Mysteries of Isis, part 5 – the Cosmic Apple

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I am fascinated with ambiguities in Adam and Eve, which fall naturally into this series on Isis.  As with Mother Isis, our attitudes towards Eve were bent to the standards of difficult times in history.

Isis and Osiris are a version of our primordial parents:  they grew together in the womb of God.  Who came first – the womb or the seed:  the chicken or the egg? Were they punished, as tradition tells, or was theirs a natural Kabbalistic “descent” from the higher worlds, into the “ascending” evolutionary animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms?

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Our responses and reactions to the enigma of our original Face, are played out through our relationships and projections onto each other – generation upon generation.


From some earlier writing:
Consciousness, in its gravitational Fall into a world to see, hear, taste, smell and touch – those five senses across the Apple … needs and seeks a creature’s skin in which to dwell. Creation descending into the creature, encounters the evolutionary process ascending to meet its own potential, or genesis.  As embryos in gestation, we are ourselves as little fish in the womb.  We are the worlds.  We look up to the stars.

Fishes, 1988

Fishes, 1988


What I see and feel is experiential, relative to my five worldly senses by deduction and belief.  But my perception has not the curve of sub-atomic or galactic Reality.  I live an illusion – an illusion I am able to see.  The slice cut across the apple is not the whole apple.  No:  the whole apple is Above and Below the cross-section with five seeds only, that I see.

Everything – all matter and what matters – evolves towards the nature of its own Beginning. The apple of my eye seeks to know her Self as a whole.  In the Beginning, all was made and seen to be good, like a phrase or symphony long before it is written or played:  the prototype of all that is to be.  The cosmic Apple is lodged in all creation from primordial suns to tiny crystal –  the cosmic Serpent is our DNA:  the ultimate and instantaneous vision of itself.  Thus I am in ascent, through the myriad tapestry of my toil, towards the completion of my eternal Beginning.  I live and travel inside the skin of innumerable creatures, very few of whom look within the …

i eye

Where is my eye in God?  I AM … I am that I am – AHIH ASHER AHIH:  TAT TWAM ASI.   This is yet again a creature’s skin.  Some five point creature or star calls itSelf ADM, generic humanity, and opens its arms to the holy Logos – who am I?  That consciousness in holy Logos, ascends.  It is forming a vessel, a skin or cloak – a veil – of evolution, to receive and welcome That which descends, coming to encounter it from a galactic gnosis opening very far beyond the frame of ADM. 

pencil pentacle

Who, I wonder, ate the apple of That?

In the beginning of itself, there is time no longer. 

From Arcanum Four, 2011

Somerset Levels


The other day, I found on a shelf The Way to Christ by Jacob Boehme.  It fell open to page 99:  “… It is but One Thing still, only the property of the tincture was divided; the desire of self-love was taken out of Adam and formed into a woman according to his likeness. And thence it is that man now so eagerly desires the matrix of the woman, and the woman desires the limbus of the man – the fire-element, the original of the true soul by which is meant the tincture of fire.  These two were one in Adam, and therein consisted the magical begetting.

Boehme then expounds on sexual guilt and the borrowed bestial form: vanity in Satan’s persuasion. But the above passage is interesting. I do not think that Eve was Adam’s rib, but it suggests (earlier) that Adam’s masturbatory fantasy, or self love (as in the Egyptian and Indian cosmologies) needed a helpmate:

“And then man must be tried, whether he would stand and subsist in his own powers, before the tempter …  a tuned instrument of divine joyfulness for the spirit of God to strike upon. This was tried by that tree, and this severe commandment was added, ‘Thou shalt not eat thereof, for on that day that thou eatest thereof, thou shalt surely die.’

(Adam was excited: what then is “to die”? What should I know?)

“But it being known to God that man would not stand, and that he had already imagined and lusted after good and evil, God said, ‘it is not good for man to be alone, we will make him a helpmeet for him.’  For God saw that Adam could not then generate magically, having entered with his lust into vanity.  Moses has written, ‘God caused a deep sleep to fall upon him, and he slept’; seeing man would not continue in the obedience of the divine harmony in the properties, submitting himself to stand still as an instrument of the spirit of God God suffered him to fall from the divine harmony into a harmony of his own, viz into the awakened properties of evil and good. The spirit of his soul went into these. And there in this sleep he died from the angelical world, and fell under the power of the outward Fiat, and thus bade farewell to the eternal image which was of God’s begetting. Here his angelical form and power fell into a swoon and lay on the ground.”

William Blake - satan watching the caresses of adam and eve

William Blake – satan watching the caresses of adam and eve


I am reminded of the Lurianic breaking of vessels as the outward Fiat Lux expanded through them. As in the Siva mythology, there is a fall from Timeless – the Un-create – into time, the name and form of creation: the movement of the infinite through the finite: through death the falling fruit, to release the seed. God does not “roll dice”, but opens the widest possibility containing all the aeons: this is the Fruit. God is not a noun, nor even a verb: God IS the galactic Doppler shift in its boundless entirety: the Buddha breath of Tathagata.

In each of us at conception, a galactic core explodes and is born. But we sleep through it, and dream!

Aphrodite Ares Rose

Aphrodite Ares Rose


“By the Fiat, God made the woman out of him, out of the matrix of Venus, that property wherein Adam had the begetress in himself; and so out of one body he made two, and divided the properties of the tinctures – the watery and fiery constellations in the element; yet not wholly in substance but in the spirit: the properties of the watery and fiery soul.”

The One – the monad – cannot exist alone, it interacts through the passage of Two to be a Triad. What is a triad? – a circuit of electricity. What really is a triad? the entire progenitive history and issue from the primordial pairing, like rivers from a mountain spring – the fountain returns to itself: Hokhmah Binah Tifareth

tree of life spiral


Here is a story. The cosmic serpent rustled along the ground in the orchard of Paradise. Eve the woman offered Adam fruit – a cleft seed.   Within her moved the ageless knowledge of her sister Lilith, the ocean at night before the breath of JHVH. This passed through Eve into the man, and he rose and went to work in the field.

Eve 2011

Face of Eve, 2011


I saw through a glass darkly, that Eve grew from Adam’s rib (apparently) near his heart; but her knowledge was older than he is. She embodied his primordial anima. In her knowledge, she and he are one being, undivided: when she passes the knowledge to him, it separates them. There is a conjugal distancing, a mutual appraising: there are beginnings and endings: the tsim tsum rustles – the big bang.

The position of a particle-wave in the Heisenberg principle, is not its movement. It cannot capture the movement. The gap between position and movement baffles theologians and scientists. The big bang is a primary spark of Netzach, when God created a tsim tsum for God to behold God, hence male and female: a dynamic intercourse.

In Boehme’s writing the primordial Adam fell deeply asleep in Eden: he became passive-receptive for God to work upon, fashion and manifest the Left Pillar of the Tree of Life. He became feminine to God – Yin to the Yang;  and thus the emergence of Eve.

Eve's odyssey, 1989

Eve’s odyssey, 1989

We are – relative to galactic reality – deeply asleep. Eve opened her eyes from the sleep of Adam and beheld God creating her form.   Like Enoch, the woman spoke with God, and she was not: yet she was not absorbed into God, but was returned to Adam as a desirable projection of his inner self. And he saw in her, the matrix, the earth, or source: the serpent power. And she saw in him the limbus, the fiery ignition.

Fire is spark and earth is substance becoming. The watery baptism unites them.

Traditionally, Isis is Lilith, the original bride of Adam, whom Eve supplanted. Isis/Lilith is the Great Sea, the matrix of all being before speech, fiat and birth. In Her, the discarnate man was cradled. He had no other being than Her breath and brooding breast: the Sea was dark: the deep over which the lips of Genesis moved to separate the light from the dark. Fiat Lux!

Even the lips are “two”. For something to happen, a “two” becomes “three” – the happening or Word.

Eve grew out of Adam’s rib to manifest and behold as Woman separately: the dream of Adam. Traditionally, Lilith as Eve’s shadow grew bitter, displaced and jealous. Throughout history the Lilith archetype is that region within the male soul which he demonizes and blames – and so do we as women, blame ourselves.

In the womb, there was no separation: Lilith and Adam were One, as were Osiris and Isis. The primitive primate Adam does not forgive Great Mother for turfing him out of the womb to seek a bride.   He knows she is a witch …

A long time ago, I dreamed I was made to go and fight a horse of
hay floating on the ocean.  Here is an extract:
'...With this physical memory, and not caring to look back, 
I reached him again, near the beach. He was still in the sea.  
He had been doing two drawings on pieces of brown cardboard 
now discoloured by the water.

'"Look," he said. The first drawing was a portrait of himself. His
head was tender and childlike, the nose slender and unformed.
He was peaceful and pretty.  This picture of him was held - like
a babe in arms - by the second picture he drew.  Something 
ineffably old, like a carcass or skeleton, lay on a bed, 
disintegrating into a thousand pieces like shattering earthen-
ware.  She laughed her leering head off at herself, and the
drawing of him which she held.  This vessel held him and 
crumbled like a wall. It was horrific.

'The way he'd drawn himself moved me with a strange, complete
pleasure as we stood together in the sea, examining damp bits
of cardboard.  I said to him, "This is how you were when you 
were a little boy, isn't it?"

'What children in the hollow mockery of the witch who labours
around them, wait to be born?  There is no falsehood in the
dear plain face of the child.'


Note Boehme said “a woman, according to his likeness”. This suggests more than a mere human pairing: the woman according to his likeness is within him as Lilith, Great Isis, Binah Ge, the Sea.

God does not create what is not there. God shows the form to Adam, and She arises from near his heart, becoming flesh, becoming lovely. The desire to know in substance the Great Circle of good and evil already pulsed in Adam’s heart, when God lifted the night from day.


Hades carries off Persephone - or Lilith from Eve - into the Underworld.  1957

Hades carries off Persephone – or Lilith from Eve – into the Underworld. 1957


In the Great Circle is an intuition that Adam’s divine genital desire evolves through Eve and countless human cycles, into the heart centre.

Boehme said Adam lost his angelical power as he fell from the tree through Yetzirah into Assiyah, Earth. The angels and archangels are cosmic conduits: they have only the four upper chakras on the flowering stem, Sun, Venus, Moon and Mercury. Their obedience to galactic Law is seamless: they have no choice. The animals on Earth have the four lower chakras on the root stem – Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and Sun.

Adam’s flute bridged all seven chakras through Sun/heart centre as an instrument: the appearance of free will – the fruit on the ground which perishes and releases seed.

... where the Angel treads: 1988

… where the Angel treads: 1988


The consciousness which dreamed in eternal Isis awoke in Adam within the earthly orchards of Eve. It was of a different order. It was no longer angelic – it must plough the ground. It was human, the ultimate healing of the primordial sacred wound which yawns among the stars. Our angelic and animal natures rise and fall through the heart: the rising and the falling are waves of the breathing Sea.

Uniting the animal and angelic natures we slowly discover and reveal as we become human, the primordial embrace of love. It falls open. It is as far from the constraint of conventional romantic fantasy, as the ocean from a puddle.   Isis – Binah, Rhea, Ge.


Fool and Lamb on a Hill, 1988

Fool and Lamb on a Hill, 1988





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