Today is a Special Day

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1 snowdrops


12.12.12 today … completes a series in the cosmic clock.  10 October 2010;  11 November 2011;  12 December 2012  –  but there is no 13th month!   Today is very special.

2 Kabbalah 1989 Binah


This painting is called “Binah”, which means “the understanding”.  At the bottom is written BEREISHITH – the Beginning.  The Divine Child Genesis gazes into the dark profile of the aeons’ reflection, rising to complete the great Circle of the Light.

It is a fourth-dimensional image.

Many are our projections onto the 2012 solstice – the completion of the Mayan calender, the opening sphere of Aquarius.  The actual miracle of this moment passes almost unnoticed.  It is beyond our language, and independent of our drama.   Picture language draws near.  This recent Tarot oracle reveals the quality of a Now, and its past (left) and future (right.)   21 is Now, 12 inverts it, and 6 is half of the full 12 in The Lovers.   Through a silent night, holy night, the portal to each other opens.

5 Arcanum 6 Lovers

4 Arcanum 21 world

3 Arcanum 12 hanged man


The Hanging Man (who walks contrary to the world) and The World are the two most profound Arcana of Completion in the alchemical process.   These two Keys portray the ascending and descending triangles of the Sri Chakra Yantra … and of the Shield of David, or Seal of Solomon.  Key 6, the Lovers, applies the understanding in Tifareth.   What a Fruit!


6 lotus flower


The mind stops and enters yabyum, the lovers.  A Rainbow Buddha is in the Tree of Life.  Time’s wheel strikes the moment.

Oracle of solstice. Ora, oasis approaches this year’s solstice.  This is profoundly real, striking the ora, hour, a moment through the clock’s face of Real Aquarius.   Alignment flows the ease of being.   The force is imperceptibly vast, like gravity.    What is gravity? – connectivity.

7 balsa boat

I carved this balsa boat for my grandmother’s birthday when I was 12 or 13, and packed it in a glass box with cotton wool.  The vessel goes on sailing through the clouds.  When she opened the gift, she said, “Annapurna in cumulus!”


The child of the turning page (below), was drawn in 1954.

It is but the page which turns.  Read on;  breathe onward;  peace, the solstice blessing, as our unmoving axis turns the worlds.

8 child 1954




My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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A Vision: the Valley and the Olympic Relay

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The ‘Brellas.  Metro cover, 30 August 2012

When looking up something in my last-February’s journal the other day, I came across an entry – which I had forgotten all about.   First there is a dream – an elder landscape, a valley crossing – and then a vision of the Games-to-be:  the context is Time passing through the Mayan calender circle into the Aquarian age circle this year – and pictorially, the years fore and aft, around it:  a Grand Crossing.

from Kabbalah 1991 series – the Kabbalah is by the way, but this is the general shape!

13 February 2012            THE VALLEY AND THE OLYMPIC RELAY

I dreamt last night a great and ancient moorland landscape, very old rocks.   It was a long U-shaped valley with steep sheer sides, glacier carved, exposed.   I walked along one edge of it, a path, noting the formations and striations of heather, rock and strata along the other side:  vast – could be Scotland or Wales, but could be anywhere in the world.

I backtracked some way, and took a path (right-angle) which descended to cross it.  Maybe I slid skillfully, or tobogganed.   In the geological patterns up the other side, woods were hidden, as if in the textures of a painting, and little bushy lanes tarmac’d for cars, but almost too narrow to walk along;  it was local but remote.   Tucked away were houses, cottages and signposts, like the Chilterns; a small urban community took root.

Going up that hillside, as often happens, it turned into an interior labyrinth and I had to ask the workers the way.  But the way was always quite clear to see, particularly when I turned a right angle corridor at the top;  someone showed me a door leading out of doors, and I saw the cliffs of the valley’s other side again (where I was before), and the paths scratched and worn along them:  the VIEW.

The path I was on, scarped the edge, but began to descend.   It was sandy and reddish, and lost height.   I met people and their dogs or children, and I looked for paths ascending back up.

The landscape had an elder brilliance of colour and tone:  I think, an astral region.   The two sides of the valley feel like the pillars of the Tree.   Among the bare rocks, small thoughts of humanity take hold and flourish.   There is an air of rediscovering basics.   I cross the bare valley floor playfully.   There is stability.   There is a conversation, side to the other side.

Parent pentacle – Two sides of the Tree.

This dream-fragment came back to me in the kitchen, by the taps, while putting a jaycloth away.   Yesterday I cleaned, dusted and polished my room at last, and bought a slow-cooker and some steak, veg and ale, and made a wonderful stew with an incredible flavour.

I said Chiltern – an echo – the valley is a dramatic version of the long land-furrows just west of Chesham and their paths and lanes:  a corrugation like the lines in a fingerprint.

In my studies, I read about “the power which hangs the earth upon nothing.   He who knows its presence at the centre of his being, and perfects its unobstructed transmission from that inner centre … knows the practical secret of the Lost Word.”  (Paul Foster Case.)

The hebrew word for Imagination is RVCh, Ruach, the Life-Breath …  …   through the intricate pathways of veins, arteries, nerves and cellular thought streams.   I like to think of those almost invisible fat cottages of village life tucked away among the steep bushy trees and hedges – samskaras and samsaras.  The One Life creates all my ideas.  They are tough like heather.

line dance 1987 – Crossing the valleys of each other

The potencies … are centred in the pituitary body behind the root of the nose.   This is the point through which they enter the field.  They put you in touch with the essential consciousness of everything, everywhere … the most distant star, millions of light years away, all mineral, plant, animal and human forms.

Behind the root of my nose is a visualising centre, which tastes and smells.   Here is a little Tree.   Here are bright white Seals of Solomon.   The valley in my dream is like a bath.   Sit in the bath like Archimedes, home in to the root behind my nose, and check out those distant stars and atoms closer than my breath, the intimate cosmic filaments … and pull out the bathplug with my toe.   Like going to see my teacher to ask a question, the intention feels businesslike.   Some clutter was removed.

The Valley is in a strange, living mode, a Face, a naked being.

What is your name?   Are you called Lebecq? 

I see through you, an ancient channel of light and knowledge, like a well, lain horizontally …  well, that is a telescope, n’est ce pas?   But you are more a landscape than a humanoid.   The idea of a telescope brings the stars close.  Your silence is as alive as when you speak.  You are a channel for God.   The telescope is a channel, a stick, a rod, a staff.   When the valley of the shadow is cleared and open, I walk in it, I cross it, I admire the detail.   There is a point of essence of you.

Hear the nose on your face”.    Listen to the breath.   Waves swell, break and fade.

The god Neptune goes into his elemental salt, the Ocean, from the beach, then deeper and deeper.   He IS the Ocean, being thus She, la mer, the mare, the mother.   Essence is restored to itself … like sperm to egg dissolves back into embryonic femininity, from which the genders grow.

Leibniz, Kepler and Galileo were contemporaries – the invention of the telescope then?   The dawn of the 17th century broke the caul of our world.  It was called the Enlightenment.   It contracted light years and brought in the universe. (Aquarian age).   It invented calculus and measure.   The Rosicrucean Manifesto satyrized the Church’s asinine pomp and tyranny.   The stars broke into the cleric fantasy and toppled it.

Something like this is happening now.   Where there were European wars, is now a perilous Euro-economy – another attention-capturing struggle, another situation beyond the save of linear savants.   Listen to the root of my nose;   the birds out there, and the cars going by.   Listen with everything I am connected to – replacing thoughts.   The mind can scan many things simultaneously, but only concentrate on One Thing.

Alchemical bas-relief in Notre-Dame Paris – Child baton

Neptune’s essence restored to his own element in Pisces – is the year’s basic scroll.

In the summer Olympics, the relay of the torch and relay races in general may be significant.

At this point we are a relay baton – (like a telescope) being handed from one temporal arc or era to another.   Trust the cosmic athlete to accomplish this more smoothly than the human runners and swimmers.   The Olympics is a baton held in hand, a relay.

magus equinox 1991

Yesterday I pondered:  the London administration in England, undertook this responsibility, to relay, to bring all the nations together.   This factor underwrites the extravagance and the security headache.   London – with its alignment to the Grand Cross next summer – is crucially placed for a movement through the hour-glass – trained, record-breaking movement, a national concentration focusing the globe.  It may or may not be a shambles.   It was the British Empire.   It is the Games.   Deep deep down under all the hype, the racket, fear and froth, lurks the Greek archetype ideal, unbroken.   The relay is unbroken.

Elder thoughts are the open valley when the glacier has shrunk to a little brook in its floor.

The relay is a point of exchange, unbroken.   Time is the meeting of the crossing ways, the passing hand to hand.   There is an Olympic flame.  Did Britain begin this present Olympic cycle, was Britain the first host in the 19th century, or thereabouts? If nothing else, the London Olympic project reclaimed and regenerated a waste land.


7 September 2012 …  and so it has!

 I saw last night the relay of blind runners.   The howling stadium is made to shush so the runners can hear each others’ feet.  The precision with which they hand the baton to each other, is deft in the dark, and … deeply touching.  Velocity:  trusting:  temporal velocity … the trysting trust untried.




My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books) – along with many other creations in house.  

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Flowing Through the Hour

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This painting – called “Snowdrop” – depicts a sub-atomic particle interaction with the physicist.




Thank you, Mira, for your response to “How to Draw the Sri Chakra Yantra” on this blog, and for sharing a link about the Higgs bosen particle (see below.)

My blog looks like a strip or time-scroll, but is a picture of the Mayan time change this summer;  the nature of what flows through the hour glass comes to me through IMAGES.

The water, the sands, are flowing through the hour, the key.

Swans, Saraswathi, sands, waters, alchemy, the flaring radiance from the Sri Yantra bindhu, human portraits, Eliot’s intersection time with timeless, the Grand Cross of Uranus, Pluto, Moon, Mars next  week, with its unfolding multitude of local effects and tensions …  the conductivity flows all the time infinitely through tiny passages, like the golden Dust in His Dark Materials.   The whole is one painting.

There is something wonderful and unprecedented about just this moment:  to be born for.



And here is another scientist, with his particle



The I-particle is the pattern of each “NOW”, at every point of space.

As the early quantum physicists demonstrated – as in the Heisenberg principle of position or motion – crucial to scientific experiment is the First-Person;  the discoverer’s I … eye.

An observer’s interference-pattern collapses an event’s potential into just one of a myrad possible futures.   We are limited at every step by our sensory spectrum and by our inertia-momentum, or conditioned habit of mind. Interpretation encloses;  yet the flowering happens.   We may continue asking, openly.

Theory and scholarship present a limitation.  It is like “stepping down” a voltage through a transformer, to make it palatable to the linear mind.   Theory has its essential place, but we have to step beyond theory and into conscious “I” to act with it, responsibly.   The equation is not in a book or on a blackboard;  it is in the heart and from the core of cosmos everywhere.  Opening the door inside, we may step beyond the stars.




In this painting of Mother Ganga for the Sacred India Tarot, the river falls from the Himalayas, a yogi sits near the glacial waters:  and she, just where the rock-bed drops, converges tributary streams from her flasks at a right-angle into the waterfall – reminding me of the planetary Grand Cross.

That detail depicts also a subatomic interaction in a hadron collider.

Riding the torrent lightly on her crocodile, she pours from her flasks the  “Integration of conscious and unconscious sides of psyche.”  The Shadow of this is that “addictive behaviour stems from staggering self centredness.”

Paradoxically, First-Personhood is not self centered, but centered in the Self.  Cosmic Consciousness flowers from the point between the polarities – the bindhu – and strangely, movingly and inescapably, manifests through each personal i.



Snowdrop, Fox and Owl


Crucial also is conversation:  the coming to meet each other now:  speaking not past each other, but with.

“Thank you so much, and how timely! I have heard a few observe that the drawings of the Higgs boson (i.e., “God particle”) is very similar to the Sri Chakra.
Inquiry through outer science or inner science will always get us to the same point.  See H.H. Swami Isa’s article on this.”


“Probably God particle helps to bridge the gap in understanding of science and religion.The problem with the science is that it is only object oriented and so far it has not developed any method to relate between the subject and object and the consciousness which is beyond subject-object combination.”


“Hello – thanks for your comment on the higgs bosen discussion link on my timeline. The scientific community begin to figure out in their own language, what the sages always knew and feel within themselves. The problem is when such realisations become limited to “how they can be exploited”. Real knowledge – human-ness – transcends material technology. It is in the discovery and the question – effectively, Self-enquiry – right across everything. The higgs bosen is NOW each second. The pattern that its discovery makes – the pebble dropped in the water – is timely just now, as the Mayan calender ends, and we enter a “new” dimension or frame of time. The bindhu and pattern of Sri Chakra shows this eternally.”


“Ten years ago I wrote a Telugu book called Real inquiry. In that, I wrote that a very small part of infinite energy becomes vibratory and the rest of energy is in potential form. If the vibration of that energy is 10% it becomes Akasa(Sky)(Visuddha);  if it is 100% the same energy becomes air(Anahata);  if the vibrations are 1000% it becomes fire(Manipura);  if it is 10,000% vibratory it becomes water(Swadhistana);  and if the vibrations are 1,00000% it becomes the earth(Mooladhara).  So it is the number of vibrations that determines what form the energy is going to have. This information is from a Hindu scripture and is quite interesting.  When it is 0% energy becomes one with the consciousness.  When energy vibrates between 0-10% it is said to be in Ajna chakra and if it is 100% still it is said to be in Sahasrara.  There is no concept of Jiva here.”

This exchange of letters among three particles, is an atomic interchange;  annihilation in the place of meeting, releases a new particle, the creativity.



Leaf, ripple, worldline


If I drop a leaf on water, its ripples spread concentrically into past and future as one circle or worldline.    When I was young, I received the wisdom of my older age;  and can at any point transmit the wavelength to my young self, receiving encouragement, and intimation of the deep.

It is timely to talk of time, in the current pressure of the Mayan figure of eight – the hourglass as one Great Time sphere passes into a new one.   The phenomenon is now – the seed of perceiving time differently, as petals and circles rather than linear. It rests on what the inner life is doing.   It does not seek;  it delivers.  It moves along in the flow of the tiny grains of sand.   Shakti triangle descends as Siva triangle ascends.  It is indeed timely, that the scientific community discovered for themselves a pattern similar to the Sri Chakra Yantra during this moment;  that SITA has the design on the back;   that there are whole google pages on methods of drawing the Yantra.

Then this is the pattern, the focus, the Yantra crossing the Grand Crossroads, next week.  Internally contemplate the up-down tree-sap-fountain mutual penetration of Siva Shakti, simultaneous with the radiating rings.   It is not a noun or word.  It is a movement, a Tao, a verb … a be-ing.



Tree of Life/Grail/Round Table 2002


This drawing of the Tree of Life through the Round Table, is similar.   The movement of the Cross is Eliot’s point of intersection, timeless with time.   Keep the pattern picture inwardly, make the flaring of the ripple your own;  the osmotic process through it, above, below.

The Life particle is known as Jiva Kana:  the prana inherent in all things   The whole universe did not just evolve from this in past tense, it evolves from it, every second NOW, inwardly and outwardly.   We are in unconscious balance and habit with this, with the miracle, as we are with the pressure of the blood in our veins.



Smash space into time 1988



Kabbalah:  Genesis:  Binah 1989



My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books) – along with many other creations in house.  

I write, illustrate, design and print my books.   Watch this space.

Dark Brown is the River


Paper hat boat, 1988

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26 June 2012

My boat on the brook – dark brown is the river, golden is the sand … – is a paper one, the little folded hats I launch, to flow and float downstream.

I have a vision, a song, a full journey to the sea:  each one we are absorbed in one little thought;  they two are universe-i …  a vast and private matter.

(See the Avatamsaka Tower sutra in my earlier blog.)

Small whorls turn softly in the brown brook, ever flowing, ever welling from the hill’s heart – they are galaxies.   Being identified with “flow”, it is not surprising that pain/blood episodes flow too, until they fade.

The water now – the ripple-crescents are soundless, deep and free of think.

Who am I?  A little twig, little particle carries essential dharmas, and is the waters to the sea.  The waters to the sea, carrying I, are all and every I.  This thread is read in the “library” in a House of the Psyche – but the silence feels it.   IS.

Bindhu point contains every circle of sound.

Like a lighthouse, like a bell or percussion, like a growth of tree’s yearly ring, it pulses and resounds.  The river moves, trembles and merges as the One.  This is everywhere with the rain.  In the heart from whence it pours, it vanishes.  There is infinitely room for more.



Reflections on the Grand Cross

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 “… so let us part the waves and kiss the lips, turn the wheel, fingers touch numbers on the clock, enter the cave and find the jewel, then climb the mountain through the rainbow.”

P.T. The Eight-fold Path of Tifareth

Here is an exploration of some microcosmic responses to an ongoing macrocosmic event;  as all is interconnected and alive.

The building up of 17 July’s Grand Crossroads, with the Pluto Uranus exact square this weekend, is sometimes a crushing weight;  the pairing of tension or emotional distress, with a deep soft – healing – yoga of the Swan which “parts the waves and kisses the lips” … hey!   Yes, it does just that.   Yielding to life are myriad little movements, a curving thread:  the point between.

Remember to let my shoulders drop.  They habitually rise, and lock a little, unconsciously braced to pull my distracting small worries.   When they drop into water, like water off the duck’s feathers, I am in the Now, unfurnished, as the sea comes into my face.   De-robe from the back of the neck, like dropping a yoke or mantle, and see the swan’s tall soft neck gliding along, like a harp-string Belgian beech.   And behind and through that seeming fragile stem, such power, the great white body and winged fury of the swan!   Lazily the mirrored power swims and glides along the dark water:  floating cream  – the Vedic swan is said to drink the milk from water, which is discrimination;  the milk in the water is reflected Light, and the swan is that.

Primordial pressures through the cosmos, as in our soul and cells, are crossing beams – crossroads collectively, crossroading individual stories;  apprehension with whatever we are told.

The Way of the Wise stands firm, to yield, consciously.   Then the power that knows the Way, not only melts the hardness by being the angle, but eases passage … like birth.

There are always at least two approaches to any problem – resistance, and accommodation (or alignment to it.)  Alignment is with its polar axis shift, and there is often pain at first.  On the tribal level we project and fear that feeling of Grand Crosses, and what might erupt and harm us, harm our earthing.   They have a bad press!   On the spiritual creative level, we may see them as instruments of construction and delivery.   Behind every shadow moves the Light.   What do I perceive mostly?   What do I think I see – what am I told to see?   But what is Real?   Look within.  Ask.   Look through the veil.   Part the waters.   Be surprised.

There are two ways to see a problem or constellation;  from underneath it and from above.  Through a woody cross, a puppet master pulls strings, to dance the doll.   It is a very different view from above the cross, to what the rapt audience sees on stage.   It is not the imagined drama;  it is the great work behind the scenes.

To see and realise this for ourselves, we must work our own hands and feet;  be grounded as the Self enquiry fills our veins;  go gardening, perhaps.

There arises an objective feeling about those Cardinal (western astrology) energies with Uranus, Pluto, Mars locking together this summer.   It looks more like windows which incline through each other in the soul.

The soul is the level of Consciousness ignited through the capillary of awakening.   Always I find, the ignition opens a different, wider view – an unexpected harmony I knew all along.

We are taught to strive and to fear, and the fear is tense – blocking Consciousness –  but forsooth the phenomenon is cosmic more than local, and incorporates other frames of time – a blending of many patterns towards what loosens and floats onward.

Wave trains move through each other.

The old Mayan time frame comes to an end;  a new one opens.  The whole is a figure of eight, a taoist circling;  but through the centre point – crossing strings – at present, we pass like sands through the hourglass neck;  like birth;  and thus our every field suffers stress, intensity and pressure.

Every pressure has within it, release.   The trick is to find some way of friendship with the pressure.   It is up to you and I to awake our individual way through what life throws at us – to individuate.  To individuate, touches through the subtle net, everyone and everywhere;  for there is One Consciousness through innumerable Towers.   It cannot happen in any other place but here and now.   Any other place, political programme or requirement, is hearsay, and passes the buck.

We are humanity, each I.  The opportunity is given  us, uniquely, to dance softly, proudly, like the swan;  to slow down into the present – even if just a moment, each time …  in ANY given situation, even pain:  patience.   The situation is the pattern on the ground at that moment, of the light and shadow passing;  like the sun through leaves onto the grass.   Suffer it if need be:  but the cultivation of a deep and de-conditioned non-resistance, befriends the matter, and unfolds.   It unfolds the way a flower grows, or a fern uncurls.

“But to apprehend the point of intersection, timeless with time, is an occupation for the saint …”

T S Eliot

“Bricks and mortar sing us no audible tune;  the heart opens only to the human chant of being.” 

Paramahansa Yogananda

“So this, your body, is the instrument whereon may be played the Song of Life.   Nay, it is more than this, for on this harp of ten thousand strings, the wind of the Spirit moves ever, and sounds night and day, the melodies and harmonies of that Eternal Song.”

Master R, western tradition of alchemy

“Be the disciple of your own understanding”

“Good is that of which you are not afraid, evil is that of which you are afraid.”

“The tide moves in and out to the sea and to the shore, but has no conflict with itself:   there is no conflict in the movement of the tide or breath.”


I can’t find at the moment, the exact wording of this quote from K about the tide’s polarity, and how there is no conflict with its seamless circling;  but the thought always deeply inspired me.   Krishnamurti’s birth chart is full of conflict – T squares and hard, difficult angles – he knew whereof he spoke.   He was an awakener.  He searched and spoke the way of the swan through each moment’s impasse or crossroads, afresh.   I find nothing theoretical in K’s teaching.   It is about relationship, full on.  It wasn’t easy for him.   He liked to share the difficulty and cut the knot which binds.


My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books) – along with many other creations in house.  

I write, illustrate, design and print my books.   Watch this space.

Neolith – 17 March 2010


boats of mine –  JA 1988

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17.3.2010 NEOLITH

 “Am I glad I was born?” (likewise, the possibilities ahead.) 

The Ocean of the Fish, or propagation, comes at a right angle to where I am.  The fluidic substance is infinite and not wet.  The scythe represents the Moon’s cycles.  White rose is purified desire. We work against the mass mind, when we arm the electron-magnetic sexual circuit with this.  Death is being born anew, the channels and deltas of life, the roots and flowers.

 “Forms pass, but THAT which experiences, goes on for ever.” 

The Spirit of Change is the sunrise at my back; the man and woman in the earth.  The sprouting.

Beauty is not static, nor engraved.  Beauty is TRANSFORMATIVE.

W’s book has a book within it, his poems and drawings of death.  Memento Mori are carved in stone, like the appearance of our lives, and his verses gradually uncarve, question and break up the stone, as the rose is growing up through it.  At a right angle to the solid dream or statue, is the oceanic pargod – every-where-ness –  the hard forms are undermined, and soften.  Paradox.

It is an interesting commentary or self-expression of Geminian ideas and forms, and Capricorn eternity.

Yesterday, reflecting on my Neolithic lives, I felt the way stone-working has always informed me:  snake, river, stone.  My self-picture squats by the flowing water, contemplates the snake, the fluid stone.  On this image, my wisdom is based.  I was a shaman, or seer, in the tribe.  In the twentieth century, I am born to a family which is uneasy about the national tribe, but is strongly tribal nevertheless.

In those ancient lives, I quested the right-angle – the perpendicular dimension to a tribal survival frame – like the ice-fountain from Saturn’s smallest Moon.  I was a dreamer.  I looked at things, more than I used them.  Some considered me lazy, for I sat on rocks and gazed in the river.  I didn’t bother too much, to catch fish.   I watched the ever changing crescents of the current:  the fluid circles of sun and moon, the action of water on sand.  I dropped my cup in the water to see how much it could hold.  I watched trees floating, rode astride them and fell in.  I invented a keel to stabilize, first with my legs, and then with woody wedges driven into the log.  The keel takes the pressure of the waters like the sail takes the pressure of the air.  Stability – upRightness – is achieved.

With this awakening principle, I grasp the interlocking Faces of formation and creation – this study comes at a much later time.  When I was a healer, I applied the same relationship to the body’s organic capillaries, where the unknown cognition interlaces or pins together the formative (mental) and physical worlds.  Maybe Paracelsus worked like this?

Through an unknown cognition, the core lifetime of awakening emerges – its general outline.  Snake water stone open my doors of perception to silence, immeasurable space, the song of stars, the precision of eclipse.  Again and again, down the centuries, I experimented as a child.  In this life, I did it again.  I built a raft and a jute-sack sail, tied on a red spotted handkerchief, and paddled her on the pond, with my legs hanging in the water.  The sail unbalanced, I capsized and fell in.  One does not know what one is doing.  The soul’s curve to remind, is deeper than the emotional screen.

But who am I?

A collection of history book stuff and conditioned speculation, to identify with?

Embodiment is a matter of choice, however.  I am drawn to what kindles my loving fire:  and the special ideas in the heart of stone that the water rolls and flows, do just that;  so they are “I”.  They are sky.

I wanted to conform, but was never very good at it.  Just when I was getting good, my hermetic experiment burst up through earth, and distanced all the other wise suggestions.  I respect them for the helping hand they give, and the way the Lineages invariably open my doors.

Who am I?  The grid, the human belief system, the complex texture of conformity, is just as ephemeral as any of my poetic ideas and impressions.

You can (weasely) tell – the stoat is totally different from a weasel.  The case is wide open.  The unknown cognition does not know:  I am known, and it doesn’t matter how.  I shy away from rigid fences, but build them anyway, to conform, and to protect my open secret.

Wisdom encompasses, and only very slowly learns to respect every contrasting chamber.  Wisdom becomes a simple  sky again.  The sky contains the galaxies, the light years, the atoms, the black holes turning inside out into stars, the shift beyond the bounds of sight and hearing.  The inner atom is this same sky, the pregnant void.

In this love, the roots of trees are silvery, the minerals are of rainbow, and they grow as veins.  In this love, humans are difficult and take up all my mental and feeling energy;  but they liberate the Law.

Two or three omens yesterday, moments with neighbours when I was in the right place, right time.  Sort-of!  I noticed the mood, which was light, easy and cheery.

If it be Thy Will, please show me what I need to know, at this point in my life.

The “affectionate” image which comes, is of setting sail my paper boats on the Waters.

I did this drawing in ’88, of the Fool floating his paper boats, like stars and threads of DNA.  This just means plod on with tidying up my Messages for delivery out there.

After a re-read of the last few days:  an angle on self-criticism, and the Rightness of a principle.  The ego under fire, is a useful steward or servant.  The principle, the lineage, a cosmic law, is the Master of the vineyard.  Who is being expressed?

Jane Adams 17 March 2010


cosmic serpent egg

JA 1987

My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books) I write, illustrate, design and print my books.   Watch this space.

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Begin to be a log – Tip Point

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Today we build into tomorrow’s Pluto Uranus Square.   This presages this summer’s Grand Cross, a tipping point at many levels, where the Mayan Great Circle of time closes, eliding into the Great Circle which opens:   the point passing through infinity’s figure of eight.    No wonder the stress and confusion and pressure.   We are in the hour glass and it feels at the moment crowded.   I feel that what is birthing – what opens –  is a new perception of time – one that is not linear, but curved and multi dimensional.    Paradoxically, our lives will simplify.   Stress is actually release.   When the door yields, the depth and type of “I-thought” at tipping point prevails.

At tipping point, the forces for confusion believe they are making headway;  and the forces for the Light know they are on the move.   We are both.  It is the fluid point of peace within right-angle Pluto and Uranus Cardinally.   It doesn’t matter what today’s busy schedule is.   Meditation is less necessary;  attention wherever recalled to interior peace, is – whatever we are doing, and whoever we see.   From here the forces of Light and the forces of confusion are seen TRANSPERSONALLY.   They assume personality and the will to hurt or to praise, through the memory-bases to which they attach:  the levels and the mixes of evolution:  the myriad types of “I-thought”.

There is only one reason for all the study and all the Yoga:   the yield when the door opens, the happiness everlasting edgelessly.   This perception offers no veil nor resistance and includes every problem of life.  It even sharpens the problems.  Getting the point, as Douglas Harding says, is a wide-angle empty moving lens the Point fills from every direction.   Getting the point is “no one here.”


Where there is harmony in the pressure of tipping point, there is a Messianic oil among the gears;  or it is the canal water sliding through the lock-gate as the levels regulate.  Osmosis raises through semi permeable cell membranes, the solar sap through the Tree to solar source and photosynthesis – root to shoot:  the DNA caduceus.   Thus we are.   Messiah is no longer an individual, although there are representatives.   For the Aquarian Age, “Messiah” is an ACCESS – a human wave-band, a consciousness.   We have each our own capacity to tune into this:  to pause, listen and hear the still small voice.    Moments begin to blend.

Think of poor Handel trying to compose his “I know that my Redeemer Lives” through the everyday din of London’s street cacophony in those days – the rich folk song heritage before the music-halls opened – London, the naughtiest and most colourful city in the world – what a compost.    “I know that my Redeemer Lives” got woven into the chimes of Big Ben.   That sacred defiance ringing out with each day’s Nein-o-clock news, stood against Hitler.   History is astonishing. Bless also the Diamond Jubilee and its changing attitudes and bedrock values:  the living curve of history’s Bells.

My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.   I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books) – along with my many other creations in house.   I write, illustrate, design and print my books.   Watch this space.