The Very Inspiring Blogger Award !



Thank you, Apothecary Dan – –  for nominating me for this award!

I am particularly touched, as your blog and website link me in … since we began corresponding across the pond a year ago.  I love your alchemy, your wildcrafting, your Ocean of Potions, your laboratory, your teaching gardens, your medicines  and your shamanic sensitivity.   You move through the woods as a gentle Gemini barometer to fields of dark and light. You create prints in your readers, of the seasonal glories of Ontario forests and wild mushrooms.   Your posts are mortar and pestle to exotic resin fragrances and wildflower recipes and wines.   I am inspired by your maxim “Never does Nature say one thing, and Wisdom another” and your constant reminder to return to Her with grace, what we take out from the ground;  and to support small organic economies upstream … and your reminder to “ALWAYS keep a notebook – your future Self will thank you.”

I have here at home, a cluster of your frankincense, myrrh, spruce, the famous St Johns Wort oil – remember your kindness to that humpy dumpty great fall off my bike? –  and other deep healing histories.

The VIB Award is an “exchange” which travels around our blogging community, like a little Olympic torch.   Writing, creating and following, has a two-way magic:  it cross-fertilizes.

As I wrote last year, in my About page – “it is – the element – how we all create it:  a conversation.  Many posts are prompted and inspired by other bloggers’ thoughts and inspirations.  The conversation is of rivers, all oceanic, converging spontaneously with an unseen skipper who smiles.  Community is a discovery every day.   Thank you!”

To my nominees (see below):  If you claim your Award – and this is entirely up to you, whether you wish to or not  – here is a “how-to” link:

and – (who nominated Dan) – is very helpful.   Thank you, Steve!

  • To claim the Award, I have to pass on:
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violet crystal

Sometimes the internet seems to be 95% polluted.  But there is a homeopathic potency of Love, Truth, Consciousness, Nature, which – remaining constant through the ages – quickens the secret ways of growth and humanity.   And into this we put our soul – shoulder to the wheel.  There is no other way but from HERE, with what feels honest.  In so many varied ways, we are keepers of the Light.  Therefore the Very Inspiring Blogger Award forms a stellar pattern:  a moving constellation.

My two blogs contain all that I can say about myself.   So where can I find seven titbits?

1            I have lived in the same building for 35 years, and in West Hampstead for 44 years.   My home is two up, two down – four small rooms with a lot of blessed built in cupboard space, and I made some of the furniture.  It is old fashioned and fairly bursting with life and archives.  It is like Dr Who’s Tardis – it travels in time and many persons have stayed here with me – it seems to stretch.   It has old wooden floors upstairs which I sanded and stained mahogany when I moved here, and which I love.  The neighbours are … a good village street.  I live on a shoe string which stretches long enough.

2            I am a single parent, with a wonderful daughter age 36.   She lives nearby.

3            I get obsessed all the time with my inability to keep up with paperwork, projects and simple domestic stuff.   My daily life is pared down to the absolute basics, and still feels a massive job towards keeping anything tidy!  I put admin letters into a drawer and go through them about once every 6 weeks or so.   I cannot keep up with my inbox of life.   I am either lazy or just slow.  I am a worrier.

4            There are limes and beech trees in the street at the front, and overgrown gardens at the back … foxes and cats … and a busy railway and a big Homebase/Sainsbury carpark and a breadth of open sky.   I hear the world rattle and hum around all day;  but it is very quiet at night.

5            I love my friends dearly, but I need always my own company.  I am not lonely, because I feel “guided”.   When I was very young, I called it “the divine Regulator”.

6            I am at least two different people (energy levels) during the day.  Early morning is my best work time, with coffee and later on an egg on toast.   My meditation is to write.  A tiny portion of my writings goes into my blogs.  By mid to late afternoon, that creative ch’i drains away until tomorrow, and I feel stupid and bereaved.  It closes down, like into a photographic darkroom, to “process” and to rest.   In the evening I lie down and watch telly – documentaries, One Born Every Minute,  and every episode of Strictly Come Dancing.

7            As my regular readers will know, I am close to both my parents – am trying to see them more regularly – and value my whole childhood landscape with them, the rough with the smooth:  the shadow and the light.  We as a family have a Leo Capricorn stress psychology, which – as an astrologer told me the other day – “goes looking for a bargain in Harrods”.



That is ONE EGG – with two little suns inside!


I nominate these blogs which most inspire me.  How often dipping into one or other of them has released a train of ideas, or serendipitously affirmed an event here, and given it a boost.  We all support each other, in ways beyond our seeing.  I try to keep up with my reading, and to comment in a way which mirrors the favour.

Apart from Apothecary’s Garden and  (already recipients), here is my list:   I have learned from and been inspired by all of them.  They are “family”.

… and may add a couple more.



Wishing us all a Joyous Chanukah and Christmas season

Now … to contact those of you I nominated   …
I shall probably do this tomorrow morning, as wp is getting sticky again.







My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

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