Reflections on Vedic Swans

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This is Saraswathi, the Goddess of Wisdom, the Arts and Learning – High Priestess in the Sacred India Tarot.


She is the wife of Brahma the Creative, whose vehicle is the swan.   She flows as golden ripples of sand in the dried up river bed of the Vedic civilization,  turn to dew – the philosophers’ gold of Alchemy.   Nowadays, the physical river Saraswathi is being made to flow again through the north western desert, parallel to the Indus.  Read more in Rohit’s blog, “Sacred India Tarot – Creating the High Priestess”  at, and also in the works of David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri)    The Work of the Sun moves into the waters.


And this is the Jyotish –  (Indian astrology, the word means Light) – planet deity Jupiter/Guru:  that same creative-expansive nature.   The Upanishads sing of the wandering swan:  the cream of the light upon the lake – jnana (Self knowledge) upon bhakti (devotion).   Hamsa is the sanskrit word for swan:  a Sage is termed a hamsa, or parama-hamsa.

Another version:


And Brahma, as Emperor in the Sacred India Tarot:


Here is Saraswathi again, with two swans:


and card 10, The Wheel of Fortune, in The Sacred India Tarot :


…  and another Vedic swan :


“Who can hasten the hill of Lemurian light?

or fathom an ocean where time drowns?

or alter an atom of Earth, our Mother by night?

or whisper notes of knowing, from our towns?”

from my Sonnets on the Ramana Gita

and finally:


The (golden) shape of the 2nd Hebrew letter BETh, which means “In the beginning” and symbolizes a house or temple.   We can take Yogic lessons in birth-rotation, dance, martial-arts and awakening, from that gentle stretching motion of the swan’s neck, and loosen certain aches and pains of life.

To be it is the be-attitude.

The images of Saraswathi, Brahma and the Wheel are copyright (c) Yogi Impressions 2011;   drawings are copyright (c) Jane Adams 2003-2012

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