brahman becomes superior by upadhi (9) , so is he also inferior. In the present context, Guha is worshipped, and the worshipper is the jiva. If there is no upadhi, then both (worshipper and worshipped) are of the form of Brahman: therefore they are one. In this undifferentiated reflection, a doubt may arise in the worship as to whether we picture ourself in Guha or Guha in our Self?   It appears logical “to see Guha in our Self”.   The chapter on Worship in the Sutra Brahmadrstir utskarsat (**) relates to Saguna, the God with attributes. There is then no conflict.

8- Jiva - the soul or strand of ego that experiences incarnations
as "its own" memory base in vasanas (Karmic tendencies).

9- Upadhi, conditioning. "A superimposed thing or attribute that 
veils and gives a coloured view of the substance beneath it;
Or - a limiting adjunct, instrument, vehicle, body, a technical 
term used in Vedanta philosophy for any superimposition that gives 
a limited view of the Absolute and makes it appear as the 
relative.  Jiva's Upadhi is Avidya or ignorance.  Isvara's 
Upadhi is Maya or divine hypnosis."     
(Definition from Yoga Vedanta Dictionary/Swami Sivananda)

**- "Brahmadrstir - the view of Brahman. Utskarsat - on account 
of superiority, i.e. being exalted, all should be seen as the 
Supreme Self" - K.Natesan


wei wu wei vi

It is established then, that with and through the Mantra, Guha (as a personal god) in the form of Brahman is worshipped. As Brahman is the universal Self, the Guha image in Brahman emerges.

Here another doubt arises.   It is said that a portion of Guha’s effulgent form which is of the Gods, and is gracious to devotees, may enter well deserving individual souls who have destroyed their erratic tendencies.

Is this an image of Brahman (the formless) with attributes? Or a perfected Person of divine origin?   What distinguishes the two?

The former is the Lord whose body is the entire universe, and who, to favour the devotee, took a divine body by his maya. (10) The latter is an exceptional being who individuated amongst the crores of jivas, and attained a divine body by the excellence of his virtues.

If we say ‘let the Lord himself be Skanda’, we will be faced with the postulate of several other Gods, with nothing to mark out Skanda from among their great and glorious galaxy.   And if we say ‘let him be an exceptional being amongst the jivas’, then the problem of inferiority will crop up. Let it then be said: the Lord alone is Skanda – not an exclusive being amongst the crores of jivas. Thus, we do not postulate several Gods. For the sake of the world’s work, Brahman takes forms by maya in the world, and thus conducts the universe. If mere perfected souls have the capacity to take many forms by maya, what can we say about the all powerful God?

10- MAYA, from ma, to measure, the skill of measuring the
immeasurable, therefore an impossible feat, the intrinsic 
power of the Lord, the marvel.  Later in Vedanta, this word 
came to mean"illusion".  From the same root comes the Mother 
or birthgiver - and also the French word la mer - the ocean.


Click on image and again on ‘view full size’ in gallery

Amongst those forms of God taken by maya for the sake of the world’s work, Skanda’s form pertaining to the Gods is unique. We shall touch on such authoritative forms taken by God through maya.

The votaries of Vishnu claim that “Narayana alone is the form of the Lord pertaining to the Gods”: “the Supreme Shiva alone”, say the Saivites: “none but Ganapati”, proclaim the followers of Ganesh: “Savitr (the sun as creative godhead) is All”, say the worshippers of the sun. Men of Indra say “He alone”;  and “Jesus alone”, claim the Christians:  Allah is One, say the Mohammadans.  Then “he alone is Subrahmanya”, say followers of Skanda.

Furthermore, if one sees the usages in the Veda, like tam i mahe purustutam yahvam pratnabhir utibhih (11) it looks as if another name of Indra is yahva, the Judaeo-Christian Jehovah.  Perhaps ahla da (12) – Allah – is another name for the Person in the orb of the moon.

When such dispute arises among the votaries of various religions, what is the truth? On investigation, the Vedas give us no unanimous answer. Here, as we have hitherto said, we must reconcile distinctions in an overall harmony.

11- "We praise through new hymns, Him (JahveH) 
Who is hymned by all creatures."

12- Ahlada, delight. Moon is the source of delight.
young ramana

young ramana


In this context, here is the Vedic Rik:

“Indram mitram varunam agnim ahur         “They call Him Indra, Mitra, Varuna, Agni atho divyah sa suparno garutman.  and he is the divinely beautiful plumed Garutman Ekam sadvipra bahudha vadant –    One Alone existent; sages speak of it differently. Yagnim yamam matarisvanam ahuh”          They call it Agni, Yama and Matarisvan.”  

                                                                                                          Rig Veda 1.164.46  

On enquiry into the meaning of this mantra, some say these are alternative Names for the One God. Others point out that as the forms taken through maya are diverse, different Names are conceived. The latter view is better. Then only will it harmonise with that of other sages. Here even, the view of the followers of Nirukta that there are just three Godheads, is preferable.(13)

13- Nirukta, the work of Yaska on Vedic etymology.  The three 
Godheads are Agni, Vayu and Aditya


Agni - the sacred fire

Agni – the sacred fire



It is established that Guha’s form, pertaining to the Gods, is specific, amongst the forms taken through maya by Brahman with attributes.

Now in the mantra, the father of Skanda, Agni, is mentioned as vacadbhuh. Who is this? We shall enquire. There are five energies in the world – solar, lunar, electricity, physical fire, and the sound. Sound is not a quality but an energized substance, with the action of movement and the attribute of resonance.

A quality by itself is without action or attribute. The sound caught in a recording instrument is understood as a substance.   When sound is transmitted through an instrument to a great distance, it appears first as energy and then manifests as sound. This illustrates that sound is a vibration, or energized substance. Many Vedic Riks support this view. We shall cite only two mantras as example:

wood grain & cosmic egg

wood grain & cosmic egg

“Ima abhiprano numo vipamagresu dhitayah
Agney socir na didyutah.”

“Here we put forth loudly the words,  
in front of illuminations 
luminous like the blaze of fire.”

(Rig Veda VIII.6.7.) (14)

Here dhitayah are said to be luminous like Agni’s flame. Dhitayah are the words.

14- Alternative translation by Sri K.Natesan for this Mantra: 
"We bow to the syllables, effulgent as Agni, foremost among
those who protect themselves, and others."


trinosofia 2 Lions


“Tam tva marutvati paribhuvadvani sayavari
Naksumana saha dyubhih.”

Sound, the divine Omnipresence
is One in Name 
with the Divine splendours”

            (Rig Veda VII.31.8)

Here vani – the word – is said to have a Name (naksamana)through dyubhih, energies.


Rudra Immerses

Rudra Immerses


This vibration of pervasive sound is also named as Sabda Brahman; the form pertaining to the physicality of the supreme Siva. Its Vedic name is Rudra. Yaska gives the etymology as one who cries, Rudra.   This same sound vibration known as Rudra is mentioned as vacat in the Mantra. When the sense of speech is spiritualised it becomes the manifestation of Sabda Brahman. Thus there is no difference between this vocalisation and Sabda Brahman.

In this manner, Kumara the young one is born from Agni. Here Agni pertains to sound and not to physical matter. The Mantra does not say agnibhuve but precisely, vacadbhuve in order to clearly indicate the truth. Though the word Agni is used in connection with physical fire, it also denotes any form of subtle energy.

Therefore, in the Name, the ordinary meaning flashes. The word vacadbhuva … flashes forth specifically the meaning of energised sound or Agni.


ganapati gives mantra

ganapati gives mantra – into his devotee’s hairy ear, he whispered sabda brahman – the unforgettable sound which never ends


THE MEANING OF SALUTATION Now we shall touch on the salutation itself, and what it signifies in the course of the japa.

There is a doubt here. Should we when repeating the Mantra imagine some divine form of Guha, to contemplate as our prayer?   or is the meaning of the salutation a simple notion that: “you are superior, I am inferior”?   Neither are proper. In both methods, we would with each repetition of the Mantra, resort to the idea that we are different, and imagine some form which is false and of little glory to the Godhead. The nature of our Self would be lost.

There is however, another, third meaning: the salutation is not to the gross body, but to the subtle body. The subtle body is the mind, its place the head. It bows.

trinosofia inner cave of light

trinosofia inner cave of light


Bhagavan the Master has said:

“Kirtyate hrdayam pinde             The Heart is said to be in the microcosm
yathande bhanumandalam         as the orb of the Sun in the macrocosm.
Mavah sahasraragatam bimbam           Like Moon’s disk is mind
candramasam Yatha”                 in the thousand petalled Centre.

                                                                                           Ramana Gita Chapter V.verse 13

When the mind bows down to seek the form of Self placed in the Heart, or to plunge itself into the effulgence of its own form placed in the Heart, this is bowing down, salutation. In both cases, we should not forget to see Skanda as the Self.

The japa of the Mantra thus performed, will seek our own realised Truth. It will not be polluted by any diversity.




Maharshi revealed the whole truth of these two forms of worship in a foot of this verse:  “Hrdi visa manasa svam
cinvata majjata va”           

“Enter into the Heart by the mind which seeks Self 
or which wants to take a plunge.”

                                                                                             Ramana Gita, Chapter II verse 2

trinosofia bird lamp

trinosofia bird lamp


Thus is revealed the meaning of the Mantra:

Om Vacadbhuve Namah

 “I enter or plunge into Bhagavan the Master,
who is the descent of Skanda,
as the true form of my Self”.

 Thus ends the First Chapter.

Sacred India Tarot - Parvati begins spiritual practice





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The Pool of Life


Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral

This post is a partner to yesterday’s Liverpool sketchbooks (for my archive) – Jung’s dream in 1927 of Liverpool.

His pioneering journey into the unconscious was extraordinary and illumined the way for generations to come.  As I and many others travel on his shoulders, the places he visited keep joining up with mine, and feel startlingly familiar.  I had similar dreams of a dark city, mountainous in scale,  with a glowing centre and even a pool or inlet from the sea.  It was  the city of the mind – a many towered labyrinth.   In one of these dreams I was a fish in the pool, and someone threw a line, hooked my nose and flipped me onto dry land.  Ouch!

Here are extracts from the chapter Confrontation with the Unconscious in Jung’s  “Memories, Dreams, Reflections”.  The chapter first describes the creation of the Red Book. Then:

“I began to understand that the goal of psychic development is the self.  There is no linear evolution;  there is only a circumambulation of the self.  Uniform development exists at most, only at the beginning;  later everything points towards the centre .  This insight gave me stability, and gradually my inner peace returned.  I knew that in finding the mandala as an expression of the self, I had attained what was for me the ultimate.  Perhaps someone else knows more, but not I.


Window on Eternity by C G Jung - Red Book

Window on Eternity by C G Jung – Red Book

“In 1927 I obtained confirmation of my ideas about the centre and the self by way of a dream.  I represented its essence in a picture which I called ‘Window on Eternity’.  The picture is reproduced in ‘The Secret of the Golden Flower’.  A year later I painted a second mandala, with a golden castle in the centre.  When it was finished, I asked myself, ‘Why is this so Chinese?’

The Golden Castle by C G Jung - Red Book

The Golden Castle by C G Jung – Red Book


“… Shortly afterwards I received a letter from Richard Wilhelm enclosing the manuscript of a Taoist-alchemical treatise entitled ‘The Secret of the Golden Flower‘, with a request that I write a commentary on it.  I devoured the manuscript at once, for the text gave me an undreamed of confirmation of my ideas about the mandala and the circumambulation of the centre.  That was the first event which broke through my isolation.  I became aware of an affinity;  I could establish ties with someone and someone.

“In remembrance of this coincidence, this synchronicity, I wrote underneath the picture which had made so Chinese an impression on me:  ‘In 1928, when I was painting this picture showing the golden, well fortified castle, Richard Wilhelm in Frankfurt sent me the thousand year old Chinese text on the yellow castle, the germ of the immortal body.’


Rocky 86.JPG - detail, train in city

“This is the dream I mentioned earlier.  I found myself in a dirty, sooty city.  It was night, and winter, and dark, and raining.  I was in Liverpool.  

With a number of Swiss – say, half a dozen – I walked through the dark streets.  I had the feeling that there we were coming from the harbour, and that the real city was actually up above, on the cliffs.  We climbed up there.  

It reminded me of Basel, where the market is down below and then you go up through the Alley of the Dead, which leads to a plateau above, and so to the Petersplatze and Peterskirche.  

“When we reached the plateau, we found a broad square dimly illumined by street lights, into which many streets converged.  The various quarters of the city were arranged radially around the square.  In the centre was a round pool, and in the middle of it a small island.  

While everything round about was obscured by rain, fog, smoke and dimly lit darkness, the little island blazed with sunlight.  On it stood a single tree, a magnolia, in a shower of reddish blossoms.  It was as though the tree stood in the sunlight and was at the same time the source of light. 


“My companions commented on the abominable weather, and obviously did not see the tree.  They spoke of another Swiss who was living in Liverpool, and expressed surprise that he should have settled here.  I was carried away by the beauty of the flowering tree and the sunlit island, and thought, ‘I know very well why he has settled here.’  Then I awoke.

Swan Hebrew letter Beit

Swan Hebrew letter Beit

“On one detail of the dream I must add a supplementary comment:  the individual quarters of the city were themselves arranged radially around a central point.  This point formed a small open square illuminated by a larger street lamp, and constituted a small replica of the island.  I knew that the ‘other Swiss’ lived in the vicinity of one of these secondary centres.

“This dream represented my situation at the time.  I can still see the greyish-yellow raincoats, glistening with the wetness of the rain.  Everything was extremely unpleasant, black and opaque – just as I felt then.  But I had had a vision of unearthly beauty, and that is why I was able to live at all.   Liverpool is the ‘pool of life’.  The ‘liver’ according to an old view, is the seat of life – that which ‘makes to live’.” 


(The Liver of Life!   His Window of Eternity mandala shows – like a grid – the city districts as holograms.  Each is as the whole, with its illumining centre and radii:  our human connectivity, beyond the box of space and time:  macrocosm of the microcosm.  When we awake we discover our imagined isolation was a fantasy.)


“This dream brought with it a sense of finality.  I saw that here the goal had been revealed. One could not go beyond the centre.  The centre is the goal, and everything is directed towards that centre.  Through this dream I understood that the self is the principle and archetype of orientation and meaning.  Therein lies its healing function … Out of it emerged a first inkling of my personal myth. 

“After this dream I gave up painting mandalas …” 

Jung age 85

Jung age 85


The Liverpool dream looks to me like a four-dimensional snapshot of Jung’s whole working life.   The lamp which the Red Book kept alight during World War One, glowed very deep, hidden inside the dark, but it passed from soul to soul.

During the following decades, Jung worked with clients – high achievers – who were deeply depressed and searching for a reason to live at all.  European society, collectively shattered by the carnage in the trenches, and with Nazism on the rise, endured dense clouds of scepticism and banality – the mind’s dark glamour.

He discovered that if he encouraged his patients to paint what they felt and saw, something in them took charge of the process and led them to an unexpected interior contact.  As the healing awoke, it took charge of the patient who began to open doors.  

Dr Jung found it had little to do with himself as therapist.  His job was to lead his patients to the underground stream, on which they floated paper boats.   Art therapy was born.   It is for ourselves, each one, to contact the unique inner mystery which unites us.

Wandering Fool with DNA and paper boats

Wandering Fool with DNA and paper boats – 1988


Jung himself had pioneered the way, through the Red Book;  he told very few people about it, (though he showed some of his paintings to those whom he trusted) – but it rekindled by morphic resonance, as in “Window of Eternity”.

In his book Modern Man in Search of a Soul, he describes the new discoveries with his clients.

Jung and his house at Bollingen

Jung and his house at Bollingen





Gene Keys Golden Path Program

My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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A History of the Golden Seed


Lily of the field, and tower of alchemy

Lily of the field, and tower of alchemy

This post is a concluding chapter from the book “Manishya – On Being Human” which my friend Actaeon and I wrote and illustrated together, a few years ago.

I like to see Kabbalah and Alchemy in the historical context because – for any whose interest it quickens – it is your/our history, the recurrent surfacing of our threads of life in the broad human tapestry.


Crossroads: The Mandala of the Star, Cross and Crescent

Star Cross Crescent with Omkara of the east

Star Cross Crescent with Omkara of the east


OUR THEME includes Christ’s parable of the Talents, any talent or potential in Reality.

In the New Testament story, (Luke, 19) three stewards were given each a talent or treasure to look after while the King was away. The first one invested his, and with it made ten more; the King on his return, rewarded his trust. The second steward made five talents and was also rewarded, but the third hid his away safely in a piece of cloth. He felt the King was a hard man who took out what he did not put in, and reaped what he had not sown. The King replied, “Take his one talent from him and give it to the one who has ten.”

In other words, the Talent is the sowing and harvesting of a golden seed. From the golden seed we grow our White Roses of forgiveness and vitality. We dare to be wise, to know, and to create.

profiles welcome across time

profiles welcome across time


In 2014, we don’t have to be tourists to enter our own sacred space and bring heaven to earth down the lightning-flash.


The Knights Templar were lightning-conductors. They opened a road for the pilgrim between light and darkness. Their art transforms night into light, and in their cathedrals the Christ was uncrucified, like risen bread.

But their Order was powerful, and was feared and destroyed by the Church, though their buildings of the sanctuary still stand. A century after Chartres, the last of the Knights were hunted down by a pair of popes, and burned alive. The popes survived them by barely a year. Then the plagues attacked the body and fabric of genetics, society and politics, fracturing and fragmenting space and time. There was a charnal, collective shock in medieval Europe. From this compost grave, a flower of Renaissance would arise.

Botticelli’s Aphrodite on the wave, a body of light, is beautiful to touch and see.

Aphrodite, after Botticelli (1992)

Aphrodite, after Botticelli (1992)


We can trace the Talent or seed potential through history, as the Tree of Life was nurtured in the collective unconscious.

Concurrently with the Cathedral builders, during the 11th and 12th centuries in Spain, a flowering of culture occurred as Jew, Moslem and Christian lived in harmony with one another. These communities expressed freely their traditions, which developed through the teachings of the Tree. A great Jewish teacher called Nachmanides of Cordoba consolidated the ancient Tradition. It seems that the working model of the Tree with its Ten sefiroth and Twenty-two paths emerged during this period. It was reformulated from the Biblical Merkabah (Chariot) of Ezekiel’s vision, which had been conserved in the visionary vessels of the Essenes.

The Jewish people had historically been so scattered – some felt that in order for the Tradition to survive, what had always been taught verbally should now be written down. The form we have today is the ‘Kabbalah’: ‘to receive‘ in Hebrew. ‘Qaba-Allah’: ‘the house of God‘ in Arabic.

Sacred geometry - lily and rose

Sacred geometry – lily and rose


By 1492 the ‘golden gathering together’ ended, as the Christians dominated Spain; the Jews and the Moslems were persecuted and thrown out of the country.

The Spanish Inquisition almost annihilated the inner knowledge, wiping out the mystical aspects of Christianity and its connections to its Judaic roots and Moslem brothers and sisters. Some who survived accepted token conversion to Christianity, in order to continue working where their roots were.


Eight path Tifareth mandala:  Part the waves, kiss the lips, turn the wheel, fingers touch numbers on the clock, enter the cave, find the jewel, and climb the mountain through the rainbow.

Eight path Tifareth mandala: Part the waves, kiss the lips, turn the wheel, fingers touch numbers on the clock, enter the cave, find the jewel, and climb the mountain through the rainbow.

The Tradition was taken to the Medici courts of Florence; Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael were possible receivers of the knowledge. The Renaissance expanded this golden seed throughout the Arts and Sciences.

The Tree inspired creative work but remained secret in the background, from fear of persecution and the Inquisition.   The golden seed and its alchemical symbolism found its way into the “Primaveras” and stone work of the great Italians.

Hermes (1992)

Hermes (1992)

After the expulsion of the Jews from Spain a revival of the Tradition took place in Safed in Northern Israel. Associated with this, are the names Moses Cordovero and Isaac Luria.

Some groups of Jews were welcomed by other European Jewish communities. The city of Thessalonika, in northern Greece, was under the rule of the Ottomam empire. Commenting that “Ferdinand of Spain was a fool for exiling the Jewish population”, the Sultan celebrated the culture of this displaced people who enriched his city. From this Jewish community emerged many healers and doctors who practised their art in the Sultans’ Courts.

The Sephardic Jews continued to live in Thessalonika until many centuries later, when they were decimated by the Nazi persecutions in 1942.

Solomon's Cube, rosicrucean Emblem 6

Solomon’s Cube, rosicrucean Emblem 6


Dhjabir Ibn Hayyon

Alchemy also became linked to the Teachings, with Moslems particularly adept in this science. Through the stimulus of Dhjabir Ibn Hayyon of Baghdad a scientific School arose. The Moors brought the alchemical chemistry to Europe. An English monk in 1144, Robert of Chester, translated works on alchemy, from the Arabic.

The conditions for this work were solitude, silence, patience, perseverence and discretion.

Alchemy became a part of the inner tradition. One exponent was Nostradamus whose prophetic writings reverberate through time; one of his later prophecies being:

“The two great masters will be friends, their great powers will be increased.
The Sun and Eagle will appear to be victorious.
Peace prosecuted by death, it shall be achieved.
In one night the Tree that has been long dead and withered shall grow green again.
After this war which would have lasted for a good while,
there shall be a renewed reign of Saturn and a Golden Age.
Here shall begin an age of Universal Peace – a Peace of 1000 years.”

This prophecy relates to the nature of the Tree; when it is seen and practiced as part of the living spiritual tradition, the feminine aspects of Binah (Saturn) will revive, and a Golden Age will flourish once more.


Chevalier Inconnu (1992)

Chevalier Inconnu (1992)

In the 15th and 16th centuries, esoteric societies emerged through the Rosy Cross. They developed the Tradition from the root Sefira of the Tree, Malkuth. The aim was to square the circle and build heaven on earth: to balance the four elements alchemically: and to guard the Tree as a living symbol.

The early Rosicruceans, with a mystical connection to the Christ, developed discreetly in France, Germany and England. They offered a Utopia – a Hermetic alignment for scientists, intellectuals, artists and philosophers. Rene Descartes, Robert Boyle, Thomas Haydon and Thomas Vaughan all became exponents of the Rosicrucean Tradition. Elizabethan England witnessed a flowering of literature and plays. Francis Bacon, Shakespeare and Robert Flood were the main distributors of Hermetic knowledge. Further schools developed in England influencing Sir Isaac Newton, Christopher Wren and William Blake. During this period, writers such as John Bunyan in Pilgrims Progress and John Milton in Paradise Lost repeated the theme of the spiritual journey: our descent and ascent of the Tree of life paths, towards symbolic discovery of the eternal city.

In Blake’s hymn Jerusalem, the second verse resonates symbolically the journey of the ascent through the Sefiroth and paths to Kether:        

“Bring me my bow of burning gold
Bring me my arrows of desire

Bring me my spear of clouds unfold

Bring me my chariot of fire.

I will not cease from mental fight

Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand

Till we have built Jerusalem

In England’s green and pleasant land.”


Mystics who travelled the pathways of the “Kabbalah” were known as the Merkabah riders, those who drive the chariot or vehicle to ascend to the upper worlds.

There are very interesting parallels around the Sufi teachings of Mevlana and the Mevlevis, the whirling Dervishes. The turning practice called Mukableh means “coming face to face” – an encounter with the self and God.



The two words Merkabah and Mukableh have a resonance. The Merkabah riders have the same intention of coming face to face with God through the Tree.

The golden seed, an alchemical symbol, is perceived and cultivated in the pineal centre through yoga which means “Union”. The golden seed becomes an irresistible focus, aligning the Worlds and the centuries. It grows among groups and circles of friends in the transmission, and tends to avoid publicity and large crowds.


From the fifteenth-century Renaissance culture in Europe, the cult of the individual Master took root, as the fair art of Perspective opened up.   Then the Baroque broke forth. With the loss of innocence, and focus upon sensational artistic effects, the Talent became vain. Dazzling rococo and gilt surfaces, devoid of symbol or meaning, decayed into pure decoration. Power and clarity were lost behind the fig leaf -whose guilt obscured original innocence.

In the seventeenth century, the same Talent branching into physical sciences, became an urgent quest for all roads of history to meet and rediscover wisdom.

At this crossroads, the golden seed was nurtured by a regenerated Rose Cross Fraternity in Germany, and by the masonic founding fathers of America. “Our strong child” was announced in European pamphlets such as the Fama Fraternitatis, which satyrised religious intolerance, superstition and charlatans.

aleph doodle

aleph doodle

Telescoping the stars to earth, the New Astronomy straddled the sixteenth and seventeeth centuries with the soul’s need to re-define, verify the motions, and share the result with colleagues. A scientific community was born, inheriting from Pythagorus and from the early Renaissance a hidden truth: the Discovery always transcends – is greater than – any individual who discovers.

Discovery 1963 - painted at school

Discovery 1963 – painted at school


Subsequently, the Talent became channeled into a narrow band of Reason by rationalists and cynics, who “wrapped it up in a cloth”. From that confined place emerge the birth pangs of today – a multicultural crossroads, a rapidly changing global matrix. The Talent is a young bird sitting on a quantum nest of probable parables, crying “Quark!”

The shadows and distortions we experience, seem to be cast onto the screen of our life by a greater Light emerging behind them: “I am a hidden treasure, and I seek to be known.”

Our Journey into the Tree of Life, at any age or era, enquires into the soul’s origins, and with awe receives the Greater mystery – the golden Conscious seed.   As we walk forth into the coming day, we may recognise and welcome these histories daily, as our own; for we are humanity.   We have seen and been it all.



Part Two – the Present

See also my earlier post “Alchemy and Self-enquiry“.

Ez haim tree of life, with three granthis

Ez haim tree of life, with three granthi..

Journeying into the Tree of Life  – THE GRANTHI KNOTS

THE KNIGHT (male) journeys through the mandala of the Rose (female). The Knight and the Rose symbolise our learning process from childhood. The task of the child throughout life, is to reconcile and honour his or her parents – the incarnation’s archway whose horizons expand. They, the right and left pillars of the Tree of Solomon, stand south and north. I journey through their portal, travelling from the west to the rising sun.

This is a quadriform Key to life:

“All experience is an arch where thro’
gleams that untravell’d world
whose margin fades
for ever and for ever, as I move … “
                                                                                                         Alfred Lord Tennyson

In our shadow are rigidities of beliefs and indoctrination which devour their own tail, and become a closed circuit of births or reactive patterns of behaviour.

Arcanum 12

Arcanum 12

In alchemy, the arrow’s flight is put into reverse, and flies “upside down” into the heart of Dante’s Rose of paradise. Our attachments to “life-and-death” matters begin to drop away of their own accord. They fall out of the pockets of that powerful tarot symbol, the Hanging Man – the path of MEM, the Waters of Life. Diving into the unconscious, he smiles as he performs a cosmic headstand, treads the starry firmament, and is born again – as dew from heaven.

The personal becomes transpersonal, moving deeper into the Tree.
We reach our own interior crossroads,
where the granthi of our genetic, karmic and mental tendencies are knotted.

Kundalini Tree

Kundalini Tree

In Indian Yogic culture which parallels the Tree of Life, the granthis correspond to the solar plexus, the throat, and third-eye centres. Kundalini – the Shekhinah/Shakti – has to break through these knots in the course of her journey up the spine, and free their energy potential. The first is sometimes called the knot of Brahma (creator), the second that of Vishnu (sustainer), the third that of Rudra (destroyer).

Human consciousness reaches union with its own true Self, through these three states.

The first concerns personality, ancestral and genetic codes (ahamkara).

The second addresses issues still deeply engraved in the Soul Law
from previous lives, which await resolution (buddhi and ahamkara).

At the third, (beyond chit and manas, the mind) time and space dissolve, and grace prevails.

These points of tension or conflict, seek resolution. In the Tree’s Lower Face, the cutting of the first granthi of Yesod to Tifareth, across the “Red Sea” path of Hod and Netzach, frees our spiritual heart, Tifareth, from ancestral ties which bind. After we have lived along the paths forming the Soul cup, we start to understand the nature of our second granthi, – the intersection of Tifareth centre pillar with the horizontal Path of Strength – Gevurah and Hesed. Unravelling this knot, where very deep Karmic issues adhere, releases a potential to receive the Cup of divine grace: Tifareth, Binah, Hokhmah.

Conditioned tensions in the Tree’s Lower Face melt away, as our centre of gravity shifts to the heart; to cross the Abyss “beneath the Angels’ Wings”. The great Wings of Archangel Mikael open from between the shoulder blades. “As children we shall re-enter the mystery of our Heavenly Mother and Father” .

O Angel - 1988

O Angel – 1988


The Soul Law  
THE INCARNATIONS of the soul are a journey to expand consciousness, truth and love – through conflict towards harmony. This is what unconditional love ultimately embraces and contains. At the second granthi, we break the deeply ingrained Soul patterns of victim, persecutor, rescuer. These obscured consciousness (Tifareth), truth (Gevurah) and love (Hesed). They lay embedded for lifetimes to resolve.

Gevurah and Hesed in the Soul triad, are the feminine and masculine pillars of our individual soul Law. The soul Law is reflected in the parental Hod and Netzach to which it gravitates for an incarnatory purpose, seeking resolution. And so, appropriating a bundle of soul memory, the personal “I” – Yesod – takes shape. The soul Law breathes into our ear a Word – the essence of why we have incarnated this lifetime.

Kundalini shakti, 1988

Kundalini shakti, 1988


As we are born again and pick up this live vibration, we acknowledge in ourselves, our parents, their genetic framework, their gift to us however arduous, and our way of discovery through it.   If you rest against a tall beech or oak in the woods, you can listen to the Word: the golden core within. Then you may intuit how time’s ancestral concentric rings in the wood are a plane which crosses the Tree’s height, root and breadth.   These are layers of the onion.   Let us reach the core of our soul Law “that I am“.

This Reality moves and flowers through all our seemingly separate births, linking and drawing them together by soul osmosis.   Osmosis is the law of growth. Moisture and nitrates in the ground are drawn up through the roots as sap, towards the Sun. The sap rises through the cell membranes. As nature abhors a vaccuum, each cell as it empties, draws nourishment up into itself. This is Ascension. In the branches and leaves it photosynthesises with light, and releases life-giving oxygen.

Alchemy calls this ‘the green dragon’; a sensitive extra-terrestrial onlooker may witness the flow of renewed life over the continents, as a quiver of springtime’s emerald ray. Thus, the soul’s release into Spirit from Tifareth, begins to nourish humanity.                      

Bearing rather than scatter the seed
whose fire liberates us,

we are the glowing lamp the Hermit holds.

We are the honey of the melting snows.

9 hermit - Version 4



A YANTRA or sacred circle is a mandala across the stem of soul Law’s osmosis. We practice techniques such as yoga, breath work, meditation, astrology, astrocartography, déja vue, dream exploration and reincarnation regression. We enquire into our own soul Law, what it may be.

Path-working on the Tree of Life awakens the soul’s osmosis and cellular memory. Some of the jigsaw pieces fall into place. As we begin to map some coastlines of the vast interior continent, we gain compassionate access to “that untravell’d world”.

pentacle, after E.Levi

pentacle, after E.Levi

Squaring the Circle:  A Yoga

CONFLICT SEEKS resolution. (See illustration below – “Mandala of the Mind’s four aspects”).  Like integrating the Circle with the ellipse, we may “square our own Circle.”

squaring the circle, old illustration

squaring the circle, old illustration

There are procedures in sacred geometry for this, but in brief, we square our Circle by drawing together mind and heart organically as one, and regulating the breath. This vibrates the vagus nerve. Mind focused in the third eye centre flares like a cobra’s hood and comes to a point. It bows and dives inward. The mind immersed in the heart transcends time and space, and is the key to the opening.

Even when we know we have the key, we cannot always use it; for it comes to the hand of interior peace. By surrendering to the law of gravity which is love, we are usually guided to our roots. The deeper and higher and wider we trust and are transparent, while remaining focused in the heart centre, the simpler the opening way becomes.

Uniting Force to Formation, the Circle is squared when she becomes a garden, a landscape, an organic view of earth from within. She is seeded by Hokhmah through the door of the Queen of Nature – (the Hebrew letter for this, is DALETh).

She as Time – Binah – gives birth to Space at Hesed, over ‘the quantum abyss’ of DAAT.   As in the Emerald Table of Hermes Trismegistus:

“The father is the sun, the mother the moon.
The being is carried in the belly of the wind
and the earth is its nurse.
It is the seed of all beauty throughout the universe.
The power of it is realised when it is reduced to earth.”


Manas Mandala

Manas Mandala of the Mind’s Four Aspects (2004)

On the Mandala of the Mind

OUR THOUGHT constructs formulate our consciousness. In Indian Yoga, the mind is divided into consciousness (the seer, the observer, Chit) then all the many thoughts we have (Manas). Then the choice, the discrimination to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ (Buddhi). Finally, the accumulation of conditioned memory, ego, survival concepts and belief structures (Ahankara).


If we only identify to thought in its possessive context – my work, my art, my child, my thoughts with the comparisons that this is mine, this is yours, then these thoughts will cause fragmentation and separation in time. A division occurs between the internal and the external. For what is in the present is all that can be known.

The same fracture is caused by religious beliefs. If I say ‘I am Moslem and you are a Christian”, then your beliefs and mine cause fragmentation and separation in the identification.  When we empty the mind of thought, we are undivided.

sukhthai rock crysal buddha, 15th century

sukhthai rock crysal buddha, 15th century


The “I” as sacred space takes us beyond time. In this space – the trust and transparency of the Crystal Buddha – all is Holy:  all is compassion. A wise mind remains still. Time equals thought. Space is empty for the fullness. See what it is, then Be. As thinking comes to an end, we are free to love.

When freedom is not bound by thought, then that freeing is absolute. When the mind is still, that is the ending of time.

“The rest is silence.”

Hamsa Great Swan - jnana (wisdom) floats on bhakti (dedication)

Hamsa Great Swan – jnana (wisdom) floats on bhakti (dedication)

How will God come today?
God came today only to be gone tomorrow
but what is in the heart of God
is also in mine

so God and I 
are eternally One






My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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Through Earth’s Core – the Lightning


Detail: Malkuth, showing the four elements, the seed and the cross of nature

Detail: Malkuth, showing the four elements, the seed and the fertile Cross of nature – male and female intersection (vertical through horizontal).


Kabbalah 1989 tree of life painting, showing the KAV or central uniting thread - as above, so below.

Kabbalah 1989 tree of life painting, showing the KAV or central uniting thread – as above, so below.

In this post I reflect on our Earth-core, magnetic field and aura – some spin-off ideas. She is our real Self; the immensity of the bigger picture. Yet, approaching Her with respect begins effectively in HERE – with you and I.

Malkuth on the Tree of Life is its root:  the Earth, our body and sensory spectrum, the physical universe as far as the Doppler shift.  Malkuth means “Kingdom” but it also means “the Bride”.  Similarly, in the I Ching or Tao,  Earth-Receptive  is feminine to Heaven-Creative.  Through Malkuth/Earth passes our spiritual connection to all the worlds.  That is why Yeshua called it “the Kingdom of Heaven”.

The thread from root to crown, and superimposing the Four Worlds of Jacobs Ladder is called in Hebrew, the KAV.   It centres and earths the polarities, masculine and feminine, of the Lightning Flash.



1 Ez haim frontispiece

Hokhmah, Binah, Daat are CHBD – the Hebrew chabad movement –  the upper  “triad of feeling” on the Tree. They form a transpersonal Vessel in the subtle body.  It is uplifted through the work of our personal Yesod triad to evolve.


bota key 3 Empress - Version 2

The Bud is where Wisdom and Understanding  are bridged. Their buddhic bridge is Tarot Key 3 the Empress, Venus. Pregnant in her rose garden with cypress trees and flowing water, she holds her copper dove shield.  The bud is in her belly. The Bread of Life grows vigorously at her feet.

The transpersonal underpinning of Wisdom and Understanding is  the non-sefira Daat. The Daat consciousness opens where the personal I closes. The Daat consciousness opens where the selfish inclination fades out.   “I open where I close” – (J.K.Rowling, The Deathly Hallows.) 


This implies the difficult transition, or identity shift from small-i to the Greater I … from the limitation of local desires, to the human Collective and its wellbeing. As we individuate, our “I” begins to lose its small patch, and to stand on a far wider field. The seed dies into the sprout of root and shoot.

We are pregnant cells of Adam Qadmon, the Self.

Arcanum 3 empress - Version 2

One of the Empress’s feet rests lightly on the Moon. The Moon is Yesod, the personal self, whose higher octave is Daat-Pluto, the transpersonal Reality.   In the physical solar system, these two spheres are about the same size.  Pluto’s 240 year orbital period is the real dark side of our Moon



An Image

Yesterday a bolt of lightning struck the Shard in London – the EU’s  tallest Tower of Babel .

This small event gives food for thought.  In the Tarot Key, the Lightning Flash is the Tree of Life, dismantling falsehood, cracking the chrysalis, opening the seed – the energy of Mars. That is the principle.  But on the ground?   That phallic spike creates around its base,  chaotic wind-tunnels – aggressive gusts harry the hurriers and their headaches.   Politics?  – a passing show … a spiky graph nowadays.



Magnetic Field

scarab on granite

What does the word “Gaia” mean? To me, Gaia is planet Earth’s entire connective capillary through the Solar system.   Earth has a vast and tangible magnetic field, rather like a Scarab in shape. It extends roughly to Moon’s orbit, and protects us from solar bombardment:  it is our nest.

Earth's magnetic field

Earth’s magnetic field

I saw last night a TV programme, imagining the inner core of Earth, which generates the field.   They say it is as hot as the Sun’s surface. They believe it has colossal storms, just like the swirling turbulence of the giant gaseous planets. These inner-core storms are the crackling pulse of Earth’s magnetic field. I think we see them flicker in the Northern Lights – the Aurora.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Their pulse travels through thousands of radial miles – concentric sheaths of crystal-forest, magma, compressed rock, biosphere and magnetic space.   It travels through me, through you, through everyone unceasingly; but with our adaptation to the pressure, we don’t notice it as shock.  When we begin to work with it consciously, we call it Kundalini Shakti, the Serpent Power.

Crystal forest around the core of Earth

Crystal forest around the core of Earth

I saw also a documentary about human beings who intercept and manifest the Voltage.   They and modern science are ignorant of why or how. It is put it on display for Ooh and AAh.   Unfortunately, no one asked the walking power station (no hair, no sweat glands, and his fingertips are burnt) what being a voltage-transformer actually feels like.   Why not?

Earth's magnetic fields

Earth’s magnetic fields

These are coloured threads or filaments.  Our universe is a waving mass of these living filaments – our psychic energy fields, our physical patterns, our dreams.  This picture reminds me of Don Juan’s teachings to Castaneda.   He said the filaments are everywhere and eternal, and they assemble around human beings as egg-like forms.   The “sorceror’s way” is to see and dance with these filaments, at the borders of our perception.  A “sorceror” may command the position of his assemblage-point, and make it move – but only after he has renounced self-importance and embraced his death.


What is the aura?  We are electro magnetic beings, in a temporary lattice of skin and bone and passing garments. The electro magnetism is the template etheric body which doesn’t alter during the lifetime:  the physical body alters and replaces itself, constantly, within it.   The template keeps the physical conformation stable.   It is a blueprint. It has the DNA information, uniquely and intimately coded to Solomon’s lattice.

When I go into myself, and “the current” comes on, it is my electro magnetic river. This (with practice) picks up colour wavelengths to define itself as Aura.   Sometimes, like the Northern Lights, the Aura is coloured, and sometimes it shows silvery white.   To see the Tree in Queen Scale colours, is a way of training:  to channel it. The body of Light has the spectrum embedded.

The Aura/Aurora is a feeling, a sensation. When I was learning astrology, about 25 years ago, I saw and dreamed each night of abstract lines and cylinders in colour, which moved among each other, forming patterns. This faculty afflicts my worldish thoughts and makes them rather tough, like yarrow.

The Aurora/earth core is the sensual consciousness… when standing still.   Inside Earth, the magma sphere is about the size of Mars. Within that, the molten core is about the size of our Moon.

The nesting shapes of Earth, Mars and Moon suggest what? …   a profound resonance with human friction on the surface? Within our planet IS the galactic core, for it has the thermal power of Suns. Some veins in the magnetosphere allow the fire to bleed up into volcanic vents and patterns, and to form the rocky crust, cooled by oceans.  (See Jung’s painting of the serpent fountain tree, at the bottom of this post.)

blackthorn at sunset

The Hermetic Table teaches: Veni Interiore Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem. Journey into Earth’s Centre to put your life in balance and find the secret Stone. Meditation and yoga is a simple into-the-planet journey – whichever way it forms itself.

Emerald Table of Hermes

Emerald Table of Hermes

Kundalini is the planetary magnetic current: receptivity to it.   Let the snake uncoil.   On land, they can dig and investigate to about a kilometre below the surface, before it gets too hot. But the ocean depth is nearly ten times that: ten kilometres deep – and down there, supposedly, there is vast dark pressure, but not as heat?

So I picture the thermal mountain ranges through every direction under Earth’s crust, and how these peak under the continents and under every dot and atoll of land: a spiky graph.

Over South America and Southern Ocean, there is a slowly growing area (over the last 400 years) of weakening magnetic field.   It is like an ozone hole.   The Hubble telescope satellite’s instruments turned erratic whenever it orbited over this region.   From Earth’s core the stormy pulses display an altered intensity at this point:   in space the magnetic shield overlying South America is thinner than over any other part of the globe.

The Hubble satellite becomes deranged in the borderline “pocket” because it is exposed to cosmic and solar “hammers”.   It crosses a space where it is not protected.   So its minders devised a solution: they switch off the instruments when it approaches the “hole”, then switch them back on again when it is safe. All around the weakening field, drift bubbles or islets in which earth’s north-south polarity flickers or inverts itself.   As these merge together, the tendency may coalesce.   It is believed that within one to ten thousand years, the poles of Earth will flip – with an immense and inconceivable juddering of the Great Scarab until it settles the other way round.

400 years – the time period of the anomaly so far – roughly approaches the 17th century date when the Aquarian Age is said to have commenced.   Observe, as the magnetic hold weakens over Argentina, humanity’s materialistic acceleration:  the “Age of enlightenment” and consequent consumption and compromise of the biosphere to its use.   Observe climate change and ecological damage as phenomena which include the blind human error, but also vastly precede it, in the way of cycles, and make the error inevitable.  If the error is inevitable, so is the eventual coming into balance.   Nature is equilibrium, a fluid pendulum.   The cosmic Tree sways from side to side.

Sage and Osmosis

Sage and Osmosis 1987

Our responsibility to what is given us to garden, should recognise the scale in which the problem occurs.   It is not ourselves exclusively. That attitude magnifies the personal ego and its limitation – “mea culpa” does not evolve.

The human challenge offers a greater scale, because we must learn to adapt ourselves to the interplay of cosmic force-fields which appear to speed up and liberate a geological process in this planet.

There is a mass of disturbance and disease. We should lay aside the notion of enmity – in ourselves and to others, and in Nature.   When we talk of “our planet”, we mean the thin rocky crust – our habitation and all we know.  The rest, we infer by analogy (explosive experiments, lenses and graphs.)   We do not know the rest of it, truly, until we look within ourselves, for we are unlimitedly, THAT.  But our knowledge is incomplete.

Sacred India Tarot - Buddha's Mahasamadhi

Sacred India Tarot – Buddha’s Mahasamadhi

We  know not more than a cross-section sliver of the truth, until an awareness grows, that the Solar System is not a flat plate, it has the whole shape of an egg: the solar nucleus is wrapped in spherical planes which are particle-waves. The greater part of the planetary orbits – that which is above and below what we map – is invisible to our sensory spectrum; yet its complete perception informs our being.



On Parables

The PARABOLA is a section across a cone.  Spacetime diagrams describe the speed of light as a cone flaring from a point.  The speed of light is a constant, whatever position or motion impacts it.  Time and space draw an ascending and descending parabola through the “cone” and they are relative.  Our experience and physicality is a cross sectional curve.

To plot an orbit’s curve, is to state its parable.  Appearances are a conditioned imprint on the retina and the mind.  They are an analogy only – for when Reality enters, predictions based on past experience and conjecture fly out of the window!

The soul Law resolves deep patterns within the self, while appearing to the world as a contribution to knowledge and society (such as Johannes Kepler’s work with the elliptical orbit of Mars, and with his Planetary Laws on which Newton would base his science of gravity. The orbit of a Keplerian planet is not a linear particle travelling around a globe, but a wave of spacetime, standing out from its source.)

An ensouled view that each visible orbit around the Sun could be a section through an oval sphere or egg – a living organism – enhances our life. We have to work at it, against the habitual.   It opens the doors of perception.

wood yantra & birds

Conventional physical science views the solar system on a two-dimensional plane of rings, like a section across a tree’s stem.  A tree cut across presents a concentric plane of rings. However, our imagination embraces the vertical reality intersecting this plane – its shape and centuries of growth.  We reflect on the seasons of its leaves and nestings.  We hear the song of birds, the hosts that populate its limbs.  We sense the roots underground holding the earth’s integrity like a gardener’s hand.  We imagine the oak within the acorn, and even the geological curve from which it springs.  Then we realise we have, in any of our brief time-frames, only a fragmentary view of the evolution of our soul;  and likewise the Solar System and the affairs of our world.

tree yantra '94 - Version 2

To work with the Tree of Life helps to “raise the level” and to overcome the persuasion of being world-helpless.  Raised up we see a little further, and attend a little better to what is real.

Each Sefira of the Tree represents a planetary vibration, resonating human-ness.  The planetary positions echo the concealed “real wave” of the orbital aura enwrapping the Sun.  So I can measure the slice across the egg and get excited, but I can know the egg only by holding, warming and eating it.

Savitri the Mother of the Sun

Savitri the Mother of the Sun


Cultivating this awareness, flat-earth-theory human evolves to “standing human”, and begins to care for all its kind.   The Rebbe Yakov of Prague used to say, that in an almond tree a few buds only will open at first:  but in the whole tree, all are destined to open.  The psychology changes. The human challenge is to keep awake. This is  difficult, but a tiny few can, and maintain a steady proportion throughout our history.

Yeshua “healed the blind”. The human challenge is to open our eyes,  keeping bedrock values open and enduring.

monkey gaia

This is hard, when put to sleep by today’s communication technologies and the entertainment industry.   The monkey mind is on overdrive addiction and stress – a symptom of subterranean acceleration. I am, we are, part and parcel of the acceleration, and our difficulty is to be conscious agents in the swelling wave. Am I in harmony with it, or do I damage my environment?   How does a conscious agent, a particle in the wave, choose, from moment to moment, the hour?   Nothing is in isolation.   Each event essentially, each individual challenge, transmits metanoia – the turning towards the cosmic Divine Pulse.   This is the teacher of history.



To conclude for the moment: this painting (below) is in Jung/Philemon’s series of paintings and Incantations celebrating the primordial Mystery of the Christ child’s birth:

“Set the egg before you,
the God in his beginning,
and behold it,
and incubate it with the magical warmth of your gaze.”

Serpent lava fountain Tree - in Jung's Red Book

Serpent lava fountain Tree – Painting by C.G.Jung in The Red Book

The Incantation here is:

Amen, you are the lord of the beginning.
Amen, you are the star of the East. 
Amen, you are the flower that blooms over everything.

Amen, you are the deer that breaks out of the forest. 
Amen, you are the song that sounds far over the water. 
Amen, you are the beginning and the end.

The Red Book





Yantra Tree

Yantra Tree

My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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The Desert Rose


Hermit, Arcanum 9

Hermit, Arcanum 9

What is the desert? the innate way of unfoldment: truth.

In the Red Book, Jung journeyed and wrote: “Walking around in a circle I happen to return to myself and to him, the solitary one, who lives down in the depths hidden from the light, held securely by the warm bosom of the rock, above him the glowing desert and sharp resplendent skies.

“The solitary lives in endless desert full of awesome beauty. He looks at the whole and at inner meaning. He loathes manifold diversity if it is near him. He looks at it from afar in its totality. Consequently silvery splendour and joy and beauty cloak diversity for him. What is near him must be simple and innocent, since close at hand the manifold and complicated tear and break through the silvery splendour.”


There follows a long poem with expanded script, in which the magid, Philemon or Ammonius Sacca speaks:  (see italics)

“The sun and its glow nourish him … the solitary loves the desert above all since it is a mother to him, giving him food and invigorating warmth at regular intervals.”


desert rose socotra/moffett/

desert rose socotra/moffett/


Thus also the interior sun of the soul.   I have mist on my window. I am dull this morning, and out of relationship.   I have nothing and am uneasy with what I have.   Yet I know it is condensation on the window, which blurs life, and the sun – Great SOLomon – will clear it as he rises. The creatures and the histories of the soul wake up slowly, and give the prospect some positive meaning.   The soul is a full engagement with everything.   I think this defines the soul.   With the waking up there is a deepening of the mirage, and some change of key.


Geode: "A Way of Life" by jim Ede

Geode: “A Way of Life” by jim Ede


The thin Hermit in his hut with his book and the heat, wanders in an orchard of lush fruit and flowers, all reaching for his hand, his breath. He engages with the desert.   “Fragrant resins drip from his trees, and under his feet, thrusting seed breaks open.


I engage with North London. It is the poetry of life in whatever medium.  Sometimes the poet over-reaches, fantasises and falters. The poet has an ethical task, to remain where it is real, and to question every surplus.   The poet has an ethical task: to not invent.   Invention turns to mist on the window.


desert roses by Alayn 1807,

desert roses by Alayn 1807,


I think for human default mode generally, “the horror of the desert and its withered evaporation …” permeates the conventional stress of livelihood, entertainment and mortgage.   For the hermit in the Libyan desert or in North London … “he stammers when he speaks of the indescribable fullness, his eye rests on the garden, his ears listen to the source, his breath draws in sweet perfume from blossom rich trees.” …



I see the hermit in the midday sun, in the deep shade of his tent or hut, with book and abundance: the ferocity of the dry heat, the ringing silence, his parched limbs, the rustlings.   I see human security which seeks above all else to cover my head with a roof and a story.   The stories in our souls are read to us at bedtime, to keep us covered and safe.   The hermit falls into a place where he cannot write any story at all; there is no room for it.   The sea in my face is a desert.   From the desert all things come.   In the desert is the well, and the camel drinks.

There are many sounds in the desert – of the soft mother, the wind; and of cracked insects and darting lizards.   There is the endless sound of space. This is the fruit the Hermit hears.   HERE.

Hear it through the trains, the passing cars, the songbirds in the budding trees. All of London is the sound in this corner of it which is silence: this window on which a Rune is drawn in the dew: my body’s unending kiss with gravity.


Gaudier's Dancer - in 'A Way of Life' by Jim Ede

Gaudier’s Dancer – in ‘A Way of Life’ by Jim Ede

Are not lovers the gravity with each other? Is not the Hermit the gravity with God?   In this mode the thought with the beloved is gravity.   The Hermit’s daily dawn footprints through the silver dunes are blowing in the wind.   Their edges soften, but he walks some more, and again next day.   There is always the trace of his passing, and the wanderer finds it, follows the thread to the web’s gossamer centre, follows the Sun’s rays inwards, becomes still and is blessed.   The Question is left open.   The wanderer abandons the answer he or she seeks.


“He gives you a small insignificant fruit, which has just fallen at his feet. It appears worthless to you, but if you consider it, you will see that this fruit tastes like a sun which you could not have dreamt of. It gives off a perfume which confuses your senses and makes you dream of rose gardens and sweet wine and whispering palm trees. And you hold this one fruit in your hand dreaming, and you would like the tree from which it grows, the garden in which this tree stands, and the sun which brought forth this garden …


Adam & Eve detail


“And you yourself want to be that solitary who strolls with the sun in his garden, his gaze resting on pendant flowers, and his hand brushing a hundred fold of grain and his breath drinking the perfume from a thousand roses.

“Dull from the sun and drunk from fermenting wines, you lie down in ancient graves, whose walls resound with many voices and many colours of a thousand solar years.

“When you grow, then you see everything living again as it was. And when you sleep, you rest, like everything that was, and your dreams echo softly again from distant temple chants.

“You sleep down through the thousand solar years, and you wake up through the thousand solar years, and your dreams full of ancient lore adorn the walls of your bedchamber. You also see yourself in the totality.”

C.G.Jung, The Red Book


poppy pod in drinking-glass - from "A Way of Life" by Jim Ede

poppy pod in drinking-glass – from “A Way of Life” by Jim Ede





My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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