Numerology and Platonic Forms


Kabbalah 1990 207

To grasp abstract concepts in their beauty, it helps to make them visible.  In the ancient world, numbers were – and are still – dynamic shapes, letters and states of transformation. The numbers are symbols of life.  The five Platonic forms or solids – tetrahedron, cube, octohedron, dodecahedron and icosohedron – give volume and depth to the play of number.

Many Renaissance masterpieces – not to mention the medieval Cathedrals – were constructed consciously or subconsciously on the perfect proportion of the living Numbers:  for instance the 5 : 8 of the golden mean.   It nourishes the subtle body and expands the spirit in recognition.  And so they stand …

My numerology 1-10  remained stable for the 20 years since I wrote these two pages below.  It was influenced by the works of Mouni Sadhu and Elisabeth Haich.  Refinements came later, with the Builders of the Adytum Tarot:  for instance I would now call the conduct of Four “organization” or “reason”.  Initially I called it “benevolence” for the Fourth Sefira on the Tree, Hesed or Grace.  Hesed expands into the dominion of space, the blueprint of time collected in Binah.

Numerologic Arcana are based on the simple premise 1 – 10.  Where this moves up the sides of the pyramid to the apex, our cultural systems are in general agreement.   The cosmic principles are unaltered by local interpretation.

So here is my own view !

Numerology 1-6

Numerology 7-10


Here (below) is a cartoon of the fourth dimension.  Zero dimension is the point, whose geometry is spherical.  It may shrink or expand infinitely, inward or outward:  it thus contains the All or One.  A line is a movement of the point, becoming 2:  its equidistant projection forms 3, a triangle.  A further projection from the flat triad is 4 – an equal sided tetrahedron or solid.

Each subsequent dimension is a perpendicular movement from the last.  So a line is extended laterally to become a plane.  The plane projected into three dimensions, is a cube – our landscape of life.  The inner life – the conscious connectivity – exists perpendicular in every direction to the three-dimensional sensory world.

Where do we put our attention?  It is a matter of conditioning, since infancy.

point line plane copy

Here is Ouspensky’s fable of the flat-earth beings’ surprise when a Great Being (who is their God or Brahman) dipped Her fingers through their two-dimensional world, as through water’s surface. Five apparently unrelated disks or islands appear unexpectedly, move around, change shape and disappear.  But they all belong to one hand, and to some inconceivable Face or purpose. Such is life, when we are disappointed or astonished by so called Miracles – and they have concentric ripples!   Such is the thread of our hidden lifetimes and our fantasy of death.  Such is the connectivity of an atomic particle, which nods or rotates in unison with its twin sister, even when the two are separated far beyond any signal of light.   Such is the cosmic web.

Tao doodle '94 j&d11


Now here are a collection of pictorial 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 6’s, in no particular order.  I studied for a long time in Mouni Sadhu’s The Tarot (1962) the Tetragrammaton First Family of JHVH, and even how to breathe with it at times.  It is my philosophical root.


Finally:  Speaking of the Tetragrammaton reminds me of Gurdhieff’s Enneagram.  In the circuitry of a musical octave, are two intervals – where a quantum leap is made.  I do not remember now – are they the semitone 3rd/4th?  and 6th/7th? (diminished 7th).   Help me someone, please!   In general life, our intentions are propelled by 1st force, resisted by 2nd force, and carried through (if possible) with the perseverance of 3rd force, from a higher dimension – the height, depth and breadth. The thesis/antithesis structure is applied in a practical way, to life.

For me, the beauty and depth psychology is in the Enneagram’s interplay of numbers – rather than the later method of attaching personality types to it: which seems to me to be guess-work and rather unscientific.   One can only go by experience.  The topic is open to discuss!


enneagram math


My next post on this subject will include Johannes Kepler’s system of 5 platonic solids each interleaving a planetary orbit;  his chalice, and the 5 platonic solids among the Sefiroth on my Tree of Life.

rebbe & rebbetzin yuletide '94 j&d11





My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.

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Angels and Kabbalah


Tarot Empress: Arcanum Three

Tarot Empress: Arcanum Three

Here are some more writings and sketches of Angels, from my workbook on Tarot Arcanum Three.  Starting this topic in my previous post, I realised it is rather a large one – so this is Part Two!


Jacobs Ladder - Archangels & Names of God - 1992

Jacobs Ladder – Archangels & Names of God – 1992

(1) YOD … The extended Tree of Life, or Jacobs Ladder, shows the interlocking Four Worlds of Ezekiel’s vision: physical (nature and chakras), psychological (planets), Creational (angels) and the Absolute (names of HASHEM the Holy One).

Jacobs Ladder, showing 4 worlds, and the Tree of Yetzirah (astrology)

Jacobs Ladder, showing 4 worlds, and the Tree of Yetzirah (astrology)


The Angels as Instruments of Law

In Yetzirah – the World of Formation’s upper regions – overlapping Beriah/Creation, and particularly around Daat of Yetzirah/Yesod of Beriah – increments of the Fourth dimension step through into consciousness.   It is a passage of transformation between the worlds – a dark mirror – the whispering of a stranger from behind my neck .   Some features of the world collapse.   In this region, are other beings.   They have a different temporal substance.   They exist without cause and effect.   Yet they are forms – the multiple facets of a philosophic crystal – of awareness.

O Angel - 1988

O Angel – 1988

They have multifarious duties.  Some take an interest in and guide mundane affairs as spiritus directores.   Others are messengers from energy fields which are not human, but were shaped in a concurrent frame of consciousness.   Some are called angels.   The angel, a sub-atomic conduit of force, or cosmic ray, rules regions corresponding to inter-stellar space.   Earth is showered every day with highly charged particles – the butterfly wings through cosmos.

The Fool and the Lamb in a tent with Angels

The Fool and the Lamb in a tent with Angels


Angels exist outside time.   Some persons see them in human or archetypal form, for some of them descend into the world of images through the Daat window and are apparent in this way.   SANDALPHON is the Archangel of planet Earth, and MAHAEL is the Archangel of the Sun;  there is an Angel of the Solar system, and innumerable angelic hierarchies upon Jacob’s Ladder.   There are devas of the trees and woodland glades, and angelic atmospheres ruling towns and even street corners.   Mountains have their devas, as do geologic strata, resins and plant elixirs. They do their jobs outside Chronos – the circle of time.  But humans can develop a sensitive interface with them.

Time, as we live and know it, is a section across the Angel.   It is difficult for them to manifest three-dimensionally.  They do so only with human cooperation.  The Archangel of Yesod in Beriah, through whom other angelic  beings come and go, is GAVRIEL who “announced” the coming of an Anointed One to the mother.  GAVRIEL brought the dreams to Joseph, for the management of the Egyptian granary.   Cows and sheep are intuitive, but do not develop celestial vision.   Angels cannot materialize into the plane of sight.   The creatures who have the ability and the gift of destiny, to travel in and unify both worlds, are ourselves.

The Angel is the way a door opens into “seeing clearly”.  When the door is closed, we see through a glass darkly.

Archangel MAHAEL

Archangel MAHAEL


As our Spirit condenses, as it gravitates through the halls of upper Yetzirah into physical embodiment, we are clairvoyant to all that we are, have been and are to do, and why.   The Karma drawing us into earth’s gravity is still at this point, an undifferentiated “I” of all Eye, and probably curious, but not as yet emotionally identified.   Around the time of physical birth, the field of vision is abruptly restricted;  the soul becoming individualized, lodges into the body whose contour her various deeds and intentions created.  An aeroplane descends from the brightness into thick white cloud, and lands in a field by a toy town, dim and grey.  The child cries as the musical chord is cut.   Perhaps.

... where the Angel treads - 1988

… where the Angel treads – 1988


All languages of adepts contain activities or presences invisible to the layman, but in which we are supposed to believe!

In the Hermetic language they are called genii.
In Kabbalah they are called angels.
In Hindu and Egyptian languages they are called gods.
Theosophists call them Masters.
Lucretius of Rome called them atoms.
In the 20th century language of maths and physics, they are called particles.

An Angels' Sound

An Angels’ Sound


Why do I find black holes so interesting?

The black hole is an archetypal dragon which guards enlightenment:  traverse its coil with great care and caution.   Very extreme things happen … temptations are offered … when one gets near the scent.  There is a growing attunement to the power of the Self – the Universe – and it is very easy to channel this mistakenly into the personal ego – into the unreclaimed wilderness which sets itself up to teach, influence and lead.   So one has to be watchful.

Strangely however, the black hole as conceived by materialists, is the great Light of Reality in metaphysics.  The black hole “shrinks” into that expansion, and becomes the birth of a star … through the veil’s other side.  This is a rather intuitive hunch, against the conventional grain.  The idea of black holes is frightening, tearing unwary astronauts apart, but only if materiality is the only frame of reference.   If it is not, then black holes open a very different prospect … of stars in the night sky at birth, creating Kalpas – the breaths of time and space.  The principle stands for eternity, society, astrophysics and the inner life.

black hole copy


Returning briefly to the angels on Jacob’s Ladder:  the creatures who have the ability and the gift of choice to travel in and unify the worlds, are human.

The human psyche is a walking transformer of “force” into materiality.   Through the psyche, levels of frequency – vibrational waves which might be “angels” – interface the mobile field of height, breadth and depth.   The things we do, speak and think, create concentric ripples in this field, and in the field beyond our sight.

Angel choir, 1957

Angel choir, 1957


We may choose to coast along blindly with a fateful pattern – the inertia of circumstance – or to open our eyes within the circumstance to see what it is up to.   In the latter case, we consider the circumstance in its relation to the environment, and the other wheels which turn.   If my soul is alert here, and beginning to apply steerage, I have no mob mentality.   We are co-workers in all manner of things.   This act is “awakening”.

angel, old master copy, 1957

angel, old master copy, 1957



(2) HEH … Some Further Thoughts – Venus (green) and Mars (red) on the Tree

The following colour complementaries are from my Tarot & Kabbalah studies with the Builders of the Adytum:

venus sun mars - colour correspondences

venus sun mars – colour correspondences

bota key 3 Empress

In the “queen’s scale” colour coding, Mars is red and Venus is green. On Jacob’s Ladder, Awakening’s red path – Netzach-to-Hod in Beriah the world of Creation – converts to the green Hokhmah-to-Binah path in Yetzirah the world of Formation – uniting masculine and feminine poles across the Tree, as well as vertically. (This can be seen in the diagram of Jacobs Ladder, above).  In Tarot, the green path is Venusian – the path of the Empress. She is pregnant;  she bridges Hokhmah to Binah – the Hebrew “Wisdom and Understanding”.

Tarot key 8, Strength

The triadic plane of Tifareth, Gevurah, Hesed –  the Sun with Mars and Jupiter  – is yellow-gold.  Tifareth is the Beauty of the Tree – its consciousness.   The path bridging Hesed/Jupiter (Grace) to Gevurah/Mars (Severity) over Tifareth, is yellow – Tarot Key 8, Strength:  the woman who tames the red lion.



bota key 16 tower

The  Netzach Hod level is ruled by Mars – the path of the Tower and of Awakening.   So, Key 3 The Empress (Venus) gestates the fertile seed.  Key 16 The Tower (Mars) cracks the seedcase open.  (See my previous post. – a note at the end, re the House of God)
On Jacobs Ladder of the interpenetrating Trees of Life, these two paths overlay each other.


All resonances on the Tree of Life are potential meditations:  an opener of doors – the Angel.  The Tree is full of angelic powers, as we awake to them with our sight, hearing and heart.

And here is a composer’s analogy, down the Lightning flash:

The Trees of Music and the physical body

The Trees of Music and the physical body




(3) VAV … A Visit to India – Holding Arunachala Rock in my left palm            (10.9.92)

Arunachala rock

In the BE-ING, there is infinite clear space.   There are senses to receive, but no “solid” wall or division anywhere.    Dive or sink into this, as the core.

The fiery Arunachala pyramid is in the I.  All things, and treasures of the world,  are in the I which permeates the i.

Arunachala sketch - one of the oldest and most sacred mountains on earth - Siva's red rock hill

Arunachala sketch – one of the oldest and most sacred mountains on earth – Siva’s red rock hill

Ramana Maharshi used to say, realisation of the Self is clear as an Indian gooseberry in the palm of your hand.

Thoughts and ashram Tourists carry on more or less as usual, though somewhat hushed or swamped by the “awesome” advent of core-mystery-absorbtion.   The depth nature arises sometimes to suggest – a present, a gift to be in – for a moment.   It opens in my mid-spine behind the heart.   Fall inward!

All directions i am

All directions i am



(4) SECOND HEH … And touching on the soul, and how we evolve in relation to each other …

angel by Raphael - copy

angel by Raphael – copy

Angels lead inevitably into platonic solids – the crystallized forms of the soul’s cosmic interface are our root elixirs.  Two tetrahedrons interpenetrating, create Solomon’s Seal:  a third-eye laser beam.

tetatrahedrons marry

Cultivate in my imagination the Tetrahedron:  the crystal of the Soul, to whose surfaces a third, extended centre point gives depth, volume and perspective … (“the height, the depth and breadth …”)

It trains the mind to overcome problems of the flat-earth polarity.

soul tetrahedrons

A Soul tetrahedron’s inner points touch the centre of each outer surface …

Sometimes it is like this:  I am the base, performing the first two – the polarity.  The plane of the Archangels is the raised apex, or depth;  and they perform the rest.    Hence the idea of surrender, and letting go – we come as far as we can, unaided:  then hand it over.

No spiritual or creative task is done in isolation, but in dialogue.  When They take over, I  stray and struggle to collect up my bits, and think about it.

Hear this:  every Angel in a wing, a mountain, a leaf or a person, is the One.

I have earth’s deep yearning for the sky to fill me.  One lens is as good as any, when polished.  They come to meet, as in the Masters’ limestone occulus:

Drawn up into a dark cave whose glory drop by drop 
the rain through aeons carved, 
as stalagmite to stalactite my soul evolves, 
from floor to point of meeting. 

Let us draw time, 
draw together this space.

My flame drinks wick;  in watered rock my mirrored twin appears – 
mineral kingdom interpolates, vesica pisces, droplet rock 
to drop deposit. 

Not by earthly measure large, this chamber – 
by a candle illumined:  a single drop, a sea. 
In limestone cave the work through ages dark 
as organs of our inner body, gleams. 

Hollowing this Gothic sphere, I am the ages’ hourglass – 
an instant yes, awakens sight:  the hallowing fire.

From The Masters’ Eye  1992-2009
These verses are also in my early post, Drawings of Timothy West


Finally:  here is a sketch of a dream I had in 1969, of “a vulnerable angel”:

a vulnerable angel

He (in green) felt something grow behind his shoulders – tender wings.  He is embarassed, and tries to hide this condition from the other people in the room.   Leo Tolstoy’s short story about an Angel who fell to earth – “What Men Live By” – made a deep, early impression on me.

To conclude, here is the Angel of cosmic regulation – the Tarot Temperance:

Tarot Arcanum 14 - Temperance

Tarot Arcanum 14 – Temperance

My articles on Kabbalah assume some familiarity with the Tree of Life, the Sefiroth, the Paths, and the Four Worlds of Jacobs’ Ladder.  For more information on the subject, visit ;  Zev ben Shimon Halevi’s books, diagrams, drawings and courses give a detailed introduction and a comprehensive view.





My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote also my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books). Watch this space.


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The Seven Year Cycles on the Tree of Life

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Extracts from “Manishya – on Being Human”  by Jane Adams and Paul Taylor, published in 2010 privately.  This includes some thoughts on Kundalini Shakti.

Yoga in the Eastern traditions, and Kabbalah in our Western traditions, help us to realise our human potential to unite our physical and spiritual being.  Yoga means in Sanskrit “to join, to bridge” or Union.  Kabbalah in Aramaic is “to receive“.  Through Kabbalah – the Tree of Life – we learn about the creation of our soul and its descent through the Four Worlds towards our parents making love.  This gives us an understanding of why we incarnate to those parents;  and the unfolding of the father’s seed in the womb of the mother, on the line of the spine.  The way this happens colours all our life and responses.  So we discover the nature of the mind and our creative destiny;  the pattern of our ancestral genetic conditioning.  We intuit the primal force behind our sexuality, the human relationship to the elementals and life on earth.

Having made this descent through the pathways of the Tree, we discover the return  journey to our Source, through the body, personality and soul. We learn through the seven-year-cycles.

In our first seven years (under Aries – birth and initiation) – we are energetically attached to mother.  In the second, (7 – 14)  identifying more with father and the external world, we go out to learn and to imitate.  We begin to establish our ego base (Taurus), relating to our own peer group.

The third cycle (age 14 – 21) awakens puberty and discovery of our sexual urges.  We twin, as in Gemini – I love you, do you love me?  Through adolescent initiation, the mood swings dark and light –  the labyrinth, as we encounter our extremes.   And we upset the applecart and leave home.

During the fourth and Cancerian cycle (age 21 – 28) through rebellion and personality growth, we seek a home of our own.  We try to navigate the split between our conditioned self (Yesod) and our true Self (Tifareth):  the “I” and the “Am”.

At the end of this cycle, with the Saturn return at 28 years, our unconscious patterns come to a head.  There is some constructive movement and evaluation towards being who we really are.  This tends to be a decisive time;  and many of us settle into a marriage, a profession, or some formative crisis.

The fifth seven year cycle (28 – 35, Leo) develops our qualifications, adult authority and responsibility – the learning curve of authority with, not over others.  This matures us from the co-dependent lion-cub towards interdependent adult relationships.

The sixth cycle (age 35 – 42, Virgo) is about our life’s operation.  What am I really meant to be doing here?  Am I to be pushed around by fate, or to discover my destiny?  This period covers our Uranus Opposition.  Uranus takes 84 years to orbit the Sun, and as we near 40, he is half way round.  Our creative and physical powers blossom.  At their peak, we seize or lose our vocation.  For some of us, these very powerful feelings generate another 7 year itch.   The boat rocks – we learn to navigate our own Atlantic.

Age 42 -49 (Libra), we seek a greater sense of balance and awareness of Karma – life’s cause and effect.  By age 49 – the midlife crisis – we are vulnerable again.  Women start to develop more testosterone, the male hormone, and men more oestrogen, the female hormone.  Each cycle brings up what we still need to know about life.  Like it or not, we all go through this sexually challenging process:  being human.

49 – 56 (Scorpio) is as powerful as puberty.  A parent may die and we start to become aware of mortality:  sex, death and transformation.  Some unavoidable and crucial issue, may tip us into the deep end, as this period covers the Cheiron Return in our life cycle – Cheiron the wounded healer.   Many hard working persons face redundancy.   Growth is inward.

56 – 63 (Sagittarius) At 56, our second Saturn Return begins to take shape.  Wisdom and understanding expand into awareness of our physical limitations.  We have a human priority to conserve our energy – to simplify and unburden.  In this ninth cycle governed by Sagittarius, we need to perceive our life holistically.  We gather the threads together,  examine our physical security and prepare for old age.  The doors open for some souls to travel forth, as the family have grown up or left home.  If we are awake, we put into practice our philosophy of life.

63 – 70 (Capricorn) is like a new birth.  We re-evaluate and sum up our life’s experiences.  With some of our edges eroded by the Sculptor, we become better managers.   Perhaps we are grandparents and rediscovering youth.

70 – 77 (Aquarius)  – As physical vitality begins to decline,  a need for human fellowship expands: to further our wisdom and understanding.

77 – 84 (Pisces) – where will I put my head down to die?   How do I complete my journey of return?

Continuing through these cycles, illness may make our learning curve more problematic, if we resist it;  or we may roll with it and gain brownie points.  In some cultures, 84 years old when the twelfth cycle culminates, is seen as a “complete life”.  Additional years are “icing on the ‘ache”.

Jacobs Ladder – Four Worlds in nature

Kabbalah teaches that we are a reflection of the Universe; a form and structure for our lives which resonates through background, culture, creed or gender.  We have a choice:  to remain outside our humanity, as a conditioned shell alienated by past religious persecutions and repressions;  or to embrace our innate potential as we develop our odyssey in consciousness, truth and love.

The living Kabbalah is not theory, and only pointers are to be found in books.  It walks forth in practice and by word of mouth:  keep practicing.

So we continue to: “Part the waves … Kiss the lips … Turn the wheel … Place fingers on the numbers of the clock … Enter the cave … Find the jewel … Climb the mountain … Through the rainbow.  Be happy, do service and die consciously.”  

The Tifareth eight-fold path

The bridging of Yoga and Kabbalah traditions is a work of unification.  It integrates a structured spiritual journey.  To enquire into essence, follow the conscious breath.  We are children of the Holy One, and the caste is Manishya – being human.

May the Star of David, the Cross of Christ and the Crescent of Islam combine and merge in peace, the One Great Circle:  the point, the primordial Sound.

"And the children in the apple tree   
not known, because not looked for   
but heard, half heard, in the stillness   
between two waves of the sea. 
Quick now: here, now, always -   
a condition of complete simplicity    
(costing not less than everything) 
and all shall be well and   
all manner of things shall be well   
when the tongues of flame are in-folded   
into the crowned knot of fire   
and the Rose and the Fire are one."


apple pentacle

A wild rose has five petals – nature’s five point Star.  An apple has 10 pips, five in each half.  The rose … apple … desire Eve … symbolise the quintessence of human desire in the Tree.  Our feet, hands and head are the five points of a Vitruvian Star:  Yeshua – JAH LIBERATES:  the five fold sensory field – sound, touch, sight, smell, taste.  The cosmic Law liberates when it is embodied.  The lightning flash must reach earth.

The rose is cultivated by humankind to grow multiples of five on five, furled, opening and perfumed – the flower of Venus.  This diagram from Keith Critchlow’s new book The Hidden Geometry of Flowers shows “the continuous linear diagram of the relationship between earth and the planet Venus.  How could one not see a flower in this time diagram?”

On the geo-physical plane, the planet Venus appears to our measurement, unbearably hot and dense. Her high frequency is one which our biosphere spectrum cannot tolerate.  However, on the plane of archetypes, Venus is something quite other; the magnetic correspondence of our emotional life.

Consider eros, rose, the rosy cross of everything which happens in life:  the crux.  Like is treating like!  The rose is the heart of human desire and personal love.  Locate the rose where we feel the thorns!  Within every energy level, touch the rose, smell and know it well.  From this we grow our Tree.

A Rosy Cross to Bear 

Meeting life is a rose. 
Do not, in pleasure or pain, close the door.  
Enter the petal'd vortex of 
each motive, every tear 
through rosy scent to liberate. 

The canvas stretched upon my frame 
with each event recalls 
my rose to meet: 
so walk into this world of mine 
right through the mind. 

If I some doors close, and others open, 
I drift, I err in the bas-relief 
that separates day and night - the habit  
of pain, of time and of 

If I entering each event, 
smell its rose, 
the voyage into vibrant void is space. 
My widening concentric ripple floats.  

Every sound, each atom of the house   
is garlanded.  
My fury is the key to enter a rose:  
visitor invited in. 

Petals bloom and die: my eye  
in the field opens, 
and deep in flower ere  
the flower began, I 
the bride in lotus space undress.  

Thou shalt separate  
from the sensual, the radiant,   
gently and with wisdom.  

Thou shalt let its essence soar  
into heaven's heart   
then re-enter the earthy art.   

Then thou shalt have the power 
above as below   
in root potency of things.

A poem from my book The Masters’ Eye 1992-2010



A Madonna from my early childhood …

… after Botticelli, 1956




A Note on Alchemy and Kundalini shakti

Alchemy is western Yoga:  the crucible is the breath.  Yoga is “Union”.

Alchemy applies steady warmth and air, like a pan on a low heat, or a hen’s breast brooding her eggs.  When the ocean tide – the breath –  is clear and quiet, we see and dive for gold:  khumbaka.

Water sinks into the earth; a flame combusts with air and rises.  The prana Fire triangle rising through the apana Water triangle receives – like a lens – the Lotus (Kether, crown) into Tifareth, the heart.

The OM figure in this drawing has a small eye, under the uraeus serpent head.  The eye is in the shape of a D for Daat.  Daat in the Tree of Life is the Sefira of “unknown cognition”.  This factor is our Union with all life.   The little arrows indicate a conscious breath to link third-eye and heart (Tifareth), in Paul Taylor’s practice.

See also “Parvati Waters Trees“, below – her posture.

The Kundalini Shakti coiled in the earth rises up through the personal reservoir, picking up vital energy, but she doesn’t draw water from it.  If we used only the reservoir which is collected in our Yesod sphere, it would put out the secret fire and be depleted.  The serpent glides up through the Water of Life, to awaken as fire through the alchemists’ bellows, the breath.   In the solar plexus furnace, she separates from the water and penetrates the heart, alchemical fire with air.  The Great Work in essence sustains the Divine thread.


An Afterthought

Last week I woke from a dream, that I was trying to resolve a subtle equation of Venus and Mars.  It surfaced visually with this picture in the Sacred India Tarot Minor Arcana, of Parvati saluting Siva’s Messenger  …

Together with a poem “to the Veena”, it all made sense, and rapidly faded. Mars bowing to Venus, needed her to do the same, to balance the scales.  It was quite witty.

It fits well enough into today’s post.  Siva’s countenance in the background encircles eternally the action.  Siva is auspiciously formless:  only the forms are worshipped.

Kundalini Shakti awakes to  Purusha the Moveless One, and rises.  To these rare moments of recognition, outflow the offerings of our life.   Some enter a vocation:  others  hear their destiny in a private way.   Throughout nature, the roles of mars and venus are relative.   Whatever the gift bestowed, the receiver is  “feminine” to the giver, Yin to the prevailing Yang, like water to reflect the Sun.  This applies in principle, to the lightning-flash up and down the Tree of Life.  “Above” is feminine to the ascending power of the “Below”, and vice versa.  The opposites in full expression, are interdependent.

As our endochrynes grow older, we  comprehend a little more, our opposites.    The Daughter of the Mountain watering trees as she waits for Siva, is in her “posture of prayer.”   Ignatius Loyola said “Put yourself in the posture of prayer, and you will soon feel like praying.”   The same applies to imaging what we desire our life to be.


Parvati waters Trees:  from The Sacred India Tarot, suit of Lotuses.  This and the 2 of Lotuses above, are copyright 2011 Sacred India Tarot by Rohit Arya & Jane Adams, Yogi Impressions Books, Mumbai 

How can I resist at this point  – my little daughter in the garden?




My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books) – along with many other creations in house.  

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Belgian Beeches


Yod Heh, Stem & Yantra;  didgeridoo & poplar

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Greetings to our Belgian friends.

In 1999 I visited Mira de Coux in Brussels.  The poem sequence that follows is about the beeches in the forest south of the city.   Something in the soil and minerals there, makes them grow very tall.



Ceres and John

This poem is about THE CROSSING to Ostend: 

Religion cannot 
understand how God dies. 
It occupies itself alive
locking up the Mystery in a scroll 
of dogma, virgin birth and all. 

Ceres with St John
the second coming, feels 
the new born Child moving through her 
hush!  her finger to her lips. 

What brings 
to a verse I write, the bright 
yellowing fruit of limes last night 
crisply foliaged - my dream?

and crossing the channel to Ostend - 
waves swell, wrinkling 
fleets of galleon clouds like ships 
from horizon unto horizon unbound 

and vessels on the sea's breath 
vanish, white beaten gold 
midst gunmetal shadows, wind driven, 

and engines of the Sea Cat pulsate, 
splashed with salt, 
darkness of approaching rain, 
fleets of sails along the sky ... 

Later those same luscious limes 
recall my dream 
of stars in the Tree - 
for within the altar of Van Eyck 
in Ghent, there gleams 
their magnet to my soul. 

"Let us draw together ..."


Van Eyck Altarpiece detail:  hermits and limes in the trees

      The Beech Forest

When the brook 
begins to flow, 
a barque of impassioned words 

First there is no bark, 
there is the naked 
pipe of a silver soaring tree 
unspoken, silence. 

The standing flows 
the tap root of my soul 

JHVH:  4our Trees

        The Emerald Table at Chateau La Hulpe

"I speak no fiction, but only 
what s certain and most true." 

They took me to a Rosicrucean garden 
in October sunlight. 
I climbed a high Masonic stair 
of stone steps aslant to a sapphire 
gap of sky.  

The way dipped, then rose 
through treetops 
to a temple at the highest point 
crowned with a Zodiac star ... 

The stoppage of my thought with sky 
is the Grail. 

"What is below is like the above; 
and as above so below 
for the One Miraculous."


Cosmographic Volume

Like a bird whose feathers 
fall to sky, the Word 
arises still born. 

Like a parboiled partridge 
in pear tree, 
my plumes from quills release 
and it is simple to pluck me bare.  

"The father is the Sun, the mother the Moon. 
The inner child is carried 
in the belly of the wind 
and the Earth is its nurse."


Hierogamos Sun Moon conjunctio

Along the emerald meadow in La Hulpe, 
slender beech stems 
by sun's silver slant, extend 
nubile nobility of elven land 
to every side of sight, 

and pure strings chime psalms, 
the starry soil of fragrant wood - 

through organ pipes the diptych
of a medieval masterpiece - knights, 
angels, allegories quiver. 

never happened.

"It is the seed of all perfection 
throughout the universe. 
The power of it is realised 
when it is reduced to Earth."




There is a power in this Low Country soil. 
The trees are aristocrats. 
Denude of blemish or branch, their stems 
ascend, slender fleshy grey 
to the woodland sky like clouds. 
Aeolian strings await archangels' breath.

"Discriminate Earth from Fire
subtle from gross, acting with prudence, 
humility and discernment." 

"Ascend in your heart 
with Earth's wisdom to Heaven; 
then again descend to Earth, and unite 
the powers of Above and Below."

Let all ignorance 
and obscurity fly from you!"


Master R in London, circa 1745, 1760

By the hollowed root of forest giants, 
deep springs arise.
Though too close to Brussels for bears, 
they bear the mystic fairy tale 
- an illumined art gothique 
whose scented pillars sing underfoot 
old anthems, pungent leafy loam incensed.

     Ebony Goddess

"You shall find a greater strength 
than strength itself; 
for it masters any subtlety of thought 
and can penetrate every surface or solid." 

"Thus is formed the lily in the field. 
Hence the glory comes, here standing." 

"And so I am named 
Hermes Thrice Great, 
three parts of this whole wisdom 
here in 
the Sun's action, my Great Work."



August 2012

Our footsteps converge along the breaking tide up the sand.

Moving through the Maya-Aquarius relay-exchange of time – time is the baton? – honour the evolutionary revolution.   The old jersey worn so close to the chest is full of moth holes.   Something moves through here – a golden light.  The message of the river is to branch and receive and feed other rivers.  Rivers don’t divide into forks do they?   Rivers receive Tributaries.   Each tributary follows its underwritten destiny through the Ganga, to perfect.   The configuration of the mountain landscape holds geological history, time and places, at a glance.   All is well.


Window:  The big iron key is from a bunch we bought in Tiru market, in 1993



The Tree of Life as a formal garden  – an old drawing,1990



My adventure invites fellow travellers.  I am a poet, an artist and a seer.  I welcome conversation among the PHILO SOFIA, the lovers of wisdom.

This blog is  a vehicle to promote my published work – The Sacred India Tarot (with Rohit Arya, Yogi Impressions Books) and The Dreamer in the Dream – a collection of short stories (0 Books) – along with many other creations in house.  

I write, illustrate, design and print my books.   Watch this space.